No Anti-Shatter Film on Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z2 Tablet

by XB on 25th February 2014

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Xperia Shatter ProtectorSony Mobile will not be using an anti-shatter protector on the Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z2 tablet according to Android Central. We have heard from a number of people on the floor at MWC that the units did not include a protector, but Android Central got word from Sony themselves who confirmed it.

This also ties in with rumours earlier in the month that said the SONY logo will no longer be included on the shatter proof protector. One of the big disadvantages of the film, was that it would scratch easily giving the impression the display is damaged. If this turns out to be true, will you be glad to see it go? Or did you find it useful and avoided you having to fit one yourself (badly)? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

  • osamaH Al-Amri


  • zinger

    I want Xperia Tablet Z2 … I’m a Xperia Tablet Z user… Great work Sony. Kudos!

  • cyprus

    Taking the plastic out is a MUST. Also, they MUST use oleophobic treatment on the crystal

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Is this a way to remove shatterproof film from Z or Z1 with out losing Logo !! If we just cut the film at the display’s edge with blade and remove the lower portion. Just keeping a ruler horizontally to the uppr end of the display and making film in two parts, then removing the lower part helps to keep the logo while film is removed (I haven’t tried though)

  • i seriously preferd my z1 without the sony logo but at the same time i love to have a proper glass with olephobic coating hopefully

    so i am in between

  • Dmitry Perets

    Having the logo on the protector is the most unclear decision that Sony has taken. It simply defeats the whole point. You put protectors to replace them when they get scratched. If you are not supposed to replace them, like in case when they have Sony logo, why is it better to have them at the first place?! The screen itself is harder to scratch than any protector! So if you have something forever, you better have the screen and not the protector…

    If, however, the protector doesn’t include the logo, then having it included from the factory is actually an advantage. Because if you don’t want it, you just remove it. But if you do want it, you will never put it yourself in such a careful way, like Sony puts on the factory.

    So… Remove the logo and leave the protector!

    Btw… I am pretty sure that this is how it is done on Xperia V…

  • cs098

    As I said they fixed all the problems with the z2.

  • idlukakas

    Inb4 that bezels.

  • xperiaz6603swe

    i love it if they not hade anti shatter film:)

  • cs098

    Eh, top and bottom maybe but the sides are a lot slimmer.

  • Raj Singh

    I have the Xperia Z Ultra and the film scratches so, so easily. There are so many tiny, tiny scratches on the film and it happens so easily. I wouldn’t mind if I could replace it every few months but Sony said I have to send it in to get the film replaced. That sucks. Can’t wait for no film…

  • Raj Singh

    Which phone do you think has no bezels and/or less bezel than the Z2?

  • idlukakas

    LG G2 but I don’t care about bezels, “inb4”.

  • hocestquisumus

    I hated the film on the Xperia S, Tablet S and the original Z. Then they changed something; it doesn’t attract any dust on the Z1, the Ultra and the Tablet Z.

    Goddammit I’m sinking a lot of money into gadgets…

  • paul_cus

    So happy to see it go.

  • Raj Singh

    If you don’t care about bezels, then why is it a problem? If it is a problem and it bothers you, you should buy another phone that has more screen and less bezel.
    Compare it to other devices and check the screen/bezel ratios.

  • idlukakas

    That was a joke about “inb4”.

  • Raj Singh

    Some perspective…
    Not sure where Z2 ranks here.

  • xperiafan324

    Hallelujah! This OFFICIALLY makes the Z2 the perfect smartphone. Now if Sony would release an xl sized z2 tablet with that oh so gorgeous UHD JDI panel, that’d be my perfect tablet too. ^.^

  • kaostheory

    Question is Is the glass different? The protector is removable.

  • xperiafan324

    DISCLAIMER : What follows is just a hypothesis, while there is practically no way to scratch tempered glass with metal, proxeed with caution to not damage anything else.

    I think it would be safe to use a metallic cutter to carve out around the logo with the film on, just make sure it’s regular metal (not diamond dusted or something of the sort), the glass underneath (either gorilla or dragontrail) is harder than metal on the wicker hardness scale, so you won’t be able to scratch the glass. Once you’ve carved out the portion , gently start to remove the film and if you’ve carved the logo properly, the sheet should come off except for the bit with the logo. Using a stencil might help.

    And again this is just a hypothesis, I don’t own an xperia and so have obviously not tested this hypothetical method.

  • xperiafan324

    Also if you do cut the film edge to edge, be VERY careful as the aluminum frame can very easily be scratched.

  • xperiafan324

    Honestly sony should at most just include the film in the box. There’s nothing special about the way the film os put on the phone in the factory other than its mechanical nature. Applying screen protectors is super easy, as I’m sure anyone who has ever put one on knows. So SONY this is the right choice, leave flthat beautiful slab of tempered glass as it is, and don’t put on any cheap screen protector.

    Quality is not only in what a maunfacturer includes, it is also in what a manufacturer excludes, and here sony has definitely improved the quality by the exclusion of the film

  • redhead

    wow! xperiablog was at MWC? awesome! that really makes this blog more legit than anything else. loving this blog more. cheers, mate!

  • timothy chan

    from all the customer support I was getting I thought they never listened… I was wrong… (I have been a sony fan so don’t bash me) … looks like I will be getting this phone.

  • Amir

    AWESOME! sony listened to criticism and fixed many cons of the Z1. i HATE that shatter film. it’s great that it’s gone from xperia devices. next step is all sapphire glass front and back.

  • Amir

    my guess woudl be around 70%.

  • xperiafan324

    By my calculations, the z2 has 69.3 % screen to front ratio.
    Method :
    We know the diagonal length of the screen (5.2″) and we know the ratio of the length and width of the rectangle the screen forms (16:9)

    So if ‘a’ is length and ‘b’ is base, then a/b = 16/9 which implies that
    a = (16/9)*b …(i)
    Continuing on, we know that with the diagonal as hypotenuse, a rectangle can be split into two identical right-angled triangles.

    By pythagorean theorem
    Hyp² = length² + width²
    Hyp² = a² + b²
    From eq.(i)
    hyp = {(16/9)² * b²} + b²
    Solving for b

    b = ?{(81*hyp²)/337}

    Now we just put in the screen diagonal in the formula and this gives us the base (shorter side) and by eq. (i) above we can find the length (longer side).

    Their product gives us the ‘screen surface area’ . We divide that by the total front surface area (which can easily be found by multiplying the length and width given in the spec sheet).
    %age = (screen surface area/total front surface area)*100

    You can also verify the method by calculating a value already in the graph, I tried z1 and that came out to be 64.6% , so the method is correct.

  • Rene Pedroso

    I prefer it without it considering the type of glass Sony is using, scratch resistant

  • Rene Pedroso

    That would increase the cost significantly

  • Raj Singh

    That’s too funny! Thank you for doing the math. I appreciate it. Would you mind doing the same for the Z Ultra please?

  • mio

    I don’t get why you all chatter about that foil… Is it so hard to just place another foil over it like Sony says you should do? Did it with XT which had the shatter proof fool too and I’m not having any issues from having two foils on my display.

    The shatter proof foil would at least keep the shattered pieces in place…. On the other side I ask myself why Samsung and CO don’t need it though their screens break without shattering into thousands of pieces… Maybe the Gorilla glass..
    Have we found out yet what glass Sony is using front? Is it really Dragontail because watching smash tests on YouTube make me think GG is way more resistant against shattering.

  • mike

    I do want!!!!…please…please make a deal with VERIZON…would pay double if not triple if its as good as it looks.

    Razr MAXX HD is OK but so damn slow.

  • hansip

    Well Hardware OIS will be more awesome i guess :) and better noise reduction for camera.. Or just give us RAW support from Android next build :p this three will make it the bestest of the bestest of the bestest lol..

  • zzz

    I did the same with my z ultra but put oleophobic glass screen protector on top of it.

    Removing sony’s shatter-proof film is a nightmare though.

  • valentino

    wait for the Z3 it will be more perfect than z2..
    and it will said the best details in sony..
    i hate how they sold phone with so much issue.. and fix those all real quick in a new phone.. that you should buy it.. no matter what the cost..

  • Mohammad Bader Qawasmeh

    wow finally no oily cheap plastic screen :d keep it up sony :d

  • Brad Williams

    I must take care of my XZ, I have no issues with it. :P

  • jangaleon

    people will now find something to complain about.

    but for me i like the shatter proof film..

  • Brad Williams

    Ironically that would put it in the exact same place the XZ was when I first saw the above chart. Interestingly the XZ was removed.

  • Brad Williams

    Strangely, they will all go out and buy after market screen protectors. :D

  • jangaleon

    totally..fuck logic.

  • Colby Leong

    I thought removing the protector voids Sony’s warranty.

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  • Tangent Lin

    Can I know what is the perfect way to protect the front and the back of the Z2 glass to be crack without having a casing, such a gorgeous design cover with casing will make no sense. Currently using the TX and I drop many times but it doesn’t feel any damage on it..

  • guest

    +1. I’ve dropped my xz flat to the ground like a million times and the glass is still intact.

  • Damon

    68.36% (rough calculations)

  • Chris

    It’s great! I hate the anti-shatter film on my Z1.

  • Amir

    AMAZING. but sony: don’t forget to improve camera: camera processing, auto mode, auto focus, exposure!

  • Cmmdr Keen

    lol grreat

  • Dipal Roy

    we need a protector indeed by factory packaging!

  • sbs

    Does sony told you can change a new film?

  • lastguru

    Too bad people do not understand the point of factory protectors. I wish, Sony would make a press-release about that, but leave the factory protectors in future phones intact…

    First, factory protector is different from regular protectors. Like a composite material – it adds elasticity to the screen. It has special properties and is not meant to be replaced. Ever. That is the reason they put logo on it. It is impossible to have it user-replaceable, as it is put during screen manufacturing process and has a special adhesive.

    Second, you are supposed to put regular screen protector ON TOP of it. Sony usually includes it in the package (that depends on market, as I heard, but at least in Baltic/Nordic region it is included). Notice that factory protector covers whole screen, but most protectors (both original and third-party ones) have holes for camera and sensors (I hate that…). That means that the factory protector is the only thing that protects camera/sensor areas. You can change regular protectors as frequently as you want. I change them every few months.

  • BigBernard

    Cool story Bro

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  • Leong Jia Meng

    My Z1 without SONY Logo……….Well Done SONY?!

  • Sanshit Hirawat

    What for the z1 users why they cant give warranty after removal of anti shatter film baked with fukn logo

  • Danny

    does the Sony glass scratch resistant? What would happen to the phone screen (no ASF) if it’s scratch? I’d really want to know because I don’t get it.

    People hate the ASF because it’s easy to scratch, but I thought al least the screen isn’t damaged. I just buy a screen protector. All the xperia phones I own, I’d bought Skinomi screen protector because it feels really good. so it’s a screen protector over the ASF, no fingerprints, no scratches.
    If I remove the ASF and the screen glass is bare, what good would it do? wouldn’t the glass is more prone to scratches? or is the glass itself is scratch resistant.

  • Nipun Sharma

    Maybe that’s because you can get after market screen protectors replaced for a nominal price when they get scratched, and removing them doesn’t void your warranty. And before you say that you can get the genuine ASF replaced by sony, it is priced outrageously. In India it’s available for around a 100 USD.

  • Nipun Sharma

    actually the glass is pretty hard to scratch..

  • Darren Cas

    The screen broke already within a week.
    It was only in my pocket.
    Might go for iPhone 5 was trying to break free from apple.

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  • Divya Bharathi

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  • Ser

    Hi guys, I want to share my experience and also ask a couple of things.
    So, first, questions:
    – is the glass on z2 and z3 series better than on z1?

    – I would like to buy a VERY GOOD screen protector for my z1compact, one which feels like glass and is very resistent to fat/acids and scratches. Suggestions please?

    About my experience, I had a Z1 which accumulated a HUGE amount of scratches on the ASF in NO time. In a few time there even was a CANYON on the part where I was mostly moving my finger for the swype keyboard. You could literally see the trace of the finger escaved on the ASF!
    I finally removed the ASF.
    After two weeks, maybe it was just bad luck (because till now I was very careful, while now I left it on a table with other people), I found the back glass with a line… I mean, broken.
    Soo it became three lines.
    So, dragon glass my ass.
    Not much later I was very angry and I smashed the Handy to the floor. I am no Hulk, but, you know the video of Android Central or whatever, where the japanese looking guy let the z1 fall several times from 2 meters and it has no scratches but it stopped working?
    My Z1 was litterally pulverized and totally smashed and deformed like a car after a car crush.
    But still working :D
    Till now, still with battery, I could even do a backup, and everytime somebody writes me in Facebook, the messenger App bips…

    For this reason now, I am not sure if to remove the ASF and lose the warranty.
    Even if, HEY, if the z2 has got the SAME glass, it is not fair that I cannot remove the ASF!!!

  • Shubham Mutreja

    does mini pro sk17i has that coating????

  • Deepa Shah

    The tempered glass is a complete protection for your smart
    phone’s screen to save it from the scratches, dust, debris and if it
    accidentally falls. It is made up of tempered glass, completely transparent and
    opaque to not to hinder your mobile’s function. It is highly touch sensitive to
    make your function more smooth and effective.


    tempered glass screen protector

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