Take two: Xperia Z2 speakers go up against the HTC One

by XB on 10th March 2014

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Xperia Z2 speaker test with HTC OneOur friends over at Btekt have conducted a detailed stereo speaker comparison between the Xperia Z2 and the HTC One. We already reported on a similar comparison between these devices, but that was conducted on the show floor, so it was difficult to get a true sense of the difference given the background noise.

Btekt’s comparison was conducted in a quiet room, where they had a selection of different music categories (classical, hip–hop, opera, pop, dance and guitar strumming) to see which handset fared better. The music was played back using Spotify (320 kbps on Extreme quality) at full volume – the music was downloaded and pre-cached before conducting the test.

Btekt used three different microphones to capture the audio and used the mic which gave the best sound representation, which you can hear in the video below. Overall, the HTC One appeared to offer better clarity and sound staging more suited to the classical and opera tracks. The Xperia Z2 provided a louder, bassier and fuller sound, something that we felt listening to yesterday’s speaker comparison with the Xperia Z1.

The video also shows the Xperia Z2 playing music face down on various surfaces with little or no muffling. It will be interesting to see how the Xperia Z2 fares against the new HTC One (M8) when it is announced later this month.

  • dil2abu

    Xperia Z2 wins..

  • xperiaz6603swe

    Big time z2

  • MG

    If we consider that Z2 is also waterproof, then there is no doubt that it wins all the way!

  • Ashraf Nabil

    Nothing can beat old walkman phone w995

  • rvjaywaks

    Great for the water proof smart phone.

  • Jac5al

    Sony…give us a US release date, please.

  • racrepus

    The HTC sounds tinny by comparison. Much deeper richer sound from the Sony.

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    XPERIA TX new update 9.2.A.1.199 rolling…

  • Ziich

    well considering that he z1s was released in january i don’t think it will be any time soon

  • Timbo1

    unfortunately that might be true. I would rather have Sony offer it unlocked on their website and stores anyway.

  • xperiaz6603swe

    W995 had the worst speakers :$ c905 had the greatest sound and camera before z2 s5 och m8


    Info about this update…

  • Lajos Márk Kovács

    HTC music play – music – stop blablablabla bla – Z2 play WHY?! bla bla bla bla WHY?! Rorry, but, idiot!!

    Why not? : Htc play – stop – Z2 play – stop …dann bla bla…

  • francesco

    it’s easy to compare one new phone with a phone that was released one year ago…
    We have to wait the New HTC One…

  • Rob

    Not sure how the operators would feel about that. In the U.S. they are the biggest customers for Sony after all.

  • Timbo1

    Well the carriers just get the phones to more people because of lousy contracts. The only phones I can think of recently that Sony offers on their website and are on a carrier currently is the Z and Z1s and only on Tmobile. If Sony wants to go with the carrier only route then they need to get their shit together and have carrier partners.

  • JHMBB2

    Problem was that the c905 barely worked. haha

  • JHMBB2

    I’d expect a US release date 6 months from the Z1s, they may be releasing the phones based on the Jump! program T-Mobile offers. Seems like that’s what happened between the Z and the Z1s, where’s the logic and marketing strategy? Beats me. Just release the damn phone already.

  • grav1ty

    What i miss is the sound config.. I don’t know how tweakable it is on HTC One, but Sony has some stuff like “Clear Phase”, “Pure Stereo” or Dynamic Normalization.
    They should turn off all tweaks on both Devices before comparing. Then a comparison with activated tweaks should follow. That’s not professional what some reviewers are doing out there

  • Rob

    The carriers won’t give two shits about Sonys phones unless you, the customers, make it clear that you want them.

  • Timbo1

    Ya well thats why unlocked phones are the way to go. Fuck the shitty U.S. carriers. I refuse to sign contracts and hopefully Tmobile keeps up their success in changing the way carriers do business here.

  • xperiaz6603swe

    My c905 was no fault with sorry that u got a defect one :-D

  • Castor

    compare their displays. look at how superior the xz2’s display is. htc one’s display used to be the benchmark for quality lcd display.

  • Castor

    do you have such a poor memory you can’t allow a short talk to interrupt? can’t retain the quality of the sound played a couple of seconds ago?

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  • nidou bossy

    Z2 KinG of PoP always on TOP!

  • JHMBB2

    Lucky! I loved mine just a little slow and the buttons didn’t work! I agree with the camera and sound, not bad even by today’s standard.

  • Sand

    Xperia Play still having better speaker than all <3

  • shanefalco

    Win sony if you are a sony fanboy…if you are unbiased win htc one ;)

  • xperiaz6603swe

    Yes I loved my 2 the best phone and now I want xz2:-D

  • dil2abu

    Nothing can beat my old w550i..

  • Hexperian

    Isn’t there a 50hrs of ‘burning period’ for speakers, as in the case of headets, i guess, there is, un that case, htc one has passed through that phase and z2 speakers will get better after that. Plus one never knows what tweaks are on htc.one and Z2.there r 5 filters for clear phase, clear sound,xloud plus the sound enanhancement equalizers

  • P9

    I think water proof phone could not be any louder than Z1/Z but now sony done it . yay.

  • esniper

    grEAt job sony xperia z2

  • AB

    why comparing your recent flagship with HTC’s old flagship phone! if you want to compare compare the phone’s launched at the same time.

  • Fazal Sayeed

    Love you sony going to bye it now using z next will be z2, z4. And next flashchip from Sony.By the way when it is coming to middle east eagerly waiting for it love you sony

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