Xperia Z2 disassembly guide

by XB on 30th March 2014

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Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_40The Sony Xperia Z2 will be in limited supply when it starts to launch across most European and Asian territories from April 2014. However, the handset is already out in Taiwan, so it’s great to see dismantle the handset in a comprehensive teardown.

Checking out each and every picture really makes you appreciate the engineering genius that has gone into making the Xperia Z2. See Sony’s latest flagship dismantled in all of its glory below.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide

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Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_1

CNMO were also the ones to dismantle the Xperia Z1, which we reported on back in September 2013. Obviously, apart from the 5.2-inch screen size of the Xperia Z2, the design remains largely the same as the Xperia Z1.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_2

The Xperia Z2’s rear is also made of glass, much like the Xperia Z1. The process to remove the back shell remains the same.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_3

To remove the back shell, you need to use a very thin metal bar, or something equivalent, to pry the bottom of the shell open. The rear shell is glued on, so you will need to gently poke the glue and then move across to pry the bottom open.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_4

Do not rush the procedure, be very patient. This will take some time to do. Use your thin metal bar to pry open all sides to successfully remove the rear shell.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_5

Once the rear cover is removed, you will notice the battery and the outside of the motherboard. The battery is packed in a yellow tape, whilst the motherboard is wrapped in a tightly shielded metal cover.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_6

The rear glass panel of the Xperia Z2 is extremely thin, so please keep it in a safe place.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_7

A first look at the motherboard, with a tight shielded metal cover.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_8

Towards the bottom of the handset, you can see the battery, speaker and vibrator.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_9

To get a proper look inside the phone, you will need to remove the screws holding the motherboard’s metal cover in place .

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_10

You will need to remove six cross-head screws altogether.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_11

With the screws removed, you should take out the battery i.e. you are disconnecting the power supply. You can see from the picture that the Xperia Z2 has a 3200mAh capacity (3.8V; 12.2Wh).

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_12

Once the battery is removed, you will need to disconnect the remaining cables and parts. This is to ensure that you don’t damage the motherboard on removal.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_13

This picture shows which parts need to be removed, including the Sony Xperia Z2 rear camera.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_14

Here is a rear view of the motherboard, this is the side covered with the metal shield when the rear cover was first removed.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_15

Here is the front view of the motherboard. It shows all of the interfaces including microSD memory card slot, micro SIM slot, micro USB interface as well as the front facing camera.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_16

After removing the motherboard, you will notice the 3.5mm headphone jack towards the top right of the picture below.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_17

Here you can see a close-up of the Xperia Z2’s speaker (left) and vibrator (right).

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_18

Another close-up of the speaker.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_19

This is the signal like (RF antenna cable), used to enhance wireless signals.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_20

The cables are neatly bonded together, making it easy to distinguish between cables when dismantling the handset.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_21

Once the motherboard is removed, you can now look to take out the metal shield. A new design makes this an easy task.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_22

Here you can see the back of the motherboard chip.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_23

Here you can see the front of the motherboard chip. You will notice thermal paste covering some of the chips.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_24

The Qualcomm PM8941 is a power management IC.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_25

The Samsung 3GB RAM (K3QF7F70DM-QGCF) can be seen below, it has a speed of 930MHz.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_26

The Xperia Z2 uses a NXP TFA9890 speaker driver. It can deliver 7.2 W peak output power into an 8 ? speaker at a supply voltage of 3.6 V. The internal boost converter raises the supply voltage to 9.5 V, providing ample headroom for major improvements in sound quality.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_27

Here you can see the Samsung 16GB internal storage chip (340: KLMAG2GEAC-B001). This uses eMMC version 4.5 with the eMMC Pro Class2000.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_28

The Xperia Z2 uses the Qualcomm WCD9320 audio decoder, which supports up to which support up to 24-bit/192kHz.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_29

Here you can see the Skyworks SKY77619 multiband multimode power amplifier module for Quad-Band GSM / EDGE and Penta-Band (Bands I, II, IV, V, VIII) WCDMA/ HSDPA/ HSUPA/ HSPA+/ LTE.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_30

This is the Skyworks SKY77753 power amplifier module for Penta-Band FDD LTE / TD-SCDMA / TDD LTE – Bands 7, 34, 38, 39, 40, 41. It gives the handset 4G network support.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_31

The Qualcomm RF Transceiver (WTR1625L) is the company’s smallest, most integrated RF transceiver supporting unparalleled connectivity worldwide. It is designed to accommodate all cellular modes and 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE frequency bands and band combinations that are either deployed or in commercial planning globally.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_32

The Qualcomm PM8841 is a power management IC.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_33

Here you can see the Qualcomm LTE chip (WTR2100).

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_34

The Qualcomm QFE1101 is a PA power management chip. This is an APT (Average Power Tracker) not ET (Envelope Tracker). It helps to reduce power consumption of mobile phone standby time on 4G networks.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_35

A close-up of the 2.2MP front camra.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_36

The Xperia Z2’s micro SIM card slot

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_37

The Xperia Z2’s micro SD memory card slot.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_38

The Xperia Z2’s micro USB interface.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_39

Lastly, this picture shows all parts of the Xperia Z2 laid out together, fully disassembled.

Xperia Z2 disassembly guide_40


Thanks Ben, Kihoon, Michael and Xajel!

  • fred

    It’s interesting to see whats in the inside!

  • Fynjy7771

    Wow… It’s s good to see, that every small detail is made with such attention to it… Just look at a metal shield of motherboard…

  • xperiaz6603swe

    They are very good the Asian to get manufacture this small parts Shit :-D

  • Peter

    It’s a piece of engineering! :)

  • Waiting4Z2

    Interesting. I don’t know when we may get this phone in Australia but you already have a spare to dismantle!

  • Killian Khoo

    That back glass panel look awesome~

  • jojo duarte

    where is the aluminium unibody?. all i can see is a plastic like samsung

  • alex

    Even inside it looks stylish.

  • Vignesh Raja

    Frame is Made up of single piece of aluminum and back cover is covered with quality glass. So, NOT like Samsung

  • Faisal Armand

    It is amzing that sony is able to put a camera sensor that size into 8.2mm smartphone.

    Sony is the king of craftmanship

  • xjdmbhg

    Where is CPU ?

  • Alex

    this seems to be a specific phone for this market, the normal xperia z2 will have the aluminium unybody!

  • kirakira

    the thing that holds everything together is the aluminum unibody. that’s where everything is attached. the white one on the left in the last picture. if they take the display away, what you’ll see is an aluminum plate with holes/punctures. that’s what they mean with the one piece of aluminum body.

  • Killian Khoo

    I didnt see anythings ~
    Can u told me , I not pro with these ~
    I just see it , and I feel it really awesome not like S5 disassembled , I can see mostly made of plastic ~

  • Killian Khoo

    I think the back panel glass can use to cut vegatable ~xD

  • alex
  • RealityCheck2013

    AMAZING how they make stuff :P + It don’t look to difficult to change the battery in the future if it dies?(was worried if my Z1 battery dies/doesn’t fully charge no more) i couldn’t change the battery. Looks like it is possible/easy’ish(even for me to do) :D

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  • Amin

    The blue dot in Google Maps shows I’m moving in the correct direction, but the arrow indicating… what? Direction? Facing? It points in almost the opposite direction. Why is this? (My fblt Z ULTRA KIT KAT)

  • Andrey

    Just this China Unicom version

  • Hassan

    lol even Sony has used Samsung’s 3GB ram and galaxy s5 didn’t use it.

  • Nidou

    This is freaking AWESOME and welldone job!!!
    I love the details! I love electronics, I love dessasembly BUT I LOVE MORE Z2

  • Jan Bee

    a bit off topic,but where to find that kind of screwdriver…

  • Colby Leong

    I’m sorry, but what the hell are you trying to say?

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    Suprised to see that the ram and internal storage are made by samsung

  • HardyHarHar

    Easy to look at hard to do :) Remember the glue, the patience to pry it open so as to not break the back cover(it’s thin glass it won’t bend), removing the cables(the pins there are very fine a little dent on it would be catastrophic) & finding a source for the battery :D Unless it’s ok for you getting a non genuine one.

  • Darren Gaspé

    Where is the second front facing speaker?

  • Amimanot

    So far it looks like the Xperia Z2 is easier to disassemble compared to the Galaxy S5 and the One (M8)

  • Amimanot

    I think he’s trying to say that somehow his magnetometer (which functions as a compass) shows inverted results

  • Snapdragon

    Where is the snapdragon soc?

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  • skuppy

    Bottom edge seems to have slack space? Just the speaker and vibrator?

  • nlf

    yes?this is china mobile version

  • nlf

    no?this is china mobile version?

  • Amin

    YES i try to say this :(

  • n
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  • Amimanot

    Amin, try calibrating the compass in your phone by holding it and moving the phone in a figure 8 shape 10 times. Try watching this video if you still don’t understand

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  • reDalerT

    the plastic part is the thin white strip between the glass and the aluminium frame.. listen to the video properly to understand why it’s there.

  • alex

    I know and i understand why it’s there.

  • Ziich

    name two other flagships released in 2014 that have 3gb

  • Maybe Oppo Find 7 QHD?

  • I was hoping they could have showed us the spectacular IPS display.

  • Pumpkin King

    Love how Samsung sucks so bad, but it’s Samsung you see when you open Sony, HTC, Apple, Sandisk. and so forth. Thats phones, tablets, laptops, memory cards, and various electronics. Lol

  • Pumpkin King

    Oh you mean not like the one that was able to get the worlds first removable back and battery water proof phone. Followed by the worlds first Amoled water proof phone. And still have removable back and battery.
    You mean the high grade premium plastic poly carbonate…which unlike glass and aluminum can generally take much more damage and not shatter, crack, and dent.
    The material that is easier to build and mold. Does not heat as bad or retain the heat as much. Does not interfere with signal as bad.
    And has enabled removable battery/back and sd slot on every model “even water proof” and still have a slim ergonomic design……
    Yeah….what a fricken nightmare it’s designed with durable, premium, practical material instead,.

    And let’s not forget plastic, glass, and aluminum are all cheap recyclable material.

  • Pumpkin King

    It’s not that hard. It’s above the display and any major component. It’s placed where the only thing needed space for is the camera…Where others generally put the camera behind the display.
    What is more note worthy is how much they were able to trim down the size in total. Including huge bulky front, big bezels, and really thick mid section. As much as they did.
    Or compared to apple doing the same thing but only using tiny sensors.

  • Pumpkin King

    Indeed. Very puzzling why Samsung left 2GB ram on the S5. Especially if they have 4GB chips on the way in the near future.

  • Pumpkin King

    Why? That’s like 70% or more of the world’s smart phones right there. And also tablets, laptops, music players, memory cards, and various devices.

  • Scomii

    Second line clearly says Li Po …then there’s a big Li Ion hahahaha. It better be Li Po.

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    “not like the one that was able to get the worlds first removable back and battery water proof phone.”

    Nope, Xperia V, 2012.

    That aside this phone does seem to be made of plastic. Wouldn’t be unheard of since the chinese version of the Xperia Z1 also used a plastic frame, same as the Z1S. Only difference is they kept it matte this time.

  • Haldi

    It’s a surprise to se eMMC 4.5 when the S801 newly supports 5.0 !

  • Faisal Armand

    If it isn’t that hard then I really do hope that sony would put larger camera sensor, maybe 1/2.0″ or 1/2.1″ size to improve overall camera performance

  • Pumpkin King

    Right. But it’s still a good sensor and they slimmed it down a lot around it. Let’s hope for better from them and others.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Maybe that’s the component causing delay in Z2? Samsung was aware and didn’t put it in S5?

  • Pumpkin King

    Maybe. But 3Gb ram chip has been in their production a bit now. Maybe they did not start up enough. I don’t know. That is the one thing about the S5 that really indeed gets me.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Well It can’t be Qualcomm and everything other than the display , RAM and internal storage is manufactured by Sony. Can’t be internal storage either as S5 has no delays.

    It can either be the IPS panel or the RAM.

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  • Pumpkin King

    Wait. Which what?

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    What which what? o.O

  • Pumpkin King

    I was not exactly sure which company you were saying what about. I sorta got what you were saying, but slightly confused. Sorry.

  • Bob

    I think this fanboy’s feelings are hurt. Go get him a bandaid from the back of the S5.

  • Pumpkin King

    Feeling hurt by calling out people who are butthurt and replacing their lies and denials with fact…..Nope…..But trying to manipulate such things backwards towards me seems to show a lot about your bias and how hurt you seem to be over it.
    Wanna troll again?

  • Pumpkin King

    That one about the V is true.

  • where is Liquid Heat Pipe?

  • drvadlamudi

    Note 3

  • Ziich

    not released in 2014

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  • ontoyou

    this is a z1 not z2 look at the flaps 3 not 2 and the usb is with the sim card not sd card

  • poopoo


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  • sahota

    u r right bro

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  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of items (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

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  • DBS

    I’d rather Sony didn’t use Samsung stuff on their phones… That said…I wonder if it’s possible to replace the 16GB chip with a 32 or 64GB one…

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  • bcskh

    Please dude look at the second pic is that a z1 with front speakers? really?

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  • Pierre Paineau

    i asked myself the same question. Can we replace the chip to 16GB with a 32 or 64 ?
    This answer is yes , the chip 32 and 64GB have the same dimensions , only the 64GB chip thicker 0.2mm .
    Now , as it happens – for after the change of the chip. Knowing that you lose all the data of the original chip?

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