Is the Xperia Z2 a worthy successor to the Xperia Z1?

by XB on 4th April 2014

in Xperia Z1, Xperia Z2

Slice 1Now that the Sony Xperia Z2 has started to trickle out to very select users in Asia, we wanted to pose a question that has been on our mind for a while i.e. how worthy is the Xperia Z2 as an upgrade over the Xperia Z1? On a quick glance, it appears that not much changed, but when you dig into the detail there are a number of significant upgrades.

If you are being critical, the Sony Xperia Z2 is perhaps what the Xperia Z1 should have been all along. Indeed, if Sony had a one-flagship-per-year policy, no doubt this is the phone that Sony would have delivered to sucker-punch its rivals. However, given so much was already seen in the Z1, particularly in design, many people see the Z2 as an incremental upgrade.

In our view, this is a disservice to the Xperia Z2. One of the major changes includes a significantly better and slightly larger IPS panel, which has won wide praise. The fact that Sony are no longer including the shatter proof protector is also a plus point for the Xperia Z2. As the screen is a major part of any smartphone – the new display appears to be a big upgrade over the Z1.

Despite the bigger screen size the phone is marginally smaller in terms of width and depth, whilst offering a lighter footprint of 163g (versus 170g in the Xperia Z1). The new chipset may offer incremental improvements, however the extra 1GB RAM in the Xperia Z2 should deliver benefits in memory-hungry applications and games.

The 4K video and Timeshift video camera features are also nice to have, but there is every chance these could hit the Xperia Z1 at some point down the road. The same goes for a whole host of software additions including tap to wake, Smart call handling and Smart backlight control. Then there are other additions including the noise-cancelling technology built into the phone and stereo speakers.

Despite this, we can see why current Xperia Z1 owners may not have any impetus to upgrade so soon after the handset launched. The other question for Sony fans is that there is every chance another flagship will launch in the autumn. Given the limited and delayed rollout of the Xperia Z2, we can see why some might want to wait to see what Sony has in store with the Xperia Z3.

Anyway, what is your view? Do you see the Xperia Z2 as a true upgrade over the Xperia Z1? If not, what else could Sony have added to give it that status? Do you plan to wait for the Xperia Z3 instead and, if so, why? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Spec compared: Xperia Z2 versus Xperia Z1

PhoneXperia Z2Xperia Z1
Display size (inches)5.2-inch IPS with Live Colour LED5.0-inch
Screen Resolution1080 x 19201080 x 1920
ConstructionGlass with metal frameGlass with metal frame
Water ResistantYes (IP55/IP58)Yes (IP55/IP58)
ChipsetQualcomm MSM8974-ABQualcomm MSM8974
Processor2.3GHz Quad-core2.2GHz Quad-core
GPUAdreno 330Adreno 330
Android version4. (with latest update)
Expandable storageYesYes
Size (mm)146.8 x 73.3 x 8.2144 x 74 x 8.5
Weight (g)163170
SIMmicro SIMmicro SIM
ColoursBlack, Purple, WhiteBlack, Purple, White
Rear Camera sensor20.7MP Exmor RS20.7MP Exmor RS
LED FlashYesYes
HDRYes (photo/video)Yes (photo/video)
Video Recording1080p Full HD1080p Full HD
Front camera sensor2.2 MP2 MP
Dedicated camera buttonYesYes
Other features4K video, Timeshift video, Stereo speakers,Noise cancelling
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0 (aptX)Bluetooth 4.0 (aptX)
Battery capacity (min)32003000
Sealed BatteryYesYes
PlayStation CertifiedYesYes
Proximity sensorYesYes
Ambient light sensorYesYes
BarometerYes -
Game rotation vectorYes -
Geomagnetic rotation vectorYes -
Step counterYes -
Step detectorYes -
Significant motion detectorYes -

  • Graham

    Agreed that the Z2 is what the Z1 should have been. Fantastic phone nonetheless and can’t wait to get ny hands on this beauty.

  • It’s simple: if you have the Z1, you shouldn’t feel like having to upgrade (at least I don’t).

    If you have neither and want to upgrade, just look at your budget. For just above €400,- (in The Netherlands) you can already get the Z1 which is still a flagship by today’s standards. If you really want the best of the best and your budget allows it, get the Z2.

    Sony actually did a great job by improving the Z1 as much as to still be able to call it an upgrade, but without making Z1 users too jealous. Because they shouldn’t be. The Z1 is an amazing phone in all aspects, it doesn’t get any worse now that the Z2 is announced.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Z2 is definitely a huge update Z if not over Z1. ;)

  • Asa

    The Xperia Z2 is everything the Z1 should have been. I feel like the Z1 was not a worthy successor to the Z, the Z2 however is a worthy successor to the Z1. The Z1 should’ve never been.

  • Mohammed Khired

    “Do you plan to wait for the Xperia Z3 instead ?”

    with Z1 baby ?

    my plan is to wait the Z5 …..

  • Anukul

    sony, Just get you camera to be best and change z series’s looks

  • Michael Hofmann

    I think that the Z2 is a phone that is really capable of putting up a strong fight to the other new flagships around, there aren’t really any big drawbacks versus the competition compared to previous Xperia flagships, so it that sense this is a major step forward. It would have been nice to see a few more upgrades on the camera front like a Xenon/Dual LED flash and Zeiss lens, but I’m sure we’ll see these features down the line.

    If it were me I would release a Z2+ in November, with a better front facing camera, 805 processor, Dual LED flash and phase detection camera autofocus. With a new design, all new camera sensor, and new health & wearables focus for the Z3. I also think that Sony will make more of the Z2 Ultra this year given the positive reaction last year.

  • xperiaz6603swe

    well let me think . wait for it , YES YES YES YES give me more, yes it is :)

  • yes

  • marwan balu

    The z2 is amazing device and I can tell everyone who not use a Sony device should try it because its amazing device by mean….but I have the z1 and its a great device and I think to wait the z3

  • Kaostheory

    I wasn’t going to upgrade from the Z1, but when I found out noise canceling was built in I’m not sure. Bose quietcomfort are 300 plus you have to wear the hardware and battery. Waiting to see how well the noise canceling works.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    With respect to the on paper features, No…. But when considering the real life performance, A Big Yesss…..

  • LouieTran

    I had the Xperia Z1 and I got rid of that in less than a week. Really happy with the Z2’s overall performance, battery life, and even the camera is better. I was really frustrated with the Z1’s unpredictable hit or miss camera. IPS display is also a welcoming addition to the Z2.

  • karamelakimo

    Z2 is really amazing device ,, deserve buying
    i have xperia Z and i love it for nw i think i will w8 for next one :)

  • Tom Nguyen

    anything better is worthy ! but to upgrade is not(we need at least a year to upgrade ) ! z2 should have been another kind of flaship with different design (walkman’s design) like sam did with Note and S !

  • MasterYoda

    The Display & Battery are a big improvement on the Z2 and with 4k and noise cancellation on top the upgrade is worth it.

  • the teacher

    It’s a true upgrade in my opinion. And I hope there be a Z3 in the second semester of 2014

  • Renato Laporte

    The step sensor things… I thought they were present in the S800 (so in the Z1) and Sony would activate them with the kitkat update…. I read it somewhere :////

  • Renato Laporte

    I bought the Z1 7 weeks after the release for 400€ (also in the NL) :p Well ok, I bought a second hand one, but, the phone was new… a good thing non Apple or Samsung gadgets, the price drops a lot after you leave the shop.

    I changed my Z (was also a second hand [new] one), and with the Z I felt the need to change to the Z1, one of the major improvement for me was the open headphone jack.

    But now I also don’t think about buying the Z2… I want a companion for my Z1, and I think it will be the Lumia 930 (wanna give WP another try), but my Z1 works great right now to think about replacing it.

  • Bob

    Totally agree with u on this one. If anything, the original z should have been better (with s600 and tech able to compete with the other 2013 devices), but obviously it wasn’t good enough to last a year, so the z1 was created. The z2 is great and everything, but it still lacks OIS, a manageable size, wireless charging, and a good front camera like the new htc one. The camera algorithms etc. are pretty bad, but those can all be changed in updates, whereas hardware can’t. I reckon the z3 will be great and ahead of the rest, but once again Sony’s 6 month cycle will make customers wonder ‘this one or the next?’

  • Clamser

    Sony thank you, you do what’s best hardware right now but software side it will offer us better looking competition you understand, multi-task of Note 3 the Ultra pixel HTC 4 megapixel rivaling your 20.7 megapixel. I think it is better to do for us consumers, We need the best of Sony in the generation happens.

  • asfd

    Someone… U’re my soulmate.

  • Sami Mrabet

    IMO…. no

  • Chew Loh Seng

    Sony Xperia Z Ultra hasn’t been updated since it’s debut in June 2013 at CTIA. What if the second flagship for late-2014 is the Z2 Ultra? That has been the question in my mind since Sony Mobile actually said they would have two-flagship strategy early this year.

    Back to the point about Z2 vs Z1. I’m not impressed with the Z1 compared to the launch of Z and Z2. I don’t get why, but I like Z2 much more than the Z1 even though it’s just a incremental upgrade. Don’t get me wrong, the incremental upgrade is vital for Sony Mobile to succeed in 2014, and it is clearly visible when compared to Samsung’s and HTC’s flagship in Q1 2014, even in Singapore where there are many that are still plastic fans.

    Now, since hardware improvements has made the Z2 better than it’s rivals, it’s the timely software update that would have to be implemented to ensure that the incoming customers won’t leave Sony Mobile for their next smartphone after the Z2.

    Being the Sony Xperia SP user, I can feel the pain of not getting timely software updates, just recently got the QMR update (12.1.A.1.201) that finally stop the woes of buggy Android 4.3 update.

  • Sophie

    Z2 is a big improvement of Z1. But seriously, Sony should stop releasing flagship phones every 6 months. :(

  • Marcus

    looking at it in terms of software coverage and specific hardware, the Z1 feels like the new Xperia T… it looks out of place. except for processor, eveything else is so last week compared to the Z2. the jump from the T to the Z was massive all in.. the Z1 to the Z2 jump was made even more significant by the difference in software features. so… i’d have to say yes its a worthy successor, but the Xperia Z1 shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

  • I do not like that metal frame on both Z1 and Z2. So I’m an happy Z owner waiting for a the second semester NEW smartphone (I mean something really new), not an upgrade.

  • Stéphane Garcia-Damien

    I have a 2 years contract so, I (m waiting for the Z5 to :/

  • roughly, Xperia Z1 equal Xperia Z2 on paper. But, I watched versus videos (Sound tests, graphic tests etc.) and Xperia Z2 better than Xperia Z1. The difference is greater.

    (Note: My English is very bad. I used Google Translate)

  • mark

    I was happy with the xperia z. Then I couldn’t wait and got a z1. For me, the battery size difference was well worth the upgrade for sure. I travel very frequently and I was always very insecure about xperia z’s battery life. It’s died on me many times. I think Sony had to do the Z but as everyone says, Z1 was truly the phone xperia Z should’ve been. I’m planning to upgrade to Z2 for the screen as I’m really impressed by the screen improvement which is the most important part of the upgrade to Z2.

  • Hassan

    I am upgrading from Xperia Z to Z2,,, i like even numbers :P

  • jag

    Better screen, better camera, better speaker, better specs. i say yes, upgrade to Z2 is worth it.

  • Nizar Melkaoui

    yeeep sure is confirmed under the name z3 not z2+ with great performence :2k display 3gb ram snapdrg 8.5 andreno 400 & 3750mh

  • Alvin

    You didn’t mention Stereo Speakers with noise Cancellation for big changes…

  • Alvin

    But I think Xperia Z1 to Xperia Z2 is a big, but also small improvements… Same design, same camera but with improvements, much improved display, improved processor, latest os, more ram, more battery, and more connectivity amd gestures, also motion sensors..

  • afzal zainal

    Will be more awesome if sony xperia s refreshing spec with 20.7 mp, 3gb ram and ips display…. Still in love with xperia s design…. Very iconic…

  • Vincentius Phang

    to me compared to the competition Z2 only has 2 things to upgrade : bezel and internal memory
    but imagination wise there’s a lot to upgrade like : camera result, battery life, usefull softwares

  • Adi waru

    Z2 screen size i way too big for me, so i will wait for Z2 Compact or Z3 Compact maybe :D

  • Mirrorpurple

    I just want those speakers…

  • rygarto

    you are aware that a 2K display is essentially FullHD, right?
    That said, anything over 400ppi is a waste, you’d only see the extra detail with a magnifying glass

  • Colby Leong

    Z2 is a good successor to the Z, and the Z3 will be a good successor to the Z1. What Sony is really doing with this new cycle isn’t just trying to stay at the same level as the competition but also offer more of a flagship variety. For instance, by having a new flagship every 6 months that help to lower the price of the phones before it, while at the same time giving a new and upgraded version to the phone before it. However when it comes to online reviews there is always a comparison between the newer phone and the one before it and a lot of people will see that not much has been changed.

  • Amimanot

    I think that the Z2 is a worthy successor, but not that much though. Also, Would’nt it be awesome if the 6-month flagship upgrade scheme be replaced with a scheme where a flagship is released once a year but 6 months later, the compact version is released. So, rather than every 6 months Z2 series > Z3 series> Z4 series, it would be like Z2 > Z2 Compact > Z3 > Z3 Compact.

  • Pauline Granger

    The Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is equipped with a 4.3-inch Triluminos display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core 2.2GHz processor, 2GB RAM and the 20.7-megapixel Exmor RS™ for mobile image sensor.

  • Daniel Dorestant

    For the ppl crying about viewing angles it is

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I think the second flagship that they are about to release is the compact version. That will be a good move from Sony. That will prevent them from releasing multiple flagships per year.

  • giri1in

    Z2 = Z1 + Better screen + Slow Motion + 4k

  • arifkpi

    No need to wait, Z10 is already out.

  • Arthur Simon

    I wouldn’t upgrade if I had the Z1. But from an older phone (I have a Nokia N9) Z2 is THE PERFECT PHONE ! ! :D

  • Jerry Berglund

    Hmm… I think you have a good answer to why Sony do like this? Its not that stupid at all, if someone put it like that. So in a way Sony now has 5 Premium-handsets out on the market. In a way not bad. Maybe the mid-range is on its way to vanish from Sony over all? They do Have E, M, T and Z now. But if someone looke like this, Sony not really needs E, M or T models.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Gimme Z2 Ultra

  • harrold

    The Z2 is an successor to the Q1 flagship (Xperia Z) and the Z3 would be a successor to the Z1. <<<My Logic:)

  • Amir

    sony needs high end: Z, Z Compact, Z ultra. mid range: M and T ultra and low end: E. so they do need E M and T to have mid range and low end phones. not all people buy flagships.

  • Mac

    I really hope they skip the z2 compact and jump straight to z3 compact at z3 launch. Features missing is IR blaster! I mean hello?! Also as mentioned earlier a dual LED flash or Xenon. It’s kind of awkward 2 light up the dark in the night compared to eg sgs iv. N with that said I really like my z1 compact.

  • Boris J

    Not a great update for z1 owners. I would probably wait and see what sony is gonna release in 1st Q of 2015. Hoping for a huge change.

  • manutd

    perfect xperia z2 or z3 should have a better camera with f 1/1.8 or 1/1.6,usb 3.0 and dual led or xenon!that’s all I z1 is the best phone I had,can/t wait for the z2 and for z3 !!!

  • Popo

    What are you going to do with an IR blaster? I have one on my tablet and I never ever use it. Xenon would be nice though

  • Rogue

    Personally it has a better screen and speakers over the Z1,the screen protector wasn’t an issue for me ppl will buy one and install, not all ppl but alot will. The problem I have with Sony is there software, I feel they mess it up and always let the hardware down and I mean camera and system wise. The z1 having a 3000mah battery was beaten in endurance by phones with smaller batteries the 20.7mp camera isn’t much better than the 13mp shooters on the market even now the 20mp camera on the lumina is showing how poor Sony is at it’s mobile camera software implementation. I’m sure long time Sony users want a camera that lives up to the hype of the advertisements no more ugly over processing please.

  • owl

    oh gosh! i like prime numbers! i’m screwed!

  • owl

    + dual front facing speakers + noise cancelling earphones

  • Mac

    Okay, the thing is that u can do so much with it. U can remote control so many things that uses IR like DSLR cameras, old amps and yea stuf like that. N yea, I don’t see the same need on a tablet but its nice 2 have there as well I guess.

  • P9

    there’s may no any phone better than the Z2 other than Z3… it’s truely the best phone ever.
    I may get Z2 when Z3 launches, so I could save money since the price will drop down… love the way sony makes it goes… :) :)

    a long time fan. XZ user still. :D

  • theskig

    Same for me

  • Coelacanth

    Maybe Z5 will have 4k display like the latest BRAVIA TV today, and maybe that time sony already defeat samsung and apple. :p *hopefully*

  • SP

    …and game rotation etc, there are definitely present in Z1, they are showed with 4.4 update.

  • roeshak

    To put it simply, the z1 should never have been released. It just showcased a rough sketch of what Sony had to offer for 2014 and by doing so took some of the shine when the real McCoy the z2 was eventually unveiled. The 6 month cycle just dilutes the brand and nobody benefits from that. Sony included!
    I expect to get my hands on the z2 on Monday so I’ll see for myself just how much of an improvement it is especially in the camera department. So far though, it seems a big improvement over the z1 which I didn’t like at all. It just looked so unrefined to me.
    I’ll know for sure next week

  • Afnan Muhammad

    If you have Z1 or Z maybe it is not really worth. But if you still have S or T then this would be nice upgrade.

  • Brad Williams

    The Z1 monsters the Z2 in every sense!!!! Why?? because you can buy it. None but a few can buy the Z2. A bit sick of all the hype over a phone no-one can buy.

  • Colby Leong

    On a side point, Sony has really done well since last year, but they still have tons of competition, and that’s why they need to be on the cutting edge. Next to the M8 and 5S the Z line is one of the best looking phones out there. I do feel that they do sacrifice some handling for design. Just look at the M8 it’s gorgeous and has excellent handling. Something I’m excited to see, and hoping to change in the Z3

  • sarge

    Z2 Can play 4k videos too

  • au

    No successor of Xperia Pureness? Xperia smartphone with translucent display?

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  • xperian

    Well, I am using xperia v till now, as for me I think its a large phone with showing off, for fancy people after the highest price tag regardless its a real useful to their needs or not.
    It really powerful hardware but weak software. I still running the 4.1 on my V its more stable than the 4.3 update from sony. Hoping sony to develop real uaeful applications and stable os, rather than top hardware at very high prices.

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  • Damon Adrian

    noise cancelling earphones…. which you could buy separately. so only 3 advantages

  • I wish I could exchange the Z1 in for a Z2 by paying a small difference.

  • zaimi

    technology never long as you can afford new release phone, go get it

  • nightwing369

    I’ve got the original Z on a 2 year contract which started September 2013 just before the Z1 came out. By the time my contract’s up, I guess I could go for the Z5!

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  • giri1in

    Same here, had Z now bough Z1 Compact for Batttery life..

  • SP

    Yes, I confirm that this is true. My Z1 has step sensor, game rotation and the other sensors, that has Z2. It shows with the KitKat update.

  • WiZe

    Then sell your Z1, put a small difference and buy the Z2. As simple as that! This is what I’m going to do

  • KaiXperiaZ1

    I’ve read somewhere that the next flagship would be the Xperia Z2x, anyone care to weigh in on this?

  • PJ

    it’s a blackberry dude

  • The difference is HUGE. Can’t sell.

  • alexo

    Z2 should have come wit 40mp camara or something. With d usb slot improved Bcos my z1 usb is not closing anymore.

  • krumplib430

    The processing is actually done by the phone itself, the earphones only have microphone built in (stereo mic). If you bought a separate noise cancelling headphone it would be very bulky (built in battery + processing). So it’s an improvement in my opinion.

  • Rob

    You need something like T-mobiles Jump..

  • Rob

    They sold what, 4 of those? They were expensive as hell and came out at the worst possible time :P Hardly worthy of a successor

  • Jobs

    I would say if you have a Z it’s worth exploring. The difference in camera features and display alone make me tempted :)

  • Rob

    I have it on my Tablet Z, and I don’t even need it to be able to control my TV..

  • Mac

    Yea but as I said I don’t see the same need on a tablet cuz it’s not that handy as a phone.

  • Rubinaish

    I got the Z and it still feels new, somehow. But then there’s this fool talking about the Z3 already, which we will surely see in autumn 2014… That’s just sick how fast time passes in the smartphone sector. But I seriously begin to ask myself if that’s necessary… Because my Z works perfectly, and most of the people ain’t got the money to afford two smartphones per year. The only positive factor is that the prices drop so fast.

  • Guest

    Why does not Sony learn from them

  • Legolas

    why doesnot sony learn from them…

  • Legolas

    just look at the bezels…its Sharp aquos ..and phone is available in Japan only

  • Berg

    “and most of the people ain’t got the money to afford two smartphones per year”

    I’d rather see it as; whenever you need a new phone, you’d never have to settle for an older model than 6 months :)

  • Danny

    Why the need to upgrade from z1 – z2? When many feel the Z is still sufficient in day to day use. Even the snapdragon 801 is an incremental upgrade to the snapdragon 800. Unless you feel that you need to have the latest tech in your hand all the time. Basically the upgrade is in the speakers and screen. Putting flagships aside, the S4 pro is still holding its performance well against the multitudes of midrange phones released. Even though it is 2 years old. Until the software can make full use of the processors capabilities, basically we are just buying for bragging rights. And the beauty of Android is it is still improving. Do you guys buy the latest i7 powered laptops every year? Or you feel that even the i5 is more than enough for your usage? Do you need to upgrade your sandy bridge to ivy bridge to Haswell?

  • Option58-hhfdhdfjsjjf

    I like blackberry, but it is now not as good as it was. They need to do something very soon

  • arifkpi

    I know Bro :D

  • Option58-hhfdhdfjsjjf

    Because of drops. That aquos would easily break when dropped. Sony would not. ;).

  • Legolas

    i would avoid dropping the phone and moreover get a casing
    but you cant deny it looks great

  • Option58-hhfdhdfjsjjf

    It just is too bezelless for me I guess. But that’s just my opinion somebody likes no bezel. I love premium and durability feel in one phone.

  • Andy

    The Sony Xperia Z1 was a powerful device and the Xperia Z2 takes things
    up a mark, making this one of the most powerful Android handsets around.
    We like the improved screen and we were also particularly impressed by
    the boosted video capabilities. The addition of 4K video capture, while
    it may not be that useful at the moment, is a statement of intent and
    also a neat piece of futureproofing from Sony.
    And if you have decided to become a proud owner of this device, perhaps you’re in the market for a solid and beautiful protection case as well.

  • Shatagua Jurado Sanchez

    But remember that neither M8 or S5 are IP58. if I have to sacrifice some handling for IP58, so I can take pictures on the beach (I did it already and the seawater it´s not a problem, just have to wash it later) and the pool, it´s fine for me XD. Anyway neither S5 or M8 or any other 5″ display phone can be handled with one hand so it becomes the same at the end. P.S. Sorry if my english has some issues XD.

  • Colby Leong

    Your English is good, but besides the higher IP there isn’t too a whole lot that makes the Z2 stand out. It’s clearly much better than the S5, which is really more splash proof than waterproof. As for the M8, the design is really up to you. The M8 is the best aluminum device, while the Z2 is the best looking glass device. The only thing I envy is the better handling on the M8 when compared to the Z2. It really is the bigger bezels on the Z2 that kills it, but it does give us that higher IP rating.

    I don’t hate what Sony did with the Z2, I just wish they did more, maybe it’s because getting ahead is hard in the tech world, or because they adopted a 6 month shelf life for their flagship. But I really expected something that would be leaps and bounds over the Z1 and the rest of the competition. But besides the 6 month cycle the Z2 is a great device, it has a much better design than the S5 and better camera than the M8, it really holds that middle ground between the two.

    I’m just hoping the Z3 gives us a better everything, for design and handling, to a better camera. Plus it wouldn’t hurt having the Z3 be pushed back to 2015, hopefully when the new Snapdragon chips are out.

  • Divya Bharathi

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