SanDisk’s 128GB microSDXC card works a treat in Sony Xperia devices

by XB on 8th April 2014

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Sandisk 128GB Xperia_7Sandisk launched a 128GB microSD memory card earlier this year. The company managed to create this 128GB card by using a proprietary technique that allows for 16 memory die’s to be vertically stacked, each shaved to be thinner than a strand of hair. The card will obviously appeal to those who have large video and/or music collections.

The SanDisk Ultra 128GB Class 10 microSDXC UHS-I memory card supports pretty much all of the Sony Xperia devices judging by the official site. But if you want any proof check out the pics below. Once formatted you are left with 119GB of storage. Sandisk says that you can store 16 hours of Full HD video, 7,500 songs and 3,200 photos on a single removable card.

It is a big shame that SD cards have been gimped in the move to Android KitKat (you can read about the restrictions here). However, putting apps to one side, this card would be a great partner for the Xperia Z2 if planning to record lots of 4K video. It is a Class 10 card and Sandisk claims speeds of 30MB/s. Expect write speeds to be around half that number.

SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC Class 10 memory card

Sandisk 128GB Xperia_1

Sandisk 128GB Xperia_2

Sandisk 128GB Xperia_3

Sandisk 128GB Xperia_4

Sandisk 128GB Xperia_5

Sandisk 128GB Xperia_6

SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC Class 10 memory card in Sony Xperia Z2

Sandisk 128GB Xperia_7

Sandisk 128GB Xperia_8

SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC Class 10 memory card in Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

Sandisk 128GB Xperia_9

Sandisk 128GB Xperia_10

SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC Class 10 memory card in Sony Xperia Z1

Sandisk 128GB Xperia_11

Sandisk 128GB Xperia_12

SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC Class 10 memory card in Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Sandisk 128GB Xperia_14

Sandisk 128GB Xperia_15

Via Marco Kao Blog.

Thanks MK10®!

  • Misutsu

    It’s already a great partner for my V :)

  • hansip

    Goodness heaven! First i though:
    1. My Desktop Monitor is 1080p, that’s cool but then.. my 6.4inch XZU is 1080p too o_O
    2. My C Drive is 128GB of SSD, that’s cool but then.. my phone can handle that much of an SD too o_O

    Surely the only thing that can’t be pushed inside is my GTX 670 level of performance, but that might be happening sooner than later.. X)

  • Matt

    Tempted to get one for my macbook air

  • Alfino Setya

    I want that desperately for my Z1 Compact!!!

  • The Truetist

    Lots of 4k Video? xD
    It will be nice if can handle one! ;P (considering ~500mb/s rate without compression)

  • Mac

    Just upgraded my 32gb to a 64gb and as long as u can’t put apps on it I will not need that expensive a** card.

  • Sand

    The information is wrong XperiaBlog! Please check official site and choose sony -> xperia. Pick one of models like T2 Ultra and the site will show compatibile SDs. Not all xperia models can handle this card. (I tested for Z1 that supports, but T2 Ultra and older devices not support).

  • Sand

    It doesnt seems to work with your device. Check official site to see compatibility.

  • Sam Vermilion

    That protector :O!!

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  • Iso

    I’m not knowledgeable at all in the difference of the microsd and the technology inside it… but the gsmarena states that the slot can only be upto 64GB for Z1 Compact. The picture above clearly shows 128 is also working? Or is it a special case for this specific Sandisk since it’s “new”?

  • Reformat using FAT32 and voila, it works.

  • Michael

    ‘Awesome’ news…

    Guess what, 256GB and 2TB cards will also works since this is what the specification of microSDXC says. When they’ll available, they’ll work.

    It’ll be a news if they DON’T work!

    Same as FAT formatted storages are specified up to a certain disk size.

  • ash

    Can’t you see information is stolen from some chinese website. They have not taken shots from themselves. Dumb

  • Guest

    Is the SP compatible?

  • Guest

    I really like that Sony pen haha, want it!

  • Sand

    You can see by yourself:
    just search by Sony -> Mobile Phones, then search your model and see which cards are compatible ;)

  • Sand

    After that you need to click on your device model to see which cards are compatible.

  • asdas

    To me its even weirdier.
    My PC runs an i7 clocked at 1.6 most of time, my Z1 SD800 runs at 2.2ghz

  • Timbo1

    Perhaps that was before the 128GB cards were officially out and no one at gsm arena has tested the cards in the Z1 Compact or have yet to update it. Technically if the card is SDXC which the Z1 Compact is compatible with it will work.

  • Misutsu

    “It’s already” means already
    By the way, the V has formatted the card all alone like a big phone

  • xperiafan324

    Gsmarena’s info is often times incorrect when it comes to smaller, more obscure brands. I Guess them being incorrect about a known large brand phone isn’t all that hard.

  • Stephen

    amazon were selling these for 120 dollars which is about 87 euros
    but they are only guaranteed for 10 years. i got the 64gb one a while ago and im more than happy with storage plus its a lifetime guarantee
    only problem now is kitkat

  • Adrian969

    You never know. It happens that thing should work but then dont work because of some wierd thing that no one thought about before testing. It is great to get confirmed that it works with a thing that lots of people here can be interested to get.

  • Vinayak Mehra

    They are even showing it compatible with my Xperia Mini(st15i).

  • Adrian969

    What are the patterns of the back side of last three pics?

  • InspectorGadget80

    FINALLY now i can buy the 128GB card XD! time to get rid of my 32GB.

  • RealityCheck2013

    That is AMAZING :P I got a 64GB card in my Z1 ;) And that seems to be enough really. Shame that I can’t free up my phones memory space with putting my Apps onto my memory card tho :-/ COME ON GOOGLE!!! F-IN LET US SAVE APPS TO MEMORY CARDS!!! :-/

  • s-emo

    64 GB microSDXC cards work with my Xperia V so any other microSDXC should work too

  • GeeksEmpire

    It s good but will be better if can install apps on it

  • Bob

    I’m not sure, but I think all SD cards should work fine. Some Xperia models say they can’t support the 128GB SD card (even the Z2 says up to only 64GB SD cards are supported) but they are still usable, as the pictures show.

  • sony master

    I love the sony pen i want one to also that memory stick would be good if u could transfer apps to it because i want gta for the xperia m but i dont have enough memory atm unless i can transfer a few apps also i would like more games at one point instead of deleting and downloading so please sort transfer to sd for apps please sony

  • Ricardo Ca

    Very nice but with Kitkat restrictions to External Sd cards isnt a waste of money?

  • MK10®

    I thought that you won’t post about this anymore because i tipped this almost a month ago, well that can’t be helped even though the official Sandisk stated this but still no evidence, but good job XperiaBlog you did your homework i see, you’re welcome btw ;)

  • RHBH

    True story! MicroSDXC range is from 64GB to 2TB, this means even larger MicroSD cards should work… But as there were no cards larger than 64GB when the phone was launched, the manufactures can’t announce a feature that they haven’t tested like “2tb microsd support”.

    But the day that we find 2TB MicroSD Cards, HDD will be part of museums and we’ll all be using 4TB+ SSDs!

  • jimi546

    can someone help me? I have a 64 gb sd card inside my xz…suddenly when I take photos they aren´t saved anymore and I can´t transfer new data to it…but I can still use my old data, like listening to music. It happened once and I had to buy a new one. they are expensive so I wanted to ask first before I have to do that…I obviously still have android 4.3 …everytime I search on google for it, the results are all about the problems people have since kit-kat

  • Cmmdr Keen

    but those lists arent always updated as others have mentioned

  • Cmmdr Keen

    way different, desktop class vs mobile class

  • spade

    Here you go!

  • darannechelle

    For media consumption is truly worth it, i have 64gb on Z Ultra, still looking for tv show or film to fill up the available 25gb space. For app hunger you really need to look for a phone who has a huge internal memory

  • Billy de Fretes

    oh sh*t … my xperia z can’t use more than 32 GB


    Tested the SanDisk 128GB MicroSD with both my Xperia Acro S & Xperia Z. Works perfectly fine in them.

  • Emerson Gochuico

    It’s not accurate why can xperia go can handle 128gb while xperia sp can’t in the site even 64gb can’t be use in XSP but many says it can.

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  • adreno

    in whitepaper t2 ultra support sdxc, its work on xperia t2 ultra?

  • najiy91

    can be ordered from singapore.

  • Matthew Grylls

    is it compatible with Xperia SP??? i want to order it for my Z2 and my SP today if its compatible.

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  • jag

    where??? tnx in advance.

  • jag

    I have one too! ^^ but his pen looks better. Hehe

  • spatch

    So the SanDisk site lists the Xperia Z as compatible, but not the ZL. Is this an oversight?

  • Where’s my Z2

    Where do I get that protector/skin?

  • rygarto

    Protective film, quite popular here in Taiwan. You can get pretty much any electronic gizmo/computer covered in a shop within ~ 10 minutes, half an hour if it’s a custom job.
    Several designs/finishes are offered.

  • Smuti

    Agreed. Want to know that to?

  • Stephen

    i like his pen too, who is he?

  • Henny T

    does it have an English name…

  • Henny

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the name of those awesome screen protectors is ‘3D screen protector’. Still trying to find one for xZ2 though

  • Henny
  • Luke

    Is this 128 GB SCXC card compatible with the Sony Xperia ZR ?? It doesn’t list it as compatible, however the Z, Z1, ZR, etc. are all compatible. So shouldn’t the ZR be?

  • Luke

    Sorry I meant the Z, Z1, ZL are listed as compatible. Thanks

  • A Higher Power

    just so you know, SanDisk 32GB sdxc ultra, extreme & extreme plus are the highest compatible sd cards for the Xperia Z.

    Z1 will handle 64GB and 128GB sd cards.

  • tl

    SanDisk 128gb microSD card Didn’t work
    with Sony Xperia E C1604 Dual-SIM Unlocked
    with Android 4.1.1 Jellybean

  • Shreenit Shahapurkar

    That Protector! :O Damn! I’ve been searching similar for my Xperia T2 Ultra! If anyone comes across any, comment below! :)

  • Fellipe silva martins

    Any news on the xperia T2? I was really hoping to be able to get my hands on one of those badboys. It’d be cool to have almost 120 gb on my phone…

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  • yadli

    My car engine spins at 100Hz only. But it drives me everywhere I want at least. ;-)

  • RealityCheck2014

    Actually you can still move apps to memory card via link to sd, but you need root for that..

  • gosbiker

    How come cheaper xperia models and Samsung can get away with apps to sd transfers but not top end xperia?

  • Helton Maia Maia

    obrigado pelos testes aqui no seu blog, agora posso seguramente comprar o sandisks 128gb sdxc para o meu xperia z1 br

  • Pët?? P?chäçç

    what that pen??… very interestinggg

  • Ankit

    Is it compatible with the Sony Xperia ZR as well??

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  • Emir Zarith

    you can buy from uKarbon

  • Alen Haki

    256GB works with Z1 compact…just tried

  • Iain

    256GB? It’s a fake. There is no 256GB Micro SD card. The largest is SanDisk’s 200GB Micro SD card.

  • Alen Haki

    non branded micro sd 256GB… there’s also 512GB but haven’t tried yet

  • Iain

    “non branded micro sd 256GB…” Fake. “there’s also 512GB but haven’t tried yet” Fake.

  • Alen Haki
  • Alen Haki

    about the size of my card…just copying 200GB of data to the card… takes ages, but now I want to test is also… in any case, so far over 60GB already transferred

  • Iain

    Last thing i’m posting on this. That article says about the 512GB “Updated on 8-30-2015 by Jeremy Kaplan: Revised and updated to reflect lack of availability of the product, including comments from the company and growing concern among eager customers”. If that’s fake it stands to reason that the 256GB is also a fake. Anyway, there has been a lot of fanfare that SanDisk’s 200GB card is the largest available. But believe what you want.

  • Is this a back glass protector on Z Ultra , that makes this grid?
    looks very nice :)
    If yes: Anyone has link for shops selling it internationally?

  • Anna Nelson

    I did not find higher results additional than SD Memory Cards send outcome. It is extremely good at SD cards making.

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