Xperia Z1 update (14.3.A.0.761) released in China

by XB on 2nd May 2014

in Firmware, Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1_14.3.A.0.761The recently certified firmware build 14.3.A.0.761 for the Sony Xperia Z1 has been released into China. The Xperia Update Checker shows that the update has so far only hit the C6902 Xperia Z1 model running China firmware. There is no changelog, but the update is only likely to offer bug fixes over the previous 14.3.A.0.757 firmware. The update should start hitting other regions shortly.

Xperia Z1_14.3.A.0.761

Via XDA-developers.

Thanks Bruno!

  • Lee

    lets hope it fixes the nfc quick toggle and the update centre crashes

  • Abdul Ghani

    sony has big list like heat and then bettery drain and most important is camera quality

  • Mirrorpurple


  • Mac

    Man I want my Bluetooth AptX controls back!
    Ytf can’t I connect my pill xl with nfc!?
    Throw is almost never working properly and takes ages if ever finding the right device.
    Touchscreen gets fantom guesturs if the screen is a bit moist.
    The phone doesn’t always react when trying to wake it up.
    Xperia lockscreen can’t be changed if a new theme is applied.
    Sound is 2 freaking low on BT, headphones

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  • Johan

    I have all these problems too, Good job bringing them up!

  • joonassh

    Do factory reset. It fixed most of my problems like lock screen wallpaper issue:)

  • Jim

    good points, but posting here isn’t going to help. Also post on Sony Mobile forum and even tweet them

  • Abdul Ghani
  • Mehdi Moghimi

    4.4.2 for zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz please .

    by by sony .

    hello nexussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss .

  • Michael Hernandez

    ¬_¬ Grow up, desperate kid!…your life is at risk if you do not update your Z?

  • Mehdi Moghimi

    what ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4.4.2 release for s4 and one and note 2 and ….

    4.4.2 in may for z !?!!!!!!!!

    I got paid $ 700. okey ?!!!

    Is ridiculous !!

    The consumer is entitled to services.

    Bestselling Smartphone of sony is z .

    But Sony has forgotten.

  • Sadman Khan

    Don’t be so excited about 4.4.2. 4.3 is much better in overall

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  • wut

    You got paid $700 to get a Sony Phone? Wow, practically a free phone and still complaining. Kids these days.

  • Mehdi Moghimi

    I bought 11 months ago.


    speed update samsung and htc and nexus very very better than sony .

  • Johan

    Made it even worse, its the worst phone i have ever owned.

  • madan

    when it is coming to india?

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  • hameac2034

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  • Mac


  • Mac


  • Mac

    Thanks, I thought I was the only one..

  • Mac

    If dey make I better, easier way 2 make a factory reset without loosing data. (unrooted) then I would gladly make it every single time a new update comes.

  • Abdul Ghani

    Good and anyone who has problems with z1 use that link above

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  • Burak

    am i the only one that received 14.3.A.0.757 update yesterday although i already have it? i received 2mb 14.3.A.0.757 update with OTA.

  • R Singh

    Next year.

  • Peeveli

    Update available in Finland

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