Sony ships 8.8 million Xperia’s in last quarter; forecasts 50m units for FY14

by XB on 14th May 2014

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Sony-LogoSony Corporation has announced its FY13 results (year to 31 March 2014), which includes the figures for the last quarter. Sony reported Sales of $75.4 billion and operating income of $257 million, helped by strong smartphone and PlayStation 4 sales.

Looking at the last quarter in isolation, however, shows that Sony missed its smartphone forecast by just under a million handsets. Sony was forecasting 9.7 million units during Q4 FY13, but ended up shipping 8.8 million handsets during the period. If you remember back, Sony had already lowered the smartphone forecast by 2 million units in February 2014, so the final number came below even this recent revision.

Sony Mobile does expect to see growth during FY14, with a forecast of 50 million unit sales during the year. This would represent year-on-year growth of 28%, which should be achievable if Sony is being serious about its mobile business. Inroads into the US and Chinese markets should help in this regard, that is of course if Sony can get traction.

Sony Xperia smartphone units shipped by calendar quarter

Xperia units shipped Q1 2014

  • Micro

    Sony FTW! :)

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Keep it up sony..

  • Abdul Ghani

    if sony improves its camera software in old phones like xperia z zr zl and z1 and overall software without bugs itll sell even more for now because for horrible camera software people are switching brands i dont want that to happen

  • pojop

    Sorry. Average dont buy phones based on the amount of noise they observe in photos. Period.

  • Ziich

    not bad hopefully their current crop of smartphones can help them achieve their goal

  • Micro

    ..that’s right, they buy phones based on the amount of cheap plastic used. Period.

  • Abdul Ghani

    sony is a really good smartphone company but since the launch of xperia z to z1 other brands not samsung typical Chinese brands with sony camera installed in them take better pictures specially oppo t2 ultra is a good example that it takes better overall pictures than z1 because of its software is better than z1 hope sony improves kudo to sony

  • Abdul Ghani

    u think cheap plastic phones are worth paying a premium price

  • Micro

    exactly my point – I was being sarcastic ;P
    but seriously, every single aspect is important. I really do care about the amount of noise on my photos and flawless BT connectivity, some care not – they care about the superior sound, and other things like UI smoothness, build quality, IP rating, the freaking BEZELS.. blah blah. Overall Sony is doing great, but there is still much work to do. No company can make everyone happy (except iDiots – they are happy with anything they get), but the point is to keep trying ;)

  • anon

    the measure of success should be how much is the profit margin for the phones shipped not the number of phones shipped. you could have two-digit millions of phones shipped but if your profit margin per phone is too little, then that translates to only good enough sales.

  • Sture Karlsson

    More compact phones :)

  • StraightEdgeNexus

    what sony needs to avoid in design department is the combination of plastic and omnibalance language. Both things combined result in ugly phone.

  • Abdul Ghani

    ive been trying to share my thoughts about the camera on xperia z1 that it has poor software so share your thoughts too

  • Abdul Ghani
  • saif

    India is very fertile ground for Sony from past 6 months i can really feel its presence. If sony could produce a device in direct competition to moto g then it could be remarkable

  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    Someone needs to tell Sony that they should either ensure high quality control for their products or improve their post sales service or both. The waterproof & non-repairability feature of the Z series definitely has made several enemies.

  • Colby Leong

    A lot of it could be from the weakening strength of the yen

  • ryq24

    Chinese firms like huawei, lenovo, oppo and xiaomi are making better looking phone with better feature at cheaper price than sony. So I don’t think sony will achieve the 50million sales target.

  • Yasir Fawad

    In my opinion, sony missed the chance with Z, if it would have IPS Screen, a better camera, and an up to date processor, it would have marked an excellent come back, but alas, it was not the case.

  • Anukul

    Sony can be forth in world in the near future after samsung, apple and nokia. Hope to see them no.1 someday

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    I dont know what problem u facing with ur device camera. After using z1 , iam still happy with my old ZL camera performence. I just need to make sure the superior auto scene selection stop blinking before capture. In manual mode on open sunny dah iam just lowering +- xpose level one step down to void over xpose include average metering selection . On night shoot iam manually shoot using metering spot so that the lights can be a little bit brighter. Try not to use high iso level to reduce noise. And i love playing with firework scn at night shoot out. I can get like 1second stop xposer creating lights trail ( standy hand require ) .

  • shanefalco

    Last year, Sony said it would sell 40milioni of smartphones and
    then it has sold less and that is 38milioni. To me it maximum in 2014
    sell 40milioni if all goes well, mid-range and low do not have to
    quality and the markets where it sells more are china, india and america … and z2 in
    I think it is slightly below the other brands at top range, the
    hard to see that Sony is the world’s eighth-wide sales and many
    brands like xiaomi, motorola nexus and are growing like sales. Obviously the hope is the last to die :)

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  • sora77

    Which phones of the above companies have better design than Sony’s? lol. Even Huawei’s latest P7 looks very similar to Xperia Z. Lenovo only sells well in China. Most people in outside of China don’t even know they make mobile phones.

  • Raphael

    Dan Loeb’s next letter will get Kazuo Hirai to resign.

  • goku

    yeah at least most of them use ips screens, not cheapas tft

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  • DrazenDodig

    z2 is top phone… Sony does not compete with cheap chinese brands… absolute sales dont matter at all, imho… but it does enable them to bring out more devices and faster.

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  • Micro

    do I sound like I’m complaining? I only say facts about what there is need to be done and why ;)
    and BTW: you’d be surprised how many people I helped there, you should do your homework first before shouting something like this on me ;)

  • Micro

    …and less plastic backs on them ;P

  • kororo

    you haven’t seen the updated z1 camera performance. it’s way better than the initial release.

    it regularly places high in blind tests (not really topping them because people apparently still prefer punchier colors instead of natural ones).

  • kororo

    no. the report quotes number of units sold, not dollar value.

  • kororo

    hopefully, they can bring their devices to the market. when they are able to produce something good, it usually ends up becoming unavailable.

  • Colby Leong

    “Sales were up 14.3 percent year-on-year, which Sony puts down to the weakening of the yen, a “significant” increase in smartphone sales, and the launch of the PlayStation 4.”

  • Colby Leong

    Once Sony gains more momentum from European and Asian markets they will have no choice but to set their sights on the US.

  • kororo

    i wonder what was i trying to answer with that post …

  • kororo

    they know and they tried to avoid them because of the perceived brand inferiority

  • Sridhar D

    I buy only Sony phones and my ZR is my eighth phone :). But Sony’ s strategy is poor. The low end/ midrange phones are the ones that sell more. They should have focused more on Xperia L and SP. These two phones had huge potential. Also the pricing for C, M2, T2 & Z2 not attractive at all. I also miss the camera and sound quality of the old Walkman phones.

  • xperiaDROID

    Well, to me, the only Chinese companies that I think that has the good design on par with Sony is Huawei and Oppo, the Huawei Ascend P7 looks nice and gorgeous like a Sony phone, the Oppo Find 7 doesn’t have glass back but it’s design is simple which I like it as well.

    Also, the one who designed the Ascend P7 which looks like a Sony phone is a Korean which I think it’s weird lol. Maybe even Koreans are also sick with Samsung’s design? I think so. :)

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  • Battal Aljadei

    What’s the yen has to do with the amount of sold units ?

  • Battal Aljadei

    Keep making a new refreshment device every six months with very few hardware updates and no real software updates !
    No wonder why you’r Down to the same level of 2012 3rd quarter Sony !
    My advice to you’s that you must transform what you call it marketing department to a garbage recycle department .

  • roeshak

    I think we can now put to bed the delusion that the xperia z1 was a popular phone.
    The biannual flagship policy is hurting Sony as much as consumers.
    The z2 will do a lot better commercially if only Sony doesn’t ditch it again 5 months after release. Right now, Sony are the ones damaging themselves with idiotic choices.

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  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    There is only 1 important aspect that i look in a smartfone. It should be SONY :)

  • skrug

    They didnt make the 40million because of the delays with Z2 release.

  • less

    And less wide 69 mm max

  • More this less that

    And less thin with more battery and bigger camera sensor with ois and zoom and less sharp magnetic charger and less sharp port protectors etc

  • Micro

    and some Skittles

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  • Richard Francisco

    focus on carriers and updating your phone for atleast 2 years after purchase. make a cheap 5inch phone with quadcore and make more tablets premium tablet z and a cheap tablets pls

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