Sony acknowledges Xperia Z KitKat battery woes; provides workaround

by XB on 5th June 2014

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Xperia ZSony’s recent Android 4.4.2 KitKat rollout for the Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR and Xperia Tablet Z has seen a number of users complain about severe battery drain. Judging by our recent feedback post, it appears that many people are affected by upgrading to KitKat build 10.5.A.0.230. One of the main culprits for the drain appears to be Google Play Services.

Sony Mobile support has recognised this as being the main cause for the battery drain. In a post over on its support forums, Sony says that the problem lies with the latest version of Google Play Services (4.4.52). It goes on to provide a workaround to uninstall this latest update, whilst we wait for Google to provide a new version of Google Play Services. It’s too early to say whether this completely fixes the problem, so let us know how you get on in the comments below.

Sony statement on Xperia Z, ZL, ZR, Tablet Z battery woes

We have investigated the issue with Google Play Services using a lot of battery and we have identified that the root cause of this is related to the latest version of Google Play Services (4.4.52).

Until a new version of Google Play Services is provided by Google we urge users to either uninstall the latest update of Google Play Services (might limit use of Google Services like YouTube) or go to Settings > Google (accounts) > Ads > Tick the box for Opt out of interest-based ads and also disable back up of your data by going to Settings > Backup & reset (Personal) > uncheck the box for “Back up my data”.

If you are unable to uninstall the update for Google Play Services from Settings > Apps, go to Settings -> Security -> Device administrators and disable “Android Device Manager”. Also check the settings in the Play Store so that automatic updates is not enabled as this may update Google Play Services again automatically.

Via Sony Mobile Talk Forums.

Thanks Jacky!

  • Vwake Nova


  • jlmcr87

    Google play services? It´s sony fault. As always after 12-18 months sony updates their phones with lots of bugs, forcing the people and make them think, they need a new and faster phone. This happen to me with an Xperia Arc, Xperia S, and no more….Sony phones are beautiful, but software is a crap.

  • jp

    Well, do your maths again. I count 7 months …
    You just have to disable 2 stupid functionalities … Why are people always winning ?

  • Akshay Ballal

    Still no update available in India… Feeling very much ignored despite of spending $690…

  • xyge

    nope its google’s, look around the net..even some nexus 5 devices have that issue(and am pretty sure sony didnt make their software)

  • Burk

    Hello everyone, I’m xperia z user from Malaysia and I just got the kitkat 4.4.2 update via pc companion and when I downloaded the update it got stuck up at 99% and at the end the download fail. What should I do?? How can I update my phone??

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  • 3rdflyleaf

    My ZR is working perfectly. I don’t experience any issues or bugs except the lag in setting menu when scrolling. It’s actually a great update.

    What I hate about this update is that Sony chose “File commander “app as the default file manager!
    You have to pay to see your hidden files and no option to extract zip! Many Other free file manager apps offer it for free.
    It’s like I update to pay for a features that were previously there.
    Sony needs to contact file commander devs about it or just replace it. Ugh -_-

  • jlmcr87

    Xperia Z is from January 2013, do your maths again.

  • Jeffrey Lensen

    This isn’t Sony’s fault dude, there are more devices from different vendors which are displaying similar issues.
    I’ve dug into this problem myself, and it’s clearly a problem with Google Play Services, more specifically, the location services which goes haywire at some point and keeps the phone awake, often in combination with Google Backup Transport. This happened to me with both a stock Sony ROM with 4.4.2, and several different CM11-based ROMS I’ve had installed on my phone.
    Also, yesterday I decided to disable Google Now and Location Reporting to prevent Google Play Services from continuously determining my location and see how the phone behaves, and lo and behold, no more battery drain from Google Play Services or lockups.
    Be glad Sony took the time and effort to dig into the problems as well, and suggest a (temporary) solution until Google finally manages to solve this problem.

  • jlmcr87

    Look around the net, it´s always the same, older xperia phones with 1 year or more with tons of bugs after updates, ruining the phone to make you buy a Z2 or a newer sony phone.

  • shien.shiens

    oh my god !!stiil wait the google update the google play service??fxxk

  • xyge

    dude, disable that in apps…and install one from hundreds of alternatives from playstore!
    on other note the lag can be fixed if you select “disable hw overlays” in developer options

  • Dmitry Perets

    Google Play Services becomes a real crap. And like the others say, it is not Sony’s fault. You see it on other devices as well. Location-based services drain the battery really heavily. Especially Location Reporting feature – since approx. half year ago it started to drain the battery much more than before.

  • Jeffrey Lensen

    xyge, have you found a file manager app that is able to write to the SD card? I used to use File Manager by GIRA.ME, but since 4.4 it’s no longer able to do that..

  • xyge

    are you for real?
    tell me one brand that doesnt have bugs on devices for newer updates!
    samsung? htc? lg? apple? microsoft? even nexus 5 still has bugs after 4.4.3

    No one does it purposely man…it happens everytime any one adds a new feature!

  • jlmcr87

    I´m sure you will open your eyes in the next months. Be ready for sony delivered bugs to make you buy a new phone.
    Look for x10, xperia Arc, xperia S, xperia SP….

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Dude, you do know you can’t move and copy files using alternative file manager in Kitkat , don’t you?
    Unless you’re rooted.

  • xyge

    hey, haha i use that exact same file manager :P

    but yea the sd caard is an issue as the restriction is system level on 4.4.2

    ther’s a fix for it but u need to be rooted…i did modify my phone(xperia zl) for sd card write access..

  • jlmcr87

    Nexus 5 has bugs, but not makes the phone unusable like for example xperia arc ICS update, Xperia S Jelly Bean Update.
    Have you tried a nexus 5? Do it and you will forget sony crap.

  • Jeffrey Lensen

    Hehe, yeah I might root mine again as well ;p
    Also so I can disable that damned, space consuming Small Apps bar…

  • Jeffrey Lensen

    Here’s an idea, ditch your Sony phone, sell it, or whatever, and buy a Nexus 5. Problem solved, right? Or better yet, get your self and iPhone.

  • Bogdan Marin

    you can try file comander

  • Night of Xperia Z

    I think you better don’t update, I also havent update my XZ and I’m from Malaysia too, it is because there was too many issue after update to Android Kitkat. So I advise u dun update is better

  • xyge

    ive had an xperia ion(same as xperia s) and have a zl right now, and yes i have tried nexus 5 and i know its a great phone.

    the point is none of my phones were “unusable” after updates..yes there certainly were/are issues with them but it doesnt take too much to fix them yourself or to not update until a fix is out.

    then again if i were you and my phone went ‘unsuable’ after a update twice i’d rather not buy the same vendor again….ditch this phone and get a nexus 5?

  • Kenneth F

    The workaround explains why I actually saw a much improved battery life with 4.4.2, as I had already disabled those settings.

  • jlmr87

    Oh nooooo iphone!!!!Nooooo

  • Kenneth F

    And noone said that it had 4.4.2 at the launch, so count from the right date. Jeez, trolling much?

  • Mullawi

    Dont forget the X10i with the soundbug in v2.3 that never got fixed!

  • xperiaDROID

    I still haven’t receive the Android KitKat update on my Xperia Z in Malaysia yet, did Sony cancelled the update? Because I didn’t wait so long for an update from Sony before. If yes, then I hope they will add the “Powered by Android” text on the boot up screen, and give us a perfect KitKat update.

  • Ujjobbágy Attila

    Hm, my google play services is on the 4.4.52 version, it shows that it is the latest.

  • laci_csk


  • Sumo

    That’s because both phones can’t handle ICS or Jelly Bean. It’s like putting Son Goku into a scooter.. you think the scooter will be able to handle it? Think man, think…. I know you’re upset with their updates, but you make it sound like Sony is the ONLY ONE out there that has these types of problems. I had an Xperia Arc, I updated it to ICS. It was usable, but slow.

  • xom

    I have different issues sony and some other people too reported the same issue . Can anyone help us? The phone is heating so much + the screen specialy setting it appears some colorful lines like you play an old dvd it crashes lol + the animation is lagging everywhere even I use the developer options that they told us. And my phone I just use it normally and I have installed one application the es file explorer. I have also disabled every those google apps that mentioned.

  • Ujjobbágy Attila

    That is the play store page of play services, also shows that 4.4.52 is the latest.
    How did you get 4.8.20?

  • Guest


  • xom

    In kurdstan its just by 329 $ and the z1 is by 420$

  • xyge

    He is talking about play store(4.8.20) not play services.

  • jp

    oops Sorry, i thought it was a post about the XZ KitKat Update, my bad.

  • delang

    i dont get update yet,
    but really want to update to kit kat.
    malaysian xz user too

  • Guys, IMHO this is NOT a problem. It’s simply that Google has to constantly track the location of your phone. This is needed by Google Now, Device Manager (if you don’t track the location of your phone, the device manager becomes pretty useless…) and so on.
    This is something we have to get used to, unless we disable all the location tracking options, but in this case we have to give up many location based features, especially in google now (like the parking location card, the automatic google maps notifications about the time needed to get to the places you usually visit and so on) and search (like having our search results customized based on our current location), weather etc.
    Tracking the phone’s location is useful as it enables a lot of useful features, but it takes its toll: battery life. And, given that Google is adding more and more features that rely on location tracking (it’s actually one of its strengths versus its competitors, namely WP and iOS), I don’t think they’ll ever “fix” anything, as probably there isn’t anything to fix.
    OEMs should just start to put decent batteries in their phones.

  • Jeffrey Lensen

    You could try a CM11 ROM, or another AOSP ROM with KitKat. KitKat definitely runs a lot smoother on older devices than ICS/JB. I have it on my Nexus S right now, and it’s become quite usable again.

  • nnnn

    i think putting a bigger battery for a phone isnt the right solution
    imagine you have 5000mah battery.. how long it will take to fully your battery?? 4-5 hours??
    google should stop tracking our location and let us decide when tracking is needed

  • GiuBehringer

    TBH, on one of the updates for Google Play (some 2 or 3 months ago), my Nexus 7 started draining the battery on standby in about 30 hours (versus the normal… I don’t know, 1 week maybe?). So I’d see the point. But still, Sony should check this kind of stuff, specially when they state in the changelog that they improved stamina mode.

  • xperiaDROID

    It’s available in the PC Companion now, I’m a Malaysian Xperia Z user too.

  • xyge

    Na dude, its a bug.
    you are right about the tracking needed but that has been happening since android jelly been…thing is there is a wakelock issue.

    ill explain it briefly,the google location tracking system works by loggng the “changes” in your location and not constantly “tracking” it…that is whenever you have a change in network tower or wifi it will log the change and go back to sleep until the next change occurs…the issue here is it is not going back to sleep and constantly querying the phone about the netowrk and location(nlp wakelock) and thus draining your battery.

    its a very silly bug but needs to be fixed nonetheless.

  • xperiaDROID

    There’s no need to put a bigger battery on a phone, the battery life also depends on the software optimization from the manufacturer.

  • mediamakesus

    This is ridiculous, you wait for months for the the OTA update to roll out & then they tell you to downgrade your software…

    I’m just going to see how much I can use the power saving modes before this issue gets too hard to compensate for.

  • pixlas

    You do not seem to understand. This is not related to the KitKat release. Google just happened to update its Google Play Services around the same time frame.
    Just disable location based ads and you’ll be fine.

  • pixlas

    You do not seem to understand. This is not related to the KitKat release. Google just happened to update its Google Play Services around the same time frame.

  • Guest

    If you remember then Samsung galaxy s2, s3(global version) are also on jelly bean…..

  • Marko

    It works at me, without uninstalling Google Service to old version.

  • James Field

    Hang on, what was wrong with the Xperia S JB update? I had Xperia S before the Z2 I’ve got now and the JB update made it about ten times better. It was smoother, faster and the battery lasted *much* longer. It certainly didn’t make the phone unusable.

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  • There’s a limit. Some things use energy. The more you want to do with a phone, the more it needs to stay active, the more energy it needs… we can go back to dumbphones, but if we want our smartphones to do more and more things with each new feature we introduce, we simply need bigger batteries. And battery sizes have indeed grown in the latest years… but not fast enough. The energy consumption grew faster.

  • Burk

    Haha thanks for responding guys, oh well I’ve got the notification via pc companion just didn’t manage to download it.. So I guess I’ll just wait for OTA.

  • Sture Karlsson

    Tried this on my ladies lg g2 and worked great, haven’t upgraded my xz yet but glad to see Sony providing an easy fix, rather than freezing the App.

  • The problem is that I’ve seen the same problems for the last whole year! Since when Google started adding features relying on location tracking more and more intensely.
    Though I have to admit that, since the latest update, the number of wakelocks due to the location service has increased even more, we don’t actually know if it’s a bug or simply this is how the system is intended to work.
    Of course, I hope you’re right, but wakelocks problems have started one year ago and Google has never addressed them, so it’s possible that they’re not considered problems… just, when the location service needs the location, it will send a wakelock.

  • xyge

    yep, dont worry it is a sure of that, another intresting thing about this is that it is not necessarily there for everyone…it depends if your phone does attain that ‘condition’ for the wakelock to rise.

    In fact if you dont mind getting rooted there’s a solution to use location services as well….all u need is to install xposed and a terminate wakelock module and enable it for google play services. ;)

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  • Vector Teh

    I’m not sure if he’s a troll though, responding to a troll is pointless =P

  • Kalin Genov

    Opt out of interest-based ads is OFF
    Back up my data is OFF
    Android Device Manager is OFF
    Play Store automatic updates is OFF
    WiFi is OFF
    Mobile Data is OFF
    Location is OFF
    Google+ is disabled
    Google Play Games is disabled
    Stamina is always ON and there is not a single app active in standby.

    From 100% to 70% in 2 hours. Battery used by Android OS – 68%. Everything else is under 5% battery usage.

    I DO NOT think that it is Google Play Services draining my battery!

    I think IT IS Sony’s fault and I would like Sony to release quick fix of the problem.

  • Vector Teh

    So, you blame Sony when you “think” it is Sony’s fault without providing any evidence that proves your point of Sony is at fault. I applause your logic.

  • xyge

    Woah woah calm down dude!
    give the phone a day to settle after you update…or back up ur data(everything) and factory reset..if that doesnt fix should take it to the service center.

  • Yes, I’ve seen it, but frankly… I like Google Now features based on location! :)

  • mustafa

    My phone was never affected by severe battery drain

  • Kalin Genov

    4.3 – 4 days battery life
    4.4.2 – 2 days battery life
    “applause” whatever you want

  • SailfishOS

    But android is the suckest

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  • FH

    Deinstalled latest play services and hangouts, updated both to latest, problem fixed

  • laci_csk

    You heard abot “user error”?

  • laci_csk

    You dont understand, no problem, not the software need to downgrade, but the “APP” you need to uninstall updates.

  • Keivan Bahmani

    bet you havent write even 1 line of code mate, otherwise you wouldnt be so full of your self.

  • laci_csk

    Yes right, hi is wery confused!

  • Hariharan

    Still didn’t get update in India sony xperia Z C6602.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Everyone is talking about the battery drain and lag problems, but Camera quality hasn’t been good since 4.3(Three updates till now)….. I think Sony should clarify about that and solve it upto the next rollout !!!
    (Camera lovers comment for the poor quality Cam)

  • Madhu PV

    My Xperia Z is not updated and runs in 4.3. I haven’t face any issue related to battery drain till few weeks back, but for last 2-3 weeks ‘Google Play Services’ consumes more than 80% of the battery.

    So the issue is not related with the update.

  • choco

    Hey! Where are you from?

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  • Sudhindra Kumar

    OMG.. Stop blaming Sony for giving 4.4.2.. XZ got a way better update for 4.4.2.. Its still smooth with a little modifications in the settings.. Like the one provided in here.. ;) And actual 4.4.2 was buggy and had all these bugs in it.. Nexus devices got em all fixed in 4.4.3.. So stop blaming Sony for everything.. They are doing best with the update.. I agree, before XS and its gen got bad updates and buggy ones, but they certainly have improved their update procedure.. Keep up the good work Sony.. :)

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Err..4 days battery life in 4.3?? How did you get that?? Leaving it on standby the hold time??
    You’ve got another silly driver huh??
    Before you get mad at me,I was just joking wondered how you managed to get that much?
    Btw, this update has actually allowed me to surf the net practically the whole day without charging it up,on a more conservative use,about two days of surfing with data plan,which wasn’t attainable with 4.3..
    XZ C6603

  • ????? ??????????

    I haven’t uninstalled Google play services but I’ve done everything else and battery consumption has improved a little although an official fix is necessary

  • Sarah Lavender

    I had severe battery drainage, handset heating up and it was very laggy.
    The phone was virtually useless, so I backed it all up onto my SD card,
    removed the SD card and did a factory reset. I reinstalled the SD card
    and restored all my data from it. The battery issue is now completely
    cured! The only thing is, the screen is a bit laggy still. I can live
    with that until the next updates from either Sony or Google.

  • vigneshprince

    No update still in India

  • vigneshprince

    Wow u a dbz fan?

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  • NB

    guys even you have such problems with apple.. iphone 4 lags with ios7 on it. dont critize a brand just like that.. xyge is right nexus 5 had a lot of problems with 4.4.2. Brands like sony wont do what you said coz that will ruine their brand image. mistakes can happen and trust me they are working on it.. they will

  • nb

    guys even you have such problems with apple.. iphone 4 lags with ios7 on it. dont critize a brand just like that.. xyge is right nexus 5 had a lot of problems with 4.4.2. Brands like sony wont do what you said coz that will ruin their brand image. mistakes can happen and trust me they are working on it.. they will..

  • James Wong

    Hi..y not throw ur sony to me & have urself a nokia 3310?i think tats the fastest phone on the bugs no lags shockproof somemore..

  • Chris

    !!!Quick fix!!!
    Disable the “Location ” from settings and the battery issue will be solved.

  • Burk

    It’s available now via Ota now, I just got the notification on my phone. :) Will update it later tonight :D

  • Reyoch Ch

    Sony xperia problem still in recording audio problem.mono not fixing.they are not fixing the bugs…i have lumia 520.the phone till now no bugs..anymore..i think the android phones have phone no bugs but no apps..dear sony please fix the bugs..

  • Night of Xperia Z

    Welcome, I dunno what is OTA. But, just now when I turned on wifi on my Xperia Z, it shows that a new version update on my phone, I checked online, the version is Kitkat, so I immediately canceled it.

  • Reyoch Ch

    New firmware.Sonys main problem they are not testing and check the phone..

  • Krasimir Argirov

    I don’t have any issues with 4.4.2 on my Z. Once I had wakeuplog bug that drained the battery but restart resolve it. My Z is better with KitKat, and no bugs at all.

  • azhy

    Dear prateek sony s developers could not do any thing right even the kitkat released by doomlord was better. I recommend you to use this apk after trying every single apk on store even the official one of google gallery was not good in focusing but this one seem better and gives a result better than any other 13 mp phones. Note : you should use the action mode that one the flash doesnt work but no problem change it to night mode enable the flash then change the mode to action one and be aware that when you close the apk you should do it agian. It uses iso 50 for shots thats why its the best even changing the exposure doesnt change the iso or quality here is the link

  • Julio Spinoza

    The same problem in Xperia Z1 with 4.4, I use Wakelock terminator to solve the problem, so far so good

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  • Billy de Fretes

    Thx God i’m still in 4.3 even though 4.4.2 already available for indonesian user

  • AudioAw

    This is definitely Google’s problem, as it had happened on my Nexus 7 before and with my HTC One once or twice.

    But for some reason, Google’s service doesn’t play well with Sony software. I’ve previously owned a couple of Sony handsets (Xperia S, Xperia SP, Xperia Ion, Xperia Z), and all of them show the same thing with Google Services.

    This makes Google Now useless since the only to solve this is to disable Google Now, Location Reporting, and Android Device Manager.

  • hansley

    Had the same problem with my xperia z running jelly bean 4.3 after updating google play services. I had to disable the show notication box for the app and force close the app. It completely fixed the battery issue. So i don’t think the problem is with the kitkat update. Hope this could help.

  • Chad R.

    I’ll try the first option and see what happens. My biggest issue is when charging using the Sony Charger directly in the wall I get the message saying that its not strong enough to charge the phone. It’s happened every night since the update and I have to use my higher power charger get it to charge up.

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  • Chad R.

    I’ve had no issues with the camera. I’m on kitkat on my ZL and the just took a vacation and used it as my primary camera and took some pano shots as well they all turned out great.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Yeah its Sonys fault, i had this issue on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and last i checked Sony didnt provide software for that tablet. Never had any battery drain on my Xperia Z after kitkat update. Dont blame Sony for the battery drain….

  • Emil Oskarsson

    My Xperia Arc S was actually pretty fast on ICS when it wasnt rooted. When i rooted it and changed rom and kernel it was even faster and could handle most games and apps. My Xperia Arc S was usable after the ICS update provided by Sony. i just knew it could be faster with the right optimizations from the communtiy on XDA. Sony gave ICS to a phone with 512Mb ram when the OS actually needed 1GB of ram to handle the software. Still Sony gave us the update.

  • Umesh A Guledgudda

    15 days n yet there’s no sign of kitkat in India

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  • Sumo

    Yep, DBZ the best anime out there!

  • yuskhayru

    totally agree with you. what a marketing strategy? and its trully amazing that people still didnt noticed till now. haha good job sony.

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  • Steve Harper

    There is an app on Google Play called GServiceFix. It supposedly fixes the issue with KitKat but it appears only to work on a select few devices. It worked for me so please give it a try! I have a Sony Xperia Z by the way :-)

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Actually I had downgraded to 4.2 firmware and it has a better overall cam performance…. Lets see the newly certified firmware does the job or else I will move to custom ROMs :) Still I am giving this app a try… Thnx mate

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  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Donno brother, It happens to me :/

  • Sudarshan Rai

    Yes we can know about the bugs by the number of updates for almost every apps on Google Play Store its insane… Like almost daily there is some app needing urgent patch… Same goes for windows too so many patches… So no company is bug free… even android os has bugs thats why so many updates and different versions of android in such a little time period spread over millions of phones of all brands

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  • vigneshprince

    Yeah me too, dbz is best

  • Bowlzee

    I have Sony Xperia Z C6603, in Australia. I was having the battery drain problem BEFORE I updated to Kitkat. With 4.3 I had massive battery drain that meant my phone would be off before I woke up the next morning even in airport mode etc. I ‘fixed’ this by disabling Location Services for WiFi and mobile network.

    I updated to KitKat this morning, the location services are still disabled, and I am not having the issue.

  • Alsyah

    Ok i got this one from 8hour a go…and this update bring to much “lag” to my c6603…when i open notif bar,open menu,open setting,scrolling down,and lock screen widget …all having this lag..

  • Yes and I’m still here with my Xperia Z, got a problem?
    It also have this bug, also my N4 and M8 ever since the Play Service update.

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  • Rashed Sheriff

    Same problem. Huge battery drain so checked out a few forums and found a post about repairing your phone through Sony PC Companion. Apparently, everyone whose done so have had the problem sorted out. You basically hit the software update tab on PC Companion and then use the repair my phone option.
    Tried the same and it’s updating…. And has been updating for the past 4 hours!!! How big is the download file anyway? Have a decently quick internet connection and I figure it should’ve downloaded atleast 4gb by now, still the download bar isn’t even 20% full :| My phone is obviously switched off due to the update happening and I donno wtf is goin on. Would I wreck my phone by just disconnecting my usb and switching my phone on right now? Bummer!!

  • floj006

    I did a backup, then factory reset, then restore. Battery on my Xperia Z is better than ever before!

  • mkhusaini

    Can anyone tell me is it possible to downgrade xperia z from kitkat to jellybean, i want to roll back to jelpybean, kitkat make my xlz slow and lag in setting..

  • Roberto Merino


  • Problem – Hangouts application required last version of Google play services… Must be also downgraded

  • James Wong

    My Z1 & tablet Z2 are waterproof tho…haaa

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  • Brad Williams

    Anyone else have “xperia has stopped working” after coming out of sleep mode since the 4.4.2 update on XZ?. If so, does anyone know a fix for it?

  • junaidshad

    i did disabled HW overlays and still there is lots of lags in the menu, settings and notifiication bar…

  • chloe

    The steps the provided didn’t fix mine. Just dropped from 82% battery usage to a pathetic 79%. Hurry up and fix this!!!

  • Frank

    Its a rubish, the update make the device slower
    Im blaming sony on this

  • Raymond George

    Hey i had rooted my phone in de past and i didnt make a TA backup and have lost the Drm.. :( hence my Bravia n XLoud dont work, i am back on stock firmwear and still no luck bcoz de keys are lost.. would u have any suggestions as how i can get it back?

  • toolsalival

    The fault may lay with Google but why did Sony push out this update when it is obviously faulty. I was so happy with my Xperia Z but now after days of having it permanently hooked up to the National Grid I’ve had to delete Google Play Services rendering other applications useless in the process. FIX IT!!!!

  • Dan Ettinger

    In Developer options, check the box “force GPU rendering”. That got rid of my lag with kit kat.

  • Dan Ettinger

    Oh and then reboot.

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  • pixlas

    Lookk SONY released Kit kat for us right, then Google released a new version of Google Play Services on Google Play a day after. How the *beep* can you blame Sony for that?

  • Rahul Shrestha

    when will i got kitkat update in india for xperia z

  • Anderson Tan

    I having the battery issue right after the update and this is what i do
    1.Backups and reset the whole phone
    2,Update/install all apps.
    3.clear data and disable the google play services
    4.Dun f***ing use and disable the Hangouts from google.(as i think its the the 1 needs to open 24 hrs cause it needs to receive msg)
    5.after this only start to enable back the google play services and update it. the result for me is awesome.

  • anzetyo

    Sony please fix the bug as soon as possible…

    Bcoz its not just drain my battery..but my phone become laggy too…

  • Mike

    I disabled interest-based ads, Location (which I need), and Android Device Manager. I don’t know how to “uninstall the latest update of Google Play Services”. Under Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Services, I only see buttons to Disable, Force Stop, Manage space, Clear cache, and Clear defaults (grayed out).

    My battery still drains at 7% per hour in standby mode. Ouch.

  • Chrispyweener

    In fact, 4.4.52 of Play services was released on the 19th of May according to the Play store – my Xperia Z was eating battery a couple of weeks prior to KK 4.4.2 being released by Sony and I was curious as to why, as it was normally pretty good. My money is on Play Services being the lone culprit. A search also shows Galaxy S5 owners with the same thing and also LG owners too. It’s not just Sony phones melting and going flat in a few hours. :(

  • sampah

    features?? futures??

  • Sridhar

    I have an Xperia x10 mini pro more than three years old. No issues in performance. Despite two updates :). Better than Samsung phones :).

  • TruthWriter

    Absolutely agree with you, sony`s software on all of their devices is crap!!! Sony`s Business View: sell the device to a customer, no matter what it takes, and after, if he doesn`t like it, tell him to f..k off, and sell another one!!!

  • Sreeram

    i think this site is more useful and interactive than Sony’s support forum.
    Bought a Xperia Z some 3 weeks back and updated the OS to 4.3 (I am from India, 4.4 is not yet available here). From very first days itself i had this battery drain issue, have been looking for solution, even tried the one from Sony’s acknowledgment blaming Google, no use.

    I think the problem lies with Sony itself because the workaround of uninstalling latest play service has also not solved the issue. Besides thatz when phone is idle, start using it and you will see the battery draining quickly. Max i can get some 8 hrs with average use (15-20 mins call, 15 mins youtube, 20-30 mins of web surfing basically news without video) ; and that too after more than 2 and half hrs of charging. Have to charge twice a day (5-6 hrs gone charging), this is more of a fixed phone than mobile.
    Looking into the threads, not everybody is having this issue, i think it could a hardware issue for phone made in a particular period.
    Besides the Sony version of android is almost the raw version, dont see they have invested much in software. I am already missing many subtle features of Samsung (during long call take the phone from your ears, screen is back on, not with sony + the features with call logs )
    Sony managed to kill the initial thrill of a new phone tooo soooon.

  • Sreeram

    Same situation with Z also except i dont have the reboot problem. and itz not just in 4.4, i am still with 4.3 and the situation is same. And no info on when to expect fix (if at all) from Google. I think itz more of Sony’s issue than Google, battery draining when idle is one part, start using the phone and power drains rapidly.
    It was a mistake to buy Sony

  • Xperia Z PH

    Solve Mine.. use SUS then use the Second Option to Update Factory Reset and Software Update.. im using KITKAT 4.4.2 No Lag or Overheating or Google Service Issue on mine.. btw i always Disable my Location its been an issue long since android uses GPS so good luck Updating and Bug hunting

  • nanana

    Nice one heheheeh

  • Xperia PH User

    All i did to my 4.3 was Charged to 100% then Use Sony Update Service.. then Use Option number 2 the Factory Reset and Software Update Mode then.. no Drain no Lag.. i dont about what the other did.. but my XZ is fine

  • YouAreAFool

    Just no. Had location services turned off all this time and there is still an issue. Read this;
    And stop posting advice for an issue you know nothing about to people just as ignorant as yourself

  • vrm

    I have xperia ZL 6506 and recently updated to Android 4.4.2 KitKat release (10.5.A.0.230). Since the update ( may be a coincidence), I started experiencing the battery drain issue. I tried many things, including the ones Sony recommended but it was still draining.

    Finally, here’s what I have done –

    1) Do the things sony recommends- disable location preferred ads and backup ( I already had the automatic back up disabled). I already had the automatic updates disabled in google play settings.

    2) Went to location and turned the location reporting and history off. I chose the location mode to battery saving (mobile networks only no GPS). Do not disable location or many apps will NOT work.

    3) I left the latest google play services and google hangouts updates as they were.

    4) I already had the automatic sync disabled for all accounts. I manually sync them whenever.

    5) Here’s the most important step – settings->apps, for each app turn the notification off. You can turn it on app by app if you need it. This can be painful and time consuming depending on # of apps installed. I actually HAD turned off on all except hangouts and I think that was draining the battery. But others could also be doing that.

    After this and a reboot, the problem appears to be fixed. Not only that, I actually get vastly IMPROVED battery life compared to 4.3 ! After more than 2 days of light-moderate use, it still has 73% left ! With light use, you can get by with charging only once a week !

  • Srinidhi

    This workaround fixed the issue of ‘Google Services’ consuming the battery rapidly. However, after a couple of weeks, I noticed ‘Android OS’ was consuming around 60% of battery and it drained rapidly. I had to restart my phone to prevent the drain, but not sure when my Sony ZR will start misbehaving again.

  • dxavi

    shut up..i have xperia x10, the great grandfather of all sony android phone…it’s on GB and still works as my backup phone..This phone never let me down

  • Vasile Stet

    Hello, my xperia zl is brooked because Kitkat, after I updated the battery autonomy is one minute, battery fully charged, I downgraded to 4.2.2 but the problem isn’t solved, I gonna change the battery maybe will solve that issue. Anyone could help me? Thanks

  • Jon James

    The real fix
    Follow this:
    then find “My Xperia” apk and use that to track your phone instead of android device manager

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  • kinshul

    Hi, i just got a update of the new kitkat on my zl, i been facing laggy peformances plus youtube not workig since …m frm india and dis thing is terrible

  • Pingback: Google Play Services 5.0 released; has it solved your Xperia Z battery drain issues? | Dek Droid()

  • Rodrigo Roberti

    The problem in Xperia ZL or ZQ here in Brazil continues even I upgrade the version of Google PLay Services to 5.0.84, clean all caches and restart my phone…

  • Micah Mador

    Wrote a review of my Xperia Z C6602 and talk about battery problem and a fix that has finally worked for me!

  • BigBill

    Google Play services version 5.0.84 fixed it on my ZL. But you need to push the reset button to make it work. Shutting down and restarting did nothing for the batt drain issue after the update. But If you update then hold the reset button in for 10 seconds the batt drain is fixed, at least for the last two days for me. Yahoo!

  • lmsoycc

    Done that. Still the same. However, my battery depletes incredibly faster whenever I use Wi-fi or activate mobile data. Otherwise, 5%-battery charge loss in 9 hours is quite bearable.

  • VS

    Xperiz ZR, 100% charging, estimated battery time is 6 hrs?????????
    this mobile really screwed me up……
    any answer to this SONY….
    disabled all features, wifi, bluetooth, gps….. even though removed the google Playservice and other google accounts.Still battery life not improved….

    PLEASE answer SONY. i purchased your mobile, you are responsible for anything happening to my xperia phone.

    you should have done proper testing before releasing any upgrade… its question mark on your team, product and service…

    even no option to downgrade……. i really dont understand y??????????

  • sharpshank

    Turning off sharing location work apps does it. This wakelock is causing battery drain.

  • Ionut

    Solution to prevent battery drain on Android Kitcat 4.4.3 – Sony Xperia Z. (as of Aug. 17, 2014)

    Main steps:
    1. Download and upgrade with latest (prebuild) google-play-services-5.2.08 (1317999-038).apk Try to google the link as PrebuiltGmsCore.apk.
    2. Under SETTINGS > Location – Disable “precision” wifi and network location services. (This is a serious battery drain under Kitcat 4.4.3) Only allow device-based GPS location service which is less consuming, and generally not available indoors. Thus, when turning on the Location indicator in the toggle bar, only the device-based (GPS) location service will be enabled (and NOT the more consuming wifi/network location services).
    3. Suggest to decline anonymous location reporting to Google (this keeps Google Play Services really busy, while partialy reenabling the location services, especially in standby mode, even when expressly disabled). Real-time traffic information in Google Maps relies on such anonymous location reporting. So, at least when in traffic, assisted by google navigation, do remember to allow location reporting.
    4. Under SETTINGS> Accounts – Disable contacts sync with Facebook (if installed). FB apparently uses Google Play Services for both location AND synchronization. Other accounts linked to Android may be just as resource-demanding as FB – do verify and disable sync service for them accordingly. Third party applications sometimes abuse or mess up Google Play Services (Framework, Transportation etc). And usually, when installing new apps we agree with their terms on using Google Play Services (we grant them privileges), so let’s just not blame Google, or Androd for this. New versions of same apps may come with improvements and bug fixes.

    Optional steps:
    5. Uncheck sync of the google account with Google Fitness app – just yet. This could be another issue.
    6. Disable Google+ App and synchronization – just yet. (Former Google Latitude service is now embedded with Google Plus). This could be another issue.
    7. Disable Google Now App. This is another issue.
    8. Battery Doctor app could come up with other useful suggestions, but the main culprits of the battery drain are some location and sync services intermediated by Google Play Services – especially under Kitcat.

    Ta-da! Battery consumption back to normal! (at least on Sony Xperia Z).

  • Vamp898

    The difference is that for example that an recent Nokia Lumia have _with_ such an bug the same Battery hour than an Android Smartphone without that and still is faster.

    If there would be more Apps for Windows Phone i would give a shit for this broken and cracked Linux Distribution called Android which works different on every smartphones.

    Im really a fan of Linux but this Java shit Android have nothing to do with Software Quality and the Vendors make it even worse. And Update about every fucking minute and with every update something is fixed, and the next thing dont work.

    I tested the Lumia 930 in a store beside all other High-End Smartphones and it was like 60fps vs 24fps

    As said, if there would be more apps, i would kick my Xperia Z out of the windows!

  • RJ

    Bought a Xperia ZR a week ago, with 4.4.2 pre-installed. The issue with it is mainly with the battery, which is draining like hell, found that google play service is consuming the most of it and the other issue is that the upper part of the screen gets heated up. Really very upset with the product.

  • xZwhoCantBeMoved

    going back to the corner (corner = i mean firmware), where i first saw you (XZ), corner can be my sleeping bag, i am not gonna move~ LMFAO

  • p95

    I did whatever was advised (followed the discussion too) but still rhe issue ain’t fixed…..feel like downgrading it to jelly beans… I can’t charge my phone all the time :|

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  • techinator

    What about the z1s dumb fucks…I’ve had this problem since day 1 and even got a new phone…it is the SOFTWARE…

  • Serena

    I have an Xperia Zl and I updated it. Do it, my phone no at all unless it is hooked up to a charger doesn’t. Matter if it’s 70%.. 100% it will shut down my phone. Very upsetting. Tried everything to fix it.

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