Is this screenshot from the Xperia Z3 Compact?

by XB on 2nd July 2014

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Xperia Z3 CompactPurported pictures of the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact leaked recently. Now celebrated Sony Xperia developer, DooMLoRD, says that the picture was indeed that of the Xperia Z3 Compact. He also reveals some specifications of the device, which is believed to sport model number D58XX (remember the D5833 model number recently leaked).

Specifications are said to include a 4.5-inch 720p display, 2.5GHz quad-core processor (Snapdragon 801 MSM8974-AC chipset), 2GB RAM, 20.7MP rear camera and 2.1MP front-facing camera. Obviously all of these are rumours just for now, so we’ll wait to see what comes out at IFA in September.

However, we’ll leave you with a screenshot from what is believed to be the Xperia Z3 Compact below, which shows the ‘About’ screen of the device and the 3.4 kernel and 23.0.X.XXX software build number, relating to Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

Xperia Z3 Compact

Thanks Zymo!

  • Reza

    Here comes another king of compact….

  • Guest

    compact seems much more interesting too me perfect screen size and it looks soo much prettier than the bezel huge z3 with huge speaker holes reminding me of a budget xperia the z3 compact reminds me of my concept the z3 cybershot atleast at the front

  • Xperia V User

    At last! I will definitely buy this Z3 Compact! 4.5 inch display!!

  • compact seems much more interesting too me perfect screen size and it looks soo much prettier than the bezel huge z3 with huge speaker holes reminding me of a budget xperia the z3 compact reminds me of my concept the z3 cybershot atleast at the front same shape etc

  • Guest

    My Z Ultra has newer software than Z3 compact :)…

  • Guest

    So they just skipped Compact Z2?

  • Akki dA Rokstar

    Only 2Gib RAM, I was expecting it to be 3 Gib..
    Only 20.7 MP camera, I was expecting more.. :p

    What I think is that its the mini version, not the compact.
    Cuz may the Xperia Z3 could have some beastly features to offer. Hope So.

  • mooody

    It should have snapdragon 805

  • El Snajdo

    Yep, the 2 gigs of RAM is the only thing out of order here – not that I think that it is necessary, but the Compact-line should just be smaller in size than its bigger sibling and never be less of a powerhouse (except, of course, in the screen department).

    Well, the only thing I really miss in my Z1 Compact is a slightly bigger screen without the protective film, so I guess this is my next phone :)

  • Bob

    Well this is a bit underwhelming… If the Z3 Compact really does have these specs it’ll be a bit of a shame. Especially if the Z3 is similar, because that would mean another minor improvement that could have been better. I was expecting S805 or whatever, 3 GB ram (even Z2 already has that so it’s a step back in the Z3C), a new rear sensor and at least a 5 mp front camera.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    How the hell the Child came first before his father ??? o_O

  • It is impossible have more than 20.7

    You need to wait to Snapdragon 810: “The Snapdragon 810 processor is a 64-bit enabled, LTE-equipped chipset for premium mobile computing devices. The Snapdragon 810 processor is anticipated to begin sampling in the second half of 2014 and expected to be available in commercial devices by the first half of 2015.”

  • Snapdragon 810

  • Guest


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  • Jerry Berglund

    it should be called z2 compact not Z3

  • XperianK


  • Sami Mrabet

    there is no need to upgrade if the cpu is the only difference…

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  • Riyal

    Because the egg came first before the chicken. Plain and simple :p

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Looks like a Xperia Z, QX10, and some aluminum had a freaky three way. Looks good though, not sure on the camera module.

    Hopefully the “leaked Z3” is fake, because the front panel looks like something Sony would use for a mid range device.

  • shortb

    but then who laid the egg?

  • shortb

    oh i forgot they just dropped from outer space, giving birth to dinosaurs who subsequently became the ancestors of chickens.

  • scw

    4.5 inch screen a compact device? Oh well, I think I am getting z1 compact.

  • ray

    No, god created chicken first and then chicken laid egg ^_^

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Hopefully that shouldn’t be the case. Really hoping that leak was wrong and we do get an even better looking device to join the Xperia line. Plus a better battery, screen, and camera couldn’t hurt.

  • nah, basing on specs I think it’s more of a z2 compact than a z3 one

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Or the Xperia Zoom

  • Tech Gospel

    My thoughts exactly… rumored specs were leaked a while back and the “Z3 Compact” dimensions were slightly larger than the Z1 Compact. So I figured it wasn’t worth the wait. I will, however, reconsider a future “Compact” device if the overall dimensions are smaller than the current Z1 Compact

  • Guest

    considering for snapdragon 805 which use adreno 420, to bad for sony

  • Jovit Magdaong

    Now if this is true it’s really disappointing. I love the conpact series and i was hoping to replace my z1c with a bit bigger. If this is the specs of z3c then i might just buy z2 which has the same specs and would be cheaper than z3c by that time.

  • Samesung


  • @_@

    Dat zoom lens and dat thickness dosn’t affirm to the laws of physics!! XD

  • but…

    But then, who laid the egg that dropped from outer space in the first place? ;P

  • Riyal

    It was the universe who did it. The egg was made up from sugar, spice and everything nice and an accidental drop of Chemical X.

  • techielover

    Why everyone is so much worry about the bezel and ignoring the rest of the beauty of sony phones!!

  • Bogdan Marin

    New movie app update via OTA

  • jake

    On 720p i would say even s800 is more than enough =/

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Yay! 4.5″! Perfect size!

  • Damon Adrian

    this year the only real cpu upgrade is SD801 which is minor. 805 has no connectivity so the device has to be big enough to add additional connectivity (4g,wifi,BT). so it’s technically for tablets. so wait till next year with sd810.

  • Vinayak Mehra

    Powerpuff girls haha

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  • Rob

    Hoping the width and height are the same as on the Z1C, and slightly thinner. Basically the current one with less bezels and chubbyness :D

  • Aderno

    Not saying this is for sure, but logically, with android L’s new slightly graphics heavy user interface, the new Adreno 420 GPU would help ALOT. Not to mention upcoming mobile games.

    That being said, of course it’s not a MUST have for a phone with a 720p screen. It will most likely run just fine. But it is sure a good to have.

  • Weehaaw

    if android L stutters with specs like that then google need to optimize. it should fly with alot less.

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  • LePhantomas

    No both the chicken and the egg came out of Whoopie Goldberg’s ass

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  • JMonkeYJ

    I would love it if they started putting 1080p screens on the Compact line.

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  • Tech Gospel

    Agreed… if you measure it, a 4.3-4.5″ screen would actually fit in the Xperia P shell as well… and a 4″ screen would’ve fit in the Xperia ray… assuming minimal bezels. But with today’s tech, I doubt a 4.5″ screen (if that’s really the route they’re taking) will be in a phone the same size as the Z1C.

    I would rather they kept the same screen as the Z1C, flatter/thinner… or if not give us even more battery life.

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  • TMZ

    That would be perfect! They should keep it the same phone size (if it’s thinner that would be a big plus) and make the bezels less big. Should be possible no? If not, I think I’m just going to buy the Z1C.

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