Xperia C3 PROselfie smartphone sized up against the elegant Xperia T3

by XB on 26th July 2014

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Xperia C3 versus T3_12Want to see some hands-on pictures of the recently announced Xperia C3 PROselfie smartphone versus the elegant Xperia T3 with its stainless steel frame? Then have a gander below, it shows the mint Xperia C3 and the purple Xperia T3 sized up against each other. Which one gets your vote?

Xperia C3 versus T3_1

Xperia C3 versus T3_2

Xperia C3 versus T3_3

Xperia C3 versus T3_4

Xperia C3 versus T3_5

Xperia C3 versus T3_6

Xperia C3 versus T3_7

Xperia C3 versus T3_8

Xperia C3 versus T3_9

Xperia C3 versus T3_10

Xperia C3 versus T3_11

Xperia C3 versus T3_12

Xperia C3 versus T3_13

Xperia C3 versus T3_14

Xperia C3 versus T3_15

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  • sonyso

    I want Xperia SP2

  • xperiaDROID

    My Xperia Z is more beautiful than these two.

  • sonatona10

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  • who knew a budget phone looks better than a flagship looking at you z3 oh and heres my z1 sony why why did you change from this?

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I like the stainless steel frame, but also hate that the steel is limited to just the sides, and not the back. Curious to how the back of the T3 feels, and how well it deals with wear and tear

    If I were in charge of Xperia phones, I’d combine a few low and mid range phones together to make some bad ass mid range to almost high range killers.
    1. E1’s Speaker power into dual speakers+ Sp’s illumination bar to make a killer Walkman phone, the Xperia W
    2. Merge the Xperia T2 Ultra with the Z Ultra features. Result: Great battery life, great screen, really big great screen, premium feel and design, the “all metal object is a stylus” feature, IP certification

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Rounded edges just make more sense to a more comfortable feeling in the hand

  • if you want comfort go for samsung once sony goes round i really don’t have much of a reason to still have a sony phone the blocky design was so appealing too me and they are slowly slowly ruining it because people whine oh it’s not comfortable enough but heres a better idea get a samsung it was made for comfort soft nice plastic rounded back and corners it’s wonderful to hold let sony stay classy the way it’s intended

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    That makes no sense to go for Samsung just because they’re more rounded. I like Sony but it makes sense to be more palm friendly than just stay set in their ways. They need to evolve and adapt to compete with the competition. Sony makes the best looking phones around, it only makes sense that these things of beauty are just as good to the feel and touch as they are to look at. If your answer to all of the things Sony changes that you don’t like is to run to another OEM then you really don’t have a lot of faith.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    C3 gets mine, the bezels are much reduced on it.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker


  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Two words : Xperia Arc

    The Arc design was much more palm friendly than even the “palm friendly” design of HTC One M8, and I’m a One M8 owner.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    But things need to be more than just premium materials, they need to be palm friendly. Aluminum of the M7 and M8, undoubtedly feels great just like the glass back of the Z line, but doesn’t mean a whole lot if it’s slippery (M7 and M8), or just not as great to hold as the competition

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Agreed, bezels are good to an extent. It’s too much on my Z1, and too little on my G3. Z1 just looks more boxy and bulky than it really is, plus one-handed use it a bit of a stretch. My G3 has thin bezels, great for handling a 5.5 inch screen, but I’m way more cautious of dropping it than my Z1. I’m sure I could drop my Z1 a few times before it breaks, not so sure about that with the G3

  • Alex Norris

    Both looks so ugly (((

  • Eduardo Otero

    Yes!! I’d like to see a brand-new Xperia SP2 with its colour-bar, more power and new Android…

  • It does make sense as sony has a special design language the one i fell in love with, it makes me midly angry that people complaining oh this didn’t feel perfect to hold ruined the entire design for everyone, the z1 feels perfectly fine to hold NO NEED to round it any more it’s fine as it is but no it has to be perfect for people, well then i suggest them to go to samsung why? because samsung does not care about design they care about ergonomics which is why their phones look like they do, they had ergonomics as the higher priority the galaxies slogan “designed for humans”

    The z series used design as a priority, comfort next it compromised on comfort and design they rounded the frame but still kept the flat sides, the z ultra is even better as it has a far thinner frame all around.

    But yeah if sony makes a new design language thats as round as a galaxy phone thats when their phones are no longer appealing too me then i will wait untill they get rid of that and go back too the old shape, if they don’t then i have no reason to choose them samsung makes the superior screens thats one reason alone samsung appeals too me, and if this stupid round thing continues then my interest for phones will dissappear just like it did after htc stopped making windows phone 6 phones.

    the z sparked my interest back again it’s the only reason i cared to get a smartphone, infact it was my first smartphone after the htc touch hd, and sony ericsson p910i.

    my interest for phones died down when basically windows phone 6 was replaced by android and htc plastic cheap ugly phones i stopped caring about phones all together then.

    i will keep my z1 i guess for a very very long time the z2 already got ruined in design slightly like the matte plastic around the frame the weird blue mixed with silver of the frame i skipped the z2 for that reason.

    My last hope is z3 compact as that one looked amazing from the leaks but if it dosn’t appeal too me i’ll keep using my z1, it’s a wonderful phone and i have no reason to upgrade from it apart from the mediocre screen.

    not even one m8 appeals too me way too round huge bottom bezel nothing about that makes me want to go anywhere near that phone.

  • jez

    xperia ZR new update rolling via PCC ??? under same firmware number?? (10.5.A.0.230)

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    i’m saying Sony’s design language is one in it’s own. No one could come close to imitating it, yet the least they can do is make it easier to hold. Samsung may not have the best design out there but they are learning to adapt, incorporate a great design into there great handling. Sony is just opposite, they have a great design plan in mind, making it more one-handed accessible just makes more sense to compete with not just Samsung but all other devices.

    From what’s been seen in the Z3 sony is just rounding out the edges, and that makes sense, that’s them trying to fuse the handling ad design aspect into one. If Sony can’t shave the bezels to make the screen more accessible the least they could do is round the edges for better comfort.

    I agree the sharp corners and edges are a great look, something no one else can or has pulled off in a while. But, the game isn’t just designing the best device, it’s about competing with the rest and out doing them. Sony is trying to adapt and go head to head with everyone else, and if they all have smaller bezels and a better feeling in the hand then Sony should go for that, but use their own ideas and interpretation for that.

    But as I’ve said before WE SHOULDN’T JUDGE THE Z3 just yet. Sony knew about this 6 month cycle and they aren’t stupid enough to not put something in it that would attract buyers and attention from everyone else. In all honesty we need to wait for better pictures, and even to the release, because who knows we could all be pleasantly surprised in what Sony can do in a 6 month period, or be horribly mortified and hate them.

  • one reason alone that will push me away from that phone is the iphone frame it litterally looks like an iphone it’s going too far and i am not sure if i can accept that design change it makes it girlier happier nicer like removing the horns from a bull the original omnibalance design was sleek and cold exactly the kind of thing that appeals too me

    this is an unfinished concept design i did of my idea of a perfect phone as you can see it’s even less round it goes back too the roots of the z being entirely flat i didn’t mind holding the original z

    and another concept as round as it gets

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Honestly? I like them, but the corners do look sharp, to me. Personally it just makes more sense for Sony to try and make their phones easier to handle, they got design down even before making smartphones. Sony has a now healing smartphone department, well slowly healing. It makes sense they take some pointers from their competition, but the Z3 will definitely find a way to stand out from the ocean of iPhones

  • zam

    she does , she fucks herself !

  • Anukul

    Both are flop. sony is looking out of shape in the midrange now. I just hate when phablet size phones are launched as mainstream.

  • Anukul

    rounded metal it is. samsung is plastic.

  • In the end

    Sony mobile is the worst company of Sony Group!!!
    They create nothing new! What a shame

    Samsung/Apple/LG are the big three, They’re the leader, innovator while Sony is just a losser/follower who do nothing new!

  • Alex Norris

    Absolutely right bro!

  • kixlas

    Oh I am baffled by your convincing arguments!
    You really tipped the scale for me!…

    No, honestly. You have not arguments. Let me show it to you by copying you text and just reverse.

    Sony mobile is the best company of Sony Group!!!
    They create everything new! What a shame

    Samsung/Apple/LG are the big three, They’re the followers , losers while Sony is an innovator who do everything new

    Please tell Samsung to pay more for their hired spammers so they come out more persuasive. Because frankly, that was pathetic.

  • inspire

    Without any reasoning, unfortunately you are not making any sense.

  • Jaywalker

    Lumia 930

  • Soen Tnt

    why Ram 1GB…???

    Sony very Business Ability

  • sonyso

    Sure! Same screen size but with IPS, colour bar, more RAM, less bezel, kitkat / L, and if possible thinner phone. 300% would buy.

  • Battal Aljadei

    Sony’s Very stingy, Parsimonious, company !
    While all major smartphone companies provided their flagships with 32/64 GB of space, Sony only provide 16GB,
    In the same time we see 1.5 GB of ram on the mid-range phones but only 1 GB on Sony mid-range phones !
    Sony’s also stingy in terms of software between the flagship and the mid-range phones !

    This Parsimonious should be stop Sony, we are in 2014 not in the 2010 !

  • roeshak

    All these Sony devices just look identical. Size is the only real differentiator.

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  • No difference too me there’s one m8 for that all metal perfect build speakers and screen now sony is unique if they get round then what difference would that be from m8

  • Guest

    This! So badly. I want it to be waterproof this time too.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Pfft Samsung is light-years behind Sony when it comes to smartphones

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  • Luca

    Not the same screen size, at least 5.2 inches

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Same here for my Z2 ;) I’m sure it can and will take drops better than my M8. Although M8 is metal, it already has got a scratch.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Agreed, I’d prefer the materials used on Arc, S and T much more, for a strong grip.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    You already said that Samsung appeals to you, then why force others to move onto it when its YOU who wants to? Trying to force your opinion on others? :p

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Don’t even compare Sony to M8, M8 in all honesty, is shit.

  • dui


  • In The End

    I love Sony honestly but Sony mobile is the worst company of Sony Group!!! They create nothing new!

    Samsung/Apple/LG are the big three, They’re the leaders, innovators while Sony is just a losser/follower who do nothing new! What a shame!!

  • Looser99

    Not every people has gorilla hands brother. I can perfectly handle Xperia SP with one hand but 5.2″ will not be as easy to handle with one hand i think.

  • Rinneh

    So thats why Samsung started to make waterproof high end phones as wel? Thats why Sony, Apple, HTC for example are the only ones making premium built phones? Calling Samsung and LG innovators is an insult to true innovators. Especially Samsung cant think of anything on their own.

  • In The End

    And Sony is the true innovator? bullshit!

    Dont wanna said too much but come on man, There is nothing original in this world!

  • Rinneh

    It is more than Samsung.The quality of Sony was always to built high performance devices in small and or premium packages. So the Sony Nex cameras where the first real small APS-c sensor sized cameras with interchangable lenses. The Vaio Z serie where the first small and thin laptops similar to todays ultrabooks with the specs of Macbook pro’s 15 inch laptops of the same era. I call that innovation. So much that even Apple made an Iphone device mockup inspired by Sony or let some Ibooks be designed and produced by Sony. Ofcourse companies are influencing eachother. But what did Samsung bring to the table in terms of design and functionality? Try again. Oh and try to be objective. Come with facts and data. Samsung for example only flourished for example on the screen market because they BOUGHT the Sony display after their joint venture and RECRUITED a lot of the Sony technicians. Which is a fact,

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Another huge difference between my Z1 and G3 is how much less I have to clean and wipe it down. Glass attracts fingerprints and smudges like it’s food for them, as we all know. G3 faux metal plastic backing has yet to even show any of that.

  • RememberMe

    Samsung hired trolls.

  • Battal Aljadei

    Btw: Fuck the recycled plastic toys maker samsung and Fuck you to .

  • RememberMe

    Uh huh. You clearly don’t understand the world do you.

  • Anukul

    come on m8 don’t have rounded sides! it has rounded upper speaker grill and rounded back. z3 would look a little bit like nokia n9 rather than m8.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I like the M8, what really pisses me off is that they were so close to making a well rounded phone and fucked it with that sad excuse for a camera. Plus everyone simply overlooks the sad camera for the design, and rank it high purely on design alone and not how there cameras get worst and worst.

  • Battal Aljadei

    No i don’t understand your world !
    And i don’t care .

  • JG

    Nice one!

  • Yasin Newaj`

    Come on guys. think logically. if you want put a big sensor camera and make the phone durable and waterproof then you would have to sacrifice a bit. the display has more bezel bcz of metal frame in order to make the device solid. the bezel on upper side are just bcz of the big camera sensor. its too logical. still Sony is trying to make bezel free phone.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Hahaha, “gorilla hands”. Of course smaller bezels could make it a little easier

  • Luca

    Haha, I don’t have gorilla hands :D
    I just like big phones

  • Molly

    4.7 720p IPS triluminos screen, 2GB Ram, Snapdragon 600, 8mp Xmor R sensor and i’m all set

  • nuar

    I don’t know what parsimonious or stingy mean, though he’s right about his facts.

  • bulk

    Really? After the disastrous fate of the original? Nah I won’t buy it even if they put S810 & 3GB ram in it. It’s also very doubtful they’d provide such device after Z1C (and soon Z3C with all the things you mentioned) This year is set. you either get S801-A330-3GB or S400-A305-1GB

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    I prefer my Z2’s design and built more than the M8, M8 feels hollow.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Huge negative against the Z1 is how much of a fingerprint magnet it is. Besides the huge accumulation of smudges and prints it’d be great

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I’m with this guy, SP is a mid range device, a niche one at that, not a flagship. While it’d be cool to have current chips and specs it simply won’t happen.

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  • MSI

    The perfect Xperia phone, which CAN actually be made…:-
    – 5.2″ Quad HD Screen
    – 2.6GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 805 with 64-bit
    – IPS-LCD Screen
    – Android L
    – Improved speakers
    – More unique features (I couldn’t exactly think of one, but Eye Iris Scanner Unlock if possible?)
    – Fingerprint scanner
    – 23MP Exmor RS (or what it may be called in 2015)
    – IR Blaster
    – Waterproofing without flaps or less flaps
    – More storage options (32GB and 64GB options would be cool)

  • MSI

    And for a MID-RANGE device (SP successor):-
    – 5″ or 4.7″ Full HD Screen (1080*1920)
    – 2.3GHz Quad Core Snapdragon 800 or 801 – 2GB or 3GB RAM
    – IPS-LCD Screen
    – Android L
    – More premium feeling
    – Waterproof (Like, come on, Sony! Even the Xperia Go is waterproof!)
    – Thinner
    – More storage options (16GB, 32GB)
    – Improved colour bar
    – 20.7MP Exmor RS Camera
    – 2700maH Battery (or the same 2 day battery like the Z3 series)
    – Stereo front facing speakers
    – Gorilla Glass or Asahi Dragontail
    – Accessibly sized

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