Create your own FTF firmware files using XperiFirm and FlashTool [Guide]

by XB on 16th August 2014

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FlashTool_6We recently reported on a fantastic new tool called XperiFirm, which allows you to browse and install the latest firmware files for any Sony Xperia device. We have had a number of people get in touch asking us how they can use those files to flash that firmware onto their handset using FlashTool. Therefore, we have created a tutorial below, which walks through the process in baby steps.

The combination of XperiFirm and FlashTool makes for a powerful and complete recovery solution for Sony Xperia owners. The great thing is that the process is very simple and it has never been easier for Xperia users to take matters into their own hands when trying out new firmware updates. Check out the guide below, which shows you how to create your own FTF firmware files.


XperiFirm steps

First step is to download XperiFirm. Follow the instructions in that link to install.

Once installed you will see the program below. Navigate to your handset on the left pane. You can then choose the firmware for your region/carrier in the middle pane. The pane on the right side will show you which firmware is available for that region. Click on it to download the file.


Once clicked, you are asked to confirm whether you want to download the firmware. Click “Download” to proceed. Choose any folder as a location and then the download will commence.


Once complete, you will see the message “Downloaded successfully!”


You will find a number of files prefaced “FILE” in the download location. Please take note of this location as you will need it for the next FlashTool steps.


NOTE: If your list of files includes “fwinfo.xml” as highlighted below then manually delete it before continuing to the FlashTool steps. You MUST delete this file otherwise your FTF firmware file will corrupt.

fwinfo XML file

FlashTool steps

Download and install FlashTool. Once you launch the program, you should see something similar to below.


Click Tools > Bundles > FILESET Decrypt


You will see the box below. Where it says “Source Folder”, click the three dots to locate the folder where your “FILE” files are. They should then appear as per the screen below under the “Available files” pane.


You then need to highlight all of these files and click the right arrow to move across to “Files to convert”. Hit “Convert”.


Once you do this, FlashTool will start decrypting your files. This can take a few minutes so please be patient before moving to the next step.


Once the above step is finished, you will see a pop-up similar to the screen below.


Tap the “Device” box which will bring up some pop-up boxes allowing you to automatically select which firmware the handset is for. You can then type in the region under the “Branding” box along with the build number in the “Version” box.


Now select and move all of the files on the left side (apart from the .ta files) to the “Firmware content” pane on the right. As you can see in the picture below, do not include the .ta files. Click “Create”.


FlashTool will now start creating the bundle.


Once you see “Bundle creation finished” your job is done. Close FlashTool.


Congrats, your newly created FTF firmware file will be located in the FlashTool firmware folder. This is in “C:\Flashtool\firmwares” for a default installation.

You can then use FlashTool to flash this FTF to your handset. Check out our previous guide on this – the principle is the same, just use your FTF file, instead of the one provided in the guide.


  • JRMoore

    Why shouldn’t .ta files be included? What happens if you flash those files?

  • paul4id

    The two developers should work together here and make XperiFirm and official part of Flash Tool so that this is done automatically.

  • paul4id

    That is one if the great mysteries of the universe that no-one cares to explain in detail. Some guides say not to include them and others say to include everything.

    It has made no difference to me, but I have heard it has something vaguely to do with SIM-locked phones. I really think the community needs to explain this better and standardise on one standard way — personally, I think it would be better to just include everything and have the “exclude TA” box ticked in FlashTool by default if it is such a big problem.

  • Can’t download the FLASHTOOL!!

  • mrjraider

    This is the exact guide I made here:

    Thanks for the credits (not)

  • same question from my side :D
    i prefer including all files
    and i flash without ticking any option in exclude
    no problems till now
    fingers crossed X

  • Andreas Makris

    Flashtool beta is already released and combines all features into one tool and gives you mostly a one-click experience to download and create ftf:

  • Andreas Makris

    is done already, Iagucool gave Androxyde his code to intregrate into flashtool:

  • XperiaBlog

    Erm… no. We have never seen your guide before.

  • Andreas Makris

    That is just old bullshit, flashtool automatically filters out the TA files which could harm your device. You can just include it into the FTF, no worry there. If you force flash a simlock.ta on your phone your phone may end not accepting any simcards. But flashtool won’t let you do that normally, you really need to force this to happen ;-)
    TA files are small scripts which change informations in the TrimArea of your phone. It can contain alsmost anything, from simlock, imei etc. to unlockcode.
    In the case of “re-locking” after unlock one usually “just” deletes your specific unlockcode from the TrimArea, where it was stored by the adb oem unlock command.
    So you see, TrimArea is the most important part of your Sony phone, so don’t mess with it and let flashtool just do. Everythin that flashtool does automatically (even include ta files in FTF) is compeltely safe, we tested and bricked a few devices to ensure that :D


  • paul4id


  • paul4id

    Thanks for that. I think I will just keep including all files then

  • Androidos

    Ha, I always wondered, how to make own ftf file, without need to upgrade phone, or improve… Now I can do it every moment, when I need it. Great job guys.

  • dr

    Does this allow you to modify for example the generic UK z2 firmware by removing any specific bloat apps you choose (ones that you could normally only disable) then recompile it into a new firmware to flash? Excuse my ignorance if this is an obvious question

  • mrjraider

    I dont buy it.. But hey this is an unofficial blog ;)

  • Gaelex

    Not working for older Xperia like the Xperia PRO, no firmware found, no download possible.

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  • Apollo89

    NOT TRUE! Although Flashtool automatically excludes simlock.ta, it does NOT exclude files like cust-reset.ta. If you include this file in your FTF and you don’t exclude it when flashing, a part of the Trim Area (“the most important part of your Sony phone”) gets ERASED!

    By the way, Androxyde (the creator of Flashtool) himself advised me to exclude .TA files when creating an FTF, because Sony’s official tools (Sony PC Companion/Sony Update Service/Sony Bridge for Mac) don’t flash these files either!

  • Andreas Makris

    Sorry to disappoint you. I am right. Thats what i wrote: Flashtool automatically decides which files to use and which not. To include Cust-Reset.ta does not harm your device in any manner. It is absolutely no problem to include all these files because flashtool WILL NOT flash them automatically. I don’t know why you think that, but it is just wrong what you say.
    If you include the cust-reset.ta you will get the option box (Reset customization), which by the way is NOT selected by default. So you can just include it. THAT is exactly the same behaviour as in Emma/Seus/PCC. Please get your facts straight before posting wrong stuff. You would be able to test this yourself by just starting flashtool …
    So what i wrote is still good:
    Just include any files in your FTF, to include them does NOT cause any problems, it just includes the files and flashtool will NOT flash them automatically. To NOT include the files is an advice we gave a long time ago when we still just flashed everything bundled, but this times are long over.
    An yes i know who Androxyde is, but you seem not to know who i am (Bin4ry is my Nickname btw) ;-)


  • Apollo89

    Okay, so apparently things have changed and with the new versions of Flashtool it is safe to include these files (thank you for pointing that out!), but this was certainly not the case with the older Flashtool versions (I’d say less than one year ago). A more extensive changelog would be useful, so that we can keep abreast of these kind of changes ;-)

  • Flavio Lemos

    Hey guys i woke up and grabbed my tablet z and is showing an new update that can only be done throw computer. Anyone? The thing is that is showing version 230 and im already did this update and is showing again. WTF! Some bug???

    best regards,

  • paul4id

    Look harder. Xperia Pro files are there.

  • Andreas Makris

    Well i have to semi-correct me after re-checking the sourcecode! For non-known ta files what i said does not apply at the moment. So all .ta files which are not “known” till now are getting flashed. (We should change that ASAP). But just for your info ;-) Will make sure that it does change before any “critical” new TA files appear on the horizon :D

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  • Christian Buntrock

    Hi Andreas, is this already fixed? Can you tell me which class contains this stuff where it should be fixed? Thanks!

  • Its most likely some bug fixes to it. I just did it to my Xperia Z phone and i haven’t noticed any difference. And it wont matter since there is a new firmware on its way soon so i soon have new bugs.. :-)

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  • warthang

    how shall i download android 4.3 ftf file for xperia z c6602 for india??

  • warthang

    how shall i download android 4.3 ftf file for xperia z c6602 for india??

  • bax

    working ???

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  • Xperia Fans

    Cannot detect, why?

  • VitaminaC

    Excellent tool. One question, under “Latest Release” they show several “RDs” like 10.5.1A.0.283 R4D, R2D, and son on, what do those mean?

  • Shaik Farooq

    im on 5.0.2 and its very buggy….
    Waiting for 5.1..!!

  • Just curious about the two .ta files (cust-reset.ta and fota-reset.ta).
    Do they have any relation with rebranding the phone? In a previous article about debranding, both files exist in the FTF.
    In my case, I got my phone branded Vodafone ES, I downloaded Baltic Lollipop version using XperiFirm, and followed this guide exactly, to flash it to my Z2. Everything went smoothly.

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  • cipherme

    I still cannot create the one being created is having only base kernel and other files and ftf size maxes out to 25mb..plz help

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  • Nine

    i’m on 5.0.2 and it’s devouring my battery life and very buggy and lagging once in a while.phhhhft..

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  • Mick Hood

    Can’t believe I’ve only just found this. Awesome work!!

  • devx fred

    actaully there is another folder in that folder ,you have to select that

  • harshadisqus

    I did all the steps properly and now my phone restarting constantly and my display in corrupted too. Please help me…

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  • dusan 399


  • dusan 399


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  • Rafa

    I have a problem, when i create FTF file of lollipop for Xperia Z1 Compact D5503 14.5.A.0.270 Generic LAM, i can see in the flash menu, that doesn’t contain loader.sin and some other files but in the decripted files i saw that the files exists but not exist in the FTF, i can flash or not my devices?

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  • Dakhamat Mohammad

    Thank you now is worcking

  • Dakhamat Mohammad

    Thank you very much

  • niketan

    Is xperifirm doing decryption step while downloading and unpacking, as I can’t see any FILES when I am trying to do FILESET decrypt? Should I skip to start creating ftf file ? Kindly guide.

  • Dean Francis Casili

    how do you set it up? sorry. im trying to fix/update my sony z2. i just unrooted my device now it doesnt get updated. :(

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  • Adrian Sirbu

    for me doesnt work “ERROR – Can’t read a byte value
    ERROR – Error flashing. Aborted” after i flash the firmware, i did press the volume down before connecting the usb.. i have a d5803. usb debugging is on..etc. i have the newest versions of XF andflashtool

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  • Jose Hermogenes

    Sony Mobile Flasher is not responding? What will I do? is it still decrypting? please help

  • Jose Hermogenes

    Sony Mobile Flasher is not responding? What will I do? is it still decrypting? please help?

  • nonong palarao

    help! i am trying to create a ftf firmware for my z3 compact so-02g of docomo japan.
    my problem is when i download the firmware i cant find the FILE files on the download location. TIA!!

  • Damian K

    I’ve got a question. For M4 Aqua there is five .ta files in total. auto-boot.ta, cust-reset.ta, fota-reset.ta, osv-restriction.ta and simlock.ta. Should I exclude them all in creating ftf ?

  • Kcin

    Same here, i have five .ta files on my ftf file Customize UK 6.0.1

  • Rob Damiani

    no files appear in available files when trying to decrypt.

  • Hi, thanks for sharing, i was getting problem(download firmware only get unpacked file) before, but then i can fix it.

  • netsurfer912


  • netsurfer912

    Nah, that didn’t help.


    same issue here pls help guys


    No Files appear in available files when trying to decrypt.PLS hELP Guys

  • Dennisch

    Don’t use the Decrypt Wizard. Take the “create ” option just below it. It will show you all the files. I’m working with the flashtool as we speak and I encountered the same issue as you. So, again, use the “create” option.


    ok Sir i’ll try the steps that u said and i hope it will works for me..thank you for your reponse…God Bless!

  • Dennisch

    It worked for me. I’m on the latest Vodafone NL firmware. Just follow the steps and it should work.


    thanks for your prompt reply Sir,i would like to ask some question if this update will work on ENCRYPTED Xperia Z2?because i think about it before i do it,i’m almost done the steps and i wanted to back up my system first before proceed to the next steps of this update..i used NDR UTILS u back up my system but its failed and error due of encryption system.can i proceed even thou my system is encrpted?pls let me know thanks

  • Dennisch

    That is something I don’t know. Perhaps you can turn off the encryption, do the backup, then the update, and if all that is successful, fire up the encryption again.


    Hello Sir,yeah i tried to decrypt my Phone but unfortunately i can’t the only way to decrypt is to do a Master Reset and all my files will be gone so i think about it and might be stayed on the previous version…thank you and Merry Christmas…

  • rodmark valencia

    hi to all.. i want to upgrade may xperia z3 plus single sim.. please share your ftf link for free. my phone to much heated when i play coc. please share for free.. thanks to all.

  • rodmark valencia

    please help. same cause

  • Hoàng Nguyễn

    XperiFirm automatically decrypts files after downloading, so all you need to do now is Create.


    thanks dude

  • Yogesh Puri

    can somebody update this guide, as latest flashtool have made some changes

  • Shuk

    XperiFirm automatically decrypts it now. You just have to select “Create” in flashtool

  • Sam.

    When I click on create, the bundler is going into not responding. Any help please.

  • MostafaAbedi

    when I follow the steps, I get stuck here (when creating the bundle using the bundler in flash tools) :

    Why? How can I get through this? :(

  • Yuki Fuyui

    Mine just freezes

  • Adil Wasiso

    what function .ta, in some case i found .ta in differnt fw & why .ta not include create tft

  • jaime_arg

    Hi, can anyone tell me if these flags are a problem? Flashing an X Compact.

    08/002/2017 00:02:39 – WARN – No loader found or set manually. Skipping loader
    08/002/2017 00:02:43 – WARN – apps_log is excluded from bundle
    08/002/2017 00:02:43 – WARN – diag is excluded from bundle
    08/002/2017 00:02:43 – WARN – ssd is excluded from bundle
    08/002/2017 00:02:47 – WARN – Qnovo is excluded from bundle
    08/002/2017 00:02:47 – WARN – persist is excluded from bundle
    08/005/2017 00:05:08 – WARN – userdata is excluded from bundle
    08/005/2017 00:05:08 – WARN – Unit 2212 not found in bundle
    08/005/2017 00:05:08 – WARN – Unit 2550 not found in bundle
    08/005/2017 00:05:08 – WARN – Unit 2553 not found in bundle
    08/005/2017 00:05:09 – INFO – For flashtool, Unknown Sources and Debugging must be checked in phone settings

    Before flashing I noticed that there were a lot of checkboxes unchecked. Many of them were for .ta files so, as recommended, I left them unchecked. It seemed reasonable to leave the rest of the checkboxes unchecked, though I see now that this causes a warning during flash.
    I’m particularly interested in Qnovo because I think it’s for fast charging and I wonder if I lost this functionality by flashing.
    Phone seems to be working normally after a rather lengthy boot up process.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Jes

    Were you able to solve this? I am having the exact same problem.

  • MostafaAbedi

    Couldn’t fix it. had to move back to original unrooted OS… :(

  • Jiří Huss

    Awesome ! Thanks :)

  • Milind Sidhu

    Hey, as i was creating the .ftf file for my Xperia Z3+ nougat, there are more than two .ta files that you have not selected during the creation process. So is it required to deselect all of them or just two of them that you have shown?

  • Sisco

    why on the device selection i cannot select SOL21 sir? nothing happen.. pls help..

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