New Xperia Z3 pictures show the handset dismantled

by XB on 26th August 2014

in Rumours, Xperia Z3 series

Xperia Z3 Leak_2Want to get a fix of a few more Xperia Z3 leaked pictures before the phone is announced next week? Well have a gander below, the new leak shows clear pictures of the handset at all angles. You can also see some parts of the phone disassembled. Judging by the pictures, the Xperia Z3 will be running a 3100mAh battery. We look forward to finding out more at IFA 2014 next week when we expect the Xperia Z3 to be formally announced.

Xperia Z3 Leak_1

Xperia Z3 Leak_2

Xperia Z3 Leak_3

Xperia Z3 Leak_4

Xperia Z3 Leak_5

Xperia Z3 Leak_6

Xperia Z3 Leak_7

Xperia Z3 Leak_8

Xperia Z3 Leak_9

Xperia Z3 Leak_10

Xperia Z3 Leak_11

Xperia Z3 Leak_12

Thanks Zymo!

  • Dakota

    Honestly it just looks like a big iPhone

  • osin17

    I hope that it’ll be on store in the same month

  • unknown13x

    You mean the design language Apple loved and copied from Sony already in the 80’s?

  • DanB

    2 slots for sim card????

  • Olexii Kuzniuk

    Dual sim?

  • ShinOrochiX

    I’ll take my Xperia SP apart and bin it if it doesn’t get KitKat.

  • Dakota

    Sure I guess, but Iunno aren’t we bored with this design yet? Like really you can barely tell their last three flagships a part. I’ll have to wait till the Z4 to get a refreshing device. They pushed the envelope with the Arc then the S then the T, now they’ve just been playing it safe for the last three flagships & frankly it’s boring

  • Bob

    I used to be a huge sony fanboy and I love all of their products but this just looks ugly imho. It has the same specs as Z2 (which are already very similar to the Z1) and it makes you wonder what on earth they were thinking when they made this. When the Z2 was released and destroyed the competition, it made me very hopeful that the Z3 would be even better with a promised new design, S805, OIS, dual two tone flash and maybe even some new UI changes but this phone is just a huge disappointment. Sorry Sony, it looks like I’ve lost all hope in you.

  • Johnny

    If Sony won´t have an ace up one´s sleeve that will surprise us, well, then it will be the most boring announcement ever….

  • David Hvatov

    I’m happy, that I bought Z2!

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    You can start it right away :P

  • thoughts

    First hold in your hands then drop it on the floor nice design

  • kuich

    I have a Z1 right now but I think I Will buy the Z4 because Z2 and Z3 are the same shit than Z1.

  • David

    I think they’re just starting to feel the effects of how a 6 months flagship cycle is such a dumb idea.

  • Luxsaan06

    2 SD card slots?

  • pepeo

    3100mah battery? wow really sony

  • John Jonathan Salud

    Is the Z2 has 3200mh battery? And Z3 3100?

  • Michael Hernandez

    NO. Are 2 sim slots.

  • Luxsaan06

    Okay, but still why 2 sim slots?

  • Michael Hernandez

    Chinese version dual sim. China is popular in dual sim smartphones.

  • bye

    What if this was an affordable Z2C kinda thing, hmm curious…

  • User2080

    sony is dead. can’t even come up with a new design. same specs. there aren’t even any breakthrough software or new technology.

  • roeshak

    Sorry you’re wrong. Z2’s better than z1. Display is miles better. Build is more refined. Only thing similar is performance and camera where z2’s just a bit better.

  • YuuriAyano

    Could have at least let the microUSB port exposed like in the S5!

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  • wared

    Sony is making a new smartphone for only 0.2GHz more, that is really disappointing, at least they can change the flash to dual two tone flash or xenon flash.

  • Brian Byron De Guzman

    as a guy who lost his Z1 to a thief, I am excited for this :) I wont buy Z2 due to overheating issue, and Sony’s 2nd flagship always seems to always seem to be perfected version of the initial release.

    Although from Z2 owners’ point of view (even Z1), no need to upgrade :)

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  • Jonathan Bratanata

    The microUSB port on the s5 is covered by a flap

  • Shehab Skull

    so looks like I am gonna to buy the z2 :D

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  • those speakerholes puts me off so much just why :(

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    Nope, nope, nope. I’ll wait for MWC 2015.

  • Commander

    pls sony, to fix camera quality at low light, and fast capture, why z1 never update camera version? from arc until now, camera app version still at 1.0

  • RbbrDcky

    What is everyone complaining about? Clearly, Sony has embraced a design and wants to perfect it before completely abandoning it for something else you will probably not like. Personally, I think this Omni-balance design is at the top of the smartphone game! All manufacturers like to iterate on their designs with subsequent models–think about HTC M7 to M8 or iPhone 5 to 5S or Samsung S4 to S5–all minor iterations! And I think that Sony is the one taking the best from all of those to make the perfect device. Dual stereo speakers like the M8, elegant rounded-edge design like the upcoming iPhone 6, water-resistance like the S5, plus a larger battery than all of them, the best camera hardware available on Android (with a dedicated camera button!), a wireless charging option, the best display with the most accurate color reproduction and widest color gamut, and the lightest, most unobtrusive UI skin of them all! Clearly, I’m a fanboy but I honestly try to be objective about phone comparisons. Plus, we, in the US, never saw the Z2 so, as far as we are concerned, this is the successor to the Z1(s) and in that case, this is one awesome upgrade!

  • kabforks

    I just broke my Z1; tiny fall on the pavement. Release this already!

  • Raj Singh

    You should wait until it’s actually released and you get to touch it… it may not be anything exciting for Z1 or Z2 owners but there will be millions of people looking to upgrade their old phones.
    You’re waiting for the Z4.

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  • Guest

    FYI, Z2 already released in the US, I just got mine a few weeks back.

  • RbbrDcky

    Fair enough, but even you have to admit, that without it being released on a carrier and sold in stores, it’s practically non-existent to 95% of general population.

  • Ayman F. Herzallah

    I think he meant S5 Mini

  • Ninjas

    Looking at the 1st and 2nd picture the design look perfect for me. I really thought this is the design that Sony wanted to achieve from the z1. Lets wait for other colour

  • Sad.. VERY sad panda

    With that space used for the 2nd slim slot, they could’ve used it for the cellular modem which the S805 is lacking. DAMNIT WHY?!

  • RbbrDcky

    Flash on smartphone cameras are a complete joke anyway. They are nowhere near powerful enough to be used on any object/person that is more than 3ft away from the sensor.

  • supprised panda

    The Z2 has overheating issues? o.O

  • Guest

    More like 3 months.

  • Guest

    It is true that the phone almost completely unnoticeable when they’re not with a carrier, but it actually in Sony store and being sold out quick when I called them to hold one for my order. The Z1 was more noticeable due to Z1s from T-mobile (Z1s was somewhat horrible until the update IMO). Most people are just into the mainstream Samsung or Iphone because of the marketing, that’s why Sony phones are almost non-existence in general. I’m not trying for an argument so no offense. Just clarifying some details.


    Seeing as this leaked version has a dual sim slot.. I’m hoping that the resent leaks of the Z3 are all based on the China variant.

    Considering the international versions of Xperia phones by tradition only has 1 SIM slot, the international Z3 better come with at least an S805 or at LEAST a battery with a higher capacity than the Z2. No excuse to waste that extra Sim module space within the device.

  • Nicki KO

    Dumbest strategy, no new wow factors, there’s nothing new even the design, FOR WHAT?!!! so bored and just wonder who will get this phone when iphone6 and Galaxy Note 4 come out.

    Sony is undermining the value of brand and products, Good job!.

  • Nawi

    This phone is a joke! (Awful and underpowered) :/

  • hoishi

    maybe we should wait until Xperia Z10! Wake up Sony!!!

  • Very.. VERY Sad Panda

    Gotta admit.. from what have been leaked thus far, the Z3 really seems like it’s going to fall FAR behind it’s competitors. The Samsung Note 4 seems like it will pack a ton of features (though some are relatively useless). And there’s the iPhone 6 which is pretty much one of the most anticipated devices that is to be launched alongside the Z3.

    It’s like Sony has given up on 2014’s 2nd half Flagship that is the Z3.

  • Nawi

    Total disappointment =(
    is now officially ugly and underpowered. That battery is a joke!

    I will happy with my Xperia ZL and when the time comes i am gonna to buy the Z2 or Z4

  • Ninjas

    I agree some people waiting forever. Sony are not idiot by cannibalize their other newly release phone with the 6 months cycle. So, if you got z2 you will not get the suicide feel everytime new Z line phone announced.

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  • mountain

    If this phone has a dual sim LTE, then this truly is an amazing phone. So far, there is nothing like this on the market. Really looking forward to the announcement!

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  • rip Sony

    I wanna see new breakthrough software or new technology but look like…

  • Cris de Oliveira

    I think it’s not the z3. Idk what it is, but it is not it. It’s weird its specs to be the z3

  • Raj Singh

    Brutal mentality. You’re not happy with Sony’s direction and will likely never be satisfied. When the Z4 comes out, you’re going to say to yourself, “I’m going to wait until the Z5; it will be the one I’m waiting for.” Then when the Z5 comes out, you’re going to say to yourself, “Oh, I don’t like that. I’ll wait for the Z6.” Years go by and you don’t get to Xperience an Xperia in your pocket and hands. Try another brand or keep waiting.
    I’m very happy with the Z Ultra. Wicked phone, one of my favorites. No regrets. Glad I didn’t wait.

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  • kaostheory

    What great feature do they have? No waterproofing, no noise cancelling, no dual sim. I agree they need better flash and camera software, maybe add ir but so far they have the most hardware built into a phone than any other manufacturer.

  • jonyah

    The Iphone 6 is so highly anticipated because the 5/5s is so far behind everything else. The 6 will help Apple, but it will still fall short of the Android premium phones. It’s disappointing to see Sony go from 3200mah to 3100, but at least it’s not the iPhone 6 with only a 1800/2500mah battery.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Sounds like the Z3 will mainly be a software upgrade of the Z2. I mean hardware front Z2 wasn’t to different from the Z1, besides screen and speakers, nothing too drastic. If anything it’s a software upgrade, and it’ll fix any shortcomings that may have been in the Z2.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I would only call this a failure if Sony can’t at least keep up with regular Android updates and bug fixes for there flagships.
    Besides some people like a new phone every so often, personally I had the Z and got the Z1 cause of the huge upgrade. And am now patiently waiting for the Z3 to upgrade from my Z1.

  • kaostheory

    I don’t understand it myself, noise cancelling is a huge feature but rarely mentioned and no comparisons on any blog, not even here. All this talk about bezels and never a mention when the ZL came out. I still have my T and can’t even find a ratio online yet it looks very balanced. If Sony put in their s-master audio chip in the Z3 probably no one would even notice.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I don’t understand how people can just say the phones crap when it’s not even out. The Z2 had a few minor upgrades over the Z1. Being the screen and speakers. The Z1 had a much bigger upgrade over the Z, with a better chips, better speaker, slightly better screen, better camera and a revamped design. Doesn’t make any sense because people were angry with the Z2 looking the same as the Z1, yet when it was released most Sony fans Proudly stood behind it

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  • Dan Vafidis

    just look at the benchmarks and battery or screen comparisons, almost everytime I search I only foind Samsung LG and iPhone comparison, plus sometimes some chinese brands, for example I search for best smartphone battery what I find is iphone Gnote, GS5, LG, Nokia,etc. it’s like everyone has bought samsung and apple stocks

  • Dan Vafidis

    you don’t know how it will be, tell me how much different are iphone 5 / 5s / 5c, oh wait there’s a fingerptint sensor… cool
    still number 1 in sales, screen not even HD+

  • Dan Vafidis

    I found it beautiful, and it’s surely more powerfull than any other phone on the market

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  • grav1ty

    Oh c’mon Sony, just refresh your design instead of upgrading the Z. This is gettig boring. It’s Okay you optimized and refined the Z every 6 month and added +1 -> Z, Z1, Z2, Z3.. but we want sth really new..

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  • Guest

    And what are there like 5 Sony stores??

  • RbbrDcky

    And what are there like 5 Sony stores?

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  • Vuyo Ncube

    I think they realised that there’s not much left to improve in the Z2 on the hardware front. Stronger stereo speakers and earphone output, less reflective glass, brighter IPS-NEO display and not much else (I expect no gimmicks like a heart rate sensor or duo camera as always). The Snapdragon 805 was probably not worth it considering the power and efficiency differences compared to even the lowest bin of SD801 were not substantial (in Anandtech’s experience only the GPU showed promise) and its only other major characteristic is LTE Cat 6 support which no one really has yet (unless there’ll be a SD806 with integrated LTE Cat 4, fingers crossed).

    Yup, probably more of a software bump (new UX/UI, reduced system requirements, patched up outdoors camera software and maybe faster autofocus) :/

  • RbbrDcky

    And yet, that battery capacity is still larger than the M8, S5, and G3 so what are you complaining about?

  • RbbrDcky

    Easy for you to say… but seriously, what radical changes are wanting in the next Xperia?

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  • RbbrDcky

    Would you rather they be on the back or sides??


    I dont understand why they didnt put the snapdragon 600 chipset in the xperia z im annoyed about that

  • Bob

    Props to you man, u clearly love Sony and I respect that. I do too and have quite a few Sony products, including a Z1. What I’m trying to say is that Sony is making a huge mistake with the Z3, the whole point of the 6 month cycle is to stay on top of the opposition, making sure Sony is always better, but the Z3 is not going to be better than the rest. It’s unchanged from the Z2 apart from a smaller display and battery and an ugly design with horrible corners and even a plastic-like look to the sides. There are already phones using the S805, better screens, batteries and cameras and it looks like the Z3 is destined to fail.


    I hate how terrible the z turned and how quickly it didnt even last a year the z1 came out before that they need to start improving there software and support to older xperias before they start making new device which are practically the same

  • Amir

    I love the design. best ob design to date for sure. i’m sure sony will give good reasons for consumers to favor and buy z3 over note 4 and iphone 6, etc.

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  • SonyFan

    The Xperia Z was still the best phone announced yet.

    I mean first QuadCore, OmniBalance, 2GB Ram, FullHD, and more….

    but now…the new generation has not much to offer…
    Sony needs to do something creative!!

    don’t you agree ?

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  • RbbrDcky

    1. The screen size will be the same or larger
    2. This new design will be more ergonomic (it’s thinner, lighter, and the rounded edges feel more comfortable in your hand)
    3. This new design will be more durable (the frame is rumored to be metallic coated with PVD (physical vapor disposition) to make it more resilient and resistant to scratches
    4. And please do inform us what this revolutionary phone is with the S805 and better screen, battery, and camera? I will buy it today!

  • z3 is not even announced xD


    I hate how terrible the z turned and how quickly it didnt even last a year the z1 came out before that they need to start improving there software and support to older xperias before they start making new device which are practically the same

  • RbbrDcky

    such as???

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  • Bahaa Dajani

    Such as 2k display, snapdragon 805, 5 mp front camera, improved software

  • Bob

    Get your facts right.
    1) This leak has a 5.15″ display and the phone itself is only a tiny bit smaller (yes I know it’s hardly a difference but I’m right nonetheless haha)
    2) I don’t really care about ergonomics otherwise I would DEFINITELY not chose a Sony phone, I’d go for an HTC or maybe even the LG G3.
    3) The Z2 was durable enough (watch any drop test to find out), I would not want to compromise the great design for slightly better durability at the cost of aesthetics.
    4) The S5 LTE-A model and some LG LTE-A phone (can’t remember the name) available in South Korea only both have S805. The LG G3 and Oppo Find 7 already have 2K displays. Although the Z2 does have a huge battery, there are still phones that last longer and everyone knows playing games, recording 4K or anything else that requires a lot of processing power drains battery very fast on Sony devices. The Galaxy K uses the same camera as the Z2 but it has OIS, xenon flash and optical zoom. Nokia has several phones that have far better cameras like the 1020 and even 930. I’m not saying they’re better (I absolutely hate Samsung), but I’m saying the Z3 is not going to be able to keep up to the others.

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  • i would rather them be like budget experias like the t2 or subtle like the z2
    these are just like iphone huge lines in the glass

  • grav1ty

    but they want us to easily pay

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  • RbbrDcky

    And what’s creative about any of those? I actually used a G3 for about a month and I can tell you that the native apps do look good on it but it’s outdoor visibility is the worst I’ve seen in awhile. The panel does not get very bright at all. Plus, what is there to actually watch in 2K? YouTube? The phone could barely load 720p videos over my network speeds so there was no hope in pulling down a 2K one!

  • wrapup

    It’s just simple. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. I still have have the Z and it seems this would be my new phone. If I dont like it in real I’ll wait for the next b/c the Z is still well in shape. Such an easy life we have

  • Timbo1

    yeah for a brand like Sony they really need more stores, they have a decent student discount and I hate ordering online just because I hate to wait, oh well thankfully there is one near me in Orlando, Fl.

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  • Timbo1

    I agree, although the Z2 screen was a huge step up compared to the Z1. Camera wise Sony, just like most of their DSLR and mirror less cameras could really benefit from better image processing (unless shooting in RAW and editing yourself which is rumored to be supported the next big android release) it still seems like the camera setup on the Z1 and up series is still in beta test mode from Sony which really sucks because it could have some awesome potential if Sony got the algorithms correct, to me this is a wasted update from Sony, much of the same internal specs and really needs at least a Snapdragon 805 in it and a higher resolution screen, I see this being a Z2s if it comes to the U.S.

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  • Faz

    No its the micro sd card slot

  • RbbrDcky

    And what about that bothers you?

  • darannechelle

    Why pay if you dont like it easily??
    People people people

  • Spontex

    Nice for you, because Z Ultra will never be remplaced lol

  • paul4id

    You should only be getting upset if you are a saddo with too much money to burn who absolutely HAS to always have the latest phone to show off to his no mates.

    It makes sense for them to keep the hardware fresh so they can always be caught up or ahead of the competition. The only disadvantage is that it means it’s more devices for software support, but if they put the resources into software support for a wider range of devices then this isn’t a problem.

  • BountyHunter53

    I guess no one noticed the extremely long heatpipe… They might have fixed 4k recording?

  • crazychef

    If you are one of those where is my update for this phone and that phone. Just stop crying and deal with it. If you have a mid range phone and the life expectancy is X time for software updates versus high end devices that have a longer software life support. Well you should have spent more money since the beginning.

  • RbbrDcky

    2. I’m not saying they have the best ergonomics. I’m simply saying that they are taking steps to improve them.

    3. There is no such thing as a phone that is “durable enough”, especially if it is one with military specs. And where is the compromise? They are simply using better, more durable materials! Would you still be complaining if they didn’t?

    4. This is exactly my point. There are plenty of phones that can do any one thing better but you not find one that can be the best Jack of All Trades like this one!

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  • Bob

    You still don’t get my point. I agree that the Z2 was the outright winner this year (although it did still get some close rivalry) but my point is that the Z3 is really just a waste.

    It is uglier than the Z2 imo and I know that’s subjective but don’t u think it looks a bit less premium with it’s separated corner bumpers, all black design apart from the power button and speakers not hidden at the top and bottom like Z2.

    And the fact is, the Z3 won’t be the jack of all trades at release as other flagships will also be released, and most of them will be using the S805 etc. I have always said Sony phones are the best but seriously, look at it yourself. It’s practically identical to the Z2 and I honestly can’t imagine why you’re defending it so much. Wouldn’t you prefer the Z3 if it had S805, OIS better camera etc.?

  • DanielGearSolid

    This looks almost identical to the original Z, which ppl say they love. Yet they’re saying this is “ugly”

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  • MDizz

    There were a bunch of stores before. They just recently closed almost all of them down.

  • ck

    is that a chewing gum? in the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th picture :D

  • Billy de Fretes

    the only thing i want know is, did they fix their camera post processing problem ? and when s-master audio chip will available in xperia flagship?

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  • camerontylek

    I don’t believe that the Z3 is aimed at the same international markets that the Z2 was. I believe that this is aimed at the US market, which currently only has the Z1a at the moment.

  • Jay

    Where is the micro USB connection?

  • jp

    sony mobile is a failure like vaio ..

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  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I wouldn’t say that, Sony Mobile is making a turn for the better, while the laptop game is becoming more and more fierce. If Sony can continue to meld all of their departments into one cohesive device they can easily revive there mobile market

  • Sony is fading away

    I think Sony is dead

    New hardware but have nothing different? Or new technology, new breakthrough software, cool features

  • Ericsson

    Look at your fanboy view, that’s fine, always fine but in reality sony have many competitors and with this stupid strategy and the z3, undeveloped smartphone, Sony is exactly can’t win.

  • jp

    i waiting for xperia z3 review

  • Superman

    New hardware and new hardware and new hardware but without any new features?

    Look what samsung did, at least they have Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series.

    Sony is undermining its own products value.

  • Vaio Z was pretty cool

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  • jp

    sony hardware is great..but sony is very weak in software departmant..and every body knows that software is more important than hardware realy need change .

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    It’s not even a fanboy view, of Samsung was able to successfully merge all their departments into their phones and it worked out well for them. Sony is showing they listen and learn from their previous flagships, and while some may not like the flagship cycle


    What if the Z3 with 100mah less, actually has better real life usage performance than the Z2? Ever thought of that? Screen tech that uses less power, more efficient hardware etc.

    It’s like comparing the power a sports tuned BMW 2L engine versus some third rate 2.3L engine. I’d take the smaller capacity BMW engine any day.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Nah both are important

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  • Gary Ohanian

    The battery is only 100mAh smaller than Z2. Considering you are willing to get the Z2, it’s a little odd calling it a joke. Z2 get awesome battery life, the z3 should also (on paper only 3% less). The updated processor may even it out, but seriously, 3% makes the battery a joke?

    As for underpowered, it’s as powerful as most out there today. And design is completely personal preference. For me, the only thing I’d change on it is the speaker holes. I peref this design over my Z1.

  • Gary Ohanian

    I find it funny that people are complaining about a possible 3% difference in bat life. considering the Z2 has great bat life, there’s no reason to think this won’t either.

  • jp

    look at iphone only have a dual core 1.3 ghz cpu and 1 GB of ram but iphone 5s is as fast as quad core android flagships.. so software is more important than fact hardware is useless without good software

  • [A]dri[A]n

    A design change is far overdue.

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  • walker

    noooooo ,the battery not using screw :o ,just using glue ,seems likes the inside just like Xperia Original Z

  • Riyal

    I’m also annoyed they didn’t put the snapdragon 810 chipset in the Z1…

    lol! If thats your way of thinking then prepare to be annoyed the rest of your life.

  • walker

    SONY Bring some briliant media entertaiment software on their Xperia’s

  • walker

    anyway jp ,you don’t know about different multitask sys on both OS ,iOS with dual core clearly fast because their multitas not like android ,in androin everyone using it knows those apps always running background even you don’t use it ,but i iOS ,those apps on backgroud are paused .

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  • Xihcoronihs

    who cares?

  • pepeo

    of course i know that. it will probably last longer than z2, the msm8974ac consume less power than the ab version of the z2, the screen will probably be more power efficient too, and the new kernel should help also. but what i wanted to tell is how this 6 month cycle is stupid. no inovations on the phone, just optimizations. this is basically what the z2 should have been and the z1 should have been the z2. they are even sacrificing batery size for thinner dimensions. this is not a good philosophy of marketing

  • zip

    Meh, you are just mad that your SP won’t get any Kitkats.

  • Axi6_Ne8us

    They should concentrate on a 64bit model of the next Xperia Z? Flagship.
    Personally, I’m very happy with the Z2! Don’t see any difference in the Z3.

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  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    Respect. I using sony since k750, w810, k850 and because I am a poor son of a bitch I bought xperia tipo lol. Not trying to defend sony, but i really love what sony brings to their phones. Now for almost 2 years saving up some money I am looking forward to get the best sony’s flagship.

  • xperian

    looks ugly. hirai wants to push for the “wow” factor but this doesn’t have it. the z2 had that distinct “wow” factor but definitely not this one. it’s not a stunner, tbh.

  • xperian

    looks ugly. hirai wants to push for the “wow” factor but this doesn’t have it. the z2 had that distinct “wow” factor but definitely not this one. it’s not a stunner, tbh.

  • Nawi

    You need some glasses xD .Sides are less atractive

  • DanielGearSolid

    You obviously just NEED something to complain about.

    You’ll probably say “the z4 charging port is 2inches lower than the z2. Deal breaker”. See u then…

  • Kunal Shukla

    i look at this and i feel the innovation died with Z1…. Z1 compact, Z2 and now this Z3 all are almost the same while the innovation part is coming from snapdragon which isn’t such a deal breaker when considering that all that extra power is never going to be used 95percent of the time… I just hope I am wrong

  • SXZ2

    want a phone with updated software? buy a flagship, a NEW 1, not keep complaining about there’s no update for your phone

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  • AA

    Boring. Sony is going downhill. Beautiful and classic designs used to be their strongest point and now they’re just plain boring. Seriously did their designing team die or something happened to them?

  • We asked them to fire the image processing software team and they must have fired the design team *duh,SONY

  • …more like

    SONY, you Better Make me Believe..

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  • xperiafan324

    Actually not so dumb, as Sony has been constantly been making a killing in the premium smartphone sector, the numbers don’t lie, this 6 month cycle is getting Sony a lot of “converts” from users of smartphones of other companies.
    Granted, It isn’t as exciting as a yearly upgrade, but given thr current financial position of Sony, it needs to be business-smart more than market hype-smart.

  • Husam

    Did anyone noticed that this phone has a Dual-sim?!!

  • llibell

    Yes, dual sim + card slot. If my eyes don’t lie me

  • Panda

    If you’d read the earlier comments, there are a few. But the rage of not having much visible improvements over it’s predecessor blinds us all…..

  • xperiafan324

    I will be mightily impressed if this phone is really 7.3 mm thin, especially now that we know that it has the same size battery as the Z2 (3200 mAh).
    Combined with the battery efficiencies of Android L, the Z2 and Z3 will probably be the longest lasting flagships by a good margin.

  • Sh’ Dynasty

    I don’t even know why you waste time commenting and then giving yourself a thumbs up, but both are equally important. Sony’s 20.7 MP is great hardware, but fails because of poor software. Where the iPhone 5S has a pretty weak MP camera count but great software. However, when both are balanced together, and made equally like in the 1020 then a great camera can be made.

  • Jaywalker

    Nothing to see here folks! Go home :D Just another Z like the Zs before and the Zs to come. Maybe it’s about the new Android. I mean because they can’t keep up with the updates, they come up with new Zs which have the latest Android.

  • Sh’ Dynasty

    Really? Just commenting as a guest, and giving youself a thumbs up after every comment, how SAD! T_T

  • Default

    If there is no new feature or new gimmick in z3, then it will be bad for sony, i meant the z2 already have the overheat camera problem, battery drain problem in the latest firmware, bad built quality, and bad microphone (try recording concert with sony z2 the sound is ugly as hell, compared to iphone or samsung), low speaker volume, and many of my photo are blurred

    i dont mind the 6 month cycle but only if they bring new feature, since i already using sony from z1 and now using two z2, but if only little are changed in z3 then i will change to samsung

    remember gimmick sell

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  • imparanoic

    I believe that sony is trying to lower their cost, the construction has simplified from z1 ( which was famous for gaps), the z2, and new one z3 which is simplest and least complex, while achieving slightly more space for bigger battery and screen

    the have been doing this for years on TV’s, ps3/ps2, psp and ps vita and cameras with minor revisions

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  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Still prefered z2 stereo placement. But iam looking 4ward what kind of suprise sony will bring for z3. All the best sony

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  • MasterYoda

    I find it a great idea!
    Whenever someone decides to by a new phone he can be sure there is an actual Sony flagship on the market.

    Why should they do huge changes if the product is good?
    Look at Porsche the car looks almost the same over 40 years and it’s sold like hot cakes.

    If they are improving the product on each cycle I’m more than happy.
    On top of it the Z3 looks much more premium, so a good product has been improved and a premium has been added, don’t get ur problem..

  • imparanoic

    what is silly is sony’s naming convention, tick tock updates should be represented in the model number/naming convention, most obvious one is iphone,

    they didn’t call the playstation 1 – 3000 series – ps2, 5000 series – ps3, or psone schp100 – ps5, why do this on phones

    at this rate, we will get to z8 by 2017, while iphone will be on 7, Samsung will be s8, lg on g6, and so on

  • one word.. disappointing. :( If that’s the real specs it isn’t worth the upgrade even for Z1 user like me. :|

  • xperiax10.awesome

    I agree design is good and can be carried forward but tell me where is the innovation !!!
    M using Xperia Z2, why would I upgrade to Z3 (even users of Xperia Z1)
    Xperia Z3 features:

    – same camera as Z2
    – same battery as Z2
    – same bezel as Z2
    – same OS as Z2
    – same speakers as Z2
    – still no Infra Red port
    – screen still not 2K/4K

  • Niels d. G.

    I for one won’t be buying a new Sony phone until they stop fucking up their camera drivers, the details in pictures look like a complete mess and I hate having to carry around a separate camera… I’m even considering making the leap to Nokia/Microsoft (windows phone doesn’t look half bad either)

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Xperia Z3 features:
    – same camera as Z2
    – same battery as Z2
    – same bezel as Z2
    – same OS as Z2
    – same speakers as Z2
    – still no Infra Red port
    – screen still not 2K/4K

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  • TwoNuts

    Looks like a dual sim variation of Z2 (pointed out by a poster at gsmarena)

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  • Shubham

    OIS is stupid.. sony’s digital image stabiliser does a better job anyday!! Check out videos on youtube.. just because you know some shit.. please don’t whine about it here or z3 not having it!

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  • Is it front facing camera?

  • Any battery issues?

  • xianpu

    come on sony. you can do better than that? or you have no more ideas to put in your phone? it should be a “new” xperia Z3, not a revised phone body and a little bit of anything ffom Z2.

  • P R A E T O R

    some real haters here… why hate? xperia series are the best out right now it has the best of everything. Design battery none cluttered software 4k video 20mp camera with manual mode etc…. okay so the camera software isnt perfect but a good software is one visit to the playstore away. Can you go to the playstore and get waterproofing and 4k video and increased battery life? nahh didnt think so so stop hating on the sony their phones are near perfect and this is coming from a hardcore apple fanboy

  • Dan Vafidis

    actually iphone is faster because OS (blame Google), and has better screen sensitivity, (better hardware), also when you look at benchmarks, keep in mind that android flagships are at minimum 1080p screens, and iphone 5s is… wait… 640p… not even HD; just take any PC game and put resolution at 640p; I think even without a dual core you can run some apps.

  • Devashish Shukla

    go with htc one m8. i have xperia z2 but it mostly overheats. then i buy htc one m8 it was almost good performance and great battery but camera is too low!!
    and the updates given by htc are bug fixing not like the sony htc m8 get android l soon.

  • Dan Vafidis

    they change hardware less, and they change software more, tell me how much different is the Iphone 5s from iphone 5? yea new CPU and fingerprint sensor (useless), but hey it’s an iphone so everyone loses their minds

  • Dan Vafidis

    I like it more than z2

  • Dan Vafidis

    why would you care about upgrading at all? just keep your Z2, I need a phone now and I won’t get Z2 because Z3 is coming soon, but If I had Z2 I wouldnt even look at Z3, maybe Z4 or Z5

  • Dan Vafidis

    I actually like the design, you can’t say it’s horrible because YOU don’t like it

  • Dan Vafidis

    Z2 actually is the best camera phone, just watch tests. and Z3 will be also better, also Z2 has great battery, far better than G3, and a little behind S5 (okay S5 will last 5 more minutes in normal use) for example

  • Dan Vafidis

    NO QHD screen who cares? this is just going to drain battery, and you won’t see any difference

  • Concerned Nigerian

    i don’t think the international version would look this way i think this is the asian version as it comes with dual sim same with z2 and z2a they different from each other this looks like a z3a

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  • N

    Did they remove the lanyard slot? Or is it that hole on the left side? :)

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  • Bob

    You’re still missing my point. I acknowledge that the Z2 had amazing battery life and a great camera, what I’m saying is that the Z3 needs to be more of an improvement, otherwise there’ll be no point of having a 6 month cycle.

  • Dan Vafidis

    Yea IMO it will have a bit better camera (Z2 is great but can be better), a better creen (Z2 is great but in terms of sensitivity (input lag) it’s not good enough). there can also have improvements on call sounds etc. and in the software, so I think it will be a great phone still, as for Z and Z1 and Z2 differences are enough maybe not to change it every 6months, but not to chose the old one over the new for the money

  • Qrio

    Sony gotta change the strategy

    Q1: March, Launch
    – Xperia Z (Cyber-shot phone)
    – Xperia W (Walkman phone; Walkman music app, Great sound chip)
    – Xperia P (PlayStation Phone; dual-boot android/VitaOS, PSVita card game slot, detachable controller)

    Q2: June, Launch
    – Xperia M (mid-range phone)

    Q4: October, Launch
    – Xperia Pad (8″, 13″ tablet for entertainment and creative, responsive and sensitive display that can use finger, pencil or any stylus to write and sketch, water and dust resistant )
    – Xperia One (truly One Sony phone, combine all features of Xperia Z,W,P and Tablet into One smartphone, newwest breakthrough technology, premium material, classy design, water and dust resistant)
    – Xperia E (entry-level phone, water and dust resistant)

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  • Sonyfan

    I’m more than happy that I’ve just bought lumia 925 which is cheap right now and has a very similar (better in my opinion) design xD
    Still can’t wait for IFA 2014

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  • Abdul Ghani

    hardware wise sony is the best but in software they are below avarage they do need to fix the camera software

  • Useless? LOL fucking bullshit, u have no idea about it!

    Btw iPhone 5s is not Galaxy S5

  • Dan Vafidis

    fixed in Z2 already

  • Dan Vafidis

    64bit processor coming Mid 2015 // look at qualcomm timetable

  • Guest
  • Dan Vafidis

    Z3 compact will be awesome in terms of batterylife

  • Dan Vafidis

    I actually like the design

  • Dan Vafidis

    yea because samsungs LGs and iphones are so much different every year…

  • Dan Vafidis

    whatever they do you will complain anyway, they had 1year cycle you wanted optimization. they put a 6month cycle to get more optimization you want innovation. what exactly is the innovation you want ? a useless fingerprint scanner ? oh well that’s a revolution. meh no one cares but everyone buys iphones and samsung just for this “innovation”

  • Dan Vafidis

    samshit galaxy S5 is the samshit of the iphone with a bigger screen and plastic back

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  • Prashanth

    It’s current is BE MOVED

  • lol

    this is how Sony take ur money

  • lol

    don’t worry after few update u will suffer like previous flagship phone

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  • lol

    yes, they are best in everything before you updating your phones

  • Rene Pedroso

    And there is still so much more Sony offers in their smartphone, it’s a media powerhouse, SEN, Cloud based storage options (free), Support (Xperia Care & Update Center), Garmin Navigation (Xperia Edition), Gaming (Playnow, PSN) etc…..

  • RbbrDcky

    If Apple has proven anything it’s that a spec sheet does tell the whole story. There will obviously be improvements. At least wait until the press conference next week before dismissing the device.

  • RbbrDcky

    If it will provide better sound quality and fidelity, I will let them do what they want!

  • small

    It likely will. But chances are that it’s just that minor improvement.

  • Amir

    that hole on the left side

  • RbbrDcky

    What he said, lol

  • Amir

    A lot of people write comment from emotional reasons instead of logical reasons. z3 can be the perfect phone with s801.

  • Amir

    in my opinion, best omnibalance design to date and this is still not retail.

  • Amir

    Announcement at MWC is the prediction so z2 like schedule. so should be before mid.

  • sp-rage

    Reminds of sony xperia sp without bottom LED bar and smaller bezel. Especially on the first pic..

  • RbbrDcky

    You’re basing your opinion on some leaked photos of a prototype. Wait until there is a finished product in your hand. Sony is all about the look AND feel! One cannot exist without the other. As for the last statement, there are always engineering tradeoffs when it comes to designing a device. More and better components mean more power consumption which means more power requirements which means bigger power supply, more heat, and larger dimensions. The holy grail is efficiency, which doesn’t always come from the newest technology.

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  • User2080

    i’ve always been a sony fan but i’ve been disappointed recently. at least samsung offers something better like improved amoled displays and new software features in their new devices. samsung also does not hesitate to copy when it can be useful (waterproofing for example).

    FYI LG’s designs have changed. don’t bring the iphone argument because iphone buyers don’t matter in the android realm because they are mostly a captive market for devices that bear the bitten apple logo.

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  • pepeo

    OIS in camera
    s805 (lower power, faster, less heat)
    diferent design (same designs as xperia z for the 4th time, and for the entire line, this is like sammy stuff)
    the infamous thinner bezels
    uncovered usb ports
    maybe even removable battery

    there are hundreds of things that are possible to to, and other companies did and sony still stuck in the same omnibalance, 20.7Mp shitty software and IP58

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  • Florescu George C?t?lin

    It’s dual sim or i don’t see good?

  • Pingback: Sony Xperia Z3 posa para la cámara desde todos los ángulos | MUNDOGADGETS.NET()

  • Dan Vafidis

    yea I had hope in LG but I see they work like samsung… 1000different LG G3’s … no thanks. also Amoled is not as good as they say… over-satturated shiny colours that fade away after a while… only the deep blacks are good in amoled… IPS is so much better with good calibration!

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  • Marinko Agic

    Ugly and same like Z2!Zero!

  • Dan Vafidis

    here’s qualcomm Roadmap.805 for Q4 2014 is 32bit only the midrange 410 is 64bit; Q1 2015 they start 810 (64bit) production so Q2 2015 phones will have it.×540.jpg

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  • xperiaz2tablet

    totally agree. IPS is far better than Amoled. oversaturated displays are not okay like the amoled ones.

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  • Sachin

    let your Mobile screen crack you’ll become a hater of Sony

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Now why would I let my screen crack?

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  • Xperia Z3 is one of my favourity phone but for the moment I can’t affort it. I will wait for some time until the price will drop.

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