Manual snippets leak for Sony’s new lens cameras: QX10 and QX100

by XB on 16th August 2013

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Sony DSC-QX10From the leaks we’ve seen so far there is a very strong possibility that Sony will be launching new ‘lens-camera’ attachments designed to be used with smartphones. We’ve already seen what appear to look like official press images of the lenses and now SonyAlphaRumors has leaked some snippets from the manuals of each lens.

There are two lenses, the Sony DSC-QX10 and Sony DSC-QX100. The QX10 is likely to be the cheaper lens with 1/2.3-inch 18MP camera sensor and f/3.3-5.9 lens. The more expensive QX100 has the same sensor and Zeiss lens as the RX100MII and features manual ring control. Click through for a schematic of both lenses.

Sony DSC-QX10

Sony DSC-QX100

Sony QX10 and QX100 schematic

1) Power Button
2) Microphone
3) Display Panel
: Indicates that the card is not inserted
: Indicates the remaining battery charge
4) Hook for belt
5) Tripod
6) Ring Control (DSC-QX100)
7) The power / charge / movie
Green: Power on
Orange: running charging
Red: running video
8) Zoom lever
9) shutter button
10) Multifunctional jack
11) RESET button

Dimensions (standard CIPA):
DSC-QX100: 62,5 mm × 62,5 mm × 55,5 mm (W / H / D)
DSC-QX10: 62,4 mm × 61,8 mm × 33,3 mm (W / H / D)
Weight (standard CIPA) (including battery pack NP-BN, “Memory Stick Micro”):
DSC-QX100: approx. 179 g
DSC-QX10: approx. 105 g
Power Supply: Rechargeable Battery Pack NP-BN, 3,6 In the
Power consumption (during shooting): 1.1 W

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