Sony ends support for the Xperia E and E dual

by XB on 31st August 2014

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Xperia E EOLThe Xperia E and Xperia E dual have reached their end-of-life (EOL) when it comes to software updates, as Sony has confirmed that support for both handsets have ended. As befits an entry-level model, the phone saw very few updates over the life of the handset.

The phone launched with Android Ice Cream Sandwich and was updated to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, where it remained. The last update for both phones was released in July 2014, with the Xperia E updated to build 11.3.A.2.33 and the Xperia E dual to build 11.3.A.3.1.

Xperia E EOL

Xperia E Dual EOL

Thanks Charbel!

  • i think it’s time for phones to be like pcs where you have one operating system at first then you can install sonys skin ontop

    basically a brand new phone starts off as pure android then you can download sonys android if you prefer

    this allows all phones to be udateable

  • Ritwick Priyadarshi

    Two more xperia dead….but with that kind of hardware and price this was eventually expected

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  • Majo

    Sooo Sony has officially ended support for all the 2012 phones and now starts new round with 2013s. Next one expected to reach end-of-life -> Xperia L. I think it will happen sometimes before end of 2014.

  • Maxnoob

    Time for Cyanogenmod.

  • shanefalco

    xperia e1 also seen that will probably remain stationary at kitkat ;)

  • Chris

    With 512MB RAM, 4GB storage and only 320 x 480 pixels @ 3.5 inches, I didn’t expect much. Nor will the buyers of these low end phones.

  • Constantine

    Almost all of them don’t care about firmware version, and don’t check it at all. One of these is my brother :)

  • Jaywalker

    It would be that hard to have a version by the specs (RAM storage CPU) ? Phones with 1GB RAM to have a version, 1.5 another, 2.2 another and so on and to update just a few versions no matter how many phones do they make. And when they update a version to include one big series. The design is the same why not the updates? So next year also Z and the others will be through. And it would be also better to allow users to download which version they want.

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  • vbfj


  • ShinOrochiX

    Technically the Xperia L will reach EoL during November, a month after the Xperia SP. But due to the fact it cannot be upgraded above 4.2.2 it seems like what you say looks to be most likely.

    Now where’s my KitKat for my Xperia SP? :@

  • aXedL

    Why doesn’t the Xperia L have a version overview? We’re hopeless. :(

  • Well, however things might not become like that. It is more to a, money, cause.

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  • Akuma

    CyanogenMod is the best

  • Akuma

    CyanogenMod on my xperia T

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  • xperia

    maybe this is why sony ended support for E

  • Pars

    we are waiting for Kit Kat for Xperia SP !

  • Shaik Farooq

    Xperia SP-2?

  • Mirage

    Z3C “is” the SP2 sony wants you to go high-end

  • aosp

    can you change those hideous nav buttons?

  • János Jenei

    Now where’s my KitKat for my Xperia M ?

  • SM

    yes, next is L & M I guess

  • SM

    Next end of Support Xperia L & Xperia M

  • Guestah..

    Crap. Next will be xsp. Darn it.

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  • Stanley08

    Just 2 seconds after releasing them. GREAT!

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  • Akuma

    Yes they are changable… ther are thousands of themes that can sort that out

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia

    Reason (Sony): The Xperia E1 does not have sufficient RAM to run the Android L platform. As a result we cannot guarantee a good user experience so we cannot upgrade the android version. However we may continue to provide maintenance updates and performance enhancements.

  • kevlo

    Go to Vodafone, t-mobile oh sony store buy a xperia z 2 oh z3 and nerve Not with youre fucking SP

  • Dario

    Fuck Off moron!

  • kevlo

    Aha, buy a highend Phone or do not cry because the fucking update for sp

  • Dakota

    So basically AOSP but backwards

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  • BarleyD

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  • Pars

    kevlo , i use unlocked devices

  • petition

    stfu. stop xperia sp users in every goddamn post thirsting over updates

  • Samuel Serafim

    I’m so glad I give up Sony’s phones when I bought the Xperia U. I’m a proud Moto G owner.

    Sony never more…

    but wait, I want so bad Playstation 4. oWwww

    At least, it is from another department.

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  • build6

    What I’m not happy about with the E/E dual is that they released ONE release of a “beta” Firefox OS for it, but never did anything else with it after – and the beta release doesn’t have the phone functions so you can’t really use it. I actually got an E dual because I was curious about FireFox OS but they never followed up…

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  • Dario

    No you didn’t get what I was saying, I meant to say FUCK OFF MORON!

  • Little Seal

    At least I was expecting some improvements, I didn’t buy the Xperia E1 Dual to play Asphalt8 or MC5, but, anyway, that’s the way Sony do right? It was worse when I remember the Xperia PLAY forever GB 2.3.4

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