Highest IP rating confirmed for Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact and Z3 Tablet Compact

by XB on 3rd September 2014

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Sony logoThe upcoming Sony Xperia Z3 flagship series will arrive with the highest level of water and dust resistance. This is according to Google’s search engine description for the official SonyMobile.com website. Select keywords revealed the following text (although we couldn’t reproduce this ourselves, so Sony may have already removed it):

“In compliance with IP65 and IP68, the Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, M2 Aqua and Z3 Tablet Compact are protected against the ingress of dust and is waterproof. Provided that all ports and covers are firmly closed, the phone is (i) dust tight and (ii) …”

Sony Xperia leak

Via Juggly.

  • Sony FTW



    great news

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  • Thommo

    Just give the Xperia SP KitKat and we’ll be happy.

  • Ninjas

    You will never gonna get KitKat wakakaka…

  • Giovanni

    Yeeees….for my opinion They release It for end/start of september/october. I wish!

  • Akshay Ballal

    No use of flaps… They become loose in a year… The IP rating turns to 0 then… Please manufacture flap-less Xperias and then boast of the IP rating…

  • i think the corners will be made of plastic for reception they got rid of the inner plastic frame

  • Ninjas

    Dont give hope. You will break Thommo heart later

  • Vaj

    maybe you should start using a magnetic dock or magnetic charging cable. there’s a reason why they produce such products.

  • Tim Westerholm

    This is not the official blog for Sony Mobile Communications. So please copy your own comment and paste it where it belongs. I don’t think this blog can help you with this anyway. And another thing, this update is about Z3 =p

  • Pavan

    So the spec sheet on xperia was false?

  • Xyor

    Partially…some of the specs were incorrect because that particular one is a pre-production model. The IP rating, thickness, color option are allegedly to see further improvement.

  • Hamed Azizi

    That happened to me. I replaced the cap for about 10$ and borrowed a dock from my friend. But I agree with Akshay.

  • Robert Szombati

    The main reason why companies produce such products/accessories is mainly because of the cash. Do you really think SONY or any other manufacturer care too much about the flaps getting lose after one year or two? They want to sell. More products sold equals to more cash. It’s all about marketing.

  • dreamgs1

    on paper these are just for hype. Once it is in our hands, service/support doesn’t even help if there is a water damage. simply they say it was not the way we have advertised.
    Buy a normal one and keep it away from water. why do you want to try flush the phone and see if it works.

    I can do only if I have money and don’t know where else to spend.

  • Concerned Nigerian

    i reckon the z3 can go 3m deep in fresh water just my opinion and the screen might be larger than 5.2 inches the clu is all in the video pause and you see clues before the 3 sept date came up and more colours would be announced

  • pixlas

    Service center can test to see if the phone is water damaged due to not being sealed properly or not.
    So what you say is BS.

  • Z3

    So it may not include the SD801 after all. I really wish Sony uses the 805 in the Z3.

  • xperiaDROID

    This is not the official Sony blog, stop whining!
    Your SP will get nothing! Nothing I say! NOTHING! NO KITKAT FOR YOU!

  • wared

    Any one can give us the link of sony live event on YouTube please?

  • xperiaDROID

    Sony can actually include the SD805 on the Z3, because the S5 and G3 LTE-A Korean variant already have SD805.

  • xperiaDROID

    I hope the Z3 will have many new things that the Z2 don’t have, also it should have SD805.

  • Sree

    Have been using my Acro S for the last 2 years.., The flaps work flawlessly till date., Have used the phone outdoors extensively ..underwater..in the rain., while running, riding my cycle., I use my phone for my fitness and its been abused over the last two years.., Still holds itself well!!

  • Concerned Nigerian
  • JaY-ed

    you’ll get it, they’ll release it in next year, on the 30th of Feb

  • Akshay Ballal

    Magnetic charging dock should have been a default charger that should have been provided out of the box… It’s a premium phone needs a premium charger and not a ordinary charger…
    Btw… Sony does not sell magnetic charging dock in India…

  • mukul verma

    who told u dat sony doesnt sell in india, go to xperia store & u’ll find the magnetic charger. In my city (dehradun) it is available.

  • Shakhawat Hossain

    These people are not worth commenting. Just give them a couple of down votes and forget about them. Btw, i am also a user of Xperia SP but i have my dignity !

  • unknown13x

    Every phone should be protected to water…saying otherwise is just plain stupid.

  • Akshay Ballal

    I tried all stores buddy… Not defaming a good mobile just for the sake of doing it… I own Xperia Z spent 39,990 INR… In a year I find it lagging, loose micro-USB flap, losing on Android updates which is readily available on my sister’s Moto G and it is priced 1/3rd of mine…

  • doodle

    The flaps for Xperia Z ae totally different from the Z1, Z2 and most probably Z3 as well. There’s no more rubber bands.

  • mrjraider

    Why do we even want water proof phones? I see no use in it.. Yes you can answer a call when you are wanking in the shower but why would you? It comes in handy when it rains like hell but other then that I see no use in it.. And with those horrible flaps which are weak…

  • Billy de Fretes

    indeed.. my girlfriend acro s flaps works better than my xperia z. even after 2 years of usage when i want to swim, i always borrow her phone. but my Z? nahh… different story even it’s the first Z series flagship

  • Raphael

    Flaps are obviously flimsy on Xperia Z. I’ve been using the charging dock from day 1. After 15 months, flaps are brand new and the updated phone doesn’t lag. Besides I find the design didnt get old. I still wish the Usb port could be flapless just as the audio jack from Z1. Kazuo Hirai personaly asked the flapless jack, then we can be hopeful since he’s now in charge of UX division.

  • aadil

    Doesn’t matter where Sony sells things, made in China and ordering online you can buy all things including accessories.

  • Vector Teh

    “Why do we even want water proof phones?”
    Well, not you obviously.
    “And with those horrible flaps which are weak”
    Yes, because Z3 has been released and you got a hands-on right?

  • Madhu PV

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – “A SONY phone with Physical Home Button” :P :P :P

  • lol

    u have a choice, car with 6 airbag and the other car no airbag. which one u choose?
    if u choose 1st that a good feature for safety but if u choose later that mean u don’t care anything happen to you (*life for car/*money for your phone)

  • mUSICA

    well note 4, wont look like that for sure

  • Jumbo

    My friend, like you said… when you jerk off in the shower… that’s when Sony’s phone really shine! The water proof protection I mean.. LOL~

    Well, it is our human nature to want attention… so people who go to the beach the pool will take all sorts of pictures to upload to want ‘their’ attention. There is a market for it if you think about it….

  • niclas

    note 4 is much good looking than z3, but its a samsung, that design and on screen buttons, sony z5 :), sony must manufacture soon phones with no flaps , has nano coating to fix the ip certification :) . can hold the thumbs anyway :)

  • Renato Laporte

    My Z and Z1 are still waterproof like the first day….

    My 2 weeks old Z2 drowned :p But it came back to life after 2 weeks -.-

    Still, I will send it to Sony, I don’t expect water to get inside of the phone.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    This could be my replacement for my Z.. But maybe I should wait a while more..
    Oh..And I certainly don’t know how you guys use your phone.. My Z’s flap gets open three times a day to charge my phone (heavy data and gamer) and has yet to actually get water intrusion.. The only intrusion was once when I pass to a friend and he didn’t close the flap properly after checking it out .. Cause the water detector to turn pinkish.. But I’m still using it today without a hitch and is waterproof as ever..

  • Fynjy7771

    It isn’t Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s design is much worse.

  • Alter

    Nope, Sony is Sony, Samsung is Samsung.

  • babylonbwoy

    It depend which coutries you buy it in, some give the dock some don’t. Yes it should be in the box everywhere, got to pay 45€ for z1…
    Also if we could use the dock to connect to pc for usb transfer it would be better, or at least wireless connexion with pcc/media go/playmemories…

  • babylonbwoy

    wow september 2014 and people still chat about sp update? Crazy. Change your device or stick with whatever fw you have..

  • babylonbwoy

    haha dignity made laugh ;)

  • outspokenable

    Please DO NOT GET THIS PHONE. I’ve had it for 1 month and used it to snap photos of my son swimming in the pool. The waterproofing is a sham. It worked for 20 minutes in non-continuous water immersion despite ensuring the flaps were firmly flushed with the chassis. I suspect the weak flaps slowly gave way during the course of usage – major design flaw. Sony refused to provide repair warranty. So, BUYERS BEWARE!!

  • Frosty Daug

    <Mine did the same thing and it never even went in water

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