Xperia L and Xperia M reach EoL in terms of updates

by XB on 10th September 2014

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Xperia L Final versionAs well as confirming that the Xperia SP has reached end-of-life (EoL) in terms of software updates, Sony Mobile has also confirmed that this is the case for the Xperia L and Xperia M. The last software version for the Xperia L was Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, whilst the Xperia M (and Xperia M Dual) managed to get Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Xperia L Final version

Xperia M Final version

Xperia M Dual Final version

Thanks Ashish and Mr Tripe!

  • guest

    No one cares.. my tx tho

  • Millennium

    I care, hoped to get App2SD on the M with the KitKat firmware (like the m2)

  • Vignesh Raja

    Just 5 months support for Xperia L?

  • Majo

    I feel so sorry for Xperia L users… i would even accept that phone has 4.2.2 only, but I don’t understand Sony’s logic… Z1 launched with 4.2.2 too, but had white settings app, new animations and overall better look… why did Sony ditch that? :(

  • techielover

    God’s best advise to people forget the past and live the present!!

  • jev

    It released long back

  • xperiaDROID

    Damn you, Sony. That’s why you shouldn’t release many phones a year, or else you will end up like Samsung.

  • Patrol619

    Keep in mind that L was included in Sony’s AOSP project and that’s a lot.

  • ????????? ?????????

    Lets cry together.
    SP user.

  • Yogesh Marwaha

    This is really disappointing. With many gruesome bugs affecting Xperia L users, Sony should at least have provided a bugfix update. I know there’s support for Xperia L in CM 11, but then what about Sony’s apps. If I’d be switching to CM, then why not buy a nexus device? I’ve been using Sony from start… K300, W580, Neo V and now L.
    Not even a bugfix update, crap.

  • NicklasCRJ

    why huh, why i think xperia m can be get kitkat update, because the spec of this phone almost support to kitkat, why huh? let’s cry together if doesn’t get any update again for xperia m.

  • Vulq

    Keep dreaming hun.

  • (C):stem

    I switched to Nexus just in time. I’ve had Sony devices in the past but not anymore.

  • Akuma

    Muhahaha sony think we care bout their chocolate update? I’m already running CM11 M9,aka 4.4.4 kit kat on my xperia t…very soon CyanogenMod wil be releasing CM12 for us

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  • SM

    How can that be in case of Xperia M? XL & XSP are older than XM in according to the company policy, a handset should have 18months of supporting life. XM was released back in last year 2013’s August. Calculating from that time, February 2014 is the time till when Sony should provide Software support for XM. They certainly avoid kitkat for XM & that’s entirely their business decision, but they can’t just cheat us all like this way by saying EoL within 1yr.

    Sony, you have to say something about that?

  • Guest

    Here comes the most saddend news of the year!!

  • techielover

    Here comes the most saddend news of the year!!!

  • Zeke

    Maybe Sony is just informing us what the final Android version is for each device.

    There may be, fingers crossed, still updates within the listed Android version which could fix known bugs etc

  • honglong1976

    As I predicted. Sony should have at least released 4.3 for the Xperia L. Ebay then!

  • Zeke

    Xperia C final version is Android 4.2.

    It’s like some sort of reaping…
    Have they sacked the Sony Android update team.?

  • sonylove

    Because of the mtk cpu….

  • SM

    that could be..but chances are (very) less. Also they have to say that clearly whatever they want to state

  • Had a wonderful time watching Apple’s conference, then came to know Xperia M has reached End of Life and will remain on 4.3. I would like to give a big thank you to Sony for the support of my phone. Especially with the Android 4.3 upgrade. Thank you for the support, you’re awesome.

  • Yogesh Marwaha

    From where did you got this?

  • Luca

    Thats it. Time to switch to Apple. I am so done with Sony.

  • ????????? ?????????

    anyway I suppose that is not right choice

  • inspire

    It just said that there will be no version updates but it didn’t say that they are finishing support!

  • hcfhbnj

    Fuck off


    u comparing xperia l with xperia z1 ?

  • SP User

    Fuck sony

  • Sam

    RIP to sony decision.. Sony launch XL with

    “The camera experts’ camera phone” but seriously camera of XL is a great camera ? Sony provide only hardware support to camera but what about software support ?? Without software support the hardware is just waste.

  • Vivaan

    Same with Sony Xperia m lots of bugs who will gona solve these Atleast provide the final bug fix update otherwise Vaio to band ho gya or ab Xperia ki baari

  • Shravan SP

    18 months for a flagship dude! a mid range device will get only a max of one major update… atleast sony gave 4.3 for M.. look at samsung and it’s galaxy series at that price tag namely the galaxy core etc.. still in 4.1

  • SM

    Sony never told that 18 months are for the flagship set only. & considering the hardware specs that XM has, we can expect for kitkat whereas e1 got it very recently.

  • Shravan SP

    na! at least they were able to give one major update unlike samsung and it’s galaxy core or grand or S duos or its ace series etc..

  • Robson Kanyama

    If releasing a lot of smartphones within the same year is Sony’s business strategy then it’s bad.

  • fuck sony

    Go fuck yourself sony!!!! GO! FUCK YOURSELF!!!

  • Luca

    I am done with android in general. Not completely done, but i’ll wait for iPhone 7 and buy it)(if its any good), and probably switch back to android later. I was like the biggest Sony fan until today

  • Peter

    Great to see Sony screwing up even more of its customers… A sad, left with buggy software, Xperia Z user… Next time I choose a phone I will probably give my money to Apple or whoever is doing the next nexus…

  • Sony user

    If you care about updated and the general longevity of your device – then yes, it is a good choice. Be a fanboy if you want – but the truth is the truth – most Android phones are being released with outdated and buggy software, they take months to get fixed and sometime are being left stuck with buggy software – like SP or Z…

  • Angry

    Because Android manufacturers don’t give a s…. about you as a customer – they will just force you to buy a new phone.

  • SM

    Don’t teach me marketing strategy… I know that very well. But the point is not that here. Here am taking from the side of consumers, the one, the co-creator of any product & service for a company

  • Superb

    I’m so fucking done with Sony, going to HTC or Apple by the end of this year. Really disappointed

  • Nawi

    Buggy software?
    Xperia Z 4.4.4 Update is great (10.5.1.A.0.283)

  • beccal

    Next time don’t trust mediatek..
    This way you could enjoy proper custom roms at least

  • surbsc

    Cool then. You are like all those idiots which cries because their middle-range 1 year old phones doesn’t receive the same kind of treatment of new 600+€ devices
    Go on then, Buy that iphone, it’s not that you could buy two Z1 with the same amount of money..

  • peter

    No it’s not… Battery drain is still ridiculous. And don’t give me that “its google’s fault” cr..p. I bought my phone from Sony, not from Google, and I expect Sony to make it work properly. If they can’t manage that, they should stop using Android – i know I will. My next handset will definitely NOT be running Android.

  • phew

    You do realize that iPhone and Xperia Z cost exactly the same at launch right ? And Z3 ( 549£ ) is more expensive than iPhone 6 ( 539£ ) ? Another blind fanboy, and a complete m….n at it.

  • Micro

    chill mate, they won’t get KitKat (not a big deal really, it only forces you to root the phone because of the most stupid SD card restriction that google could ever make), but nobody said there won’t be any more bug fixes for JB

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    It’s good thing I bought a flagship Sony device.
    The latest update is awesome.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    Clearly you don’t even have the update yet.

  • Nawi

    I don’t have battery drain.

    Flash better (wipe all data)

  • £529 on Amazon UK for the Z3 :D

  • Giorgi Sakhvadze

    I don’t have any problem with my jealybean on l, and sp but it would be rather
    better to release android kitkat for sp, because it’s one of the best smartphone, with flagships’s specs. It’s a little bit disappointing from sony, just half a year with updates.

  • Eduardo Otero

    You’re all forgetting that this only means Xperia L won’t get 4.3 and Xperia M and SP won’t get KitKat, there might be more bug fix for them

  • tony

    Dear Xperia L/M/SP owners. If you all wanna buy Apple go ahead but Apple only sell flagship priced phones( with mid-range specs). So if you are willing to pay flagship prices for an iPhone then why didn’t you buy a Sony flagship (with flagship specs) in the first place?
    You are demanding 5-star service at 2.5star prices. Dream on! And please spare us all your stupid complaints. Its not as if your life is going to change dramatically with Kitkat. Get a life!

  • sridublr

    I’m chasing my 9th Sony phone but Sony for sure would loose plenty of customers because of this foolish move.

  • davidpro

    Fuck Sony!!!

  • arjun naik

    shame on sony i wastely buyed this mobile i made a mistake in taking decision even though support period is going to end for xperia z it still gave 4.4.4 update but for xperia m it has more time but ended support for it sony is money begger always begs for money no more sony

  • Adil

    There is an iPhone called ‘4S’ and it will be getting the latest iOS 8 and then there is 3 Sony Xperia phones (L, M & SP) reaching to EoL before they could complete their 2-year cycle.

    P.S. Not an Apple fanboy but a true die-hard fan of Sony since childhood & an XSP user.

  • Opinion

    Hoping that original Z family such as Z,ZL,Z Ultra will get android L updates before reached end-of-life

  • Btw I messaged the guy who was responsible for the Xperia M BLE issue and he said this


    I have requested more information about that. The latest information i got in my escalation regarding BLE was that there was going to be another update that solves the issue.



  • Sadman Khan

    Iphone 4S was a flagship. All of Apple’s stuff are flagships in their own ways. Do these three look like flagships? Take one flagship phone from that time, like Xperia Z. It’s on 4.4.4 now

  • sameer roy

    fuck you sony.. fuck uuuu…..snapdragon dual core and 1 gb ram is sufficient for kitkat.. sony you are loooosing ur customers…………

  • Adil

    4S is a 2011 flagship. Take Sony’s 2011 Flagship Arc & Arc S, where are these phones? 4.0.4 ICS maybe right?
    Take 2012 flagships, Xperia S & T, 4.3 Jelly Bean, End of Life.
    U seriously think Sony is doing justice with its customers? thats a long term problem of customer retention bro. they should not take easy at it.

  • Xperia l user

    Hi sony Xperia…
    Please stop creating smartphones.
    Your smartphone has bunch of bugs.
    Battery drainage is the major problem.
    Overheating is also a problem.
    I will not say anything about your “Eol” news.
    Thank god finally you understand and took “end of life” decision.
    I know your latest android update can’t resolve this issue. You must have a look at feedback from customers.. :-)

  • F O

    I gues now Sony gonna lose 100000 customers… So long Sony NEVER EVER GONNA BY YOUR FUCKING PHONE YOU FUCKING LIERS!!!! RIP

  • Majo

    nah, I’m just talking about those animations and software stuff that all the 2013 phones have except of L and C

  • lol

    XL using snapdragon 400 1st gen

  • lol

    agree, but even nexus devices still got 18 month service

  • lol

    next years sony will use mediatek, why… because cheap and no need update like china brand. so next years dont buy sony midange because no android update

  • lol

    not just M, all L/SP user also can be updated to kitkat

  • lol

    sony should release high end phone for example Z series *Z/ZL/ZR/Z ULTRA. and just put number behind. when sony can do this everybody can receive update same as flagship

  • shanefalco

    Sony focuses all its energy only in the Z series … other products are left on their own in a short time. ;) This is the policy at sony updates.

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  • Emil Oskarsson

    To all of you who says “fuck Sony” WHY DID YOU EVEN BOUGHT A MID RANGE IN THE FIRST PLACE? What do you think a mobile manufacturer earns most money on? Budget/mid rangers or premium ones? Developing software for a phone costs money and if the phone didnt sell well they wont throw money on the development for it. But go ahead and buy mid rangers from any other manufacturer because you wont getting any better software updates there aswell. Thank you all and have a great day.

  • Alex

    I was about to upgrade from a 4S to a Z3 this month, but after hearing this and reading these comments, I’m having second thoughts!
    Guys, is this what I can expect with the Z3? Support that may not even last 2 years?

  • Sergio98765

    hey xperiablog, new update for xperia M, M dual 14.4.A.10 bugs fix :)

  • Vuyo Ncube

    You don’t see other dual-core S4 Plus phones on KitKat. Sony can’t just slap on KK if they don’t have the necessary drivers. From Qualcomm. You can’t blame them for this.

  • Shubham Mutreja

    i think xperia z will get android L

  • Shubham Mutreja

    for guys who are angry
    MAN JUST ROOT AND UNLOCK UR PHONE (bootloader imean)

  • Pedro Cunha

    2012 Xperia S EoL was with 4.1.2 JB… the reason why i sold mine and move to Samsung!

  • Hey XperiaBlog I had emailed you about the super minor Xperia M update 15.4.A.1.10 are you gonna make a post about it?

  • XpeL

    Xperia L user my phone is not even a year since I bought it and also the warranty. im really disappointed too now that they announced to end their support for software updates for us mid-range XL,SP,M and C owners atleast we now know that mid range smartphones has no Longer lifetime in terms of updates than High-End smartphones even tablets of course.Maybe we should save some cash if we wish to have the High End models had.but still this is very disappointing to us.

  • Alejandro Cardona

    My next phone will be Motorola, that’s definitely…

  • ali

    sony is crap shit

  • justsaying

    this makes me want to rage. just because ONE, a f ing ONE Xperia C mo fu ing MTK phone then u go potato and calls everything MT f ing K??!!!

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  • asfghjk

    Sony sucks ass

  • asfghjk

    Sony is the worst phone ever! 2gb of space and we cant move aps to sd card, what kind of shit is that!? i cant even use the fucking phone because i don’t have any space to install any aps that i want to and wtf did you make a space to put an sd card when we can’t even move shit to it, you suck seriously

  • Filip Mari?

    No, Xperia L is snapdragon krait 400 2nd gen, first gen krait were 2012 devices.

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