Android 4.4.4 firmware (23.0.1.A.0.32) for Xperia Z2 leaks; pics included

by XB on 16th October 2014

in Android, Firmware, Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_3An older Android 4.4.4 KitKat firmware build for the Sony Xperia Z2 has leaked. The software has been leaked by the EXR Team which has successfully leaked Sony firmware in the past. The firmware build for the leaked ROM has version number 23.0.1.A.0.32, which is an older build than the one recently certified by the PTCRB (23.0.1.A.0.167).

A number of pictures accompany the leaked firmware confirming the build number along with the fact that the Xperia Z2 will see the same UI as the Xperia Z3, including home launcher. Other new features from the Xperia Z3 include the screen record function, restart option in power menu, Ultra STAMINA mode and the ability to set up a DUALSHOCK 4 gaming controller. We’ll bring you news once the update starts to officially roll.

Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_1 Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_2

Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_3 Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_4

Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_5 Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_6

Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_7 Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_8

Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_9 Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_10

Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_11 Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_12

Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_13

Via XDA.

Thanks Giovanni!

  • vigneshprince

    does this style comes to Xz??

  • dab

    Come roll it up, can’t wait no more

  • Kev

    This sounds really good!!

  • xperiaDROID

    We already got 4.4.4 on our Z, so just be happy with it first. Why would you want such minor UI update when Android Lollipop is around the corner? The features from the Z3 may be tempting, but Lollipop might bring even more features.

  • Kev

    I wonder if the intelligent active mode for steadyshot will make its way to the z2 as well…

  • xperiaDROID

    I’m jealous of the Z2 getting some Z3 features like screen recorder and ultra stamina mode on 4.4.4, but the Z got nothing on 4.4.4. But oh well, looks like Z owners will have to hope for Android Lollipop then.

  • Kev

    That is if Sony decides to give Lollipop to Xperia Z and the likes…sounds too good to be true though. But it will be great if it does happen

  • Lollipop reaching for him isn’t it? I doubt it.

  • Kabuto Kouji

    —FUCK YEAAAA!!!!!! nOW MY OLD SP can finally Rest In Peace!!!

  • Anti Xperia

    4.4.4 hahahaaha and wait long for 5.0 praying for no bugs!

  • Kabuto Kouji

    u got ur battery life back BRO! i think is good enough!!! =)

  • Sander Puus

    Nope, ain’t gonna happen since the Z already got 4.4.4 and it’s HW wouldn’t run the new UI as smooth as Z2 and Z1 (probably) will

  • Sepehr Estaki

    can I run it on my xperia V ?

  • jonyah

    I don’t see any difference from my Z2 how it is currently?

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    You meant Z3?

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Lollipop is definitely coming to Z, if not I’ll burn sony fosho lul, nexus 4 is getting, htc one 1st gen is getting, so why on earth XZ shouldn’t be getting sweeeet lollipop

  • Faisal Armand

    I hope DSEE HX gets into the Z2. Combine that with noise cancelling headset will be awesome

  • IshuZ2

    4.4.4 is here. xperia Z2 goes to ASOP project. Android L for Z2 ?? i doubt if we get it.. Sony prove me wrong. PLEASE

  • Camilo Uribe

    The icons are so big!

  • IshuZ2


  • norti

    Android L is in the support timeline of the Z2, it sure gets, no need to ask for it. Depending on the dev speed facts from the past it probably will arrive late spring or summer.

  • Kev

    I don’t mind if that doesn’t make it. What i do want is the Intelligent Active Mode for the Steadyshot…but i hope they don’t mess with the image software tho…somehow i think z2 has better image quality. Just my two cents.

  • Kev

    This is why i had decided to put down my SP and get myself a Z2 instead. I wonder how far can the Z2 survive after getting Android Lollipop, software-wise…

  • Olga

    Hope this is real . If so that’s why 4.4.4 is is took so long time to come . Cause all this feature :-) hell yeah

  • David Hvatov

    Nooo! Remove those ugly ass icons! On tablet they’re Ok, but on this small display they don’t fit!

  • Godrick

    It isn’t a definite no. The Xperia Z runs the same chip as the Nexus 4 the S4 Pro. The Nexus 4 is getting Lollipop so it could come to the Xperia Z. Not saying it will just there still is a small chance of it :) Either way Im looking forward to the update on my Z2 :)

  • Big Boy

    I love big icons

  • Kaostheory

    Well now you know why Z1 got .4 first. Looks like Z2 getting dualshock support.

  • David Hvatov
  • David Hvatov

    So this means, that upcoming 4.4.4 firmware for Z2 will include DSEE for walkman also.

  • azzido

    If Sony continue to update its phone it means this company will continue to see my money in the future. As the Z2 user I am waiting for Z4 and will definitely stick with this brand.

  • Faisal Armand

    FYI even Z2’s steadyshot is unmatched by even phones with OIS. Intelligent active mode boosts the stabilization even higher.

    As for the image quality. In daylight, the Z3 has definitely improved over the Z2. In indoors and worse conditions, both are neck to neck.

    But i’m satisfied enough with the quality of Z2’s cam

  • azzido

    To be honest, I prefer Z2 design over Z3, especially I like the speaker holes of Z2 and its LED light. I hope Sony will keep it in Z4.

    Other key features I would like to see in Z4 is:
    – finally much better in call speaker for calling. Don’t want to see the situations that somebody is unable to hear / understand me. Here the quality must improve.
    – oleophobic screen, no longer any fingerprints. If Sony engineers would be able to create almost 100% oleophobic screen it would be simply awesome. And another huge selling black horse for Sony, to stand out from the competition.
    – Monolith / Arc desigh.

    Other than that I am calm. They will deliver.

    Besides, is that true that Z3 is no longer shipped with this awesome noice cancellation headphones out of the box? I heard that and for me it is a step backward.

    + DualShock 4 support, finally, can’t wait :)

  • jonyah

    No, my Z2 with 4.4.2. There is absolutely nothing different in those pics from what I see now. What’s actually changed besides the new software mentioned? This article has nothing to do with the Z3.

  • Rpk

    DSEE HX is included in the rom.

  • Anthony pierron

    Yes it’s icons of Google Now launcher ^^

  • jokensy

    Just allow the ringtones to play in stereo when I receive a call and I’m just fine.

  • jokensy

    I use NOVA launcher on my Z2, so I’m not too concerned ’cause I can resize the icons.

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  • IshuZ2

    move to SD card. i hope SONY also give this feature for my xperia Z2

  • Confirmed, surprised, but sony will bring Lollipop line to Z.

  • tugares

    ? hope that it will add more battery time to my Z2. Unbelievable SONY is doing correct things without 6 months period new smartphone :) anyway this is awsome. i can’t wait :)

  • shubham

    Its officialy getting it.

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  • Faisal Armand

    Any complete list of what are included in the rom? Thanks

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Why are you surprised? Everyone gives lollipop to there flagship devices. Why Sony can’t give it, this call keeping the customer satisfied. And they’ll come up with a nice ui, till then I’ll wait and use cm12 or something. Can’t wait to get some lollipop love.

  • Sander Puus

    They are giving the 5.0 to the entire Z family but I think Z and maby z1(c) will get the downgraded version just like with 4.4.4 update round as only z2 will get a z3-identical version of it.

  • Noven

    The clock is ugly?The icons are too big????????????

  • Troll

    Welcome to the curse of the bugged unused top space where the permanent Google search bar used to be ;P

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  • Niels d. G.

    It’s the standard KitKat clock

  • Niels d. G.

    The headphones were only a pre-order gift.

  • Kabuto Kouji

    seems like u were wrong dude… it will happen actually =)

  • Kabuto Kouji

    yeap but still 5

  • Kabuto Kouji

    does the black live wallpaper rings a bell? and the clock is on Bold see? and of course the recording screen is not present on 4.4.2

  • OGD


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  • Yes, no NC headphones with the Z3.

    And I suspect the Z4 will look like a continuation of the Z3 design, although something will need to change to make it look different – so maybe the speakers will move again, or the LED will be improved from what is a rather disappointing dot compared to the Z2.

  • Angels

    When it wil be officaly avalable on z2?

  • Angels

    Whill then sony xperia z2 get 4.4.4 andoid or this is custom ROM only?

  • Peyman

    I’ve got such a big bug on my z2,which is touchscreen doesn’t respond sometimes that I’m getting tired of it,Hope this update fixes that bug,don’t care about the features at all

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