Xperia Z3 series Root bounty hits $2,400

by XB on 24th November 2014

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Z3 RootIt was a relief during the summer when we saw most Sony Xperia devices being able to get root with locked bootloaders. This was thanks to various exploits (such as TowelRoot) that were discovered and tweaked by the fantastic developer community at XDA and other places. These exploits have been patched in the latest Xperia firmware builds, which means there is currently no method to root any Xperia Z3 series device that has a locked bootloader.

There will always be a strong demand to gain root for any handset, so the XDA community has gathered together and is currently running a bounty for whoever can root the Xperia Z3 series with a locked bootloader. The pot currently stands at $2,394 at the time of posting, which highlights the demand for Root. Hopefully it is a matter of time before an exploit is discovered, we’ll keep you posted if there is any success on this front.

Thanks sxtester!

  • zeoxzy

    to be fair, that’s really not much of a bounty. I was expecting it to be in the tens of thousands

  • thoughts

    how many hungry children can you feed with it if you buy rice with it?

  • I agree, but I can buy a couple of new laptops (ofc decent ones) and pay some debts with the bounty…hehe

  • hunty


  • CAQO

    bounty concist on single guys that are more than you tnink. But I have to agree with your post.

  • Guys my Z3’s battery is awesome but when it goes under 25% it’s crap. 20 to 15% in 5 minutes. This is horrible. In the range from 100 to 30% I get 5 minutes Screen on Time for 1%, but under 20% I lose 1% for 1 minute SoT. Anyone else?

  • QM

    Most rechargeable batteries function optimally between 20-80% charge. Although the drop off at the ends of the spectrum should not be as drastic as you say.

  • Fem

    It might just be the fuel gauge that’s off.. a full charge (not just to 100%, but until it stops charging) should give the meter a good measurement of the battery and make for an accurate gauge.

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  • zeoxzy

    not quite sure i understand your point? We’re judging quantities of money based on how much rice it can buy now?

  • I’m experiencing this too, but I’m getting consistently impressive results from a full drain from 100% so I can’t really complain, although it would be nice if the calibration was more accurate.

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  • Computeur

    don’t say, do it

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