Sony is behind that e-paper FES Watch after all

by XB on 28th November 2014

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Sony e-paper watchA couple of days back we reported that Sony was working on a watch that would feature an electronic paper face and strap. In that post, we referenced the ‘FES Watch’ as to what the Sony e-paper watch might look like. At the time it was believed that the FES Watch was developed by an independent company looking to crowd sourcing to bring it to market.

Well it actually turns out that the FES Watch was developed by Sony all along under the name “Fashion Entertainments.” The five-person Sony engineering team wants to redefine e-paper as a fabric and looked to keep the project under wraps.

A person involved in the project said: “We hid Sony’s name because we wanted to test the real value of the product, whether there will be demand for our concept.” It has received support to the tune of 3.5 million yen ($30k) from over 150 supporters.

Sony’s CEO Kazuo Hirai is trying to reignite the company’s creative streak by encouraging employees to come up with new ideas. This small team was assisted by an outside agency to develop e-paper products including hat accessories, paper holders and even bow ties. This particular crowd-sourced product is due to launch in May 2015, according to those that have pre-ordered.

Via Wall Street Journal.

Thanks Chunhao!

  • Coolkid

    No matter what, Sony keeps innovating.. Hope their hard work will help them get back to profit instead of making them bleed more money… Make.believe…!!!

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Sounds like a great way to get some of Sony’s designs rolling. Help brainstorm new ideas and concepts that, will hopefully, make on to their smartphones.

  • kj marway

    In the bowtie video, there is a chap (presumably on the design team) wearing a SW2. This should’ve given away Sony’s involvement somewhere along the line!

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    Because only people working on Sony wears Sony. Right? Right?!

  • gmfady

    now that a gr8 news of inventing a whole new smart concept of watches, fcors, this is the early stages & ther’l be more development 4 its associations & implementations ..
    .1st clip 1st seen, a typo: fasion .. its: fashion ;)
    keep 4wrd Be Moved ?

  • inspire

    Sony! The amazing!
    Aren’t such fancy and innovative concepts enough to help the company stay afloat?

  • fnnoname

    What i don’t like from sony is their innovation sometimes taken (or stolen) by another company and they do nothing about it.

  • Tjaldid

    Or the Sony Phone

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  • Ankith Rai

    FES – Fashion Entertainment SONY :P

  • Vincentius Phang

    isn’t it kind of a scam ? i mean crowd funding supposed to be helping start up company with no capital to develop. while sony is already an established company which dont need raise fund from their customer. unless it turn out to be a cheap preorder, i think its quite a scam really.

  • Morph

    I think it would be so cool if FES Watch can automatically change its color to match the environment, something like… if that moment the FES Watch owner wears red shirt then the watch will be turn to red automatically too.

  • Rayson275

    Awesome ideas…an innovative way to wear up our fashion with entertainment

  • Raj Singh

    100%. Look at their product portfolio. They constantly create make believe.

  • So what’s the advantage of this over a regular watch?

  • sonymind

    there is only one name SONY- sounds for innovation -sounds for great ideas

  • Vuyo Ncube

    O_O oh snap.

  • guest

    The cost of being innovator… Now a developer on the other hand….

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Not Sometimes but most of the tymm it happens…..
    OLED- Hovering Touch -HDR are some of the examples :/

  • Daniele

    Wooow nice idea from Sony :D Imagine this epaper applied on smartphone’s surface :D we are able to change theme and colour of our device :D

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  • OLED

    Sorry but this’s absolutely not an innovation, it’s retrogression. E-paper can’t even show other colors, just black and white. LAME!

  • Rodney

    Oh dear lord…

  • Rodney

    Not really. FES is a part of Sony, they use their patents etc. but they are not funded by Sony as far as I know. It’s a part of company where the boss told them – do whatever you want but you’re not getting money from us. I may be wrong, but that’s how I see it.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    OLED, I know….Your Colors Vomit :/ LAME

  • Alter

    because there are s(h)amesung that steal everything

  • Mohammed Khired

    you’re an idiot…

  • 2 Words

    Product Placement

  • kj marway

    What a gritty response.

    Calm down son – it was only an observation.

    I’m a Sony user through and through, there was a connection between Sony and FES for a while, the fact that SW2 appeared is little more than a hint that Sony was involved.

    Added to that, I’ve worked for Sony on two different occasions (both Mobile, Inc. SE, and Electronics) and with God’s good graces, more will come – over thirty reports on Sony’s business and history makes me a little qualified to make the comment I did.

    So no, you’re wrong – it’s not just people who work at Sony who use Sony – it’s people who appreciate great engineering and technology.

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    Yet he could have wear a Samsung or Motorola smartwatch as well. My comment was an observation about how irrelevant it is what he’s using.

  • Marlish

    Plot twist

    Sony uses this on their next smartphone :D
    Imagine your phone changing colour whenever you want :) :)
    now i can match it with my shoes :D xD

  • King PureView

    sony copies “Nokia Morph” that’s all.

  • kj marway

    In response, my comment was about how the SW2, linked with previous reports of the FES watch was a small link between the two, which could’ve given away Sony’s involvement.

    We’re clearly both Sony advocates, so let’s leave it at that.

    On a side note, the Moto 360 is far better than Samsung offerings – in both style and build (in my opinion).

  • OLED
  • noyounot

    There’s colour e-ink display..try look into it. The colours are limited though

  • Curvature

    Just to remind you, Sony had developed flexible display waaaaaay earlier than it’s competitor…

    Developed waaaay back in 2010. :)

  • Style

    I always believe in Sony because they believe in Quality not in quantity like Koreans.

    Google it Sony introduced world’s first OLED in CES 2007, even they sold that 11 inch TV in US but later on they stopped it because of high cost

  • jonny

    dam… i should be studying instead…

  • OLED

    Not only the colours are limited but E-ink is also slow to refresh, less responsive, SO LAME!

  • OLED

    You don’t need to remind me about that, I knew that well Whatever, what’s the point of your comment? Or you’re trying to protect sony from the truth that now sony is just a follower and out!

    Come on, Keep current, don’t be stuck with the past. It doesn’t matter who did it first …it matter what you’re doing, and it’s clear that now Sony is always a few steps the competitors

  • ????? ????????

    And I need 60fps on a watch because..?

  • I feel old now.

    Wasn’t 2010 just yesterday..?


    Stop with your cancerous oled posts you fanboy faggot.

  • OhCrapED

    just don’t copy sony’s water resistant. ok?
    by the way, shut up with ur over saturated color oled tech.
    no one here like that shit.

  • Style

    I always believe in Sony because they believe in Quality not in quantity like Koreans.

    it Sony introduced world’s first OLED in CES 2007, even they sold that
    11 inch TV in US but later on they stopped it because of high cost

  • User2080

    and the stupidity advances to even greater stupidity …

    e-ink is being used to address the power issue. who wants to use their watch to watch videos or browse the web anyway? it’s about being practical.

  • User2080

    phonearena as well and the xbox game network.

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  • Mathias Cronqvist

    Yes, you are.

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    4, almost 5 years ago, mate ;)

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