Modern Combat 5: Blackout now free through Xperia Lounge

by XB on 23rd December 2014

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Modern Combat 5 Blackout_0_resultSony is giving away 72,000 copies of Gameloft’s Modern Combat 5: Blackout via the Xperia Lounge app. The offer doesn’t appear to be available for all handsets and the terms do not say which models this promotion is applicable for. Head over to Xperia Lounge to check it out for yourself.

You will be redirected to Gameloft’s WAP site to download the game, which comes in at a hefty 1.9 GB. The game also recently went on sale on the Google Play Store and is now priced at £0.52/€0.67/$0.75.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout_1

Modern Combat 5 Blackout_2 Modern Combat 5 Blackout_3

Thanks Lio!

  • Marc

    not available for me – Philippines

  • Matthias

    Not available on my Z3 Compact in Germany. Will check it on Tablet Compact later…

    Games like this are the reason why I wish that Sony put more than 16 GB of storage on their devices… :(

  • Ashroft

    Not available yet at Malaysia

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  • Rogério Cruz

    Z2 Portugal :(

  • tim pedersen

    got it in denmark :)

  • -l-eMn-l-

    too bad for me and for other xperia m2 users. T_T

  • jose

    worked for me z3 tmobile usa

  • John

    ?ot available for z3 compact tablet – Greece!

  • DestroyTP

    not available for xperia t and xperia z2 tablet – Belgium

  • KiMs

    I got it for Z3 in Denmark. One of the screenshots show that it uses 40MB of internal storage and 1,9GB on the SD card. On my device it seems to only use internal storage, is it not possible to move apps or at least apps’s data to the SD card on the Z3?

  • Diogo Simões

    Not available for Z2 – Portugal

  • Ashroft

    Denmark and USA first

  • dereknobuyuki

    Xperia Lounge in Japan doesn’t seem to have anything but it’s on sale for 76 yen in the Google Play Store

  • dereknobuyuki

    My Xperia Z3 came with 32GB but probably cost a lot more; It seems like the kind of thing that different carriers will muscle their way through different product offerings. My market is less price-conscious than most other markets (everyone expects that carriers will bleed one’s wallets dry and there’s no much anyone can do but constantly switch carriers). Too bad your carrier and other carriers don’t at least give people the size options.

  • jmaxim917

    Got it, sweet! Z2 USA

  • Ather

    Not available for Xperia Z India

  • Edd

    I can’t find it… Xperia Z2 México

  • Aetherflow

    Not available in Malaysia, Z3 :c

  • kaostheory

    Available Z1 in Canada

  • Maciek Stokfisz

    Not available in Poland

  • EPGuest

    You’ve got a Z3 Compact AND a Z3 Tablet Compact? :o

  • Matthias

    But the Z3 Compact generally does not exist with 32 GB. Only 16 GB. At least here in Europe (I have an unlocked version, no carrier model).

    If there was a 32 GB version, I would have bought that instead…

  • Matthias

    And I can recommend both of them! Great devices overall… Just wished they were available with more internal memory…

    I mean, why would they offer the Wifi-only version of the tablet with 32 GB, but the LTE version is limited to 16 GB? WTF? Such idiocy :(

  • sid3091

    sony is absolutely eccentric sometimes. But i still love their products

  • Adam

    Available for my Xperia Z3 (T-Mobile USA version) but not my Xperia Z2 Tablet (32 gig, Wi-Fi-only version). (Though much of what is shown in the Xperia Lounge is mysteriously absent on my Xperia Z2 Tablet today.)

  • azzido

    Nothing in Poland.
    What a shame for Sony that again it divide its customers into better and worse ones…

    What a shame…

  • Adam

    And now, all that was mysteriously absent from the Xperia Lounge on my Xperia Z2 Tablet is back, but still no free Modern Combat 5 offer.

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  • Libyan Guy

    Not available in Libya Z3 Dual, actually it appears like the US only has the offer!?

  • SonyMan7

    Not available on Xperia Z, Z1 and Z Ultra as well in Greece!

  • Amimanot

    Not available so far on z3c usa

  • brocnical

    Can someone post the Gameloft link?

  • Abhijit Biswas

    Anyone kind of generous enough to give us a link to the free apk?

    My xperia SP does not have this offer and i so want this game… Dont bug me with torrent se download mar comments!

  • zohaib

    Those who received , please upload game data and apk and post link here ……

  • Tronjheim79

    Nor me. Z3. Philippines.

  • dereknobuyuki

    I’d imagine that’s so they can keep the Z3 Compact under a certain price point. The Z3 Compact is much much much cheaper than the Z3 in Japan. Too bad the carrier free version didn’t give you the option :(

  • Ginda Pratama
  • Sunil Singh

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