Is this a quick glimpse of Lollipop on Xperia?

by XB on 6th January 2015

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Sony Xperia LollipopSony has so far kept its Android 5.0 Lollipop build for Xperia phones tightly under wraps. We have not seen any leaked pictures of the software, so we can’t speculate how much of a UI change Sony is going with in the new Lollipop update. In one of Sony’s promotional videos for its new Android TV’s, we could have the first glimpse of Lollipop on an Xperia device.

The video relates to the Google Cast functionality that is built into Sony’s new TVs, one scene in the video shows the stock Lollipop notification screen when swiping down on the handset. All of the parts of the UI look the same. We are not saying this is what Lollipop on Xperia will look like, the likelihood is that it is only a mock simulation to get the point of the video across. However, we don’t have much else to go on right now. We’ll let you know if we hear more.

Sony Xperia Lollipop

Thanks Aaron and Rimaz!

  • Lukáš Pávl

    Hope not. That would be shame if they don’t change the UI and go all AOSP. Just opinion though.

  • z2 ly

    So bad new UI :-(

  • DBS

    If it is, my Z3C will remain on KitKat.

  • Ali Bach-Tobji

    it can’t be the new UI just by looking at the home, return buttons on the buttom they only add the notification ar of the android 5

  • bao trung giang

    I don’t think this is the new Xperia UI!! Sony will do better than that

  • bao trung giang

    I agree with you

  • Mariano

    this is the same that htc is doing, they will update htc m8 to android 5.0 with sense 6 and then when the m9 show up, change it to sense 7.0. This is the last update to sony xperia z and z1 so they wont have (IMO) the new ui which i think sony will bring with z4

  • Sebastian Solaeche

    The notification bar was the only change in the UI we can see. I hope that’s not the official Lollipop

  • Douglas Yapú


  • Timel

    LoL I’m so pity sony fanboys why their sony did this to them, Sony is 100% ran out of idea… even the UI, what a shame!

  • ????

    Same here!

  • Ado Kanashii

    I DONTneed LOLLIPOP!!! on my Z2 i just need sony to fix the freaking low notifications volume on 4.4 KITKAT !!! is that too much to ask c´mon!

  • ????

    Never liked that stock Lollipop notification screen. Hope they don’t change their usual one. Otherwise, I won’t update my Z3 Compact!

  • Zino

    I hope sony will finally go stock, their old ui is so ugly and dated. If they could also remove the dumb Whats new bloatware then it would be pretty much perfect

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Both stock Lollipop and Sony UI looks great. However, that mix, as we can see in the video, doesn’t look good.

  • Simo

    Or just stock lollipop with xperia launcher? Maybe
    Sorry for bad english

  • DanielGearSolid

    Whats wrong the UI right now?

  • ????

    Actually, it’s one of the best looking user interfaces around! TouchWiz is ugly, not this one! :))

  • Timel

    LoL I’m so pity sony fanboys why their sony did this to them, Sony is 100% ran out of idea… even the UI, what a shame!

  • Guestivo

    Lol. Maybe sony will update their (2011) weather widget…or not…

  • Snorky112

    Still better than any other OEM

  • Mars

    Why change something that looks very nice ?!

  • Snorky112

    It’s not Sony’s UI, its just modified the video with a green screen on the phone, we can still have hope guys

  • Mars

    True…SONY UI is one of the main reasons I buy SONY

  • Timel

    Great h/w, Bad s/w, Ugliest UI and Worst UX, Worst Camera, Worst Display, Worst sound quality and Less software and hardware Innovations because Sony was out, Inefficient, ran out of idea and it’s dying slowly ever, this is fact whether blind fanboys want to admit it or not.

  • crystaluser9

    What do you all mean “Sony’s” UI? this is the default Lollipop interface… Nexus 5 here, and trust me, you will love it…

  • Stuck

    Yeah it looked nice 4 years ago.

  • glovesave

    I use Nova Launcher on my Z3 (on 4.4.4) as I don’t like the giant icons

  • Lukáš Pávl

    Trust me i’m running GPE ROM on my Z Ultra and UI is becoming very boring. Hope SONY atleast fix all stupid bugs.

  • tim pedersen

    Just let us get stock android then this UI sucks

  • Mars

    So if it’s old it’s got to be bad ?! Some things just work/look fine as they are need to change. If you don’t like it you can just use others from the play store…I’m sure they change the ui on those a lot faster so that they make people like you happy.

  • rohit

    I Think its a just a Custom Rom For that xperia device..and xperia will do much better work than this…its not the official rom

  • Simo

    Sony tv sideview has the “old” icon!

  • I pity you for taking the time out of your day to come to a sony site just to talk trash

  • jong min

    Android OS means freedom system Am I right?
    So why Sony has to follow Google every steps? Or sony’s really run out of idea like they said?

    For me, Sony should create its own uniqu UI, not too flat and may get rid of apps drawer and turn all app icon to circle icon

  • Lukáš Pávl

    I’m not saying that SONY is all perfect and shit but this year they have many oportunities to do right thing and be great and profitting company again. I don’t know why are you saying those things about everything is bad but you probably have only few chances to have Sony xperia device. If i’m wrong you are welcome to correct me.

  • Shinigami_Yagami

    The only thing that is AOSP about this, is the quick settings and notification area. Everything else is stale old Sony with touches of awful skeuomorphism!

  • bckp

    This is just mockup, it is not new UI. But i do not agree that AOSP UI is bad, i think it is awesome, Material design is good, and bring new wind to the Android wordl… ( not saying that Sony UI is bad either )

  • DarkLord

  • Shady

    Actually by looking at notification centre and the quick toggles this may not be real cuz all the icons are for stock android pure AOSP nothing for Sony UI so maybe this is for advertisement only :)

  • DarkLord


  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Please learn some proper grammar you dumbass. It’s bad enough seeing a moronic troll like you here, at least make it less painful to read. Here let me put it in words you might understand: LOL I’m is tired of reading your third grade writing, it bring shame to your family! You and haters are lame for wasting time trolling here

  • DarkLord


  • spatch72

    Just got a minor update to the Movies app — no discernible change, and the icon is still the same. I was hoping to see some updated app icons in the above video, but alas not yet.

  • xperia zzzz

    My xperia z is faster than this android 5 update for xperia z3 , you can watch in the video it lags so much and the animation is jerking so much !

  • Ritwij

    This is not it, IMO. What I’m guessing is they didn’t show the actual UI so that we should be excited on how the new UI will look like. And since they had to show that Sony is bringing Lollipop, why not show the most popular look of Lollipop (ie stock)?

  • Zidhin Mohd

    That is our present kitkat rom..the notification is the only difference..? If this is is going to suck…

  • Xperian

    Hopefully the new Xperia UI will come with cool animations like this

  • Mugen Mundo

    That UI is as real as that video of the people being genuinely exited and best of friends. ;)

  • SolitaryRomanticist

    I think the UI is simulated

  • Kevin Hou

    Hey people, that’s not the real UI, here are my reasons:

    1) there’s no navigation bar in the z3, this proofs that this was some random stuff from sony.

    2) the notification bar it’s the same one from AOSP version. It can’t be possible because sony can’t integrate some AOSP stuff in their own UI.

    3) the z3 was possibly turned off with some green screen and stuff, because the moves from the person are too slow and its impossible to use a smartphone that slow.

    There’s no reason to get disappointed from Sony. They might impress every Xperia Z series user with their own Lollipop UI update.

  • Simo

    It’s simulated

  • Sebastian Solaeche

    Apparently YOU ran out of memes! Go and buy yourselfe a life ;)

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  • Rodrigo Silva Dos Santos

    Man, it’s a mock animation, not real life shots. This is not a real phone running a real UI.

  • Rodrigo Silva Dos Santos

    It’s the contrary. It seems like the Google Now Launcher with xperia skin on the configs.

  • Simo

    Yes,i didn’t see the video

  • Rodrigo Silva Dos Santos

    Seems like the actual UI, with Google Now launcher and lollipop status bar.

  • Simo

    Siedview tv’s icon app is the older one

  • ncthanhkr21

    No, I don’t think so… the icon of TV Sideview is the old one, and the UI of the Youtube app is still not up-to-date. The animation is also – kind of – weird, I think they (Sony) just simulated the UI :)

  • Andrea Atzeni

    I don’t like the UI, if this will be the next of our Xperia!

  • Flythe

    Talking about running out of ideas: Does this look familiar to you? You keep repeating yourself, blabbering a lot, but I haven’t seen a single logical argument at all. iPhone is better here, Galaxy Note is better there. So, tell me, why do you think so? No idea? Me neither. I’m a Sony fanboy, I confess. I willingly oversee problems its products have, that other manufacturers haven’t, but further, I have good reason why I’ve chosen Sony over every other competitor. And one more thing: besides from using proper grammar, I don’t go wasting my time annoying people on other forums. You think Samsung and Apple are better? Fine! Now do me – do yourself – a favour and fuck off.

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  • Peter

    Close to AOSP – I like it.

  • Xperia Z4 Ultra


  • Xyor

    It might comes as the Z1 with jelly beans…it first got the android version update, after the reveal of Z2 and new UI, Z1 then got a package update including new UI, kit kat and some new functionality from Z2. Considering the range of this lollipop update. It’s unlikely that all Z series have a chance to be updated with new UI and/or some new functionality. So maybe the first wave of updates will only provide android system upgrade, then for eligible devices, forsay Z3 serise, will have a new lolipop built later.

  • xperia zzzz

    Thats right but actually mostly %99 of mock animations are better than the real life one , my point is that sony should try the beta version for it self before releasing and then release another bug fix a month later . Android 4.1 was fine and 4.2 was the worst amd then a bug fix update released but nothing changed , after that 4.3 was like that but then the bug fix update was fine to be honest and then the 4.4.2 was disaster and the the 4.4.4 wasnt good too like the 4.1 . That happened to my friend too who had xperia z1 . Sony needs to change its strategy and If not soon their fans will go and search for another company . Thanks for taking your time replaying to me I appreciate it mate

  • azhy

    Hello let me say something to you and for all that read you comments . As a psychologist I know why you waste your time here , its probabily because you had a phone from sony or imagined it and they have disappointed you by an update or releasing something that didnt suprised you that you imagined before . As the first condition you do this because it helps you somehow relaxing that could someone say you are right or you hope that sony may see your comment and do something , as second condition you really need to vist a docotor . Thanks and with all my respect

  • Kiwison

    Nice animations but I do think that over time and on middle range devices it would be sooooo laggy..

  • a.hamameh

    Oh please
    This will not be the new Android Lollipop -_-
    At least they will change the search bar to the white one like Lollipop
    Please guys who comment stop it and wake up.

  • RealityCheck2015


  • a.hamameh

    I think the Z3 and the Z2 series will have the same functions and the same new UI of the 4.4.4 with some changes and others will have same UI of 4.4.4 (the old one) with some changes and the same functions

  • lasttodie


  • Timel

    Sony ran out of idea and dying slowly everyday, this is fact whether blind fanboys want to admit it or not

    Let’s count LoL

  • Jos

    Then 3D UI style is only for Xperia flagship devices like Z series While mid-range devices will use stock UI

  • ShinOrochiX

    Lol why are you all crying, I know Sony really well and am 99.9% sure this will *not* be the final lollipop interface. This is a mockup just for demonstration purposes, come on why would they have the lollipop notification menu with Xperia themed system? Also would they really unveil it just for a tv promo-no chance. ;-)

  • gtop

    Notably missing here is any demo of Sony’s own Walkman or Movies apps being cast … I guess that integration is yet to come. Then perhaps I might actually rent some movies from Sony …

  • YourMomTimel

    I see your fucking comments everywhere shut the fuck up already you stupid idiot and piss off

  • Aiden Pearce

    if it is..its kinda ugly without sony’s UI..on top

  • Guest

    Google Ruled their operating System! Material Design.. is not really cool.. it makes sony design sucks!

  • Adrian Dela Cruz

    Trust me, its not what it looks like! SONY will make Google’s Material Design BETTER!

  • webusermy

    What did Sony do to you? Steal your GF away from you? Doesn’t matter, that’s only your right hand. Have a rebound with your left. =

    Personal attacks aside, be more constructive. Why is the S/W Bad? What is the UI Ugliest? Display worst? Sound Quality? Would like to hear from you as all those are the reasons I buy a Sony.

    Near stock experience.
    Clean interface. Samsung will win for having the Ugliest UI.
    I find the Display pretty damn good. Unless you’re 2 years behind and are still thinking about the original Xperia Z.
    Worst sound quality? I am enjoying the Z3’s front dual speakers that are plenty loud and clear to me.

  • Roger

    God damn just give us root for Z3 without unlocking the bootloader >_> Android is crippled without root to me (not to mention SD cards) and it’s just unbelievable that we have no exploit for Z3 yet

    If they’re making new firmware like this I wouldn’t even want lollipop. Just give us root on KitKat already.

  • Maxx Tan

    their marketing team should get fired if they don’t show the proper xperia UI promoting features that relies on the phone to TV feature. Don’t you think it’s confusing and horrible when someone buys the TV and expects their xperia to work like in the commercial then came to realize that their upcoming xperia update looks different from what was shown in the commercial. they’d probably get sued for false advertising.

  • xperiaDROID

    Hell no, I hope this isn’t real. If this turns out to be real, then Sony needs to fire their software team and hire new ones.

  • Snorky112

    and you can install / create any theme you want

  • guest001

    Not perfect but nice UI

  • s3alon

    Let’s just wait a while for other sneak peek, hope the 5.0 can help sony fixed some of their problem
    Can’t wait to see it

  • David Lettinga

    It’s funny you hate Sony and Xperia so much you come to a blog dedicated to Xperia and Sony devices.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Still you have no idea what you are talking about so do me a favor and leave this site, thank you troll.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Yes agreed the Xperia Z didn’t have the greatest display, but it is fine enough for me :) love my Xperia z it just works great!

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I certainly hope so

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Secretly you love Xperia phones since you visit this site every day so just confess it, YOU LOVE XPERIA ;))

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    The amount of hater in this post is too dam high..

    First of all, stop your stupid ass decision just by seein’ lolipop notification bar on z3 body.
    That UI probably just animation, can’t u see the akward animation on that Tv?!
    Shit, no good in english makes me bad at explaining stuff.


    Thank you.
    Love you all

  • xperiafan324

    Anything they do, they shouldn’t change the notification shade from all black, it’s by far the classiest looking notification shade out of all Android UXes.

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    I enjoy you suffer slowly

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    The amount of hater in this post is too dam high..

    First of all, stop your stupid ass decision just by seein’ lolipop notification bar on z3 body.
    That UI probably just animation, can’t u see the akward animation on that Tv?!
    Shit, no good in english makes me bad at explaining stuff.

    Fuck I lost my raging comment about haters a moment ago

  • can’t wait for z4 it’s going to be a new member in the family

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  • nyeh

    Imo sony’s lollipop ui would be similar like this

  • Ali G

    I’m gonna sign up just to down-vote you comment.


    i hate lollipops notification bar

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  • Rohan Santamaria

    Note that the image with the notification bar, doesn’t have the Sony logo nor the navigation bar. Mostly just a demo video.

  • Srikant Boddepalli

    Xperia Z has Full HD 441PPI display. which very few phones have.. if that is not best for you.. what else is?

  • Guest

    i think you are in frustration. please take some break.

  • Timothy Crayon

    The animal the animal the animal — Timel —
    Liar , son of a bitch, leave this forum and back to your shamesung (sucksung) fan page and RIP……
    We do not want any “kiddish” comment from a creature like you.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    You and I both mate

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    It’s not the resolution, but the technology of the screen to accurately reproduced it’s colour.. Go test a Z3 and Z side by side and you’ll know how much punchiness the Z3 display is despite having a lower resolution.. Heck..My sis Z1 Compact reproduces much better colours Base on images downloaded from the Web..

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    What I want from Sony is a timeless design..The Xperia UI is what caught my attention 4 years ago,after using my dad’s Samsung tab2 and a friends S2,touchwiz was too damn laggy and complicated to use..But The Xperia UI, Then be known as Timescape, was a simple and pleasant UI, easy to use and easy to understand.. In just glad it haven’t changed much.But I do accept changes as long as it is simple, elegant,and timeless..

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Actually.. It’s such a befitting meme for the troll who has recycled his words..

  • Sachin Gautam

    New TrackID, with lollipop design

  • Sachin Gautam

    Did anyone saw this

  • Sachin Gautam

    Detection Phase

  • DarkLord

  • DarkLord

  • Aiden Pearce
  • (C):stem

    You’re in a blog made by fans for fans, what did you expect?

  • Matthias

    Sony’s phone and messaging icons are hideous, I really hope they do redesign those…

  • azzido

    OMG why Sony is not doing so nice animations, widgets and graphics??? I want this launcher now! I do not care the price :)

  • TechGuyChris

    i want the xperia UI to have a high tech theme. similar to total recall or the james bond movies. its kind of hard to explain but UI doesnt look like a cartoon or like a toy. its more high tech.

  • duke1

    This looks EXACTLY like Kitkat.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Well its no its lcd display do it got washed out colours and poor viewing angels, however I don’t care about that :)

  • mrjraider

    That is some poorly editted screen into a Z3.. I mean really Sony? You can do way better than this…

  • Dean Newell

    I certainly don’t think so, firstly for the obvious reasons (like thatthe notification bar is stock and doesn’t match anything else) but mostly due to this:

  • DarkLord


  • Iucidium

    Please please please please keep to AOSP!

  • Patrick Jurdana

    Bring Android 5.0 to Xperia M2 !!!!!!!

  • Me

    Same ugly design that we can see on AOSP Lollipop for Xperia Z.
    Nothing new here.

  • Krzysztof Bieniek
  • JustMyOpinion

    Please don’t say that you like TouchWiz UI, kinda one of worst, but that’s just my opinion, who cares…

    FYI I like Sony UI.

  • TeRmRaN19

    Hello folks. Please like this comment so everyone see and read this.

    I have just asked SonyXperia on twitter if they are getting a new UI aside with the lollipop update. I did get this reply :

  • TeRmRaN19


  • kamimako-11

    You guys have to got see this
    1:37 in the video

  • starboy

    well saying

  • Zidhin Mohd

    What about the 3 buttons below..the home and other two buttons…

  • Sibtain

    Why can everyone not bloody realise? This is a damn fake. Can you not see how the quality of the status bar/notification dropdown is so blurry and low, and the background is perfect? You guys really think they’d go AOSP? Even the crappiest phones when updated get a UI change, and Sony is one of the best. Gosh, the world these days

  • amirali
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