SmartEyeglass app hits the Play Store; demo of “SmartEyeglass Attach!” shown off

by XB on 16th February 2015

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SmartEyeglassSony has launched an official application for the SmartEyeglass (SED-E1). The app allows users to control the SmartEyeglass settings as well as managing extensions for the device. Like other Sony accessories, you will need to have the Smart Connect app installed. This follows on from the recent launch of official Facebook and Twitter apps for the device.

Sony also recent showed of a demo of the Single-Lens Display Module, or its working name of ” SmartEyeglass Attach!” This brings the same functionality to any spectacles/eyewear. The SmartEyeglass Attach! has a 0.23-inch (640 x 400) colour OLED micro display that attaches to a pair of glasses. The demo video shows off a number of functions including tracking your workouts, helping you get that perfect golf swing or perfecting that tennis return. Check out the video below.

SmartEyeglass Attach – Demo of the Single-Lens Display Module

SmartEyeglass now on Google Play Store

SmartEyeglass app_1_result

SmartEyeglass app_2_result SmartEyeglass app_3_result

Via Sony Developer World and Android Police.

  • Guest

    for z2

  • tysonbox

    Don’t post updates unless its lollipop…

  • jonyah
  • lolinator

    Sony Confirmed IOS for Xperia!!1!11!!111 forget lollipop we will receive IOS

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Do I have to get mad again? What is wrong with some people nowadays? :(

  • Amimanot

    But how will we go back to home? We got no home button

  • yuskhayru

    there’s alot of tutorial out there on how to make a home button for xperia z series, just google it dude! XD

  • xperiafan324

    Not to mention a curved z3 variant ;D

    Honestly though gotta love Sony’s enthusiasm for the future.
    This wearable solves the main problem with Glass and that was that most people just didn’t like to wear it because it just wasn’t stylish enough. This new concept whilst not stylish by any means, exudes a utilitarian approach which could possibly make the masses see its potential.
    Still pricing will be key, if it is effective, I see sportspersons and athletes as the prime early adopters, but for all else it’ll either need uber marketing or an irresistible price.

  • jag

    Now we can know high the HP and how much SP a person could have by using this apparatus!!!

  • Sadman Khan

    OVER 9000!

  • Sony Fan

    The name should be Xperia Lens, it sounds much cooler than SmartEyeglass.

  • duke1

    Another varient of next-gen glassholes comin’ right up!

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