Sony Stainless Steel SmartWatch 3 now rolling; “holder” kit landing in a few weeks to use any wrist strap

by XB on 17th February 2015

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SW3 SteelSony has started to roll the Stainless Steel SmartWatch 3 globally. It is currently available across the Sony Mobile Store in Europe for £229.99/€279.90 versus the silicone versions for £189.99/€229.90. We imagine some owners are waiting for Sony to sell the Stainless Steel wrist brand separately, well the good news is that Sony has confirmed it will be selling them from early spring.

Sony also recently confirmed that it will see the modular SmartWatch 3 “holder” kit in the coming weeks. This will allow you to use the SmartWatch 3 with any 24mm watch strap. This will also come with brown or black leather strap options.

Sony Stainless Steel SmartWatch 3 released

SW3 Steel_4

Sony SmartWatch 3 with “Holder” and Brown Leather strap

SmartWatch 3 leather


Sony SmartWatch 3: All wrist straps

SmartWatch-3-SWR50-All Straps

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

  • shhh

    Never really liked steel on my wrist, leather always looks good for casual and formal.

  • nana

    First nooooo

  • Tsakane

    I hate to be that guy, but like really Sony are taking AGES to release Lollipop. This is quite pathetic.

  • JohnZn_1989

    I would like to have a black stainless steel version… Everything would be okay. No ugly silicone like now and no bling bling silver…

  • tysonbox

    I can lick your ice cream, and you can lick my lollipop :D

  • shakins

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  • Eleanor Goreng

    I guess Sony were just “make.believe”?

  • DanielGearSolid

    Make a steel phone!

  • nick

    Definitely black..would be my choice too

  • jonyah

    Black stainless would be a very nice option, but people still want the silicone for when they use this in wet conditions.

  • jonyah

    Well, you are that guy. But you are joined by a few dozen of “those guy” who just won’t shut up because they think by complaining on a fan site that it’ll actually make Sony release Lollipop faster.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    In India they started roll out quiet early, and its priced exactly same as the silicon version.

  • Jaissal S

    I hope that we will be able to purchase the straps on there own. I do like the metal strap and the holder looks useful too.

  • goldenblls

    I’m after the SS version. I think it looks great.

  • mona
  • David Hvatov

    Smart Connect updated today. Maybe it’s finally time for lollibob.

  • Snorky112

    well I’d rather stay on kitkat than having bugs in Lollipop and have to wait for fixes.. (5.0.X is bugged as fck even on stock, sony is not late, google was too fast and now everything should be ok on 5.1, I hope sony waits 5.1 and releases it and not 5.0.X

  • jonyah

    Glad to see they are offering the stainless steel as an add-on eventually. That’ll make my son very happy.

  • azzido

    but you know what sorry mobile will receive instead if there will be any single bug in its lolipop as they had SO MUCH TIME to fix EVERYTHING on EARTH?

    I hope their decisions on updates will be reflected in future sales. I will vote with my wallet by switching to competition, finally, after years. THEY convinced me, as I CAN’T TAKE MORE :) “Sorry.make.believe”

  • nickname

    hahahah!!! it suits soooo much :>

  • Snorky112

    yea but competitions UI’s are ugly as fuck, phones are ugly as fuck (except maybe HTC One) and batteries are shitty as fuck too…

  • SNE on a roll. Fnd something to wear with it
    – heeltote

  • #001_Xenomorph_#0011

    where to fucking buy this leather strap????? not even sony itself offers it -.-

  • okemako

    Third Sony’s smartwatch and first foray into the world of Android Wear with a sporty SmartWatch 3 and especially equipped with a standalone GPS.

  • Yeah Yeah Yeah…..but WHERE can I buy the ‘Holder’? Even emailing Sony customer services was a failure.

  • Adam Christensen

    So, where is this SmartWatch 3 holder kit?

  • Chao He

    Now nearly two months on, with Apple Watch debuting worldwide drawing 1m preorder on day 1, we are still waiting for you, SONY, to ACTUALLY roll out any band or holders for our SW3… Very well planned and very efficient expectation management… You SONY guys are truly MASTERS OF ZEN!!!!

  • lolwut

    Is this out yet anywhere? I would like to buy it.

  • Psiren

    Do Sony have any idea when the holder kit will become available in the UK. The articles mentions: “Sony also recently confirmed that it will see the modular SmartWatch 3 “holder” kit in the coming weeks”. That was back in February it’s now mid June?


    4 months later and still no holder kit. Still waiting Sony. I probably should just sell the watch, seems like they were bluffing on the holder kit. Was a major reason I got the watch in the first place.

  • Erlend Saga

    All lies, 2years and still impossible to find these products. F##k you sony smartwatch

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