DevilCase Xperia Z3 Compact Aluminium Bumper review

by XB on 28th March 2015

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DevilCase Bumper  Xperia Z3C_6We recently reviewed the DevilCase aluminium bumper for the Sony Xperia Z3 and today we are following that up with our thoughts on the bumper for the Z3’s little brother, the Xperia Z3 Compact.

DevilCase sent over a gorgeous Champagne Gold bumper for us to check out and we weren’t disappointed. It may not be cheap but the DevilCase aluminium bumper is superbly crafted and enhances the premium look and feel of the Xperia Z3 Compact, whilst offering some protection too. Click through to read our impressions of the DevilCase Xperia Z3 Compact Aluminium Bumper.

The DevilCase aluminium bumper for Xperia Z3 Compact has proved to be quite popular, often out of stock since its launch a few weeks ago. The bumper is currently on sale via for $53.99 in three colours (Black, Champagne Gold and Red). It can also be ordered through DevilCase’s own website.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Compact Aluminium Bumper review

Installing the DevilCase Aluminium Bumper is quick and simple. Most shouldn’t need any instructions, if you do, these are provided on the packaging which confirms how easy it is.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Compact Aluminium Bumper review

Inside the box, DevilCase provides the aluminium bumper, hex wrench to lock/unlock the case, some spare screws and even an optional back cover skin. There is also a supporting plate (insert) that can be used with the magnetic charging dock to ensure a good fit.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Compact Aluminium Bumper review

DevilCase is based in Taiwan and uses an aviation grade aluminium alloy (A6061) to craft the bumper with high-precision CNC machining. For the price paid, you would expect that both parts of the case fit perfectly and no issues with screws being threaded. This is exactly what you get.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Compact Aluminium Bumper review

Of course what you don’t want is your expensive smartphone rubbing against exposed metal, which could cause scratches. DevilCase therefore has lined the inside of the bumper with rubber strips to ensure no risk to your phone.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Compact Aluminium Bumper review

The bumper is made up of two parts that fit the sides of the phone. These are then securely held in position using two screws and locked into place using the Allen key.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Compact Aluminium Bumper review

The DevilCase Xperia Z3 Compact Aluminium Bumper provides a perfect fit for the phone. We noticed no wobbling of any kind in the frame, with the whole package feeling very secure. Whilst the front and back panels are exposed, we would fully expect the bumper to do a good job of protecting the phone against a short fall. The bumper provides some good grip and the use of anodised aluminium looks fantastic.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Compact Aluminium Bumper review

The right side of the Xperia Z3 Compact is completely covered with DevilCase opting to use its own metal buttons for the power, volume and camera.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Compact Aluminium Bumper review

The buttons themselves provide a good amount of travel and we did not notice any stiffness or hit-and-miss when trying to press them. It was good to see that the volume button in particular didn’t rattle whilst on the move, which some cheaper bumpers have been susceptible to.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Compact Aluminium Bumper review

The left side of the phone has access to the micro SD memory card slot as well as the magnetic charging function of the phone. DevilCase also includes a special plate that can be used with Sony’s charging dock. The SIM card slot is covered, but this shouldn’t be an issue for most users who will rarely change SIMs.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Compact Aluminium Bumper review

The top of the bumper provides ample room for even large 3.5mm headphone jacks. Unusually, DevilCase has a reasonably large opening for the mic on the top of the handset.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Compact Aluminium Bumper review

The bottom of the DevilCase bumper includes two holes for the use of a lanyard.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Compact Aluminium Bumper review

The bumper allows you to show off the classic Xperia design whilst providing some protection too. DevilCase also provide a back cover skin if you want some additional protection on the rear.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Compact Aluminium Bumper review

The Champagne Gold bumper that we were testing is gorgeous in the flesh (the pictures don’t do it justice) and would suit both black and white Xperia Z3 Compact’s in our view.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Compact Aluminium Bumper review

The bumper also provides a small ‘lip’ so that you can place the handset face down on a table without risking your display.

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Compact Aluminium Bumper review

Overall thoughts

If you have read our previous DevilCase Xperia Z3 Aluminium Bumper review, then you won’t find much that has changed in our view. The DevilCase bumper for the Xperia Z3 Compact is once again a well-crafted piece of anodized aluminium that fits the handset perfectly, giving you some peace of mind over light bumps and scrapes whilst retaining the phone’s good looks.

In our use, we didn’t notice any issues of cell strength degradation and enjoyed the near-naked experience of using the Xperia Z3 Compact without it being completely covered in a case. The high price will be an issue for some, but DevilCase has a growing reputation for its smartphone bumpers combined with great customer service. If you can afford it, you won’t be disappointed.

– High precision aluminium bumper with a perfect, solid fit
– Bumper complements elegance of the Xperia Z3 Compact
– Access to all major ports and buttons (only the SIM slot is blocked)
– All covered buttons are easily pressed/activated
– Provides light protection without sacrificing the Xperia Z3 Compact design
– No noticeable signal degradation by using the bumper
– Very quick and easy to install
– Includes spare bumper screws, just in case

– Not cheap, so won’t appeal to all

DevilCase Xperia Z3 Compact Aluminium Bumper review

Many thanks to DevilCase for sending the bumper for review!

  • Martin Ambre

    i need one in India

    how to get it??

  • Kenneth

    I have a brand new devilcase Xperia Z1 Bumper to sell it anyone is interested.

  • Felix Bölter

    That thing looks huge

  • mjmdroid

    Good luck with that thing

  • mjmdroid

    Holyshit, no thanks ?

  • Kamil1308

    I think the best cover you can get for you Xperia is a insurance from your carrier.

  • Guest


  • DBS

    I can see this being useful on other devices…but on an Xperia, a case that protects everything BUT the glass seems to be a pretty dumb idea to buy.

    However, as they say, if there’s market for it, sure, why not…

  • Ryan Kumar Jassi

    Your right for all I know I could have one of these cases knock the side of the device and have the impact shatter part of the glass depending on how strong the impact is but the chances are that the glasd is less likely to break with this on than with it off

  • Diogo Simões

    Off topic

    Sony Mobile signs up Real Madrid star Gareth Bale as brand ambassador

    Gareth Bale, Sony ambassador, said: “I’ve been a massive fan of Sony, ever since I got my very first Sony PlayStation and Sony Walkman, now I am thrilled to become an ambassador for Sony Mobile.

    “Using the Sony Xperia Z3, they’ve combined the best of gaming, music and a phone, the Remote Play feature twinned with the 2 day battery life is incredible.”

    Catherine Cherry, Sony Mobile marketing director, added: “Fitness is a key passion point for our customers and working with such an established athlete means that we can reward them like never before.

    “As well as having the best technology at their fingertips with Xperia devices, they’ll be in with a chance of winning a memorable, once in a life time experience that they can’t get anywhere else.”

  • DBS

    Except it’s the vibration waves caused by the impact that break the glass, not the impact itself. And, therefore, this would make absolutely no difference, specially being metal which doesn’t absorb any impact wave. Were it silicone, it would stand a better chance.

  • z3firm

    Install or Run Android on PC or Laptop from USB Stick Tutorial

  • Wolf0491

    Not available if you buy unlocked

  • Ryan Kumar Jassi

    Wow I didnt know silicone would stand a better chance I have the official case for my z2 and z2 tab they do the job for me

  • DBS

    It does. To put it very simplistically, because silicone is a rubbery substance, the impact waves are more easily absorbed as the atoms aren’t so closely compressed.

  • Mars

    Never used a bumper and I never will.

  • Ryan Kumar Jassi

    I always thought that if the atoms were closely compressed they would do a better job since they would sorta act as a barrier shielding the device from the waves but if u say otherwise then im gunna roll

  • DBS

    There’s logic in that too. By being together they do make the material stronger. That’s why metal is better than plastic. So for endurance, it’s better if a phone is made out of aluminium instead of plastic. However, the same way it’s stronger, the closeness of the atoms prevents the impact waves to go through them. And thus the impact puts pressure on those atoms which then breaks the more fragile material available, ie the glass. Because the function of a case is to absorbs the impact if you drop the phone, it’s important that the material of the case actually absorbed the impact.

    Do YouTube it, there are pretty cool experiments showing that, I’m sure ;)

  • raju

    I want bumper care for z1 from India

  • Kamil1308

    That’s the only problem. I personally still have the z1 and have dropped it plenty of time and nothing serious have ever happend since Sony makes pretty strong phones.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    just when the heL$ z4 will come ..

  • Wolf0491

    I broke my first phone ever last week. The Z3.had to get it repaired and was about $200 lol. The way it broke though few things would have survived lol.
    My original Z however survived lots of drops.

  • bilomar

    Is there a case that installs lollipop on my Xperia?

  • Kamil1308

    Noo that must of hurt.

    Maybe as the newer the phones get the weaker then make them so they would in fact break. It’s with everything new now, it supposed to last only couple of years so then you would have to buy a newer one.

    Hopefully it won’t be the case with the z4 as I’m planning on getting it.

  • Deads

    Looks usefull if you ever want to trow your phone at someone.

    Dont think it actually helps with cracking screen or cracking backside.

  • Wolf0491

    Yeah as annoying. I wasn’t gonna try to get it fixed through Sony though because it would have taken 2 months lol

  • Kamil1308

    It probably would have cost you more as well.

  • Luis

    I’m from Brazil, and I purchased a Z3 Compact Green(beautiful!), and with 2 days of usage, it had a really little drop to the floor, and here is the results:

    So, learn this lesson, and take every step necessary to protect your phone. With this, I have lost R$1600,00 Reais(about $500).

  • Paul Muad’Dib

    This is the mother of ugliness. No thank you!

  • ho

    drop length?
    did u go to service center?

  • RamaKrishna
  • brick

    How dumb does one have to be to drop a new expensive phone after just two days… I know that shit happens but man learn to take care of your stuff especially if it’s new and expensive.

    Also the service verve center can replace your glad glass out of warranties warranty for a price, but still better than buying a new phone.

  • GregLu

    Sorry DevilCase but :
    – You deliver this product way too late,
    – The price is way up since the EUR has been fallen now so it’s pretty expensive considering the protection,
    – The bulkyness is too high.

    My 2 ct IMHO. And I was at first very interested by this, now I only have front and back tempered glass without any other protection and it’s okay, but I treat the Z3 with care.

  • goahead

    SONY, release the Z4 already! :(

  • Benjamin Levy

    You can get insurance directly from Sony.

  • Wolf0491

    Yeah i know but it’s probably just as expensive as with how much repair cost and Sony takes over a month do stuff since you have to mail it to them then they mail back after repair. Tis a pain.

  • Luis

    First of all: Respect is good and I like it. You don’t know me or my conditions.

    Second, no one drops it’s newest smartphone because wants, like “Hell Yeah I’ll drop my new phone o/”. It was an accident that can happen to anyone even you.

    And yes, the drop was little, like 1m from the floor. When it droped from my hands, I managed to take it while still in the air, but I couldn’t catch it. So before it got smashed in the floor, I somehow “weaken” it’s drop.

    I called the Oficial Sony Support Center of my country, and Sony charged me R$2.000,00 to replace the screen. Yeah, Sony charged MORE than the price of a new phone.

    I don’t know if you have Z3, but it’s extremely slippery, and that’s the cause of my trouble.

  • Luis

    Drop length was about 1m from the floor, but when the phone slipped from my hands, I managed to take it while still in the air, but I couldn’t catch it. So judging by this, it was 0.30m from the floor, because I could weaken it’s drop, but it didn’t do any good.

  • That’s HUGE!!!!!!!!

    Wow.. that totally defeats the purpose of “compact”… =.=

  • timenow

    thanks for sharing
    it seems that india is not the only place to get cursed by sony service center

  • Vrr

    Hey guys can I flash Xperia z2 d6503 ftf on d6502 will it cause any problem

  • Lunkz

    A friend of mine broke his Z3 Display after 1 week…

  • Lunkz

    Did you use a foil for the display?

  • A.o.D

    $900!’ll get two new z3 compacts at that price. Definitely your story is fake. Only fools will believe that you dropped that phone from 1m distance to the ground. After looking at that picture I would say it has fallen from a greater height on a rough ground or it has fallen from a moving car or bike, etc. and also you must have damaged more that just the tempered glass to be charged $900. Maybe they are charging extra for your fake story :P

  • Snorky112

    whats the difference between both ? in the worst case it doesnt work and you have to reflash d6502

  • Vrr

    D6502 is an Indian model so I’m just thinking i will flash the Baltic generic version will it cause any problems in network

  • Amel_Marie

    This shit was taken with z3 using superior Auti

  • Amel_Marie

    *Shot was taken with z3 using superior Auto

  • Vasilis K.

    Buy this bumper to protect the premium look of Z3C and turn it into the premium look of Z1C!!! Z1C rocks! (P.S. Did you know that these semi-transparent parts of Z3C frame are stuck on its actual plastic frame? I show a couple of days ago one that had one of its corners off!)

  • Snorky112

    yea that’s was I was saying, in the worst case phone works but you don’t have signal, or just doesnt work. just wait it won’t be late, also you don’t really need the update, KitKat is great already and you’ll just see changes in the material design.

  • Håkan Andersson

    Well, the support plate for charging dock does not perform very well.
    Should have been a better solution!

  • RamaKrishna

    Off topic: can anyone provide me a link to the clock in the first phone? Or is it included in lollipop update?

  • mukul verma

    but if you really want to try, try it & if there is no signal, then choose gsm only in mobile connectivity.

  • blurb8

    Holy shit, thats ugly

  • So the cheapest option you have is go to the ebay, buy new screen and replace it by yourself. It’s not that hard, but you will probably need heat gun. It will definitely cost less than 900 $.

  • mukul verma

    i think its a widget in lollipop, next 2 clock i manage to find, but first one not able to find.seems you have to wait for the update.

  • RamaKrishna

    Hmm yeah..waiting for the update :-P

  • Kamil1308

    I hope it wasn’t just some silly drop from a low height because otherwise it would be a joke.

  • Vrr

    Ok dude thanks! I will wait

  • DBS

    That sucks. Mine has fallen 5 times already and not a dent.
    Anyway, luckily the Z3C has one of the easiest screens to replace.

    Here’s a link that should help you out

    That video is from a store too, and they provide the link to their site, but I think you can also get the digitizer on eBay. At any rate, the screen from that store costs US$170 (não faço ideia quanto é que isso dá em Reais). So it’s a far far far cheaper option.

  • Niels d. G.

    That was NOT a little drop…

  • Tristan

    No idea how to order this to Europe. doesn’t ship outside U.S. and the DevilCase website leaves me with “Data Processing, please wait …” forever at the last step of the checkout process :(

  • Fadi Obaya

    XPERIA Z ULTRA 5.0 HAS ROLLED OUT!!! :) Xperifirm! check it out

  • Sarger

    Can you post links?

  • i want lollipop for my Xperia T2 Ultra

  • Fadi Obaya


  • dfdfsdfsf

    use ali express

  • [S]unjay

    We know!

  • Guest

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  • Sean Crockenberg

    Ordered a devilcase for my Z2 in Nov after seeing the review in this blog, through Aliexpress. Never arrived. Order cancelled after 4 months. Rear glass cracked the day after order cancelled. If you order, prepare to wait and wait.

  • a.hamameh

    Say goodbye to Walkman
    The Music app will start to rolling out this couple days

  • ho


  • mukul verma
  • shsrh

    all bitch

  • Guest

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    Can Find Out,



  • Lunkz

    it was… but the display hit with the face on the ground, without a second foil on the display it happens fast…

  • Kamil1308

    That is the worse I guess the whole panel had to be changed then. I always buy glass screen protector. I had to change it at least 5 times but now but at least I never had to send it to repair.

  • Oldtimer42

    I didn’t see this post till after I ordered my Black Devilcase for my Z3C yesterday. I had been waiting for it and want to try it out. I’ll provide comments once I receive it.

    Currently using the Ringke Fusion. This has been a good case being cost effective and has protected the phone during some unexpected drops. Good balance of price and performance.

    Only comments are the flimsy piece of “plastic” on the left near the mag charger and the back being a magnet for scuffing and scratches. I’m expecting the piece of plastic to break eventually.

  • brick

    I think they noticed the fact you’re incredibly dumb and tried to scam you into paying more than a new phone. But I guess you’re not THAT dumb after all since you didn’t fell for it. Good job!

  • Guest

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  • georgegeorge123

    no more

  • tiangiron

    I hope you’d also be able to review the DevilCase Aluminum Bumper for Xperia Z Ultra :)

  • Mi

    already dropped mine multiple times, from the bed or while taking a pic(while standing) . I dropped it once on rough surface. still not a scratch on the glass though the plastic frame got its paint chipped.

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  • William Beggs

    I bought a case a couple of weeks ago off the app “Wish” without screws to fit it and I cant fault it in the slightest. It is a perfect fit…holds the phone well and personally think it looks better then the case reviewed. It was displayed as originally having cost £34 but ive never seen it higher then £6 on the app.

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  • StinkDees

    For those interested in Black Color

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