Xperia C4 (E53XX) ‘Cosmos’ gets another leak, model number confirmed

by XB on 7th April 2015

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Xperia C4 CosmosThe Sony Xperia C4 will launch shortly, with its key selling point being the large front-facing camera and LED flash. We have already seen a number of pictures, but today another has emerged from tipster @upleaks. He also suggests that the handset codenamed ‘Cosmos’ will have model number E53XX. The Xperia C4 Dual, in particular, will have model number E5333 and FCC Type Number PM-0862-BV.

Thanks difwwh!

  • Thariq Mohammed

    Look so sexy, prefer a same design for Z4

  • inspire

    Didn’t they say that they will shift focus to high end only? And again Cx, Ex, Mx are getting released! So what was all that focus shift propaganda for?

  • Another fanboy

    Dont worry, its not for people like u. There are millions/billions of people wanna try it@wanna have it. Dont waste your time, get a life.

  • ali

    If the update doesn’t show up in the update center on your phone, try to update it through your computer. I didnt get any notification for update for my z2, but when I connected it to the computer, a notification notification for SONY PC Companion showed up, telling me to update to lollipop. My firmware is the Middle East one, so I believe it should be out in most of the markets. So guys check the update SONY pc companion.

  • Mahesh

    Finally Got my update… From INDIA :D

  • Boonerski

    At least they’re finally shaving off most of the bezels. Good job Sony!

  • Lovelesh Khatter

    where is xperia m4
    there is only name that m4 will be here in spring and spring is start now where is m4

  • I kinda like the design, pity that Z4 will NOT have that small top and bot bezels, hoping that Z4 Ultra (which IS in the works) will have such bezels lik C4!

  • ozanyalcn45

    fuck u sony i am still waiting update :(

  • joseph carmine nero

    Xperia lavender also leaked

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    The idea of a Z4 Ultra is awesome, really looking forward to it. But there hasn’t really been any concrete evidence of it. No pictures, and I don’t remember seeing any leaked model numbers for it

  • True, but different sources and insiders say that it IS in the works, just a matter of time when u will see some pictures ;-) it’s still too early, if sony plans to unveils it in September @ IFA

  • jr

    Not all can afford premium segment but if you look closely all mid range is for their test product for the purpose of product development and demand test
    Example of it was
    1. xperia M4 aqua first of sony to released waterproof flapless usb – same features to z4
    2. Xperia c3 first 5 mp front camera – same features to z4
    3. Xperia e First sony waterproof phone same features to Z
    4. I think Xperia Sp was the first sony phone having great battery capacity with an outrageous specs in mid range. same features to xperia z compact, z2 and above and all xperia line up after.
    5. Xperia P and z Ultra – Xperia P offers the whitemagic technology but the screen comes up with a white wash and disregard cause ips panel were more superior in color production so they test one z ultra. z ultra as i recall does not sell well but using of ips panel were accepted by most of the consumers. probably sony was hurt in gambling this one so they go mid range to experiment

    Just by analysing on it Sony is more on conservative approach for using mid range as test subject for new features and improvement and after they will combine to this in their premium segment.

  • inspire

    I’m not complaining why Sony released it, I’m asking about the noise that Sony made a couple of months back regarding focus shift to profitable and premium segment!

    People just need a chance to abuse these days!

    Btw, millions and billions are not buying it, otherwise the mobile division wouldn’t be ailing :/

  • Wrestler Kishore Cena

    looks beautiful

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  • Guest

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  • bzhzhJjsbzbz

    more pics made by z4 (check photo details)
    i cant show images here cause too big so use link

  • DrazenDodig

    40 million did… it never meant that they wont produce these mid-spec phones anymores, just that overall they will do less of them, and they are doing less of them. However, they need at least 7-8 phones overall to be out at any given time.

  • Zidhin Mohd

    Even has close all!!!!
    I took a backup from the Xperia backup app 4.4.4… Now i can’t restore coz its an old version now…anyone has any idea on how do i get back my contacts

  • azzido

    I want that wallpaper! :)

  • iosvsios

    Doesn’t mean they would entirely eliminate the non-high-end phones I think?

  • jag

    sync it with your google account.

  • Azizi Nor Hadi

    gonna buy it if the price around $200 and 2 days battery life just like others newest xperia lineup

  • inspire

    That’s ture, they won’t eliminate entire mid range but I’m wondering what they are eliminating, given the new leaks on mid range devices every other day :)

  • Timel

    No Sony is right big bezel is great
    Sony should make the bezel bigger and bigger and bigger I’m so excited!

  • Daman

    Can’t wait for C4 Dual anymore… I am dying… Plsssssssssss. make it available for sale in Indian Market.!!!

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