Is Sony working on an all-metal Xperia flagship? Multiple official concept images leak

by XB on 18th April 2015

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Xperia Y_1Sony cannot be happy with Wikileaks right now, given that the latter decided to create a searchable archive of all of the emails and documents related to the hack that its Sony Pictures division suffered last December. Once of these leaked documents contain a number of official Sony concept designs of possible future Xperia handsets.

It gives a rare insight into what Sony’s designers are thinking of, both in terms of handset design and UI. Whilst all of the images are concepts, there is a good chance that some of the images may prove to provide a base for real upcoming models. One such stunning concept is the ‘Y’, which looks far more developed in terms of design compared to the other concepts. One annotation referring to this handset talks about a “new design & form”.

Leakster @Vizileaks recently spoke of the ‘real’ Xperia Z4 being a different handset to the one that we’ve seen so much of recently. Now he also suggests that the handset will be all-metal, feature a finger-print sensor and new power button. This could be the Sony ‘Y’ concept we are seeing below. If you are asking where the fingerprint sensor is, Sony may be using its “sensor-equipped” display – the patent for this tech was secured back in 2012.

Either way, assuming any of this is true, we are very excited to see a possible new flagship design for the Sony Xperia flagship series.

Sony Xperia Concept 1: Y

Sony talks about a “new device & form” when referring to the ‘Y’ concept handset. It includes the new power button design that @ViziLeaks refers to and has smaller bezels than seen in the Xperia Z3. From the few images leaked it is difficult to say whether this is an all-metal design (there is no rear pic), but the way the edges are accentuated with metal, it certainly is a possibility. The micro USB is located at the bottom, much like the upcoming Xperia flagship that has been leaked recently.

Xperia Y_1

Xperia Y_2

Xperia Y_3

Sony Xperia Concept 2: Tube

The ‘Tube’ concept comes with a flatter top and bottom, but with rounded edges on the side of the handset. This concept also appears to use a similarly redesigned power button, with the power symbol image sitting on a rectangular shaped button. The micro USB port also once again sits on the bottom, with headphone jack at the top.

Xperia Tube_1

Xperia Tube_2

Xperia Tube_3

Sony Xperia Concept 3: Mono

The ‘Mono’ images truly looks like an early concept design. It appears that Sony’s inspiration here is to create a single solid block and the choice of materials used could be a key differentiator. Sony mentions new UI when pointing to the way the clock is displayed.

Xperia mono_1

Xperia mono_2

Xperia mono_3

Sony Xperia Concept 4: Plate

The ‘Plate’ concept appears to use a fabric-like material combined with a plastic/metal frame. Other manufacturers have dabbled with using a faux-leather material in its handsets such as Samsung with the Galaxy Note 3 and perhaps even the upcoming LG G4, judging by recent leaks. The clock UI is also highlighted, giving a hint what Sony may be planning. This uses a large number to tell the hour and judging by how ‘full’ that number has been shaded you can get an idea of the number of minutes past that hour.

Xperia plate_1

Xperia plate_2

Xperia plate_3

Xperia plate_4

Sony Xperia Concept 5: Glass

This ‘Glass’ concept is perhaps not the best idea when it comes to durability. The concept uses 2.5D strength glass on the sides of the phone, as well as front/back and comes with a resin bezel.

Xperia glass_1

Xperia glass_2

Xperia glass_3

New SmartBand? Possibly the SmartBand SWR12 with heart rate sensor

SmartBand 2_1

SmartBand 2_2

Via WikiLeaks.

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • i want Xperia Z4

  • Fadi Obaya

    Sony is dead

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Are you sure?

  • jag

    Sony is going to be really furious about the leaks. It was shocking to know that they also have a say about politics and some things in the US… It was like WOOAAAAH!!!

  • Epyon007

    I would definitely be interested in the Y concept if it’s adopted on the Z4, as it stands I plan on keeping my ZL until something with a newer design comes out.

  • gamer324

    Xperia Y is by far the most refined looking design I’ve seen from Sony, not a fan of that long power button though.

  • Woki

    this is beautiful really cool

  • Nander

    Cool stuff. I prefer concept tube and plate. Would buy them in an instant.

  • xperiaDROID

    Love the Y design, hope it’s the Z4. Damn, this makes me wanna keep using my Z until the Z4 comes out on September.

    Since my Z will be getting Lollipop as well, why not?

  • SopNaw

    The designs concepts is awesome but for my personnal advice, not by the leak… Now, all the manufacturers that will see this concepts will be more suspicious in the future because if Sony really put this (the concept to a real phone which can be the Z5 or something), the manufacturers will try to create a completely new design similar to this.

  • Reza

    I think u just woke up from nightmare…

  • Kiwison

    Why do I see Chinese/Japanese characters on Xperiablog on my phone? There’re 5-10 and spread around the screen

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Tube concept is the best for me, reminds me my old SE P1

  • japolis

    lets vote for favorite design!

  • japolis


  • japolis

    Y (upvote is vote)

  • japolis


  • japolis


  • japolis


  • japolis


  • tong_its

    the way i see it, the herd (sorry for sounding harsh) hasn’t got enough of the rounded corners design, so i think others will not be in a rush to copy sony’s uber-streamlined designs. the Y looks awesome, although i wish they’d replace the glass back.

  • tong_its

    maybe his eyes are skewed from long exposures to super amoled screens.

  • Zoltan Borbely

    Yeah. Mono I’d the best.

  • haxona

    That Y prototype looks really good and solid. If this in fact is the new series of phones then I am there day one Sony, you hear me Sony DAY ONE!

    Maybe you should retire the Z name and start fresh with this

  • SopNaw

    Yes… That would be better if they don’t copy. But after all, as I have already said and as we all know already, these are concepts. But the small problem is that we never know what the others manufacturers are capable to doing, it’s like “no pity in a rage wars where the giants want to sell more than the others”.

  • Marlish

    The Y design and the glass concept should be merged together then the fingerprint scanner would be on the side of the glass. That would be a perfect design.

    The plate one should be avoided as competition uses it. The tube seems okay though more like the new walkman which came out maybe adopt that design for the upcoming walkmans maybe?

  • Marlish

    half of these must be patented man. You cant copy them. Unless you are samsung of course :P xD

  • Dáire Mooney

    Must say I’m the same. Nothing has tempted me to upgrade my Z yet, but with battery life getting worse, I think this would be the perfect upgrade!

  • Geese Howard

    Sony still has that innovation… wonder how many of these will come to life down the road.. looks awesome. Sony make us believe!

  • SopNaw

    I hope. Moreover, these designs concepts is not to the DNA of Samsung it looks more from Sony for it’s expertise in terms of it’s quality design… And i’m personnally always faithful to Sony, i’m not for Sammy ;)

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  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    this leaked might bring problem if other oem starting to follow what sony had to offer interm of design but the good things is .. Hack .. Sony still had the best designer for their mobile division…

  • P9

    nth here
    XZ, KK, Thailand

  • Kiwison

    It started to appear after the lollipop update Z3 UK..

  • 3zeez

    Same problem after lollipop update
    I also get it with some contact names in my phonebook

  • Timel

    I love Y the most but I hate its thin black bezel around edge of the display

  • Timel

    too thick

  • Timel

    To be honest but this feature is super cool

    Sony should make this patent to be real

  • Me on Z2 :/

  • Guest

    I like Y concept the most but I hate its black bezel is around the edge of the display.

  • Timel

    I like Y concept the most but I hate its black bezel is around the edge of the display

  • Timel

    the most exciting thing about those concepts is I heard that Sony will change their UI, I mean redesign the Xperia UI again

  • HAWX


  • SopNaw

    Lol… And it was taken by Samsung after.

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    Poll : Which concept do you like most?
    1. Original Z3 neo/Z4 design based on leaks in early april ( with press shots )
    2. The elemental Z4 design
    3. The Y Concept
    4. Tube Concept
    5. Mono Concept
    6. Plate Concept
    7. Glass Concept
    8. New SmartWear design

    Well, I personally like all of them, but I like the Y concept mostly.
    I also like tube’s and mono’s Xperia and Sony logo in the frame of the phone.

    OMG! I want those phones badly, I hope they just release one of those concepts, because I will be pissed of choosing which one should I buy, and I still wait for those phones until late this year, although I have to buy the phone in this first half 2015, but for those concepts, I will wait till late 2015.

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    if Sony release this soon, then they will really outperform ALL those competitors, especially in design. I hope those concepts are truly planned.

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    yeah, he sees red as green with those amoled screens

  • HAWX

    If Sony relases this Y concept phone iy would be cool. But If they do a microsoft edition It would be DEAMN cool. Theyll’ just just shit on other brands.

  • fblover

    The first one is perfect!

  • Fynjy7771

    In “Y” concept I like metal glossy frame and small bezels (clock on lockscreen looks great and premium, as well), but the on/off button looks ugly, imo. Round button is perfect, no need to change it.

  • David Hvatov

    Concept 1 & 2 are the best.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    But a larger part button could accommodate a fingerprint sensor without detracting from the signature layout from the original Z

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I like the Y version as well. The Plate has an interesting idea, mainly the more uniform look. Where an off screen doesn’t leave a huge black spot on a device, but a colored one that really makes any colored device look more solid and symmetrical

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    That’s exactly what I thought, a huge Walkman feel. The sharp edges at the top and bottom could really detract from one handed use

  • Rock Kickass

    The Y design gets it for me. Seriously beautiful phone!

  • japolis

    idk y looks like omnibalance and corners are uncomfortably sharp..

  • Niels d. G.

    These are probably just renders made by a bored employee in his spare time. :p
    And since the z4 tablet still has the usual omnibalance design, it’s likely that the z4 phone will turn out similar.

  • Fynjy7771

    Yes, I see. But now technology permits to locate fingerprint sensor under the screen – this is the great solution (and innovation same time). That’s the way it should be.

  • japolis

    if it was it most likely wouldve been released already

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I assume you’re talking about the SnapDragon 820? If so, I think Sony would rather go with the power button/ fingerprint combo for two reasons.

    First, is too keep the screen off, it wouldn’t make too much sense to power the screen on the fingerprint in. Or to have a screen that’s slightly active that’s always waiting for a fingerprint.

    The second, is too keep the OmniBalance design language going strong into the next batch of flagships. The power button is a real signature for Xperia devices, it’s just makes more sense to keep it where it is and embed the sensor below. It keeps the position/ design sort of the same and it makes sense to have the thing that turn the device on and off serve as a way to get into a secure device.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    if they release one in april .. nobody will buy it cuz everyone will wait till september , and sony will lose a lot of money again , they never learn ?

  • Nodar Sixarulidze
  • Nodar Sixarulidze


  • Fynjy7771

    About power consumption: I think, first of all, user will have to activate the screen (by double tapping, for example) and then it will be able to scan finger print. So there is no need in powering scanner/screen all the time. What do think about that?

  • Tjaldid

    How long til someone creates that clock widget

  • Shubham

    I really think that longer button is making its way on various future xperias.. since that element constantly features in various concepts!

  • Wolfmachien

    mono is cool. I would love to see a design like surface 3 / ubuntu edge.

  • Joshua Phillis

    Mono and plate designs look like they use colour e-ink screens. Would be amazing if that was displayed with the screen “off”

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Just had the exact same thought yesterday when theese leaks came out :D

  • Antonio

    Walkman search doesn’t work after upgrade to Lollipop, can someone help me?

  • roeshak

    These concepts at very least point to reasonable change coming from Sony mobile in the foreseeable future. Hopefully we’ll see the first implementation of some of these ideas on next year’s flagships.
    2015 hasn’t been very impressive on the flagship front. Nothing anyway worth moving from the z2 for so far and don’t see the z4 or z3 neo changing.

  • azzido

    voting for Plate + Human with glass on the back :)
    Loved the rounded corners :P

  • azzido


  • bilomar

    Y is so sexy

  • Amel_Marie

    The new design looks stunning! I think z4 would have e-ink at the back or some kind of dot animation like the HTC special back case. Hope the new ui will blow Xperia lovers minds.

  • Drop Tester

    I’d like to do a drop test for concept 5 =)

  • Z1C_user

    am i the only one to see that the clock at Y design is alike James Bond 007?

  • Akand

    I think these concept designs are only for the Bond phone as documents are of Sony Pictures not Sony Mobile division. So if Z4 is a bond phone, then one of these is going to be real. I am eagerly waiting to see what actually Sony does.

  • Kaostheory

    The plate looks like it has a cushion on the back.

  • Akand

    Sssssshhhh!!!! Bosses are designing, please don’t disturb. ;-)

  • Kaostheory

    How come it works for Samsung?

  • Kaostheory

    The glass design with display on the sides would be a kool take on the edge!

  • Boonerski

    Off topic but, what are these?! Am I the only one seeing these?!

  • japolis

    same after lollipop

  • japolis

    i get weird crosses

  • AnP

    As much as I find all these “concepts” interesting, I have to straight away give a thumbs down to what is supposed to be a power button but not looks like a switch. It’s just not aesthetic to the overall design language and is making the phone look ugly on one side! Each new leak we are seeing some how seems to contradict the previous leak, so I’d be careful and take all these with a pinch of salt. And I agree when someone mentioned the edges on the “Y” concept look uncomfortably sharp. But then again, these are concept renders, the images themselves are edgy. Hope Sony really does something unique and out of the box but not stray too far away from delivering great product design and build like always. Cheers!

  • Niels d. G.

    I’m thinking these are not actually official renders but rather the result of some kind of design contest held internally amongst SonyMobile employees?

  • Nawi

    Xperia M2, Xperia T2 Ultra, Xperia T3 and Xperia E3 will be upgraded to Android 5.1?

    Software binaries for AOSP Lollipop (Android 5.1)

    Software binaries for Xperia™ Z3, Xperia™ Z3 Compact, Xperia™ Z3 Tablet
    Compact, Xperia™ Z2, Xperia™ Z2 Tablet, Xperia™ Z1, Xperia™ Z1 Compact,
    Xperia™ Z Ultra, Xperia™ E3, Xperia™ M2, Xperia™ T2 Ultra, and Xperia™
    T3. To be used with the Android™ Open Source Project (AOSP) for Xperia™
    devices. For more information, see the AOSP for Xperia project.

  • Niels d. G.

    Looks like this in firefox:

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    I’ll buy a block of aluminium with the Sony brand as long as it exceeds what they promise… We’re getting tired of omnibalance design, I mean, Sony we get it. It was awesome for a while but, come on…

    Those concepts are sublime, I just hope they realize it.

  • proberts

    Does anyone else have this bug with lollipop?

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    A fingerprint sensor would just take up more power, but this all depends on how Sony would implement it. If you have to turn the screen on then fingerprint in, or fingerprint in on an off screen

  • aiamkesz

    SONY! You never let me down. :)

    P.S. using Sony (Ericsson) phones since when I bought my first phone (SE J200i) and currently using Xperia Z, also in hopes of buying Z4 in sha Allah.

  • Arda Akca

    The tube concept is beautiful. Top and bottom edges flat makes it more premium. They should go with the tube form but instead of glass metal would be wiser.

  • Arda Akca

    Since it is a concept render the real one would be thinner.

  • Arda Akca

    They can hide it under the bottom bezel. No need to change the circular power button.

  • Lisa Naarseth Myklebust

    No offense, but buying the Z4 is the most stupid thing you can do, considering it is equipped with Snapdragon 810. We all saw what happened to the M9, which even underclocked that CPU heavily and upgraded its battery size (to no avail). Wait for the Z5 (Snapdragon 820, which is the complete opposite of 810 and will give great battery life and allow Sony to actually go 1440p) or buy the S6. You will honestly find no phones in 2015 that will be even close to challenge the S6 or Note 5 — partly because of Samsung’s innovation this year, partly because of how terrible of a CPU the 810 is.

  • Abdullah Mohamed

    Concept 4 Plate: 5 9 3..
    Probably 3 September 2015 :-D :-P

  • InspectorGadget80

    Beautiful. I’ll wait till the holidays to buy a Z4 ;) I need to upgrade from my Z1. Just hope Sony market the hell out of this flagship put on every U.S. Carrier

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  • MarcAntunes

    I’m with you. My ZL must to be strong!

  • “This ‘Glass’ concept is perhaps not the best idea when it comes to durability”

    Don’t mistaken glass for paper or broom stick. Some glass can withstand forces that even certain metals can’t.

    Besides, what are phone cases for! I promise you, gimme z4 with same specs, one in metal, the other in glass, and I’ll pick the glass without even consuming 0.0001% of brain power in making that decision..

    I find it really unfortunate when many people claim metal to be ‘premium’ than glass. At a banquet, why dont you all drink in metal cups if metal is premium. Of course, the occasion demands, but glass is very premium, if made right.

    And the dragon tail on the z2 is a beast. Glass all the way. Sony has some pretty massive design concepts there.

  • Timel

    Xperia Z3 came out with a great design too, it’s actually very beautiful than the S6 and the iPhone 6 but why the goddamn Z3 can’t sell as much as Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6?

    Design is very important no doubt but sorry… just a great design is not enough! So…

  • InspectorGadget80

    Exactly my point I don’t think my Z1 will last till 2015 so I’ll wait for the Z4 beautiful design hopefully its still have IP RATING had for three years n the screen right corner have a depth crack built in

  • zatchu

    SNAP This is a hard decision! I happen to like all of them, but I like the Y the best. If it has the all metal back

  • Ah Teck

    i don’t think sony will be so stupid still using s810 if quacomm din solve the heat problem. we have to wait and see what will be happen on next sony flagship phone present to the public.hope sony did not disapointed me.

  • Tech Gospel

    Please, an update of the Xperia ray!

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    Yes, actually I like all those designs, including the tube concept, my first impression when seeing the tube concept, “whoa, I like this” but after realized that the bottom of the phone made of plastic (as XperiaBlog said), then I like Y concept better, well even Sony just made the next Z4 by just one of those concepts, I would still buy it. I hope they will make design like one of those concepts, not just a ‘concept’

  • Stephen Raharja

    While Sony is designing great new designs, guess who copies Sony’s design and even the name

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  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Samsung release their flagship every 12 months :) not from mai or june to septembre :)

  • Chikku

    Yup… I have the same problem in my z1 which i updated to lollipop… It doesn’t seem to hang the device or cause any problem… I’d say itz a minor bug for now

  • Lisa Naarseth Myklebust

    They have no other option than 810. It’s either that or choosing an older SD CPU like G4 did — which will effectively make the phone “old” by the the time its launch. Either way the phone will be unable to compete with the Galaxy S6 (and Note 5) with the Exynos 7420, which has already won the title ‘the best phone of the year’.

    But yeah, they will most likely go with the SD810. Why else would they drop 1440p for 1080p?

  • Emil Oskarsson

    S810 don’t have any heat issues, the problem with HTC one m9 was just a stupid software bug from htcs end, caused the cpu to run at 100 % load for far to long. No soc can handle that without overheating….

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Seriously fuck Samsung phones, they suck :D

  • Lisa Naarseth Myklebust

    Wow, what a load of bullshit. I mean let’s look away from the SD810 and assume, for arguments sake, that you are right about the SD810. The HTC One M9 still gave som terrible battery stats compared to the HTC One M8 — of which I own both. And I have gotten the recent update on the M9, of which “100% load on CPU” certainly was not one of them (where the hell do you get such lies from?). The new update improved battery life, but it’s still bad (and the battery life got even better on the M8 too, with Android 5.1). In fact, the 810 is underclocked quite a lot on the M9 already. It gives not just much worse battery life than the M8, but also noticably worse battery life than the Galaxy S6 (with 80% more pixels and quite a smaller battery).

  • Zohaib Tariq

    I love the Y design

  • Robert Szombati

    So will Sony finally put the S-Master audio chip into the Z4? I’d love to see a real upgrade over the Z3, in terms of audio quality.

  • Mohd naeem

    That’s easy they don’t advertise enough
    For example the apple iPhone 6 cost 250$ to build and they sell it for 650$ because they have very high marketing strategy unlike sony which i love and use since sony Ericsson k850i came out

    Hope they will change the software for the camera and create new ads strategy they need one

  • well to be fair, sony used the ‘S’ too

  • japolis

    samsung had this design for s2

  • japolis

    actually metal cups would be better when it comed to durability. drop a metal cup and a glass one, youll see. but quality metal is too expensive for cups.

  • kaostheory

    What planet are you on? Where I’m from, Samsung has the most releases of any manufacturer. Look up all the variants of any of their flagships and different release dates. Just one example is the S6 and later this year is the new and improved S6 active.

  • HenriettaSCline

    ?????I RECEIVED FIRST DRAFT OF $13000!@ak26:



  • Marlish

    I own a samsung now -_-
    Used have xperia

  • Marlish

    Not for @nkansah_rexford:disqus He has gold cups :)

  • japolis

    for dropping, metal.
    for bending, glass (or a strong metal but theyre usually heavy)

  • japolis

    tired of glass..
    plate is best

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  • Emil Oskarsson

    Switch over and it will make you happier? :D

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Well we will see when Sony release their z4 tablet in June. They promised battery leading performance and they haven’t under clocked the s810 soc :)

  • Celio P. Filho

    Y CONCEPT DESIGN: I JUST FALL IN LOVE WITH IT! Just amazing and promising! OMFG! This is just so perfect that I can’t hold on! It could be a 5.5″ or even 6″ it would be just amazing! Working with Snapdragon 820… HAHAHA alright, I’ll stop. I’m just loving this design so freaking much! ?

  • Tan Keeyong

    Haiz, none of this actually amaze me or make me wanna buy it. it just look like a normal concept phone design which look not so premium. i dont know how to express. Its just dont have the pretty feel and the sony feel design in it. In my opinion, all the z series are actually more beautiful and the power button design is just perfect. Z4 need to be beautiful and has a recognisable design. These design just look cheap like a normal concept phone design.

  • Tan Keeyong

    Agree. Personally, these design are not pretty to me. it just looks like a cheap concept phone that ppl will normally design. The z series are way more premium and beautiful. the omni balance design are still way better than these especially the power button. man, i mean sony wont design something like this. And even if sony want some of these concpet in their new z4. They would probably produce a better design than these. These deisgn just looks cheap and it looks like concept phone design. Thats nothing like sony in it. i will be so dissappointed if sony release phone with exact same design like these. Luckily i know sony wont.

  • Kaostheory

    You can add heat dissipation solutions to tablets that can’t be done on phones. I agree that the delay and subsequent downgrade Sonys next device is definitely due to the 810.

  • jose

    I don’t know if you guys has notice that the search bar in recent apps menu has changed recently

  • Svnjay

    Timel? Were you hacked?

  • Emraan Suleyman

    The design is stunning

  • ghhhb


  • Akand

    No chance to disagree with you. Most important things for Sony are to implement some new innovations and to change marketing strategy highly.
    Touch sensor display sounds very exciting….

  • no happen to me too. all of my phone running lollipop have this issues.

  • mrj

    Xperia Z4 announced in Japan

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    mine did changed as your image for a few days, but then recently since yesterday it wonderfully switched back. I don’t know why

  • Timel

    I agree, I think Xperia fanboys here are just existing about something “NEW” but if you ask me, these concepts are pretty ugly and less creative

    the recent design like omnibalance are much beautiful than thses #shame

  • Nawi

    Z4 or Z3 Neo?

    decide please xD

  • mrj

    They call it the Xperia Z4. They managed to size down the thickness to 6.9mm and still keep the same good/better battery life, no protruding 20MP back camera, and a 5MP front camera. I guess reducing the battery capacity is the only way to do this. Snapdragon 810 is more battery efficient in Sony’s customisation too according to rumours.

  • japolis

    z4 has come out in japan, leaks were wrong theres no z3 neo.
    im very disappointed, lets wait for z5.. and hope sony doesnt

  • japolis

    z4 has come out in japan, leaks were wrong theres no z3 neo.
    im very disappointed, lets wait for z5… and hope sony doesnt

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    the thing i loved sony’s phone is magnetic charging, God sony removed magnetic charging iron plate and replaced it with a conventional hole?

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    the thing i loved sony’s phone is magnetic charging, God sony removed magnetic charging iron plate and replaced it with a conventional hole? And, what’s the point of the phone sitting upright (charged by a micro-usb connector pin on the dock, much like iphone)? I can’t enjoy movie that way…

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    This explains it

  • cacambo

    z 4 just announced.
    Basically Z4 = z3 + 16 GB storage – 0.4 mm thickness – 170 mAh battery.…l-frame_id68422…eria-z4-launch/

  • Marlish

    Yes i should probably in a few years when Sony finally gets its head out of the toilet.

    Xperia Z4 is release check it out. Another brick by Sony :/ :(

  • Yasir Fawad

    Which world u r in xperiablog, Z4 is announced today.

  • And that quality metal will definitely be Heavy! Glass on the other hand, can make something NOT heavy, but as strong as the quality metal you talk of.

  • Mohd naeem

    That’s it , time to go for apple devices , Z4 is very disappointing device , ill keep my Z3C and get the next IPhone 6s .

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  • Guest

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  • Campbell Sinclair

    Well we know now this is definitely NOT the Z4. New Z4 looks nothing like this and its Japan only release. Hopefully this is the flagship phone that’s being released to coincide with the James Bond movie in November.

  • prash

    as good as the design is, i am pretty sure the flaps put off a lot of people. I was put off by it too but i gave in thanks to the great battery life.

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