Sony expects Xperia shipments to be down 23% over the coming year

by XB on 30th April 2015

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Xperia smartphone shipmentsSony Corporation has released its FY14 results (for the year ending March 2015) reporting sales of $68.5bn, a flat performance year-on-year on a constant currency basis. Sony delivered operating income of $571m despite recording a $1.5bn impairment relating to the mobile division.

In terms of the mobile segment, sales were up 7% on a constant currency basis to $11.0bn. This was mainly due to “an improvement in product mix as a result of a focus on high value-added models.” Overall, Sony Mobile shipped 39.1 million smartphones – bang in line with the previous year.

The outlook for Sony smartphones in FY15 (12 months to March 2016) is challenging. Sony is forecasting smartphone shipments of just 30 million units – 23% lower than the year just ended. This is “due to a reduction in mid-range smartphone unit sales in an effort to improve the profit structure of the segment”.

Sony is forecasting FY15 mobile sales to decline by 7% to 1,310 billion yen (FY14: 1,410 billion yen) and an FY15 operating loss of 39 billion yen (FY14: loss of 218 billion yen). Sony is in the middle of a transition when it comes to mobile, as Xperia fans, we look forward to see how it responds to the challenge and hopefully a more focused portfolio of devices.

Mobile Xperia FY14

Xperia shipments

Xperia smartphone shipments

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Even more reason for Sony Xperia to push themselves, push their limits. Enough playing it safe with revamped designs, and lacking camera software. It’s time unleash a new Xperia flagship that pushes the boundaries and turns heads.

  • Barend Stapelberg

    Seriously Sony? What did you expect by releasing flagship phones every 6 months? Us rushing to buy each new one? If you want to try new things, what about RAW for your camera?

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    We will have to kick the old guy out of his place then

  • robust and endurable smartphones… that’s why i will not buy a new one :)

  • axwell23

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  • xperiaDROID

    How long we’ve been saying that? Did they listen? NO.
    Yeah, making a new design, improving camera, advertising more will cost some money, but it’s way better than being slow and play safe by revamping the design and keep bragging how good the camera is on your phones when your camera is worse than an 8 megapixel iPhone 6. Plus, you don’t even give a shit about what the consumers are demanding for. Stop being a pussycat, Sony! Where’s the old Sony that we all loved?

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Technically, the 6 month cycle was to keep up with Japan’s fast paced market. And for them that’s normal, but to the rest of the world that’s overkill. Which really explains the Z4, it is going to be released in Japan, and maybe stay there. Wouldn’t make sense to mass produce a slight upgrade to the Z3, and then spend more money on marketing and shipping a slightly updated flagship that no one really wants as this time

  • Vuyo Ncube

    This year might be muddy. Qualcomm is stumbling at the high end at the moment and its main current producer TSMC is falling behind on process node (stocked on inferior 20nm planar node and 1st generation 16nm FinFET node) against Samsung/Global Foundries. Mediatek’s GPUs are too weak for flagships as well. Sony can’t afford to release an flagship level Xperia Z4 with a crippled SD810 like the One M9 or relatively underpowered SD808 like the LG G4.

    Probably their only reasonable premium option would be a high end midranger with the SD808 (for the 64 bit era) showcasing the IMX230, OIS, high resolution selfie camera and different design (bring back the ZL design language to keep people guessing and test their reactions). Matching the GS6’s day-to-day performance at a fraction of the cost should do wonders.

    There are enough midrangers for this year. The E4 and E4g received decent praise in reviews and just need Lollipop soon enough and price cuts against Moto phones. The M4 Aqua is a beast in its class, no complaints. The Cosmos selfie phone should be their last new one.

  • Timel

    Sony should probably stop making phones… Kill Xperis brand will help Sony a lot, Sony should keep the important product lines like Bravia, alpha / alpha NEX, Cyber-shot, Walkman and PlayStation which are more important to Sony’s identify and brand

    it’s too late for Sony Xperia, the brand don’t have the bright future anymore. Sony should put their merits about Sound(Walkman) and Camera(Cyber-shot) into their flagship phone when they still had a chance… until the fourth generation of Xperia Z series and it proved that sony can win the game at all

    For me, I know the Xperia as a smartphone brand but it never smart… Judge from its camera’s auto mode which is fucking stupid LOL

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I agree on the point that Sony has had numerous chances to incorporate their best and innovative features from their other lines into their Xperia line and have failed to do so. The fact that their Xperia line is the biggest financial lost is there doing. But I don’t think they should quit and shut it down. They need to move faster and adapt quicker. Right now Sony is stubborn and slow. It shows in small revamps of their design and slow updates. The main thing Sony fails to realise is that Samsung, a company that closely resembles Sony inself, is always pushing forward. Putting the best they have to offer in their smartphones. Hate Samsung or not, but Sony and Samsung are competing against each other a lot in same markets and Samsung shows they can achieve greatness by incorporating their best into their smartphones. And Sony can learn from that, and only when they finally get the beat of Sony in a smartphone they will continue to lag behind the competition

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Perhaps a new midrange device from the Active line?

  • laci_csk

    Go Sony, go !

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    Just make an xperia nexus better than the nexus 6

  • tiborh

    a straight way to hell….. or to drop mobile division…..

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  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    no more holding back sony mobile….

  • ChilliPSco

    Timel, we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but I have to agree with a lot of what you’ve said there.

    It bemuses me how Sony can make some really good camera sensors for other ‘flagship’ smartphones, but fail to include them in their own flagships. I think Sony have had plenty of chances to put some of their innovative tech into their flagships, but haven’t. I’m not holding out much hope for their Z3+/Z4 International release (apparently announced at the end of May) either. If it’s anything like the Z4 recently announced for Japan only, then as much as I like the Xperia brand, but I’m going to jump ship. I’ve held off upgrading up until now and will wait to see if Sony do actually surprise us at the end of May.

    I never use Auto Mode on the Xperia phones either. I’ve always preferred Manual Mode

  • i have the Z1c, and it works fine :)

  • Lovelesh Khatter

    this is also due to their long duration ,
    for e.g. they wil not announced their flagship of 2015 for international till as now

    while other companies release their flagship

    and they announced SONY XPERIA M4 AQUA in MWC2015 held ON , 2 march but still after 2 months there is no release of same , if you not have time to release so why you announced it

    as the mobile showing in MWC2015 , all are available in market , for example htc one m9 , samsung galaxy s6 and s6 edge , asus zenphone 2 4ab ram phone , all are there

    but there is no news of xperia m4 aqua so this is the main reason that there shipped is so low in Q12015 , because many midranger bauyer wait eagrly for xperia M4 aqua

    but a long time for its release push people to go with another brand

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  • Anukul

    They are being too enthusiastic about the results. I think they should sell zero phones, they should realize that they have a competition that’s all over them, lot better than them. I am enthusiastic though.

  • Rey Trinidad

    I have to say that im a sony fan boy for a long time, my first phone was the sony Ericsson z200 if somebody remenber this one can knknow how long ago im talking in, i have right now a xperia z1 and i just feel really unsatisfied to remenber how good my SE w810 and k750i took the pictures, even better that my z1 today, that have a lot of camera lags, i have a lot waiting for that beautiful SONY XPERIA, that i can show proud to the samsung and apple Boys that i have as friends, im thinkig upgrade to the s6 EDGE but the battery of samsung are a shame…..

  • William Wijaya

    And mean while LG and SAMSUNG is releasing the phone with best camera and also with the new API that gives total manual control.
    What are you doing SONY ?
    you are the one that manufacture that sensor., and yet your 5.0.2 update ruin my T2 ultra camera.
    it’s like at first “wow, after the update my front camera got [HDR] setting (I turn it on and try it), WHAT the !. my hair got the green light glow effect”
    it’s like that the HDR effect still in beta test stage and they push the update to customer to test it.
    What a nice move.

  • Raj Singh

    Confidence goes a long way… Sony should put more might into Sony Mobile. They should also vie hard to produce the next Nexus phones and tablets.

  • Jacklyn4520

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  • ryq24

    Sony should price their phones more competitively. Sony still want huge profit margin but they are not Apple . Their main competitors are no longer Samsung or Apple but it’s xiaomi and huawei and Lenovo.

  • Or the fact that they can’t get on hold to their promises

  • This is what I really agree of!

  • Billy Gate

    After what Microsoft showed off, I’m done with these Android toys that’s only good for web browsing.

  • Svnjay

    This is still great news if it can help Sony to make a profit.

  • Luis Ramirez

    that is all pointless when they wont market their own phones as their other products. And that is another issue, xperia is low on their list of priorities. No new flagship will save them if they continue to stab themselves

  • Nair Ferhatovi?

    You stupid and unproven idiots, don’t even know what you’re talking about and that is a Fact! (the worlds oldest cellphone portal) votet the xperia z3 compact the best phone in the world) with over 6.5 million votes detailled with design, camera and all other features, and a couple of you samsung fanboys try to discredit that. It is not about the phones its about the advertising that sony does wrong! Xperia Z generation phones (all of them) where the best phones in there respective classes when you compare the price and what you get for that. 1. omnibalans design is great, say what you want but every xperia z looks great when you compare it to a samsung phone! 2. Sony Xperia z Cameras are without any doubt the best in their class, every youtube video can prove that…nokia lumia are the only one thay can be compared to, and stop telling people the Iphone cameras are better than the sony, cause if you would know one sigle little bit, you would know that sony makes the cameras for the Iphone (since the Iphone 4s) I really ask myself sometimes, how can people be so stupid and uninformed!. 3. the walkman (sony music player) is the best music brand on the world and unmached since almost 30 years htc can mess wih them with their beats, but walkman is still better, don’t even try to mention iphones or samsungs music player, cause any real audioholic would just laugh at you….4. Sony proved that their version of almost stock original google Android ist faster than al others when it comes to multitasking! (just watch comaprasions between Xperia z3 vs samsung note 4) the note 4 advertises it self as the fastest multitasking phone, but the z3 switches between every apps almost a half of a second faster….any Youtube video proves that. To be honest, I am not a sony fan, but after changing my htc m8 for a z3 a realised that sony phones are really the perfect combination, its is the bad advetising strategie, that causes thoes poor sales of those great phones!

  • ChilliPSco

    You’re an idiot and that’s a fact. For the record I am NOT a Samsung fanboy. Just because I agree with someone’s point of view does not make me a fanboy. Also, despite what certain websites or other outlets may vote as being the best, you have to look at facts and sales figures.

    Also, did you not read my comment? I clearly stated that it BEMUSES me as to why Sony make sensors for other phones yet don’t include it on their own flagships. I suggest you learn to read (and spell) before you criticise!

    Youtube videos are also no basis as proof of anything. YouTube videos are just opinion and not FACT! Now you may of well changed your M8 and fell in love with the Z3, but when you compare the likes of a S6 Edge to a Z3 then there is only one winner. I hate saying it, but it’s a fact. Unless Sony pull a rabbit out of the hat this May, then they are going to be lagging behind…. again!

    I suggest you stop watching YouTube videos and start reading FACTS

  • Ami

    I always wonder how can be some people so stubborn. Yes, Xperia Z line is good in general, however its greatest has been achieved right when Xperia Z2 was released. I had Sony Xperia Z and it was a pleasant surprise, that Sony moved from their ‘we-will-be-always-step behind-in-terms-of-HW’ strategy to really good smartphones, however XZ had the display bellow the average, the same goes for Xperia Z1… Also, the camera was bad, if you’re not experienced photographer to use all the manual mod. Anyway, they weren’t and still aren’t the top of their class, you can’t even think about it – they were good, yeah, but not the best. Maybe try to be objective when you write something.

  • Adhi Suryana

    Sony just stop making stupid xperia E, xperia T, those things will not sell in Asia, people already get better option with chinese brand like Xiaomi, Asus, Meizu, Sony will not be able to be that cheap unless they using grade B hardware
    Just focusing on Z series- Normal, compact, ultra which is quite many flagship so Sony could bring better software and software update experience and charge more money for that to make a better profit

  • Battal Aljadei

    Stop that fantasy and wake up, Sony it self’s expecting a down of %23 in Xperia Sales and you want them unleash a New Xperia flagship that turn the head !? yes they did unleash two Xperia flagship that turn our head “Down” obviously !

    If Sony already made it’s forecast for the next period that mean Sony’s already planned for it,
    Which’s mean that there’s no more upcoming devices, except 1 or 2, Compact and Ultra maybe,

    Let’s hope they present something good instead of keep copying the same devices over and over !

  • gamer324

    Do people here even read the article? The reduced forecast is due to Sony minimising its presence in the mid-range (aka lots of sales, but slim profit margins).
    This new direction is actually what us xperia fans have wanted from Sony for a long time – a dedicated focus on the premium end, and maybe only the premium end.
    With this new plan, Sony will have more resources for R&Ding flagships, instead of the numerous in-house mid-rangers that they produced in the last 3 years, and they’ll probably make more money overall, thereby making an exit from the smartphone market unlikely. Win-win for Xperia fans. But clearly now most here aren’t happy with this either (just for the heck of it mostly imo)

  • The M4 Aqua looks like a pretty nice mid-range device. If they only got to release it already, and advertise it well enough…

  • Timel

    Is it so hard for you to admit the truth?

    It is not about the phones its about the advertising
    – Yes! Sony’s maketing suck but their smartphones also suck too, Xperia flagship smartphones are always worse than the competitors especially about the smartphone’s camera

    Sony makes the cameras for iPhone?
    – WRONG!
    Apple is a customer of Sony Semiconductors and Sony never do their job for free,
    iPhones only used the Sony camera sensors
    The sensor is important no doubt but it isn’t everything
    Those Sony camera sensors are so good
    when they were in iPhones and GALAXY flagship devices but so bad when they were in Sony phones

    Sony camera sensors will always become just the worthless shit things when without the great software

    Omnibalance is great
    – Yep I agree but it got old now

    Walkman is the best music player on the world
    – Hahahahahaha you look so stupid
    Walkman player is very great but it isn’t the best and I don’t know why you mentioned to Walkman Player because has nothing fuck with Xperia devices
    The sound quality that you’ve found on Xperia devices is just pieces of shit, You can’t compares Xperia’s Walkman to Walkman player, they ain’t the same story, Walkman was in Xperia phones is just a bullshit story

    the note 4 advertises it self as the fastest multitasking phone, but the z3 switches between every apps almost a half of a second faster
    – Hahaha ohmigoshh Z3 is just faster than Note 4 a half of a second LOL
    Is that a big deal for you? Just a half of a second fackkkk!!!

    Note 4 may a little bit slower thab Z3 but Note 4’s multitasking features are much powerful and useful than the Z3

  • Timel

    Me too

    Android became just a cheap toy
    I love

  • Svnjay

    Keep on trolling. The Walkman is a niche product that aims to serve the audiophile market.

    The Z3 beats the Note 4 in ram speeds

    Also, the Z3 destroys the Note 4 in battery life.

    Keep on hating Samsung fanboy.

  • Timel

    That’s very interesting, of course Sony Phones must have some good points and I feel happy with it too

    But why you digressed from the point?( like Z3 beats Note 4 in ram speeds and battery) You wanna win of something?

    As I replied to Nair Ferhatovi?
    at least my reply still stick to Nair’s points but yours digressed from the points

    Everything that you and Nair Ferhatovi? had said above are nothing except trying to defend Sony So bitch please!!

  • Frederick Ng

    you’re so stupid Timel, why do you always talk about their weakness which is the camera auto mode? Sony Xperia has many other stuff which is better than competitors, you said the sound quality found in Sony is a piece of shit?! Really??! Z3 has front-facing stereo speakers which is obviously sound better than most of other companies, iPhone speakers are always sucks all along and Z3 supports Hi-res music without the need to downsample the songs like many other flagship that can’t play a direct hi-res music from the phone. Sony Xperia(s) design won and nominated by Red Dot, what about other companies like Sammy or Apple who boast about their design and stuff? Did they won any awards? If so, correct me and prove it. And there are about 5 of Sony smartphones were in the top 10 long lasting battery life. Seriously, go back home and sleep instead of wasting your time bitching saying about Sony camera Auto mode which is all you know. But I do acknowledge other brands goodness.

  • Timel

    Because the weakness of auto mode is a big deal and all about sound quality that Sony did with their Xperia, there’s only just a software side even they claimed that “Z3 supports hi-res audio” that’s just a lame software nothing about hardware. At least Samsung GALAXY S6 Edge has woflson DAC built-in
    Shame on Sony!

    Whatever I feel good that at least Sony phones still have some good points like great design, amazing battery life.

  • NotAnAnonymousCommenter

    If Sony wanted to focus only on the premium high end phones, then stop making M/E/C series phones!

    And stop making ‘me too’ smartwatches. Even Apple is struggling in that department. Until battery technology significantly improves, no one will want to frequently recharge a wrist watch.

    I am perfectly okay with Sony being a media/gaming/camera OEM company, and releasing one or two high end phones every year.

  • NotAnAnonymousCommenter

    Only that almost no one cares about Microsoft anything for mobile and web services. That ship had already sailed and Apple and Google got that sewn up.

    Microsoft is still dominant on desktop and enterprise, but thinking that Windows 10 will entice more people to buy Surfaces and Lumias is wishful thinking.

    Windows 10 will be a success in getting the Win XP/Vista/7/8 PC users to upgrade (and make hardware OEM partners happy), but it will be a failure when it comes to getting more people to buy Windows tablets and phones.

    Microsoft is so desperate, it now put tiles on the Start Menu to ‘get in your face’. Guess we’ll have to install Classic Shell again to get rid of that tile crap.

  • NotAnAnonymousCommenter

    Letting users do the beta testing for you… that’s how the tech companies reduce cost. Microsoft was guilty of releasing problematic patches on Windows Update which screwed up PCs.

  • NotAnAnonymousCommenter

    Sony should get the DIGIC ISP from Canon. Canon’s point-and-shoot digital cameras. Cast aside the pride and show solidarity with a fellow Japanese tech company which isn’t a smartphone rival.

    This is most important when the Korean companies are doing some awesome R&D and stealing Sony’s lunch.

  • I totally think the same way, let’s wait and see what the flagship device that’s going to be released worldwide will look like.. If it’s the same shit then let’s just switch to something else (galaxy s6 personally)

  • Joshua Phillis

    I think we need to realise that xperia is to Sony what nexus is to Google.

    The xperia line is to promote the hardware inside that sony make themselves eg. camera sensors (why else would other manufacturers that use their sensors have better photos produced).

    Also it’s also to refine the hardware etc. In other words the Xperia phone is a large scale public testing program, r&d etc.

    Sony isn’t concerned with volume or trying to grow but instead staying reasonably profitable. The reason is they know the money is in selling camera sensors etc. (and whatever else they develope)

  • Vuyo Ncube

    That would be an interesting joint venture. A mobile BIONZ X processor would be nice too!

  • Vector Teh

    Do nothing about hardware? Bitch please, Xperia Z3 is using NXP TF9890 DAC built-in. Hi-res audio file requires a capable DAC and software alone is unable to output hi-res files. So no, Sony did do something on the hardware.
    Shame on you. Please grow some knowledge.

  • Moe Sat

    I agree with you. They ever do the bad thing, i can’t understand. Like a fool company. They create their life to be worse.

  • RbbrDcky

    You really can’t underestimate here the power of cost reductions vs higher revenue. Right off the top, Sony is reducing their workforce by 2100 people, or 30%! Factor in the reduced presence in the mobile mid-range space as well as the excellent performance of Playstation, movies, television, music, cameras, sensors, insurance, and even home theater (TV division posted it’s first profit in 11 years!), Sony is rapidly getting their shit together. And even though their mobile division is currently posting net losses, up until this most recent fiscal year, it was Sony’s largest business. Now, it’s the second largest behind Playstation. My point is that their mobile division brings in A LOT of cash flow so and I’m sure that they have no intentions of removing that revenue stream from the bottom line anytime soon.

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  • ph00ny

    What kind of audiophile quality hardware does the Walkman come with? Will I be able to skip headphone amps? What kind of DAC? Headphone sensitivity?

  • Svnjay

    At $1000 you don’t think Walkman is aimed at audiophiles?

  • ph00ny

    Um $1000 price point automatically makes it an “audiophile” device?

  • Svnjay

    Who else would buy it? At $1000, it is aimed at a specific niche audience. The only of individuals who would buy $1000+ music players thanks to their output and internals. That’s how business works.

  • ph00ny

    You keep using price point as an argument that ZX1/ZX2 are audiophile devices but what are its tangible? I didn’t initially ask why it cost $1000, i asked what’s inside of it that qualifies it as an audiophile device.

    In the world of audiophile DAP, Hifiman, A&K, Fiio, etc lead the way in different aspects of spectrum (Sonic quality, value, etc). I’ve demo’d ZX1 with HD800 and i thought it lacked power output. Struggled a bit with increased volume

    Quick research shows ZX2 utilizing the same core components with improvements to soldering, capacitor (which should improve output power) and better bluetooth compression support for higher quality bluetooth streaming.
    I’ve never listened to A17 yet but i’m also hearing that ZX1 and A17 are similar in core hardware as well…

    You are right in the fact that high priced audio products tend to market towards audiophile but that doesn’t mean spending several times more on B&O is better than spending the right amount on the higher performing but significantly cheaper Denon/Yamaha/HK/Onkyo amps.

  • Svnjay

    I’m not arguing that their aren’t better alternatives, i’m just saying that they’re aimed at audiophiles.

  • Danny

    As long as Sony keep the Xperia Line of smartphones alive, I’m happy. I’m happy with all my Xperias. if they do only focus on the high-end market, like the Zs, Z compacts, Z Ultras and Z Tablets, I hope they do reduce the price if possible. No more Xperia E? Fine, no more T? ok. Or C? whatever. M? well, the M4 Aqua seems like a great mid-range phone though.

  • Nair Ferhatovi?

    Timel, let me tell it to you in simple words, cause you just don’t understand, first of all, I excuse myself for the bad spelling, cause the last time I wrote or spoke something in english, was 14 years ago. The second thing is, when you try to discredit something, you always speak of facts, but dude, you ain’t got ONE fact when it comes to “hands on” comparing the z3 with other phones, fact is Sony phones have better cameras when you use them in manual, better than other device and fact is, yes youtube videos are legitimate and they are the real proof, not some silly benchmark. Its the eyes that see, and the ears that hear, what a good device is capable of. I work with mobile phones and, yes I do assamble and dissamble them, and as a matter of fact, Sony and HTC phones use much better quality materials than Apple or Samsung, they are faster in all day use and they sound 3 times better than any Iphone, Samsung or Huawei or whatsoever out there, and there is something else, that can easily proof what I am saying. Bring on your Iphone 6 or Samsung s6 (700 Dollar devices), I’ll bring an old sony-erricson w810 (walkman phone) with the hpm 77 series headphones(costs probably 40 dollars together…:)…hahahahhahahahah dude you really don’t know what you are talking about… a 40 dollar phones sounds 5 times better than those 700 dollar devices…..omg dude, I owned Iphones and still own a couple Samsung devices, to discredit sony walkman phones is like discrediting the Volkswagen Golf 1 for being a pioneer of its age and the most used car of all times…let us stick to the point as you said, fact is on any benchmark sonys launcher is faster than Iphones IOS launcher, and Samsung (slowest of all probably) touchwiz launcher, fact is Sony doesn’t put 5 gb of bloat on their phones and tell us it is useful, cause its not. Fact is, sonys camera software works excellent, in any condition (even under water), something my old galaxy s2 plus couldnt even dream of in dry condition (the phone camera sensors couldn’t focus right, or the camera apk broke down when used, the phone was new). Fact is, xperia z smashed the Iphone 4 and the samsung s3(the competiors), the z1 smashed the iphone 4s and the samsung s4, the xperia z2 smashed the Iphone 5 and 5s and the samsung 5 all the way, the xperia z3 was no big difference to the z2 and you can say, the samsung 6 and 6edge are better than the z3, but the z3 plus or the z4 (don’t know what it is going to be called) came out in japan couple days ago, and it proved something. You don’t need to change a whole phone to make it great, you just need to fix the bad things, so an ultra fast 8 x 2.5 ghz CPU, 32 gb standard of storage (plus SD card slot, which neither of the competitors feature any more, and that is a really stupid move), a 20 mpx back camera with an Exmor sensor (still the best phone camera on the market without any doubt) and 5 mpx front camera, dust and waterproff, hi res audio (plus best mobile headphones on market – no “beats advertising shit”, just clear hpm series noise canceling ultimate “godlike” headphones), playstation certified, and yes, not to forget it, a phone which lasts more than 10 hours ahahahahhahahahahahahha o yes Iphone and Samsung sold more phones, cause there are more idiots in the world, that don’t realise something good even when its infront of them, they just see status simbols and big billboards. Good phones are like good cars, you don’t need to advertise them anymore, cause when you see a 5 series BMW, you know it is a long lasting powerful and probably very efficent sportssedan, even it doent look like a Ferrari, but it’s still not like a big ugly cadillac vts that you can’t fuel up how, just much it sucks (and i mean fuel), but a cadillac is a car you see on every billboard around your town. So chill and relax. Go visit and see what it is, the experts do overthere in a real stress test. Not just speaking about how many times this and this device is sold, but how good its functions really are and do you really need useless shit on your phone in everyday usage.

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