Android 5.1.1 Lollipop spied on the Xperia Z3

by XB on 14th May 2015

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Xperia Z3 Android 5.1.1 video_7There is no doubt that Sony Mobile is currently testing the latest Android firmware builds on Xperia devices. Recently, we brought news that the Xperia Z series could see Android 5.1 by August, at least on Telstra in Australia. Now a video has appeared, showing what it is believed to be Android 5.1.1 Lollipop running on an Xperia Z3. The video highlights some new features including additional options for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth within the notification menu (as well as new animations) and new icons within the settings menu.

New Android 5.1 firmware builds for Xperia devices have also appeared on the Handset Detection website, pointing to a release build with a build template of 23.4.A.0.XXX – at least for the Xperia Z2/Z3 series. Build numbers 23.4.A.0.279 and 23.4.A.0.248 have been spotted.

Whilst the build number is not revealed, the “About phone” screen does appear to show that the handset is running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. One of the new changes includes a drop-down box on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles within the notification menu.

Xperia Z3 Android 5.1.1 video_1 Xperia Z3 Android 5.1.1 video_2

This allows you to directly access a different wireless network or pair a Bluetooth device straight from the notification menu.

Xperia Z3 Android 5.1.1 video_3 Xperia Z3 Android 5.1.1 video_4

The main other change in the video is that all of the icons within the settings menu have now changed to bringer a flatter, brighter option – more in line with Google’s material design guidelines.

Xperia Z3 Android 5.1.1 video_5 Xperia Z3 Android 5.1.1 video_6

Xperia Z3 Android 5.1.1 video_7 Xperia Z3 Android 5.1.1 video_8

Via Wayerless.

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • Samantha


  • Yasiru Theekshana

    yeaa me too

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  • Fahim geyas

    And we are still waiting for lollipop update on Xperia z..

  • Sergio

    And on the M2 too. Damn Sony

  • DBS

    This is getting worse and worse and worse when it comes to the UI. And no sign that the Theme engine will be expanded to allow us to revert all of that.

    Thank God I did NOT update my Z3C to Android 5.0 Circus Vista.

  • Lyubo Raev

    There are already themes that make the ui feel more like stock android in terms of colours and the navigation buttons. If you don’t like Sony’s take on lollipop get those.

  • roeshak

    5.1 is more of a major bug fix and preformance update. There aren’t any real new features so please let’s not have the same drama that occurred during the wait for 5.0.2.

  • DBS

    The reason I ditched the update from KitKat was EXACTLY because Sony’s new UI is way too close to the Google monstrosity.

    I like KitKat’s grey and Black UI. And until I can get completely rid of white and colourful tones of Lollipop, I’m not updating. And no Theme on the store can do that because Sony closed customization even further instead of opening it.

  • ZoubIWah

    Its funny. When vendors dont follow Google default ui etc… Its bloat it sucks why dont we have native android.

    When vendors lightly change or dont change Google default ui.. It sucks google choices are terrible etc.

    Never happy, always making a big deal of nothing for the sake of complaining. Humanity…

  • Mohamed Arif

    5.1 is minor upgrade that can be updated by OTA itself. So let’s focus on 5.0 for Z series.

  • DBS

    That happens every time you try to shove your taste down other people’s throats. Give freedom of customization to people and they won’t complain.

  • Brick

    Unfortunately you have no choice since all manufacturers have adopted the material design style.

  • inspire

    since when Android users (and specifically Sony’s) have to cry about “freedom of customization”? Use custom roms, make your own, make your own themes, use custom icons, the possibilities are endless! Sony devices have excellent support on xda as well as on sony developer world.
    If this is not enough for one, I can’t imagine how one can define freedom of customization!

  • Farid Cooper

    Here’s hoping to long press on quick notification buttons to bring up shortcut pop up that brings us straight to the individual setting page.

    Am I the only one who miss this?

  • Cry and stay with KitKat. Lollipop is mainly a Minor UI Update. Nothing more. Ofcourse there are some Nice-to-have features that weren’t there before. But atleast: You don’t need it. Many people doesn’t have interest in updates and never update they phones. They’re not complaining, because the only thing they want is, that the phone work. End.

  • Niels d. G.

    These new icons are a tad too bright and colorful IMO, so much that it’s starting to look like it was designed for children.

  • bilomar

    And long press on tasks to open app manager

  • bilomar

    No themes?

  • Vasilis K.

    Lollipop rocks!!! End of story!!!

  • ShaunTheSheep

    For some people 5.0.2 caused a lot of problems which didn’t exist on 4.4.4. 5.1.1 finally fixes a long-running memory leak. If you don’t want to see people waiting impatiently for a fix, take a break until august.

  • DBS

    Does any of those themes change the white backgrounds on the settings app (third screenshot) or the colour of the notification tray?

  • DBS

    You have absolutely no idea of what the word “minor” means. Please refrain from using it.

  • DBS

    Here’s the deal: custom roms and home-made roms void the TWO YEARS of legal warranty in Europe. So unless you convince Sony to put in their Terms of Service that the using of ROMS (or simple the unlocking of the bootloader) doesn’t void the warranty, that’s out of the question.

    As for making my own Themes and using my own icons, that’s exactly the point. Sony not only didn’t open up Xperia Theme Creator for Lollipop (the Theme I use on my 4.4 Z3C was custom-made) they restrained things that once were opened.

    Freedom of customization is the possibility of themeing your device without the need to void warranties or go through hell and back. Samsung understood that with the latest version of their dreadful TouchWiz. HTC understood that with Sense 7. Sony decided to fall behind.

  • Adrian

    No, you are not.

  • DBS

    Yet some OEMs were intelligent enough to understand that not everyone likes to have their phones looking like a circus and put in Theme engines that fix the horrible choices of Google when it comes to design.
    Even Samsung’s TouchWiz – and read this well because I never said this before and never thought the day would come where I would say it – is now better than Sony’s Lollipop UI. Because for all the childish and cartoonish designs TouchWiz has, at least the Theme engine Samsung put in allows you to fix that to the point of changing the colour of the notification tray itself. Sony on the other hand, did nothing but stagnate their Theme engine at best.

    I chose Sony because: 1 – They were supposed to have the best cameras on Android. Which they don’t anymore having been beaten by Samsung and LG already, using their own hardware; and 2 – because Sony’s UI, with its grey’s and blacks was sober and discrete, unlike Google’s stupid pot-pourri of colours.

    Since Sony has made an effort to destroy what differentiated them from the other OEMs, the next time I buy an Android device, I will no longer choose Sony. I will opt for the OEM that actually gives me the most amount of freedom. Even if that means a Cyanogen OS powered phone.

  • bilomar

    No that can’t be changed, it’s always white. I don’t know why they did it like that. I know kit kat was better in themes. And they should bring transparency back. What’s new is the only app that still has transparency. But those things aren’t stopping me to use lollipop. They could have been more creative with this android version and not make it look like stock Android.

  • Kussie

    @DBS For someone who goes on and on about the different OEMs theme engines and praising different ones you would think they would at least do some research into them… Seeing as, as of Lollipop Touchwiz and pretty much every OEM is using Sonys Theme Engine, which they contributed to AOSP. I suggest you do some reading on RRO and exactly where it came from. As for the claim that Sony let their theme engine stagnate and keep it closed off, the fact they contributed it to AOSP and is being used by Sony, Samsung, HTC etc would suggest they did the exact opposite.

    If you don’t like material stay on KitKat simple as that. I for one quite prefer the material design.

  • Amimanot

    That already exists on lollipop tho. Enable developer settings (tap build number 8 times) and then long press on the app icon in recents

  • DBS

    1 – It’s completely irrelevant where the theme engine from TouchWiz came from. The moment Samsung picks it up and expands it far more than Sony did, it’s irrelevant if Sony created it. Just like with the S6Edge camera – which has a Sony sensor – that beats the crap out of any Xperia camera (much to my dismay).

    2 – Samsung picked it and allowed the Samsung Themes to alter everything, even the notification tray colour. HTC put in a theme engine that – much like Jolla’s Sailfish – picks up the ambience of the wallpaper photo and makes the OS match the colours.
    Sony did what? Nothing. They have a Theme engine on KitKat which allowed you to, for example, change the colour of the settings background. On Lollipop? That’s gone. Can you change the colour of the notification tray through an Xperia Theme? No. Therefore sony did stagnate and fell behind.
    Having placed it on AOSP makes it absolutely irrelevant. That’s like putting your work out for others to use. If others pick it up and do a better job with it than you, that doesn’t give YOU any credit. You relent your work. Others surpassed you. End of story.

    And that’s exactly what I did. If Sony never gets their act together, I’m never updating the phone and my next Android device won’t be a Sony. End of story.

  • bilomar

    Nope, never activating that shit again. I activated dev options before and it messed up my phone. It got slower, battery drained faster, it showed me less storage than I have.

  • Kussie

    @DBS Sorry all i hear is wah wah wah Sony didn’t tailor their devices or software to suite myself, i’m going to have a cry and throw my toys out of the cot.

    Sorry but putting into AOSP and having others take and expand the work does give them credit. Because that is precisely what allowed Samsung and other OEMS to leverage it and improve it, otherwise they would still be stuck with god awful or no theme engine at all. The fact that every single device now has access to theme engine (Whether it is implemented or not is another matter entirely)

  • Exodite

    It’s not that remarkable actually…

    * It’s rarely the same people making both observations.
    * Until L the Google UI was actually quite good. After L it no longer is.

    Thus the discrepancy.

  • DBS

    Probably because you’re too stupid to understand simple concepts?

    The simple fact that Sony placed it in AOSP and other OEMs picked it up and, with Sony’s tech, beat the shit out of Sony, doesn’t give Sony any credit. In fact, it makes them look really stupid for giving away yet another unique feature they had for OEMs in a better position to use it against them.
    You do realise Sony’s mobile division is in the sh*t, right? Now pray tell, how is making their UI stock Android (like any Motorola or Nexus), put their best cameras on Samsung and LG phones (while they keep using a 2 year old sensor in their flagships), and giving away their Theme engine to other OEMs use and make a better job then them, will make an Xperia phone worth buying?

    What is it that an Xperia Zx device offers me that the competition doesn’t? Design? Not since the S6Edge came out. Camera? Not since the S6E and LG G4 came out. Themes? A sober UI? Not anymore.

  • Carls Alvin

    At least you going to have lollipop!

  • ????? ????????

    Xposed doesn’t support 5.1 yet :(

  • Kussie

    @DBS Like i said though you keep praising all these OEMs for their theme engines, especially in Lollipop. But without Sony there they would still be near non existent or extremely lax implementations as they previously were before Lollipop, so yes Sony deserves some credit there. That is the nature of Open Source after all.

    It seems like you are in the minority as Lollipop has been receiving universal praise about sticking close to the Google look, which the majority of users including myself much prefer.

    As for the S6E having better design then the Z range i disagree wholeheartedly. I’ve used a S6E and i absolutely hates it’s design, whole over the edge aspect of the screen i absolutely loathe with a passion.

  • Edrei Ramírez

    OMG Go kill yourself people, seriously, there are other brands that only updated their flagships ’til 5.0, so you motherfuckers should be thankful that Sony will update you until 5.1.1

  • DBS

    You don’t seem to get the point: the moment Sony puts something on AOSP, the only credit they get was having done the work for the others. They gain zero from doing that. I’m criticizing Sony more than I’m praising the other OEMs.

    “Lollipop has been receiving universal praise”? Not from anyone I know. And 90% of the people I know (friend and acquaintances) use Android. Again, don’t mix the opinion of some Google-worshippers with the general consumer. The general consumer want to be free to alter the phone as they please IF they please. They couldn’t care less for Google or whatever design atrocity they do next. They will when those atrocities affect their phones (specially when such atrocities go against one of the reasons they bought their device in the first place).

    You’re the only person I’ve read saying the S6E’s design is horrible. And I include myself in it because I’ve always hated Samsung devices.

  • bilomar

    That would be amazing if themes could change icons too, and notification tab color.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Man u are talking too Much .. If u dont like sony s ui Just go and buy an htc or samsung and shut the fuck

  • Daisy Fowler

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  • Snorky112

    no, he’s actually right, there’s nothing you can do on lollipop that you can’t do on kitkat, for the improvements that lollipop has you don’t even see them, you send your messages the same way, you use your apps the same way, you don’t need 5.x, you may want it, but you can perfectly live without.

  • DBS

    Perhaps you should learn English before trying to write anything you illiterate buffoon.

  • DBS

    See the above comments with pictures. Lollipop reduced the amount of personalization you can do with the Xperia Themes engine.

    (and I’m even skipping the mess that the sound toggles became).

  • Sadman Khan


  • bahar_b

    @sony ceo…please release it for z ultra to.maybe all z ultra stock will be sold out when lolipop 5.1.1 stable released for it.

  • Dinesh Magendiran

    less… Y should i pay double the price for low performance mobile…. this is my 1st sony mobile I had lot of expectation on sony before buying it. But it’s totally gone now. A small phone moto e2nd gen got lollypop and still sony can’t fix the release date…. I lost hope on sony. Now I feel I jus got a 30 k plastic box Compare to htc 816 20 k mobile…..

  • Thanks! I did not know that, somebody give this man a cookie!

  • Biancoceleste

    I’m on 5.0.2 and have yet to see any issues. In fact, I’ve only seen improvements since 4.4.4 on the Z2.

  • Biancoceleste

    Kids are on school holidays it seems.

  • Biancoceleste


  • valentino

    Bro make your own phone. stop complaining. if you want sony change you make a list of people using Sony Xperia Z3 who don’t like lollipop theme. if there are 5% of them don’t like it. Sony will change. if not? well >5% user who change their phone to others company won’t make Sony collapse. you can root most of android Phone now. if you can’t. ask people who expert at rooting. if it’s not free pay them. People who always afraid of risk won’t get anything.
    at first I dislike Lollipop design too. but I learn to like it and it’s quite good.

  • ishi147

    Have they reduced the icon size on the app tray

  • DBS

    Bro, if I could, I would. And all the people I know who bought the Z3 and that updated to Lollipop then came asking how to go back to KitKat. Oh and at this point none is intending to stay with Sony on their next phone.

    Again, rooting is NOT an option as long as the legal warranty stands. I’m not throwing away Sony’s legal obligations of support just to fix the mess they do.

    I don’t like white backgrounds and colourful designs. Until I can get rid of those on Lollipop I’m never going to like Lollipop, no matter what. It’s a matter of having a taste and not eating crap just because Sony thinks it tastes good.

    I’ll stop complaining when they fix thithings. Until then, I don’t live in Iran, North Korea or Venezuela to see my freedom of speech diminished just because it bothers some people ;)

  • bilomar


  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    Eh actually Sony have just updated their theme creator to alpha 0.0.2 and updated a bunch of theme to support Lollipop so it’s getting better I hope. Though they still do not allow changing icon of most stuff in homescreen, systemUI or setting which is a shame.

  • mike

    even 7.1 is useless. android still sucks. delayed email push or not even push. notification can not wake up screen. auto brightness still not working. no browser is good. ios still the king.

  • JJ S

    Your father motherfucker.

  • Olger Shaqiraj

    Man are you serious? Crying about themes! Pffff man calm dawn it’s just a theme or in short it a color didn’t know peoples are so excited about themes
    I have 1 year with z2 but today I have understand the background color is white and it can’t be changed…
    If girls will come to me and says I will sleep with you tonight because your background color is red green or blue ok I could worry about themes but trust me no1 care about your themes everyone care about their phones not your themes

  • mukul verma

    its coming with in a week. dont worry. vodafone australia says “testing in progress”, so with in week it’ll roll out.

  • mukul verma

    sony already fixes memory leak in 5.0.2,so there is not a single prob related to memory leak in sony rom. every other oem rom, it has.

  • iia3ezu

    Android and iOS are good in their own ways.

    If you’re not using a Windows phone, you’re a winner.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Whats wrong with my English ? Hahah really idiot

  • icegust

    what a bullshit…

  • Z3 dual is not fixable at all about control of sim
    Always ask every time which one I want to make the call
    Very stupid I was have motor g was great in sittings control of dual

  • Robin

    Where is lollipop for Xperia ZR???

  • Niels d. G.

    I surely do hope the sound enhancements will take effect in all third-party apps again!

  • subrat kumar

    Yes….waiting so impatiently….

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  • cloquazidus .

    Haha, this is funny…. IMO, themes/white background/color problem is not just the reason we upgrade phone.

  • Svnjay

    Actually, that theme engine in the S6 and M9 are Sony’s theme engine that they added to AOSP.

  • Svnjay

    Cyanogenmod is also using it in their new theme engine.

  • Svnjay

    You’re right though, the theme engine wasn’t fully utilized .

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  • Crusher_Sprite

    No issue on my Z2 since I got LP. One biggest bug I got is BE missing in Album and it’s already solved. :D

  • David T

    Try the Nova launcher app, it is highly customisable and free.

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  • Ritwij

    My Z2 overheats a lot whenever I use camera/snapchat. Is it just me?

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  • Reen

    Let´s hope so

  • Enkidu Aruru

    Will this bring back smartband/smartwatch phone unlock ?

    after updating to 5.0.2 that functionality is gone and it was one of the main reasons I keep a Sony smartband at my wrist …

  • bilomar

    Yeah it’s bullshit it was a dream it wasn’t real -.-

  • DBS

    But to me it’s a reason NOT to update it. The phone UI is important because it’s what you interact with constantly. If you don’t like it, it makes your experience horrible.

  • DBS

    You do understand your argument is ridiculous? You have no understanding of what a UI is and how that affects the UX.

    When you buy a phone, you chose among other things the UI that is most pleasing to you. If mid-term that UI gets radically changed, not only there’s a trust breach (one of the reasons you bought the phone disappears), you start to have to deal with a UI that you dislike. Which makes your UX far far worse.
    But you’re probably pretty basic and understand none of that.

    (ps – if you need to exhibit your phone to try to get girls to sleep with you, you must be really desperate. I’m sorry for you.)

  • DBS

    “u” instead of “you”, “Much” isn’t with a capital letter, “sony s” should have a ‘ between the y and the s and the expression if “shut the fuck up”. Also “really idiot” means nothing.

    But, then again, you probably just bang your primate fists upon the keyboard.

  • icegust

    The first thing I’m doing on new phone is activating developer settings. Never had any problems. The problem is user who don’t know what he doing…

  • Brick

    There are plenty of sober themes for Sony, what do you mean circus of colors? Download a black theme, or a sober theme. I use sony’s aqua green theme and it looks very nice. Also I’ve been using Sony android phones since the x10and I don’t recall Sony ever being best when it came to camera quality. To be honest though I like that they kept their interface close to stock because now the interface is consistent between all apps and the os itself.

    But anyway, that’s the good thing about competition in the market, if you don’t like a brand anymore there’s always an alternative.

  • Chris Burks

    Has anyone heard anything about the z3v getting any lollipop?

  • Olger Shaqiraj

    In short I can say cry more
    In long-term
    I am 32 years old 20 years using all phones I have a job I have a life I am married I have son I am pc engineer
    My friend is smartphone enginer so I can understand well about phones
    I am happy with my xperia I love themes I love white color my phone works great it’s fast it’s beautiful
    If u hate your xperia send it to me
    Hmmm did I forget something?!
    Ohh yes I love lollipop
    Sorry English it’s not my 1st and 2nd language it’s 3rd

  • Brick

    The memory leak is not present in any phone except those running stock lollipop and definitely not on Sony’s. Please educate yourself before spouting bullshit.

  • DBS

    I mean the overuse of white backgrounds with colourful icons, banners and accents.
    The problem Black Themes have on Lollipop is that they are way more restrained than they were allowed to be on KitKat. On KitKat, I wanted to get rid of the light grey settings backgrounds, I got a Black Theme and problem solved. On Lollipop that doesn’t happen.
    I would tolerate Lollipop’s UI IF they hadn’t thwarted the Theme engine instead of expanding it. That’s my complain with it.

    But you’re right. Competition is good and that’s why I have for now no intention of remaining with Sony after the Z3C. Sony failed to deliver on what they promised camera-wise and now radically changed their UI. So, when I change my phone, I will be looking at other OEMs. It’s a pity because I actually really like Sony products but when it comes to phones, they over-promised and under-delivered. And I honestly now can perfectly see why their mobile business is sinking so fast.

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    it may be the case from a customers’ perspective, but certainly not in a developers’ perspective. Windows Mobile OS is ages ahead of Android or iOS, just look at the languages used, Android: java, iOS: objective-C, windows: C#/C++

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    actually without motherfucking you wouldn’t be here whinning

  • DonnaPGrant

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  • The_Newtype

    Wish list:

    -Better control over notifications
    -Keyboard records strokes once I start typing a reply without having to press the cursor in the “Write message” space
    -Better algorithms for the camera in Auto Mode
    -Group messaging in stock application

    Apart from that, I have had very few issues with my D6603 Cu device. Battery life is amazing, as is performance.

    Also, one quick thing: has anyone had any issues with setting a notification tone in the official Twitter application? It doesn’t save my selection no matter what I’ve tried; it always reverts back to the “default” choice.


  • bilomar

    what a bullshit…

  • Crusher_Sprite

    My Z2 don’t heat up while using camera normally, just warm.

  • Snorky112

    meh, windows phone still sucks

  • Brick

    Then I guess you’re better off not using android anymore. What’s going to change if you get a black settings menu when 99% of Android apps use material design? I recommend windows phone, it’s all black with basically no icons.

  • Aiden Pearce

    those devs still didnot bother about silent quick toggle…push volume button silent it fools

  • Davis

    Finally got close all button what else was on this update or was that everything?

  • JayQ330

    And unlocked hotspot to use the data you already paid for on other devices without having to root you phone. *Oh, lollipop already for that?* that’s why I’m waiting for the 2nd gen Nexus 5… If there were a nexus lollipop ROM that I could flash onto the GS6 or LG G4, I would get one of them. Most likely the G4.

  • DBS

    Material Design itself isn’t the problem. Material Design is just guidelines. The overuse of whites and colours is an aesthetic decision.
    As for your mention of apps, curiously, most Android apps – even with Material Design – offer a Black Theme and a White Theme. Even Google made one on their News & Weather app, proving that Dark Themes aren’t incompatible with Material Design.

    But if it reaches that point, I will have no problem dumping Android. I came from Windows Phone and in terms of design, Microsoft beats the crap out of Google. If Windows Phone 10 manages to close the app gap and expands functionality, I won’t have any problems returning to it. Or switching to Cyanogen OS or Sailfish.

  • Claudiu

    How about crazy wakelocks and absurd phone radio usage times? Like when you browse some page with Chrome for 5 minutes and later on in the battery usage you see something like 3-4h of phone radio usage for Google Chrome.

  • bilomar

    Bug fixes nothing else

  • bilomar

    Is it that hard to press volume button then tap silent?

  • KlausWillSeeYouNow

    Unless you messed with the settings, that had absolutely nothing to do with it. Placebo effect.

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  • Aiden Pearce

    ok genius !!
    do that when you are watching a video or listening to music!!!!

  • valentino

    You have a dream. then do it make your own phone company. nothing is impossible.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Hahaha im sure u Just start to use internet … N u improve ur self as an idiot ))
    Labels for u , cuz it seems u are retarded :N= and
    U = You
    Cuz = because

  • Reen

    5.1 will bring a change here. There will be an option to expand the toggle bar.

    Point 9

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  • zero

    you’d think something like that would be standard huh x)

  • nick

    Only when you press volume bar u will get a button to expand the notification sound along with media volumes.
    I am talking about the toggle we had in kk…with audio icon

  • fahim

    Hey bascially the moment I had updated my z3 to the 5.0.2 my sound of my speakers started playing up and idn why it was fine before the update and now after the Update my speakers play up the music sounds distorted when playing out loud but when using headphones they are fine any answers?

  • rocky22

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  • MelodyWMcCampbell

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  • Barbadosssa

    I don’t like new android at all…;/ I’m using Android 5.0.2 on my
    Xperia z3 Compact since it was released on this device and it really
    drains battery badly.. I estimate it’s about 20% weaker! New OS is also
    much slower than Kitkat (icons on main screen are loading 1-2 secs every
    time I go back from any app or window and apps themeselves are loading
    longer – even default phone app). Next thing I hate is unlocking the
    screen. Before update I could just swipe anywhere on the screen in any
    direction (and there was that shiny “fancy” look to it ;P) Now I must
    drag my finger upwards from the bottom screen and it HAS to be from the
    bottom. Not let’s say from middle. Fu**ing kills me ://

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    Ikr probably cause the stock OS didn’t have it I guess

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  • bilomar

    Pause music or video. DONE!!! :P

  • Drape

    I think he is referring to the Samsung Galaxy s6 which have a very well known issue of memory leak

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  • Biancoceleste

    Haven’t experienced that. I’m on a Z2 though so not sure if those issues are happening just on the Z3. Battery life is excellent.

  • angle

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  • josesl16

    If you hate Material Design so much, then your choices are:
    1. Update to Lollipop and use some other Lollipop launcher. Say, S Launcher or something, since you seem to love Touchwiz’s Theme Creator so much.(And yes, it has customizable icons.)
    2. Root using an exploit(wait for one if there isn’t, because grey and black design is very precious no?) and mod or install custom lollipop-based ROM with KitKat design. Or if you can’t find one, dive into the files and mod it yourself.

    Don’t wanna use other launchers? Too much effort?, Then indeed, please go ahead and move to some other phone. Say, to a CM phone, since you are such an-oh very rational person that uses the latest Google software and clearly not a ‘Google worshipper’, not in the slightest bit.

    For the record, the ‘general consumer’ probably cares little about the UI design of their phones(hence the popularity of Samsung), even for Sony owners(I’m not one of them, but I don’t complain). And they would just update to Lollipop because, duh, it’s the latest version!

    There just aren’t many people who nitpicks about some details in design changes, while demanding the features of the latest Android version, and want it all to be done for and simple, like there’s nothing better to do.

  • mail
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  • DBS

    I don’t recall asking for your opinion on what my choices are but here’s my answer to them:

    1 – Not updating to Lollipop IS a perfectly viable option. And the one I’ve made. My Z3C stays on KitKat until I get what I want on Lollipop and if I don’t, it will remain on KitKat. And that’s the end of it. I already use the Nokia Z Launcher. But newsflash: launchers don’t change the UI of the system. No matter what Launcher you use, if you open settings for example, it will still lead you to the normal Sony system UI. Same thing with the notification tray.
    But I guess you have no clue how Launchers work anyway so…
    Also, you should learn the difference between saying that Samsung did a far better job with Sony’s Theme engine and loving Touchwiz.

    2 – I will not root or mod any phone with less than 2 years because I’m not wavering away the legal warranty I’m given just to fix stupid aesthetic decisions Sony made. Period.

    You’re absolutely right. I’m NOT a Google-worshipper AT ALL. In fact, I couldn’t care less about Google. I the services I want and like from them and I most definitely don’t use a “Google ecosystem”.
    Android is the closest mobile OS to Windows (proper Windows, not Windows Phone), that’s why I use it. I couldn’t care less if the ones that are in charge of Android are Google, Apple, BlackBerry, Microsoft or whatever. I just don’t care. I am not here to serve any OS. It’s the OSs that must serve ME.

    Also, for the record, the “general consumer” doesn’t give a sh*t about updates. They couldn’t care less about what’s the “lastest” update. They want their phones to function and they want to LIKE the experience they have when using them. That’s why UI and UX is far more important than the version of the update you use.

    Also, please go instruct yourself on what Material Design really is. Perhaps then you’ll understand that none of the Material Design guidelines force the overuse of colours and white backgrounds and that that’s the reason why I’m calling out Sony on their idiotic decision of not only going near-stock Android but worse than that, locking up the Theme engine to prevent Themes from changing things they would previously change (such as the white backgrounds on stuff like settings for example).

  • Davis

    oh i see xD

  • Hey guys !! I managed to root my Z1 Compact running the official Sony Lollipop 5.0.2 stock ROM… Without loosing any data (Thanks, KingRoot4, for managing to root 5.0 phones) :

    Proof ;) :

  • Tamaki

    There Is A Theme Black For The Xperia Especially For Lollipop ( As For Kitkat)
    It’s Called Theme Blackz experience..
    With That Mostly All The Icons Are Black And Grey ,

  • DBS

    I’m aware of those, thanks. However, the backgrounds remain white unlike what happened in KitKat, because of the limitations Sony put in place with Lollipop.

    Here’s what I mean: the first is a screenshot of my phone currently, the second is what would happen if I updated to Lollipop even with a Black Theme (screenshot from Lollipop Black Purple 5.0.2 by Micha? Ambroziak)

  • Tamaki

    Oh I See What a You Mean There Bro..
    Well What Else Backgrounds Are You Referring To Besides This Settings One..?
    As I Have The Xperia Z2 Upgraded To Lollipop With A Black Theme As I Hate The Colored Them Of Lollipop So The Theme Even My Notification Bar Is Grey..

  • Tamaki

    Oh I See What a You Mean There Bro..
    Well What Else Back grounds Are You Referring To Besides This Settings One..?
    As I Have The Xperia Z2 Upgraded To Lollipop With A Black Theme As I Hate The Colored Them Of Lollipop So Even My Notification Bar Is Grey And Music, Albums And Videos Are Black Like Your Pic ..

  • DBS

    Basically all system menus and apps.
    – Contacts, email, messenger, Alarm & Clock etc, in all of those I have a black background, on Lollipop they would all go white.

    (Also, the new notification tray? Yeah on KitKat it’s black, on Lollipop it’s a sort of vomit-colour that Sony doesn’t even allow to theme like Samsung did on the S6)

  • DBS

    Basically all system apps: Contacts, email, alarm & clocks, messenger all of those I currently have with the black background, on Lollipop they’d all go white.

    Oh and the notification tray? Yeah, on KitKat it’s black. On Lollipop is that sort of vomit-colour Google used. And you can’t even Theme it like you can on the S6 (using Sony’s own Theme engine).

  • Vinay Kumar

    Thanks for sharing very interesting info. Now i have xperia z3 and using Total recall recording app on this version. Its working really great. Thanks a lot.!! recording app

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  • Federico

    Mi Sony Z3 actualizó y dejó de levantar señal, y les prometo que hice de todo!!!! de todo!!! Cambié el chip a otras operadoras, actualicé a través de la Pc, probamos desbloqueos, le hicimos un flasheo y carga del sistema operativo, no se!!! Todo ya se hizo, estimo sea un problema de algún firmware, así ponjas acá en Paraguay son las 4 de la tardes, creo que allá es de noche, espero este laburando como locos para que cuando duerma esta noche y me levante encuentre la solución a esta mierda….

  • Federico

    I have a Z3 device. Before Lollipop, it worked just fine, them I have so much trouble with data mobil signal. I think there is a issue with the firmwares (hope so). The thing is my phone dosen’t work at all and now I have to wait 3 months. SONY YOU TREAT AS LIKE S*******!!!!!

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