New Lollipop update lands for Xperia C3 and T2 Ultra owners (19.3.A.0.472)

by XB on 18th May 2015

in Firmware, Xperia C3, Xperia T2 Ultra

Xperia T2 Ultra Dual_19.3.A.0.472A new firmware update is now rolling for owners of the Xperia C3 and Xperia T2 Ultra handsets (including their dual SIM counterparts). Build number 19.3.A.0.472 likely fixes a few bugs and improves performance over the first Android Lollipop update that rolled recently (19.3.A.0.470). This is a global update that is live across many variants of each handset across many regions. Check out PC Companion to check if this update has landed for you.

FTF firmware downloads for Android 5.0.2 Lollipop (19.3.A.0.472)

Xperia C3: Xperia C3 (D2533) Singapore Generic – 19.3.A.0.472
Xperia C3 Dual: Xperia C3 Dual (D2502) India Generic – 19.3.A.0.472

Xperia T2 Ultra: Xperia T2 Ultra (D5303) UK Generic – 19.3.A.0.472
Xperia T2 Ultra: Xperia T2 Ultra (D5306) US Generic – 19.3.A.0.472
Xperia T2 Ultra: Xperia T2 Ultra (D5316) US Generic – 19.3.A.0.472
Xperia T2 Ultra Dual: Xperia T2 Ultra Dual (D5322) Singapore Generic – 19.3.A.0.472

Xperia T2 Ultra Dual_19.3.A.0.472 Xperia C3 firmware

Thanks Shubham and ujas!

  • Vasilis K.

    …while the 2nd update for Z1C hasn’t started rolling yet! WTF?

  • Dadovvv

    Pls add news for Xperia Z1 C6906, it has also new bug fixed lillipop version .270

  • demand_greet?

    It fixed the front cam. Thanks. Multi user next pls.

  • Sergio

    This makes me extremely angry. And still not even confirmed if M2 will get or not Lollipop. SCREW YOU SONY.

  • Hossam Hamdy

    no multi user !!!
    and what about the performance

  • xperiaDROID

    Do you know why these phones get updated to Lollipop and still gets some more minor software updates while we didn’t even get a single Lollipop update yet? Yes, first of all, these phones are newer. But secondly, which whiners didn’t realize is that these phones are just like lab rats for Lollipop, so if you own one of these phones that got Lollipop earlier, you’re basically a Lollipop lab rat for Sony.

    You don’t wanna be a lab rat, do you? Xperia Z owner here waiting for Lollipop update.

  • Sergio

    T2 was released at the exact same time than M2 so I see no reason why M2 wasn’t updated at the same time.
    And I’m not saying I’d like to be a lab rat (but I woulnd’t mind),
    I’m saying that Sony didn’t say anything if this model was wheter or not receiving the update. And you are confirmed to get lollipop (sooner or later, but it’s confirmed you’ll get it)

    I just want that, a simple phrase in their blog saying Next models to receive the update will be: Xperia M2, M2 Aqua…. But nope, they still didn’t say that.
    Hope that when you get the update they say something of next updated models.

  • Ayad Fahos

    When z3 dual get update to fix all bug in lolipop

  • hi guys , please help me …

    i have T2 ultra and i don’t recive lollipop update

  • please comment below and provide screenshots when you receive the update

  • Yaseen Khan

    When going to update m2 as lolipop…

  • rian

    Hy sony quickly provide updates lollipop globally for xperia z (c6603) c6603 our users already can not wait to see the lollipop in c6603. Thinks

  • rian

    Hy sony quickly provide updates lollipop globally for xperia z (c6603) c6603 our users already can not wait to see the lollipop in c6603. Thanks

  • Dickson

    Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z3 update random auto camera, style portrait, AR Mask, And Cooking Mode ( Superior Auto) . Android Optimize Camera App & Camera Mode, and App Upgrade

  • Dickson

    XZ2, XZ3 Update Android Software Update Improve Camera App ( Style Portrait, AR Mask) and Camera Mode ( Cooking Mode, HDR Selfie ) for XZ2 & XZ3, SteadyShot With intelligent active mode for XZ2.

  • Azar

    Sony still mixes up their flagships and mid rangers.

  • Kishan Vinu

    Awesome Update At last Cpu Frequency back to 1.4 Ghz…. Smooth Performance.. Almost 300 mb Ram Free

  • Shravan SP

    Y is sony testing my patience tooooo much!!!??????
    Lollipop for ZR :(

  • bgc

    got the update notification but im afraid to proceed w :(((

  • Riju Pal

    When will update of z1 come? Its certified 8th may. But till no update. But c3 users need this soon for the bugs. Though z1 lollipop also has bugs.

  • santo rafael Alvarez

    We lollypop we are still waiting for xperia z . When it is.

  • Hao Kuang

    hi i need help. i am using pc companion but it is stuck at preparing computer for software update. it has been 3 hour and still loading. anyone can help. sony xperia c3,

  • Uday

    All applications are almost updated to material design except sony UI on my xperia Z….Sony come on why so delay…:(

  • Bagus Wirahadi

    I just got the notification, it’s time to update Xperia T2 Ultra :D

  • munirah mujahid

    Are u using xperia c3 or t2 ultra? Do u face any other problems after updated to this version?

  • kholis cp

    Make sure you have good an internet acces.

  • Hao Kuang

    ok, it is 5 hours but still not loading. it is at the end but noting happen, wifi is full bar. anyway tkx

  • Be patient lol

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    xposed can help you

  • Hao Kuang

    help it still say preparing… the blue bar already load finish. so what should i do

  • kholis cp

    When you get notice to back up Phone files? Did you click yes?

  • Vatsal Doshi

    i m not getting it via OTA …. bt available on PC Companion . @SonyOnly_1:disqus should i proceed ?

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    by all means yes

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    pc companion is also a valid way to update

  • Hao Kuang

    i did not get any notice
    it still say preparing

  • Hao Kuang

    it has been like that for hours. i tried restarting the computer reinstall pc companion but nothing happen. it is still stuck. anyone have any solutions?

  • ???

    try uninstall + update ur pc companion. i used windows 7 b4 and pc companion’s it’s ok under win 8.1

  • Hao Kuang

    ok, tkx i tried window vista it failed, now i try window 8.1 it works perfectly. tkx

  • Jeremy

    Just got the update notification for Lollipop but I can’t proceed because of complaints I’ve read after updating their phone.

  • munirah mujahid

    what phone youre using? c3 or t2 ultra?

  • Jeremy

    For all Xperia C3 owner who already update their phones, kindly give us info after updating your device!!! thanks!

  • Jeremy

    @munirahmujahid:disqus Xperia C3

  • munirah mujahid

    have u updated your phone to lollipop before? or is it still runs kitkat?

  • Jeremy device still running an android kitkat 4.4.2,,,did you already update your device???are you xperia c3 user also?

  • Celio P. Filho

    Sony told Xperia z older series after T2 ultra receives the update… Well maybe they mean second update? Could it be now?

  • Geese Howard

    I like your name dude :D

  • munirah mujahid

    ya i have updated. but not this version. the older version. after i updated my device my front camera is not functioning well. so i thought maybe this version can solve my front camera problem

  • Hao Kuang

    i have updated it on my c3. it works fine. do not use window vista it is very buggy. i try using that and i took 8hours and still preparing, for people that is having the problem of preparing computer for update and it loads forever, try using another compuyer. i tried window 8.1 and iy is done in 40min. so for people having this problem, trt anoter computer. and also after the setup on your first boot it will be very slow and laggy, so restart you phone and it will work fine and smooth. after the update i have 300mb ram unused so it is a very great update. people ho and update it. fyi i update it from kitkat 4.4.2

  • Hao Kuang

    i update from 4.4.2 and it works fine.

  • munirah mujahid

    do u have any problems with your front camera?

  • demand_greet?

    None so far. I’m using xc3. I hope for the multi user to be the next.

  • demand_greet?

    Yes, performance wise it’s good man.

  • Hao Kuang

    no, it works fine

  • Uday

    Yeah i know… so i’m

  • HildaCGreen

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  • maxime haag

    Xperia M2 can’t have lollipop for now because blobs for camera are missing

  • maxime haag

    See xda for more information

  • maxime haag

    When someone find a way for functional camera. For nos nobody found blobs for camera

  • maxime haag

    Because nobody know if camera ccan work on m2 or not

  • inja70

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  • Scrippsjhon

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  • Sergio

    Hum… What?
    Sony will release the blobs whenever they want, and I’m pretty sure that we can have camera in stock lollipop wheter or not they where released.

  • Sergio

    Also, if we get stock lollipop, we’ll probably get camera working too in CM12

  • Prashil Mhatre

    Are there any changes in the UI? Dialer App big buttons, etc???

  • ryq24

    One thing I hate about Windows phone aside from lack of apps is when you want to make a call and press the call icon, the first thing you see is the call log , you have to press the keypad icon before the keypad will appear . After upgrading my Xperia C3 to lollipop, I found out Sony have done the same. I like the old style much better. Hope Sony will return the old style. If not guess my C3 is my last Sony phone.

  • subrat kumar

    Just leave it sony.. there is no meaning of releasing lollipop on xz… Its too late… In 4/5 months android 6 will be launched… I know some say that you must be happy that you are getting lollipop for that 2 yr old model…. But just f**k you sony and your services

  • Jeremy

    @haokuang:disqus is your device doing great after upgraded to lollipop???

  • Jeremy

    @munirahmujahid:disqus please let me know after updating your device using this latest version.

  • Mireya Yvonne Novoa

    Hi! I´m having issues with the software download, it´s taking ages :( I read that this update will fix the from cam, i need it badly, anyone with the same problem?

  • munirah mujahid

    i’ve updated to this version and my device is working good. My front camera works well. Problems solved

  • Crusher_Sprite

    You should download FTF and flash it manually.

  • Mustafizur Rahman

    When will Xperia E3 get the L update…

  • Mustafizur Rahman

    What about Xperia E3

  • bgc

    may i know your xperia unit?

  • bgc

    is your phone running smoothly after the update?

  • Kishan Vinu

    Xperia t2 ultra

  • Jeremy

    @munirahmujahid:disqus thank you for this info :)

  • Kishan Vinu

    Updated image…..

  • Shubham Navale

    Here I’d a proof of update.
    This screenshot is taken before updating.

  • Shubham Navale

    Here is a screenshot after updating…

  • Shubham Navale

    Here is a screenshot before and after updating

  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks – we included it in the post! :)

  • bgc

    have u updated your phone to lollipop

  • JG

    I got mine 3 days ago, but the processor is totally different it is another variant. I believe this is the 1.600 clock speed but released in 2013.

  • JG

    By the way the update was very good, overall the device seems to be snappy and audio output became louder. So far, the only problem I saw was the camera. It became laggy, saving pictures and videos takes too much time.

  • Jeremy

    still downloading software…

  • ignacio andres

    I can not update from the terminal, anyone know how I can fix?

  • Ahmed Mohamed

    i have sony c3 but i cant update it’s wrote computer required and still nothing

  • Raffay Khalid

    Camera quality of my xperia c3 has been improved after this update. No more dark images .

  • eye-steve

    I’ve downloaded the updated 19-3-A-0-472 version of lollipop for my D5322. I’m based in Australia so I used the India version firmware. So far so good, no lags overall performance way better than the -A-0-470 version. Camera front and back seem to run better, only wish now is for Sony to unlock the Camera2 feature in lollipop, which would give you a much better manual camera feature on the T2 Ultra Dual.

  • Jeremy

    Done updating!

  • jateen Ukrani

    Awesome update. All bugs gone from previous lollipop update. Using t2 ultra dual in india.

  • Aqua

    I cannot update it. Model:D2502
    I have downloaded for 3 times. When I press “Install”, immediately and automatically phone is restarting and it says cannot install.
    Can you help me please…….. :( :(

  • ???

    i think malaysia is the only region in southeast asia where it hasn’t rolled out. guys, can i flash a singapore rom instead?

  • Video …

    Official lollipop on xperia t2 ultra

  • ???

    i think u must had downloaded it via OTA. maybe update via pc is a better option. try it.

  • dr-mody sniper

    how i can root sony t2 ultra dual d5322 has lollipop 19.3.A.0.472

  • Greg Bradelle

    Upgraded. well at least that’s what it was a supposed to be… phone absolutely useless since i did. Running 5.0.2 and have tons a problems with the C3. Super SUPER slow, switching between apps is a disaster, most of the time I cannot even pick up calls! EXTREMELY frustrating. Phone has become utter piece of crap.

  • Roba Carlos

    lost sound on earpiece and music after updating d5322 to 19.3.A.0.472.any solution to this?

  • Džabas

    The same thing with T2 Ultra Dual :-(
    Even master reset didn’t helped

  • Parvejkhan Pathan

    Will This Firmware Work on XPeria T2 Ultra D5316
    On This Phone

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