Upcoming Sony Xperia home launcher to support auto rotation and more [Update]

by XB on 20th May 2015

in Applications

New home launcher_3Sony will introduce a new home launcher shortly that will bring some long-awaited features. Long pressing an empty space in the launcher will bring a new “Home Settings” icon (the Widgets and Apps icons have been combined into one icon to allow space). There will then be options to allow the home screen to auto rotate into landscape mode as well as the ability to adjust icon sizes. Previously, you could only use the launcher in landscape mode if docked.

The pictures below show the auto-rotation setting within the new home launcher. The icon size setting will also be added in a later version. This information has also been confirmed in the Xperia user guide linked below. We don’t have an ETA of when the new launcher will land, but it should be useful nonetheless.

Update: Sony is already using the updated home launcher in the Android Lollipop builds that hit the Xperia Z yesterday, according to the comments below. Xperia Home version 8.0.A.1.2 is expected to land on other handsets in a future update. [Thanks Shehab!]

Xperia Z home launcher Xperia Home 8.0.A.1.2

New home launcher_1

New home launcher_2

New home launcher_3

Sony Xperia Home Screen settings

Via Sony Mobile.

Thanks Aaron!

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    Wow! Finally! :-D (First Comment!)

  • gmfady

    Awesome Live News gr8 Sony :-)

  • Paul Muad’Dib

    I remember that the autorotate of the launcher from Sony was available for my T2 Ultra when it had KitKat.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    hmmm but still the same tired Xperia Home launcher… i want to see a complete re-design

  • Igor Helal

    MMMmmm interesting. But this launcher will be avaible for all xperia phones????

  • Sami Mrabet


  • Shehab Skull

    Already have it on my z after updating to lollipop
    Thanks Sony :D

  • gmfady

    probably, All Xperias with 5.0 & above, & doubt below that (kitkat) but it may come to 4.4-as for some devices already had it.

  • subrat kumar


  • rzero21

    z ultra already had this. Good feature

  • Could someone to upload the Lollipop Home of Z. Grateful

  • Ibrahem Salah

    WTF Really ?

  • Ibrahem Salah

    Xperia z Aaaa
    I have z2 :(

  • Raj Singh

    This has been the default on the Ultra from day one. My only problem with it is the entire thing works in landscape mode up until you press the ‘Send’ button on a call. It goes back to portrait mode, which sucks bigtime, especially when you’re using a wireless device to talk while browsing or doing other activities on the “phone”.

  • Shehab Skull

    Yeah rally. _. Just flashed the official lollipop

  • Upload the home . Please

  • Siyam Hossain

    My z ultra already has auto rotation feature. There was icon size changing feature too. But after lollipop update i lost it. I miss large beautiful icons in my z ultra. Hope they will add it again.

  • Keon Fraites

    Still waiting on my T-Mobile Z3 to get the update… This is quite annoying :<

  • Exotic|Matter

    That’s why you should always go for a factory unlocked unit bruh. T-Mobile has the final say in your case.

  • DanielGearSolid

    Sony’s What’s New app has the sexiest ui I’ve ever seen.

    I wish they would make it their system wide ui

  • DBS

    This is nice but what I wanted was for the bloody OS to ACTUALLY lock in one position when I turn auto-rotation off.

    I’m not sure if it’s a generic Android problem or just Sony-specific but I find the “auto-rotate” toggle useless…because it simply does nothing. On Windows Phone (and note this ’cause it doesn’t happen often) the auto-rotation lock actually worked. You turn it off and nothing rotates at all.

  • gamer324

    Unless your phone build is buggy, turning off auto-rotate in Android locks the phone in portrait mode (not sure what happens on tablets). If you want to lock it in landscape mode (on a phone) then I think there quite a few apps that can do that, but it’ll require root. Or you could manually edit build.prop and push it back to the phone via adb, if you don’t want to root your device.

  • gamer324

    Somehow this makes me think that Sony is prepping up its current lollipop build to accomodate a new Ultra.

  • Shiro

    still waiting for the ability to apply portrait wallpaper without cropping

  • DBS

    The entire experience is very inconsistent specially the “start” screen.
    But if I plug it in, it will rotate regardless of what I have turned on or off. Really annoying as I have to use phones in landscape more and the bloody thing keeps rotating.

  • ash

    Cropping is need for 3 screen. How ever they can add option so that both users will be happy

  • ash

    Tap the icon and you should see only a phone, not a circle around it. And it should do nothing. I never use auto rotate myself. If that doesn’t help go top song them display and them at the bottom select portrait

  • ash

    Going back to other screen doesn’t help?

  • bilomar

    I thought they will make something like that. I always liked Sony ui now they make it look like stock Android.sometimes I just open what’s new because of the design :D

  • Gitarooman

    You can do this since day 1 on z ultra

  • gamer324

    But I honestly don’t see that working, unkess the wallpaper is exactly 9:16, some cropping will be needed otherwise the photo would become distorted if forced into 9:16.

    Oh and for anyone who just want a static wallpaper this is a tried and true method, if your image is exactly 9:16 (basically 1080p in portrait mode), then regardless of the resolution ( like 4k etc.) The image should be set as full size wallpaper, however this’ll work only in a stock Kitkat or above launcher or (the easier and more consistent/flexible choice) via the Google Now launcher. After setting the eallpaper you can go back to using whatever launcher you were on, and the wallpaper will stay the same.

  • gamer324

    Try the smart rotate feature if you are on xperia, it uses the front camera to better judge what orientation you are viewing the phone in.
    Xperias always go in landscape mode when docked, but other than that the auto rotate when off, should lock it in portrait.

  • gamer324

    That’s pretty cool, it means that internally Sony keeps the builds for various devices on par in terms of features (other than the ones they blatantly leave out of older devices of course).
    How is the widget placement in landscape mode? I know that with 3rd party launchers like Nova and Apex, the widget position can be all over the place. Is Sony’s implementation any better?

  • DBS

    Will look into that. Thanks for the tip.
    I’m assuming Android itself then doesn’t have that feature? Sony added it?

  • jokensy

    Ha! No big deal! I can already do all that and more with my nova launcher :-)

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  • Keon Fraites

    I usually used to always go Factory unlocked because I travel alot, my Z is fact. unlocked but I needed ad phone really quick and getting unlocked would take a while so I got it from T-Mobile T-T Literally this is my first Carrier phone lol.

  • David Carballo Vázquez

    When the home launcher add icons and custom fonts support then will be perfect :(

  • Seshan Kumar

    Can you provide ftf

  • Vahid Sanati

    It’s the best UI I’ve ever seen.

  • Adrian M

    I hope that the bug that the icons disappear for few sec. when you have many apps in the background is fixed

  • Bennder

    hmm nice I like it, now only missing options to turn on x-reality for whole UI :D

  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks. Can you confirm the build number of the new home launcher (Settings > Apps > All > Xperia Home)? Perhaps post a screenshot?

  • neenamoon

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  • Samuel

    Very hard to make it work on my Z2. I made a system dump of a Taiwanese firmware and I’ve encountered a problem with a large file called ODEX.SQSH, I think the other half of home-release.apk is buried deep inside that 300 mb file…

  • laci_csk

    Nothing new, the autorotate of the launcher from Sony was available for my T2 Ultra when it had KitKat. I dont like it.

  • gamer324

    Yes the smart rotate is a Sony feature. Stock android only has an Auto-Rotate toggle in the quick settings pane, if you set it to on, it would rotate as per accelerometer and gravity sensor data (the classic way for lack of a better term), in off mode, the phone simply stays in portrait mode unless an app forces it into landscape (like a game or a media player with locked orientation).
    Xperia devices always enter landscape orientation when docked, are you using a dock to charge or just a cable?
    If not for a dock, the procedure is really as simple as finding the auto rotate toggle and turning it off.

  • Ritwij

    Actually, I have that on my Z2 after I updated to Lollipop.

  • mrninko

    update photo editor and u got it! they have added this function cca week ago…

  • mrninko

    what about post link for apk???

  • Mac

    Yea the redraw of homescreen is really pissing me off. Remindes me of my Acro S on ICS..

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    I have a Z3 and I hate its auto-rotate feature. It doesn’t rotate when it is most needed even if I try a lot of different angles, but other times it rotates for a very small change of angle. This is the single complaint I have about my phone, but it is very irritating. I don’t know whether this is a sensor thing or a software weakness but my previous phone was a Z and it didn’t have a problem like this. If there was a really quick way of changing screen orientation manually, like shaking the phone or three taps on the screen, I’d definitely turn off the auto-rotate feature.

  • Adrian M

    Sir, I love you!!

  • Shehab Skull

    Of course :D

  • Samuel

    This is the Xperia Home from a Taiwanese Z firmware. I didn’t work on my Z2, may need a modified framework, so we should wait for the next release.

  • Samuel

    T2 Ultra is using the same Xperia Home (Made a system dump, too)

  • eng.ahmed

    I think the home need support for icons badges for apps that dont show badges and also need hide apps and change fonts to other style

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  • Samuel

    Interesting…I have a different version number,but it is the same for a T2U and a Z; both are supossed to have this new launcher

  • Shehab Skull
  • mrninko

    thanks, but im straight:D

  • Adrian M

    Hahaha made my day ^^ I’m not ^^

  • phil

    anybody post screenshot of the new icon size?

  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks – the latest we have on a Z3 on Lollipop is version 8.0.A.1.0, so this new version (8.0.A.1.2) it should be coming soon!

  • shahview


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  • Robin

    This update is worse!Battery drain faster and overheat with simple task.

  • Jaissal S

    Cool feature to be able to adjust the app icon size. For people who may not like the big size.

  • Mac

    Got this today for my Z1compact in Sweden.
    Checked pcc yesterday without any news. So I get these features with this firmware?

  • Silent Admirer

    where are u from ?

  • AlexperiaT

    Sorry, but launcher with only one feature – auto rotation – very cool…)

    Can the programmer add few gestures and a Home lock features?

  • Sadman Khan


  • goldenblls

    With the latest update, the only screen that doesn’t rotate is the Home Screen. everything else does

  • laci_csk

    8.0.A.1.0 in my T2 Ultra.

  • Svnjay

    Sony is doing all the good things that most companies aren’t doing.

  • Khillo81

    Nope! Installed this update today and I don’t have the new Home launcher

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  • Jiggidi Jens

    Sweet! :)

  • Mac

    Aight.. hopefully they’ve solved the BT problems I’ve been facing since 4.2 tho. And what happened to tap 2 wake?

  • Toni Junior

    I could not make it work even disabling Xposed framework, clear cache and data from the old home, or moving to system / app and permissions ..

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  • Sadman Khan

    Really? My photo editor updated. Can you post a screenshot of you cropping a portrait one?

  • Shehab Skull

    I am from Egypt however I flashed it :3

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  • Grateful for the explanation.

  • mika58

    h dgh dfh h hh hgghhhhh

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  • ???

    It doesn’t work on my Xperia L……

  • ShinOrochiX

    Well it took them a few years but at least they done it in the end. Nice to see that the Xperia Z got it first.

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  • bilomar

    Holy shit it works.

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  • Igor Eisberg

    Here’s a deodexed APK: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jd4ndcoi36j8n77/home-release.apk
    Remember, Sony signs all their system apps with a system-only signature, so you need to manually move the APK to system/apps/home-release and replace your existing one.

  • edgarmc98

    work in kk’¿

  • Igor Eisberg

    Min. SDK = 21. So no, it’s meant for Lollipop only.

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  • MarcieJShell

    ???? $73.. per-hr @mi20//



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  • Veeresha Oli

    Xperia c updated lollipop version not install

  • jection45

    ??????? xperiablog====== —->SEE INFO< <<<< >

  • B. Alex

    It is better because Sony uses the landscape Function but right now is only when you have the phone docked .

  • Adnan Kamal

    Hello everyone, I have Xperia Z1 Compact updated to Android Lollipop 5.0.2 (4.5.A.0.270 ) but still the Xperia Home launcher is version 8.0.A.1.1 that obviously not supporting landscape mode. Any news on when the latest version of Xperia Home (8.0.A.1.2) is expected to Xperia Z1 Compact?

  • DreDay74

    I don’t have that option on my z3, only rotates when off of the home screen. Nova launcher works. I guess that update will be come with the z5 lol

  • Tom Whiteside


    There is a workaround for those not being able to display their home screens in landscape mode on their Z5’s.

    I had the same frustration and although I’m unable to get it running as smoothly as before with the stock option there is a way to get most of what you need. I used my Z2 as a sat nav in landscape mode in the car,
    so wanted to keep the functionality on my Z5. I contacted Sony and there’s no
    official workaround, however if you follow the steps below you’ll get close.

    1. On one of your
    blank home screens add the apps and widgets you want to be able to see in
    landscape mode, but leave the top and bottom rows clear. For me I wanted to use
    this function whilst driving, so it included Music, Maps, Voice search and key
    contact shortcuts.

    2. Install
    ‘Rotation – An Orientation Manager’ out of Play Store.

    3. Set up you basic
    preferences in the app. You’ll notice now you get the rotation you want, except
    on the home screens you haven’t set up as explained above the icons on the top
    and bottom rows will be obscured.

    4. Generally
    speaking you’ll now have what you need, except you’ll notice the camera app
    doesn’t work as intended.

    5. To fix the
    camera issue go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Advanced algorithm >
    Permission and allow ‘Rotation’ usage access.

    6. Then, Settings
    > Per App Settings > Camera and select Forced Landscape.

    From here you
    should have the option of landscape home screens and a fully functional camera.

    I hope this helps!

  • Tom Whiteside

    Sorry, point 6 should read: Then, Settings > Per App Settings > Camera and toggle off the feature for this app, otherwise images taken in portrait appear side-on when displayed in other apps, such as Facebook and Instagram

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