Android M: All of the key features

by XB on 28th May 2015

in Android

cropped_M_Preview_NexusGroupGoogle announced Android M earlier today along with a whole raft of new features baked into this next major Android update. Whilst we’ll have to wait until later in the year for the public release, the Android M Developer Preview is live right now. If you wanted a quick roundup of the key new features in Android M then head past the break.

Google will now give greater control of app permissions. Requests for permissions will now occur in the right context of when a user will activate that function in the app. Users will also have easier access to manage all their app permissions in settings.

Doze (Battery)
Android will use significant motion detection to learn if a device has been left unattended for a while. If so, Android will reduce background activity for a longer battery life. Google claims this can increase battery by up to 100%.

USB-C support
Android M brings support to the reversible USB connector. Google says the use of USB-C will accelerate charging as much as 3-4x.

App links
Developers can now add an autoVerify attribute to their apps manifest so that users can be linked deep into the native app without any disambiguation prompt. This will make it easier for users to discover and re-engage with the developers app.

Now on tap
This integrates Google Now whenever they need it within an app. Google can find menus, reviews, help you book a table, navigate there, and deep link you into relevant apps.

Simple volume controls
The volume controls are now neater and include the ability to individually monitor audio for different streams, such music or alarms.

Android Pay & Fingerprint
Native fingerprint support enhances Android Pay by allowing users to confirm a purchase with their fingerprint. This fingerprint can also be used to unlock devices and make purchases on Google Play.

Via Google Blog and Android Developer Blog.

  • SopNaw

    Awesome useful features. Thanks Google!!

  • Samuel

    So a future and REAL Z4 could have fingerprint sensor and UBS type C? Awesome!

  • bilomar

    Now let’s hope they bring it to z3

  • Just recived 5.0 on my Z, which is not even 2 years old. Fun to know everything scroogle does is implemented a year later. My next phone will be lumia or iphone. At least with them I’ll be getting my updates the same day.

  • Sergio

    But the main key feature in Xperia Devices… Only for Z devices, just like happened with Lollipop, Sony abandoning it’s mid-range devices…

  • Tjaldid

    if they can find an unobtrusive way to implement a fingerprint scanner then yes

  • Niels d. G.

    They are working on Lollipop for some of the mid-rangers too. :)

  • Niels d. G.

    I’d rather not give Google my fingerprint.

  • illstplaya .

    Android M better be coming to every device that was being updated to lollipop. Lollipop so far has been terrible on every phone. Only 5.1.1 seems to fix most issues

  • illstplaya .

    The only part of android M that I’m really looking forward to is the app permissions. That would be really great and the doze battery thing.

  • Sergio

    No. They didn’t confirmed any model apart from C3/T2. And there are E3, T3, E1, M2, M2 Aqua devices that doesn’t seem to receive anyting in future, and they are mid-range.

  • Mars

    Doze is just Google’s version of Stamina Mode

  • Luis

    And your phone will be exactly like every other lumia or iphone. If you wanted same day update, you should have bought a Nexus phone. Otherwise, all the other manufactures have to test there programming layer with the latest Android layer. With as many phones as they have, it’s time consuming to test all of them. Plus you still need to keep priority on new models. I like my Sony phone having it’s own flavor from the others.

  • Luis

    Lollipop on my Z Ultra has been just fine with the exception of a bug when pressing recent apps button and nothing appears. Doesnt bother me at all really, plus Sony already has an update on the way.

  • Paul Hansen

    Not mandatory that you use it but I get where you’re coming from.

  • Paul Hansen

    If they make it a touch style unit like apple/samsung then they could build a decent sized reader into the Xperia logo on the back. It’s positioned well enough that your index finger (right or left) could easily touch it. Put a nice groove around it so it’s easy to find without looking/flipping the phone. If they stay with the current design language, they could put it on the front down in the corner by the bottom speaker. Easily tappable with the thumb but you’d be limited to one side or another.

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    If Sony is smart enough, then they should start working with Android M, just ignore 5.1.1
    Our Xperia devices running Android 5.0.2 are already using 5.1’s new ART engine, and the memory bug is fixed.

  • yuanhui502

    Google’s version should be a smarter one. Unlink stamina, apps running in back ground will not be suspended.
    I guess it will be a google’s version of “greenify”.

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    If Sony keep updating the premium phones two years Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact, Z1s, Z2, Z2 Tablet, Z3, Z3 Compact, Z3 Tablet, Z3v, Z4 Tablet & finally Z3+ will receive Android M (Milkshake?). But still, Android M is more like what Lollipop skuld have been from the very first beginning, so maybe the Original Z-Series will get the update too coz there isn’t really a huge step between Lollipop & M.

  • ash

    most probably it will be stored locally

  • ash

    sony has best lollipop update

  • Oh!

    Sony Stamina mode is good though. My Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact on stamina don’t even drain a single % of battery for an entire day on standby.

  • bahar_b

    USB-C (use more pin)
    App perm.
    All this will make android fan can’t wait.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    M2 and t3 are confirmed to get lollipop i think, atleast by sonymobile FR. You cant expect that low range devices like xperia e1, or e3 to receive lollipop as well….

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Go with iPhone and you might receive the newest iOS pretty fast but you won’t get any new features after a year. Sony did provide the first xperia z devices with not only lollipop but their newest UI and some clever new features as well :)

  • kaostheory

    And you’ll be 2yrs behind anyway. I already have tap to pay in Canada, but the newest and most up to date iPhone still doesn’t have it. Also usb c will allow device to device charging. Good luck getting any cool new features on ios or wp!

  • hansip

    Still no split window?? Bummer well at least my small apps still have reason to grace Play Store :)

  • Sergio

    Check again the entry post. I personally talked to SonyXperiaFR and they told me it was an error. No lollipop for T3 still, but for T2 anc C3 · .______.

  • How about making it ultrasonic and then putting it behind the screen so there will be no big ugly horrible looking button things on our beautiful Sony devices?,28660.html

  • SoniaDKrum

    ???? $83 /hour @mi12//



  • IlGrinta17

    I don’t think so, actually it’s already a miracle that Z users received Lollipop. I think Sony would like to let them skip to new phones, and keeping their Z updated isn’t an incentive.

  • iia3ezu

    Apple iPhone retains its resale value much better than an Android phone.

  • Jonathan Bratanata

    Zultra and Z1 and newer, most likely yes. But Z, ZL, ZR, i wouldn’t get my hopes up too high

  • At first, they called it project Volta. Now they call it Doze? Wouldn’t be surprised they come back next year and say, Dead!

  • Jaissal S

    Awesome. So Sony’s Android M will be around January or so right. I can see the next handset will have USB C and hopefully a fingerprint scanner. I have a feeling my Z1 may not see this update. Gives me a reason to upgrade to the Z3+ or whatever may be next.

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  • roeshak

    I’d say z3+ obviously. Z3/z2 and family certainly. Z1,z1c z ultra possibly but that’s iffy. They’ll receive 5.1 though for sure.
    Original Z? Totally unlikely!

  • Denis Deny Jamny

    I’ve just read on one page, that in Czech Republic the Z3+ is in pre-orders of some Internet shops for about 765 €. That’s so much! Can’t belive it.

  • kaostheory

    I’d rather have a better phone, I always give mine away anyway.

  • Amanda Nudelman

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  • Emil Oskarsson

    Thats because iphones are for retards in my opinion :)

  • Geese Howard

    Wonder what the M will stand for… but this sounds cool. Only time will tell.

  • StephanieRCasavant

    ???? $83 /hour @mi20//



  • DBS

    To me the more important feature on the current preview of M and that I want to see expanded system wide is the Dark Theme.
    Finally Material Design will become at least bearable.

  • wil Rock

    Does flashing your phone to lollipop will erase your data? I’m an Xperia zr user running 4.4.4

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