Sketch Beta (6.1.C.6.0) adds smudge tool and thinner brushes

by XB on 28th May 2015

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Smudge Sketch BetaSony Mobile has updated the Sketch Beta application to version 6.1.C.6.0 (from 6.1.A.5.0). The big new addition is a smudge tool which has been introduced due to popular demand. Other additions include thinner brushes and an improved photo import. Head over to the Sketch Beta group if you want to download the update or you can hit the link below.

DOWNLOAD APK: Sketch Beta (6.1.C.6.0)

Sketch Sumdge_1_result Sketch Sumdge_2_result

Smudge Sketch Beta

  • Sergio

    Good update so far. Great job Sony. Now stop updating apps and release Lollipop for M2 users! Hahaha

  • Amirreza-IraN

    Still waiting for a global update Z ):

  • Pankaj MAHESH

    I m also waiting.

  • borntoparty

    OOT: I was hiding my small apps via adb without root, now the close all button seems out of place. Does anybody know how to hide the close all button?

  • Tjaldid

    wish they would put small apps in a plus button

  • Amirreza-IraN

    whats Mobile Model?? Z1??

  • Amirreza-IraN


  • borntoparty

    It’s Z1 Compact.

  • borntoparty

    You’re right :)

  • jag

    Great addition! Really need those thin brushes for details. Kudos to everyone in the community and the app developer!

  • SoniaDKrum

    ???? $83 /hour @mi12//



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