Xperia Z3 Plus System Dump now available to download

by XB on 29th May 2015

in Tips & Tricks, Xperia Z4 and Z3+ series

Xperia Z3 Plus System DumpEarlier today we brought word that the Xperia Z3+ system dump had leaked and a number of devs were starting to port some of the goodies from the handset. We have already seen the Xperia Z3+ wallpapers and boot animation and more is on the way. However, if you’re eager to explore the system dump yourself, then you can now download it via the link below. Happy porting!

DOWNLOAD: Xperia Z3+ Dual (E6533) System Dump [Mirror]

Xperia Z3 Plus System Dump

Thanks Ben!

  • dhoko_123

    Como se instala???

  • Shehab Skull

    thanks ben ! thanks xperia blog ! let’s try to port -again- :3 NEVER GIVE UP

  • Amimanot

    I wonder if anyone would port the z3+ camera drivers so that people using z1, z2 and z3 could get the full(-Ish) camera2 api

  • Kabuto Kouji

    that was fast!!! LIVE WALLPAPER LIVE WALLPAPER!!

  • Sergio


  • Sergio

    Como se instala que? Es un system dump, una copia de la rom del z3. Ni si quiera es un zip flasheable xd

  • HAWX

    Uuu.. The most things which I am curious are: Wallpapaers, Ring and Notification tones are here ^ ^

  • Kabuto Kouji

    exacto! lo que me preocupa es que no tengo root y el sistema no me va a dejar instalar el wallpaper dinamico sobre mi wallpaper de stock, lo mismo pasa cuando quiero instalar el wallpaper dinamico original del z2 cuando era 4.4.2, no me deja tener los 2 para seleccionarlos… espero me puedas ayudar un poco Sergio, soy un poco rookie para estas cuestiones…no tengo root y no quisiera rootear el z2

  • Orçun Bakkal

    where did you find ?

  • Kabuto Kouji

    still downloading the whole dump dude i hope its there…

  • bilomar

    Please share if it installs. Thanks.

  • Sergio

    Yo he rooteado el M2 con Towelroot en Jelly Bean… Busca tutoriales por htcmania, hay bastantes seguro, la idea es ponerte una rom antigua y luego actualizar a lollipop. Despues solo te poner algo que mate el RIC y listo. XD

  • Eddy Eddy R

    Entonces no se puede instalar el live wallpaper :( en lollipop sin ser root?? ya lo hiciste ??

  • Faisal Armand

    From gsmarena: Z3+ camera is proven WORSE than Z3 which is already worse than Z2. I made the crops here (metlife is 20.7MP crop, the tree is superior auto crop). Z3+ is only better in white balance, but in terms of details the Z3 is better by quite a margin. Z3+ is applying stronger noise reduction that obliterates fine low contrast details while Z3’s noise reduction isn’t as strong so its images are a bit noisier but preserves more details.

    This seem to confirm my feelings when I saw the Z3+ leaked camera sample, I thought Z3 & Z2 has better quality than this

    Good God Sony -___-”

  • Eddy Eddy R

    no me deja instalar el live wallpaper :(

  • bilomar

    They make camera worse while all the other brands make better cameras. Wtf is Sony doing.

  • Winter Soldier

    is there live wallpaper?

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Gsmarena said it was pre-production units. The result captured were obviously equal to pre production z2 n z3 image sample. But i just wonder why sony provide a test unit with a bad camera software to a reviewer cause they already know the review will be based on the test unit not the final retail relaase.

  • Faisal Armand

    And one of the bad habit of gsmarena is they never update their review for Sony but they do for samsung, which is disgusting. But as far as I remember, the image quality of pre release Z3 unit only had flaw in the metering system which caused highlight area to get blown, the image processing is pretty much the same until now

    Btw, I also find severe softness in the corners of Z3+, indicates that the lens quality isn’t good.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    I guess sony trying to overcome the thinkness with the size of sensor itself resulting a few problem.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    A simple software update could fix this if they do it properly. The problem is that camera is less prioritized when it comes to Sony. They don’t seem to understand that users prefer to have good battery life and great camera.
    Well Sony got battery part right .

  • neenamoon

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  • Timel

    LOL Hahahahaha

    So pity Xperia fanboys hahahaha

    Sony Xperia sucks
    Galaxy S6 edge and iPhone 6 plus win!!!

  • Timel

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  • Amimanot

    Great idea! Ill buy one for you okay?

  • Timel

    I don’t want it

  • hekermeker

    Trolling around braindead ?

  • hekermeker

    I will buy for you unlimited time in a neurological institute. You need it, more than having an iphone or samsung…

  • Timel

    Yup! deal.

  • Timel

    Trolling? how?
    You don’t see it, do you?

    Sony flagship phones have always had the worst camera when compare to Samsung flagship phones, Apple iPhones or even cheap chinese phones like Xiaomi, Meizu.

    Shame on you $ony and feel so sorry for Xperia fans. No wonder at all that Xperia phones are always unsaleable

  • Sergio

    Ni a mi en KitKat, aún siendo root. Estoy buscando alternativas… Deberé portarlo.

  • garry47

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  • LisaGSteinberg

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  • monx®

    wondering the steps u do this crop. i just dont get it how to. metlife seems identical in position. u use both phone with tripod or smth similar?

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