Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra sees firmware update 14.5.A.0.283 roll to selected carriers

by XB on 17th June 2015

in Firmware, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1 firmwareFirmware build number 14.5.A.0.283 started to roll for the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact yesterday and now the update has landed on both the Xperia Z1 (C6903) and Xperia Z Ultra (C6833). As before, the update is only live on selected carriers including T-Mobile networks in Austria, Germany, Netherlands and others across Eastern Europe. It is also live on Cosmote Greece. So far the ‘283’ firmware looks like a carrier-only update, but we’ll let you know if that changes. In the meantime, if you’ve downloaded the update, please let us know your comments below.

Xperia Z1 firmware

Thanks Bence and stamppot!

  • Nodar Sixarulidze

    Xperia Z3+/ Tablet Z4 Heat issua?:????? ?????? ?? ?? ???????????, ????????? ???? Snapdragon 810-?? ???????, ??????? ?? ????

  • bao trung giang

    plz be a global release!

  • amit kumar anand

    Plase update in india also

  • Deki

    How is this possible? I can see that Xperia Update Checker showing that I
    have the update .283, but PC companion is telling me that my phone is
    up to date?

    I have always checked with Xperia Update Checker, then PC Companion and
    I’ve never had any problem. I tried reinstalling PCC, but it’s the same.
    No OTA though…

    Did something like this happened to you?

  • PoweredBySony

    You have here the ftf file and a pre-rooted file .

  • nick sweden

    is it rapper and faster no bugs ? yet :)?

  • Liam Burke

    Only change I noticed is that there is a choose keyboard option in bottom right when you type that wasn’t there in. 270

  • Serega

    How photos quality & 60fps / 1080 on new firmware?
    Xperia Home 8.0.A.1.2 get?

  • PoweredBySony

    The phone runs cooler now and it is a bit snappy . I still have the mic problem .

  • P9

    it’s lollipop feature.

  • Deki

    Downloading right now! So excited! :D

  • RealityCheck2015

    My Z1(UK) feels slow sometimes now :( Hopefully this update will fix that + i can’t seem to save my Pics/Videos/App’s etc etc to my memory card now? I have loads of space on my memory card to? I don’t get it. I wish Google & SONY would test these big updates more :-/ Oh well.

  • Aditya Thakur

    Anyone noticed the roll out of .283 update in India?

  • Hugo Marceau

    I have a problem with my Z1, it restart it restarts any time of the day !

  • Sanjeev Rai

    Hi people. Actually, I wanna ask that when will sony do a global release for the firmware 14.5.A.0.283. I’m still waiting for it eagerly to land in my country. If anybody know, tell me. Thank you ;-)

  • Yawn…

  • Minfad Mahyuddin

    anybody experiencing huge drop in call quality from this update [14.5.A.0.283] compared to previous update?

  • Noodle

    Updated my Z1 Compact. Everything run fine,but I have two points: I don’t like how to change the volume of the Phone now (silent, Sound and especially vibration) and it is not possible anymore to skip or pause a track with a locked screen :-( Why?!? Thats’s nerve-racking!

  • Yeah.The signal too.I mean, on my other phone,S4 mini the sound its GREAT compared to Z1.

  • Paul M

    you can get this using flashtool for Z Ultra

  • A Isaac Cruz González

    OS hurts because I have no signal where if you had before is a shame sony crap that does not invest in have OS in good condition

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