French carrier SFR expects Android 5.1 Lollipop to hit Xperia devices from August

by XB on 28th June 2015

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Android 5.1 LollipopFrench operator SFR has released its latest software roadmap for the devices it offers and confirms that Android 5.1 Lollipop will be landing from August 2015 on its Sony Xperia models. Sony Mobile expects the update to land from July, so an August launch for carriers seems about right.

Interestingly, looking at the release phasing suggests that the Xperia Z3/Z2/Z1 series will see Android 5.1 from August, whilst the original Xperia Z series will have to wait until September. SFR has no confirmation of when Xperia M2 will get the Android 5.1 update, which could mean it won’t launch until late summer at the very earliest.

SFR Android 5.1 Roadmap

Thanks François, mukul and walaspancha!

  • Nick .

    i hope that we wont have to go through all these things that happend with android 5.0.2

  • Sweggity

    let’s start with where is my 5.1 update now… And brag how shit Sony is

  • Concha

    What things? I haven’t had any kind of problems/things with 5.0.2, neither on my Z3 Compact, Z2 Tablet or Ultra. Nor on my kids two Z1 Compact or Z1.

  • rubinaish

    Who believes carriers?

  • Vincent

    Where is Timel? Waiting for him rubbishing..

  • Nothing wrong with my Z2 too

  • Shehab Skull


  • ahmed ashjau

    Hope sony would include manual camera support on this update…

  • Hugo Leonardo

    Sometimes I get the “low memory” message when I’ve got an app running in the background (like Radiotunes) and open the Chrome, and most of the time it shuts the background app. Then I go to the configuration and check my device has over 500mb of free ram available.

    Sometimes when my wifi gets any problem to connect my mobile, it forgets the password, so I need to type it again, but this is very often and annoying.

    I do miss the other icons they remove from the shortcuts on the configuration bar (when you slide your fingers), you don’t have the silent option there anymore, so, if you’re listening to some music with a headset, you cannot put your mobile on silent, because you need the volume to get to that menu, but if you’re listening to some music, it’ll control the volume of the music.

    The battery meter doesn’t work good, if you just simply calculate the percentages you’ll see it doesn’t even get close to 100%, so, where are the rest? On Kitkat, my screen was usualy responsible for 50% of my battery consumption, now, it float arounds 20%, something is wrong, because the battery still lasts the same, and I’m pretty sure some Apps should be there, but mine doesn’t show all of them. That makes a little complicated to find where I’m spending my precious battery and makes it hard to take a decision on what to remove or adjust the use to improve my battery experience.

    And other minor stuffs that really don’t botter much =/ but those four I mentioned really annoy me.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I’ll give it a try…
    *ahem* Sony so lie. Say update out July, but going come much later. Maybe next year they do slow. Lol. Always behind everyone else. First camera now updates. No worry Sony Xperia going to die. Just watch.

    Annnnnd, finish.

  • I really wish I did not upgrade to lollipop, Kitkat was everything I ever wanted, I hope 5.1 will fix the major issues especially the battery consumption, it barely stands for 20 hours now ,I did the factory reset though.

  • Ulysses Grant

    Why don’t you give Samsung and LG a try and we’ll see how much it will pissed you even more. I was with Samsung and LG but they are slow in releasing updates. Sony is a lot faster than these two. I am using Z2 and I am already in 5.02 while my LG G2 won’t be getting 5.1 and my Samsung Galaxy S5 is still running 5.0. So that.. I have used different devices and hopefully Sony will get 5.1 next month.

  • Svnjay

    To be fair, Samsung has already updated their S6 to 5.1.

  • Riju Pal

    Sony is doing a great job by providing 5.1 to older devices. Though it supposed to come in July. But i can wait, atleast it should be bug free. When sony give 1st update to z1 sony says it takes time for the firmware to be bug free, but it has bugs. Again it gives a bug fixing update . 270 which also has “camera not available” bug. But lets hope 5.1 to be bug free…

  • RoseJWebb
  • ozanyalcn45

    august? i think it comes in saying lies. first lollipop update for xperia z3 released in april. but sony was says ”first lollipop update for xperia z3 coming in january” after sony was change the date and ”says coming in february” so i think the firmware not coming in the august

  • Emil Oskarsson

    But are they going to update the Galaxy s4 to 5.1? :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Z4 tablet working just fine with 5.0.2 :p

  • Sadman Khan

    Timel is proud

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    why would he proud? this guy is so full of grammatical errors that It is nearly incomprehensible. Timel knows the fact that criticizer needs to have his comments absolutely right grammatically, otherwise people just treat you as nuts.

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    I think it is pretty hard for Sony to introduce a new bug that Google didn’t think of. Afterall 5.1 is a bug-fix.

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    I have faith in Google to have a new API that would make Sony’s camera application implementation on this new API less buggy

  • Eduardo Otero

    What if he’s Timel uncovered?

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    if that’s the case Timel brother, go attend some British Council English classes

  • Eduardo Otero

    You’re forgetting an important fact, when Sony expected to release Lollipop and told us “from early February” there was no operator that expected to have Sony software to test in early February or March, they expected to receive Sony software on April and that was true, most operator version of Lollipop came from April.
    Now SFR and Telus expected to get 5.1 for testing on August and they surely will.

  • ozanyalcn45
  • This is for the operators..
    But for others, the update will be soon –

  • PoweredBySony

    On this last build of lollipop for z1 i dont have any problems with the heat and battery drain. Good job Sony.

  • Eduardo Otero

    Those pages only telll what I wrote, I don’t see any info from operators expecting to release Lollipop on February or March, Once again OPERATORS not Sony.

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  • P9

    I want this bug fix update for my XZ too
    hurry Sony
    not see any update yet after first 5.0

  • Nodar Sixarulidze
  • Damon Adrian

    Flash kk then

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  • M?rcis Buhholcs

    5.1 or (i hope so) 5.1.1? Sony please take your time, but give us 5.1.1!

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    No, way too good at English for you to pass. You also need to make it more obvious that you’re foaming at the mouth while typing.

  • Sweggity

    it’s good to see old devices like the xperia z still getting updates… Don’t think the S4 will be getting 5.1

  • iia3ezu

    Will Lollipop 5.1 take up more storage space? Sony’s already not very honest/generous when it comes to free storage space on their phones.

  • azzido

    I am planning to buy Sony TV with Android but something is wrong with this OS :/
    Hope Sony is working with google to solve the issues… and HDR will be included as well.
    Do not only know why so expensive, 55-65 inch TVs are still “led-edge” and only 70 inch monster is full led with true local dimming… not fair.

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    The real unfairness, brother, is the fact that you work as hard as other people, yet they get the 70″ variant, but you can only afford 55″ – 65″

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    if sony did read your comment, they will definitely take their time

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  • M?rcis Buhholcs

    Taking into account that nasty memory leak bug is fixed only in 5.1.1 it makes sense to upgrade to 5.1.1 instead of 5.1

  • ElizabethRLemanski
  • Apollo89

    Which ‘nasty memory leak bug’? The one that Sony already fixed in their Android 5.0.2 firmwares?

  • M?rcis Buhholcs

    Seeing how my phone behaves i am not sure Sony fixed it. And i don’t even have FB and Co running on my Z3c

  • amit kumar anand

    Is Root good for xperia z series ? Yes or no

  • Geese Howard

    lol it seems like our favorite clown is now getting onto us eh? XD Damn… No wonder every circus needs a clown!

  • Nick .

    I meant all the time we had to wait and the awful battery the first days

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