New Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact leak shows fingerprint scanner in detail

by XB on 5th August 2015

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Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact side profileA new picture of the upcoming Sony Xperia Z series flagship devices, expected to be the Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact, has leaked. The picture shows the side profile of both handsets in more detail and comes courtesy of @vizileaks. You can more clearly note the fingerprint scanner on the right side of the phone and the lower-placed volume rockers.

The source says that both handsets are naked and not in any kind of bumper or case. The pictures match what we have seen of both devices, with a continuation of the OmniBalance design language. We do question the placement of the volume rocker, especially on the Compact model, as we imagine it would be tricky to easily access with one hand. Whilst no leaks of the larger Z5 (Ultra?) model have emerged, it will also sport a very similar design with similarly placed volume buttons.

Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact side profile

  • Omar

    Not THAT bad, at least the sensor fits harmoniously on the frame. The volume buttons are too low, they should raise the position of the fingerprint scanner if it was because of the space required.

  • So it’s about time… After seeing the awesome specs of mid-rangers C5 Ultra & M5, I’ve high hopes for these duo… Impress us Sony… Especially with a brand new camera & algorithm…!!!

  • I suppose Q gives Bond a new phone that works only for him.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    I really don’t like this button but I hope the camera will be better or same as M5.

    Otherwise I will get the M5 instead.

  • Leo Ng

    they are too thick…

  • William Wijaya

    Give it the C5 almost no bezel design and better sensor than M5 and it’ll sell right away :D

    It’s already good though, just waiting for the detailed specs

  • darannechelle

    Check the last leak, its top and bottom bezel are smaller than the iphone 5s

  • Saber Kchikech

    I think I will wait for Z6 I’m getting enough of the same design

  • marcyff2

    so no change in style apart from one button. Sony you seriously disappoint me.

  • marcyff2

    and then you will wait for z7 and then z8……

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Holding my Z1 with my right hand makes the Z5’s fingerprint scanner + power button combo the best location since my right thumb rests perfectly at that placement (middle), while I can’t still fathom how low the volume buttons are. Maybe people will adopt with the said placement, Rather than putting it on top of the power button, which makes it more awkward to press.

    Utilize the IMX230 more than M5, with 4k30p H 265 video encoding and put 3-axis Optical Steadyshot plus decent battery of 3200 mAh, and this will be a bang for the buck!

  • Augustine Kau

    Snapdragon 820 rumored to be unveiled on August 11th
    Hopefully Sony Xperia Z5 is equipped with SD820!!! #crossfingers

  • dragonsneeze

    Too thick and boxy. I expected the compact to be thinner with same width and height. Xperias look worse in leaked shots, I’ll save some of my judgement till after they are revealed.

  • Augustine Kau

    according to the article “the latest report even states the SoC will support ultrasonic waves to generate a 3D map of fingerprints, making bio-metrics much more secure when compared to current 2D finger imaging. And the cherry on top is likely Qualcomm’s Zeroth machine, which emulates human learning to make our devices even smarter.The latest rumors suggest the first Snapdragon 820 samples have been finished, with HTC and Sony being the first to test them”

  • Ravi

    Shit, same design and bulky. Why Sony can’t understand this. SONY YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR DESIGN.

  • el_sur

    Definitely NOT getting the black color. Gross.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Speaker slits on the top and bottom of the glass whoop whoop! The power button reminds so much of a Samsung Home button. Anyway, hopefully they dumped the SD810 and fitted a larger battery, similar camera combo to the M5’s and optical image stabil

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    I love this seamless new design, you cant notice the frame to front glass transition. Hope for all metal back too…

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    No need for OIS, Even the 20.7 mpx cam with imx 230 sensor on moto x style is reported to have the best stabilisation on a phone to this date, stills with hybrid autofocus will do the stabilisation on photo front….
    Sony, keep up and improve with your magnificent DIS!

  • Sweggity

    i actually don’t like soft menu keys, cause it takes up space of ur screen. Sony should move to hardware menu keys with the fingerprint in the middle

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    That would break this perfect seamless design would it not. I Prefer the soft keys, those cant break or become disfunctional…

  • fgclolz

    As opposed to what? Something that is thin and dies quickly?

  • kido

    Sorry looks like the 810 is powering this thing

  • kido

    Design your own phone stupid

  • kido

    No wait for z10 or z11 hahahahah

  • WilliamTell13

    Volume rocker seems like it will be very uncomfortable to use with one hand. I’ll test it out in the store. If it’s uncomfortable, it’s a no buy for me unfortunately.

  • kido

    If its because of Bigger batteries then i’m not complaining

  • fluxx

    At first I thought the placement of the buttons is bad. But:
    – In camera mode you can use the volume keys as zoom buttons, so the placement next to the camera button is quite perfect. This might be the “thought” behind this decision.
    – The volume keys are out of the way when holding the device in your right hand.

  • kido

    What if the volume rockers where on the top left corner instead? And the memory card slot and sim card tray on the bottom left corner?

  • Snorky112

    its ok for me I almost never use the volume rocker anyway, and I don’t think it’s that bad

  • Saber Kchikech

    hahahaha maybe

  • kido

    U have a point about the zoom function

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  • kido

    Why u don’t listen to music?

  • Snorky112

    i dont change the volume all the time, I set it when I launch the music and then I’m done

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  • kido

    Oh ok cool lol… What if they place the volume rockers on the left side of the device?

  • Emil Oskarsson

    One reason why I never buy Samsung products:I hate hardware keys! hardware keys are a story from 2011, software is way better :)

  • Supriyo

    That’s an odd placement. When you hold the device the index finger gets rest on the volume buttons, accidentally pressing it every time..Try with a Samsung phone
    I like Sony’s thought to put volume buttons on the same side..

  • jakobd.

    Please Sonya ,a new fast Camera with 1.8 Blende and a 2k 100% natural Color Display(6500K) no blue tint !! and USB Typ C !!! and a new transparent UI !!! look at this Samsung take it too

  • Amir

    Hell no.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Snapdragon 810 is TouchID compatible too. Plus the production diagram shows that the SD820 will only be ready at the end of 2015.

  • Husam

    is it just me? or the power/fingerprint button is shifted slightly toward the screen?! i think it’s not centered!

  • Supriyo

    Z10 is already there :-)

  • Alex

    Z5 compact – looks better!

  • Ravi

    OK stupid, may be after 4 or 5 years. LOL

  • kido

    Yeah but it would definitely be easier to use the volume buttons

  • kido

    Sony xperia z10 then lol

  • kido


  • I_can_wait_4ever

    uglyness at its best sony Im gonna wait for z6

  • jumbo3220

    you are right,, it is kinda towards the screen on bigger one

  • Ravi

    Do you like that same design if that pic is true ? looks too bulky.

  • I_can_wait_4ever

    Fq! Im gonna wait for the z6

  • Husam

    also, i don’t like the fact that the button is kinda white! it should be glass, tinted with the same color as the phone.

  • I_can_wait_4ever

    Im with you lets wait

  • jokensy


  • Alvin

    Yeah, hell yeah about the volume button and all its functions, because nobody use their phone upside down

  • I_can_wait_4ever

    no they will use sd815

  • Alvin

    Well it could be a serious game now as it is their real 2015 flagship.

    But it’s just, if they make it better at specs, i would’ve sell my z3 for this as this thing is still not worth replacing from my current phone to me.

  • Your profile pic, profile name & your comment… ROFL :D

  • the Z5c looks thicker!
    – is this due the same Z5 technology in the compact version?
    – is this due to a huge battery?

    I will keep an eye on this little fellow ;)

  • tk007

    I think they look good. Since this year is the transition year, 2016 will be pretty great for Sony. The tube design can be seen partially. Next year we’ll have better SoC and hopefully Z5 Ultra as hiuyi stated. These are good step.

  • tk007

    bet final unit is super sexy !!!! coz it’s sony

  • Alvin

    When z6 pictures leaks like this then you’ll say “I think I will wait for Z7 I’m getting enough of the same design”, and when z7 pictures leaks like this then you’ll say “I think I will wait for Z8 I’m getting enough of the same design”, and when z8 pictures leaks like this then you’ll say “I think I will wait for Z9 I’m getting enough of the same design”, and when z9 leaks you’ll say “I think I will wait for Z10 I’m getting enough of the same design” and those cycles will always go on again and again and again until you’ve had enough and buy those chinese manufacturers or other brands

  • Alvin

    That is an X10, babe, not z10 -_____-

  • Alvin

    I don’t think it will be, earliest they would use 820 is early/mid next year i think

  • Snorky112

    z3c is also thicker, but its not a problem

  • Alvin

    That still looks like a pile of sh*t to me (the Samsung photo) that will make me puke

  • Alvin

    Wait until they come out or press shots leaks and you can comment as these are only like ‘soft’ version of the leaks

  • Alvin

    They’re putting bigger batteries there i believe

  • Alvin

    Report because of racism and ignore!

    Nah just kidding

  • Alvin

    You need to change your mind too, rav

  • I_can_wait_4ever

    I’m waiting for the chosen one lel

  • I_can_wait_4ever

    waiting is a virtue

  • Ravi

    I love Sony designs and also I’m using Xperia z2. But I think z, z1,z2,z3,z3+ all are same design concept. That is why I think they should change their designing concept. Because Sony is running on other devices mainly camera sensors. I know it the best choice to buy a sony device but it should be in the best choices in future also.

  • I_can_wait_4ever

    lel jk!

  • thick…too thick…

  • Some Marry with the same hat.. :))

  • I_can_wait_4ever

    Sonya is my granddaughter’s name

  • I_can_wait_4ever

    reverse the s6 edge chassis and voila a new note is born

  • Supriyo

    Blackberry z10 dude :-)

  • kido

    If the bulky design is because of Bigger batteries then i’m not going to complain one bit about the thickness

  • I_can_wait_4ever

    guess what phone used to capture this leak!

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  • Micheal Archer

    Based on these images and assuming that each phone is at least somewhat similar in size to one of its predecessors (comparing to Z3C and Z1), I wouldn’t have a problem with the volume buttons finding their way closer to the camera button. When holding the phone in my right hand, I can easily place my thumb in the space between the current volume and camera buttons without discomfort. For security, I might need to hold the Z1 on a bit of an angle, but this would be short-term until I set the volume, and then…it’s done.

  • Alvin

    Galaxy s10 mate

  • Alvin

    I mean z10

  • Ravi

    Yeah, but bigger batteries were there on z3, z3+ also with 7.3mm and 6.9mm with two days of battery life. But we don’t know is this a real pic or not :)

  • Madis Otenurm

    I love that the compact version looks more like the normal one, unlike Z3/Z3 compact.
    Seems like a phone to wait for :)

  • Aiden Pearce

    I would happily take the thickness if the battery is bumped up

  • Madis Otenurm

    As long as we don’t press them accidentally, they are fine.

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  • Madis Otenurm

    It is due to the same or similar technology. Bigger battery would mean worse other specs.

  • Battal Aljadei

    Hold the phone with the right or left hand, you’ll touch all the buttons !
    I don’t know if this good or bad ? but i remember that i hated my XZ becuz my hand was covering the speaker,
    but i loved my XSP becuz the spaces between the buttons .

  • Gitarooman

    This just looks plain stupid, finger print senser should be built into the screen, if they are playing catch up sony you better do something extraordinary not something lame like this.

  • Ryan Kumar Jassi

    I found it difficult trying to access the volume rocker when going from the z to the z2 the volume rocker is smaller on the z2 In comparison im used to it now though

  • Kevin

    Lol you talk about bigger battery yet you don’t seem to understand why people are complaining about the thickness.

  • fried_egg

    Sony, take my money already, my Z1 is 4 weeks from end of contract

  • hhmmm seems great for left hand use :)

  • HAWX

    Compact model looks very rectangular :D And they also look like they have good amount of battery :)

  • Sweggity

    hardware keys like in touch sensitive keys that disappears when the screen is off

  • slice

    When’s this thing coming out?? I have vz and have been waiting for one of these new compact models for so long (I don’t like the large ones).

  • Daniel Craig

    Yes, I saw a lot of reviews praising the DIS, Let’s hope that Hybrid Autofocus makes an appearance on the Z5 (or whatever it’s called) too.

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  • Jecht_Sin

    Where can I complain about the new site format being bad on mobile? It’s especially true with the Sony Socialife app. Before it was just perfect, now it is a mess. If I swipe a bit on the left I get split pages and I can’t restore the main one without reloading, the comments are not immediate and so on.

  • J Cav the Great

    Is it me , or the Z5 Compact looks like a 10mm phone….

  • Arda Akca

    If it has a huge battery I am buying it moreover that looks like the tube design.

  • tk007

    z5 compact looks perfecto <3

  • spade

    Here you go!

  • Nawi

    TBC = To Be Confirmed

  • Nander

    I like the Fingerprint thing, I’m only worried a bit because I am left handed and holding my phone with the left hand. So my fingerprint finger would be the Index I guess..

  • Nawi

    Xiaomi Mi5 Plus (820) = December 2015

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Because it seems cognitively dissonant to demand better hardware then whine about the resulting thickness. Thinness is convenient but certainly not deal making. Sorry I meant “higher capacity battery” not “physically larger battery”

  • iia3ezu

    I am disappointed with the fat bezels. I thought the C5 Ultra was a preview of things to come for the Z series phones.

  • iia3ezu

    It should be called a thumbprint scanner for right-handers.

    The lefties will be annoyed.

  • Daniel Craig

    They seem to have gone thicker.

  • Daniel Craig

    Now now.

  • apolloa

    It’s a damn site more exciting design then the dull bore fest these leaked Z5 photos are showing!

  • mike

    power button needs moving up, like iphone 6. and the color needs to match the body. Otherwise, big fail.

  • Tjaldid

    according to the roadmap it could be in full production by the end of the year

  • Tjaldid

    it may not even exist (the 815)

  • Which is great, if they are planning on using Snapdragon 810. But with any chipset, it’s going to mean better battery life, which I like much more than a pointlessly thin shell.

  • Tjaldid

    aren’t the swipe based fingerprint scanners terrible though? or is this touch based?

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  • azzido

    very poor placements… bad idea… good maybe for japanese with small hands, not for europeans… and again this boring design :/

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  • azzido

    Sony is going to again advertise it strongly as being 1mm thicker again? :>
    And battery will be smaller than Z2 again? About 2500mAh and 2K screen please.

    Also do not forget to equipp it with Snap 810 = it will be a sales king :>
    At least they finally changed this boring design haha

  • azzido

    If its because Bigger batteries and better camera / optics I’m not complaining

  • off topic

    How does the contact picture appears in large? Since I update to 5.0 (and even 5.1), the contact image is displayed within a small circle in the lower left corner, and a big blue square behind.

  • azzido

    If it comes with bigger battery, new curved camera, Snap 820, 1080p screen is good for this size (no difference in 2K, but RAM and battery is suffering from 2K screen), S-Master with Mega Bass then they sell it with this design.

    Only hoping for bigger than 5.2 inch screen.
    Otherwise… need to wait for Z6 or Z7 :)

  • Lee McRobbie

    I hope Z3+/z4 customers get a discount or even better free upgrade as to me a owner of a z3+ felt like we just beta tested and away to be put back on a shelf and forgotten about. A bit like just now with no confirmation on 5.1.1 update or we know about the overheating issues. But it’s Sony as transparent as I am happy typing as feeling this ridiculous heat build and build. Come on Sony!!!!!!!! I would have waited till the z5 but I never knew it was in the works and thought this Z3+heat thing would be premium device for longer than 2 weeks.

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  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Hybrid autofocus with 21.5 mpx and imx230 is already there on M5 due to come out in a few weeks…
    I believe Z5 will have sth extra above M5 camera wise…it is a flagship afterall.
    P.S. Enjoy your Xperia in the movie, Bond ;-)

  • iphone 5s

  • nfs2010

    Sony’s New Policy -> There will be 6-12 annual upgrades to each series from now on.


    So that people won’t even have time to complain

    Leak on, Leakers!

  • wan5xp

    Fingerprint scanner would make sense to those that are left-handed if the UI is completely reversible (like Alcatel Idol 3) since stereo speakers and on screen buttons are already present

  • nfs2010

    Or they could just enable full UI rotation & move the secondary mic to the top so that lefties can use their phones upside down.

  • nfs2010

    If Sony wants Apple customers to switch, they’d have to slim down the compact a bit.

  • Just that comment was related, most likely, a relatively smaller device.

  • Abhinav Tella

    It won’t be available in large quantities till next year’s flagships like the Z5+ release in Feb/March/April.

  • Daniel Craig

    Let’s hope I will.

  • kido

    Hahaha you deserve a cookie :p

  • Joshua Phillis

    Flatter sides hopefully means less bezel

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  • Geese Howard

    NOW only time will tell if this is worth jumping too…

  • Samuel

    Z5+ will be running the 820, Bond’s regular Z5 will be 810 powered because he needs an explosive device with him all the time :’-)

  • Dynamo11

    I hope the hype delivers, been wanting to go from my Z1 for a while now. 2k screen, 820 chipset and a good screen-to-body ratio (atleast better than the Z1) and I’ll be all over it

  • crazychef83

    I want a Z ultra my fat fingers cannot type on the original Z anymore.

  • Alvin

    By “they” I meant sony

  • psyche

    wtf do i need a fingerprint reader for? seriously, i have no idea

  • Billy de Fretes

    my xperia z contact pictures just like your post.. 5.0

  • betatesterz

    Well, the layout of the buttons haven’t changed since the Z3. Kinda makes me wish the volume keys can be placed slightly higher, nearer to the power button. The distance on the Z5 compact looks ok, but the full size one just looks like there’s a huge gap between the power and volume keys.

  • betatesterz

    nobody knows… yet

  • Joseph Kevin Yap

    Hopefully, this will displace Samsung and Apple Flagships at the top of DXOMARK’s top camera rankings. If sony can do this, it will be a golden era for them in their fight for SMARTPHONE SUPREMACY!

  • Arda Akca

    @Xperia Blog
    Don’t you think if an Ultra exists, it should be 6 inches like the C5 Ultra?

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  • El_Carnicero

    Based on leaked screenshots, should be swipe.

  • Dan

    don’t need large quantities for Z5, ha!

  • Emmanuel McPerson

    Ive been a fan of sony’s tech for maybe 8 years, but truly hoped sony made a significant disging whit this phne, truly expected something like the c5 ultra, I’ve bought every flagship since sony ericsson k850, but I stayed wiht my xperia z cause i didn’t see a big diference among the z1, z2 and z3, and truly hoped the z5 was the one. Sitl hoping the same, but I don’t see much difference. I mean, Sony…. What are you doing??? When is THAT PHONE WE ARE ALL WAITING FOR IS COMING?? a fingerprint phone is not enought for me….

  • Alvin

    but you ain’t see that much yet, wait for the final release than looking at those mr.blurryface photos… I can say that note 5 is ugly because the leaks showed the overall design, unlike the leaks of z5’s

  • If you don’t need it, just ignore it, and let those who want use it.

  • Chris

    Did you even know that Apple gets inspiration from Sony’s designs?, Haha

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  • Shubham Mutreja

    we really need zoom in video feature!!

    just see this video !!!!

    watch it till end they show video zoom with high quality just like pureview 808!!

  • MasterofMasses

    i want it.

  • MasterofMasses

    a potato

  • Joe

    I am waiting to upgrade my Xperia Z Ultra to the Z5 Ultra. I have the Ultra Z case for QX1 camera.

  • subm

    color scheme quite awful

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