New camera interface heading to Xperia Z5 series

by XB on 3rd September 2015

in Imaging, Videos, Xperia Z5 series

New Z5 Xperia Camera UI_4In amongst all of the new yesterday at Sony’s IFA press conference, Sony also highlighted that a new camera UI is destined for the Xperia Z5 series. The new interface is shown throughout its promo videos (we’ve included some stills below) which gives brief glimpse of the new layout.

Gestures will play a more important role, you only need to swipe up/down to switch between the main camera modes. So for example, if you look at the first still picture below, you will see four icons on the left side. From the bottom you can swipe up to access the Manual/Superior Auto/Video/Camera app modes.

New Z5 Xperia Camera UI_1

You can also change brightness and colour tone through two sliders. Up to 5x Clear Image Zoom can be accessed by a pinch-to-zoom gesture (much like as it exists now). Obviously, we can’t wait to see what other options exist in Sony’s new interface including the manual camera settings.

This new camera interface will be available for all of the Xperia Z5 series as a software update in November 2015, so we don’t expect the handsets to launch with the new UI.

New Z5 Xperia Camera UI_2

New Z5 Xperia Camera UI_3

New Z5 Xperia Camera UI_4

Thanks Balazs and Przemek!

  • xAntifreeZe

    video for hands on interface for new camera ui:

  • Srijan Chawla

    I’m more interested in the Launcher overhaul, in some of the videos i saw a white app drawer whereas a black one in the others, what is that all about !!?
    The UI in both seems the same, why is there a difference in the drawer then !?

  • shawn

    is this has OIS?

  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks – we included the video in the main post! :)

  • Adrian M

    Hope that the z3 will get the new interface too

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Umm… What exactly should be add to Camera interface is the shutter speed controller in Manual mode just like other brand can do. Brightness controller is welcome anyway :)

  • Srijan Chawla

    Yup, “Enchanced Optical Image Stabilization”

  • Dmitry Perets

    What about exposure on tap…? =)

  • Okazuma

    Z5c had the OIS or not?

  • Adrian

    No OIS :(.

  • Vinicius Araujo

    Mostly because they are running an unfinished software for now…

  • shawn

    any link, or white paper? where did you find that.

  • Srijan Chawla

    Really !!! It looked quite finished to me :P

  • Srijan Chawla
  • xAntifreeZe

    More than willing to help :)

  • shawn

    thanks, but i am seeking for official statement.

  • H-R-K

    We have to wait for hands on review.

  • WilliamTell13

    Looks great! I really want the Z5 to replace my Z1s. Gonna wait a few months to see how the reviews are and hopefully for a price drop. I’ll have had my Z1s for 2 years in February, so I’m going to try and hold off until then.

  • Winter Soldier

    great UI
    hope some one create a mod for xperia z2 and z3

  • Winter Soldier

    but there is no any manual focus and shutter speed controls. and RAW file system

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Traditionally speaking, no. The new closed loop actuator is not an OIS module. The lens system just performs better in video with digital stabilisation.

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  • DBS

    No Xperia has OIS. There’s digital stabilization (SteadyShot) for video but as this video shows, the stabilization for focus is completely non-existent.

  • DBS

    No, it does not. It has digital stabilization which isn’t the same. OIS is hardware related, it required the lens to sit on an axis frame that would allow the lens to actually move, thus compensating for eventual shakes as the phone would shake but the lens would remain in the same position (think of how chickens are able to keep their head still despite you moving their body? That’s kind of how OIS works actually).

  • omar

    Hope sony sends us this UI. ?


    looks like we still have to use 8mp to use scenes in manual mode because in video when she switched manual mode scene selection ware locked

  • Lukáš Pávl

    It depends on theme. When you select that new white theme, then you have white app drawer. Other themes have transparent app drawer.

  • fried_egg

    keep hitting me with the good news… my Z5 phone order shows as accepted and my account no longer says I am able to upgrade…. I wonder what will be in the box… and if anything will be bundled in the same way as Z1 had the SW2, and other Z’s got headphones…

  • Geesha Gehan Anurad

    Yes i think the new custom camera sensor has improved OIS plus DIS too. Check this..

    And then dont forget to watch this video sample too.. :)

  • Srijan Chawla

    Nope, the gold one had the white app drawer too :(

  • Srijan Chawla

    if u say so, i just got the information from an online source, so i posted :)
    You can find the source in a previous comment i posted
    Thank you

  • haxona

    I am gonna rage super hard if my Z3+ receives nothing of this!

  • ludimilojko

    And again, manual mod is when you select the shutter speed, the aperture and ISO. With phones,manual mod is when you select the shutter speed and ISO, cos you can’t change the aperture. Anything else is Automatic mod.

  • DBS

    No, it does not. Understand this, OIS is HARDWARE-RELATED. That article does a very poor job explaining that and uses the term incorrectly. I’ve explained it already below so you’ll allow me if I just copy/paste now:

    “OIS is hardware related, it required the lens to sit on an axis frame that would allow the lens to actually move, thus compensating for eventual shakes as the phone would shake but the lens would remain in the same position (think of how chickens are able to keep their head still despite you moving their body? That’s kind of how OIS works actually).”

    That video is about SteadyShot which is a stabilization technology that ONLY applies to video capture. On the photography front, you just have DIS which tries to correct for shaking but it’s nowhere near as good as OIS.

  • Nawi

    Guys… RAM is LPDDR4, right?

    I didn’t find information about it

  • ludimilojko

    Manual mod without controlling the shutter speed is not manual mod.

  • DBS

    No problem, I saw it, that’s why I explained what OIS really is ;)

  • Matt

    well well seems like you already got the z5 ,disassemble the phone and look inside the camera :)

  • Madis Otenurm

    Looks much cleaner.

  • Simon Setyadarma

    I think everything is the same, only the UI is changed .. But idk, will they bring those manual controls or not.
    Kinda disappointed that the WB still based on 5 different category, I thought it could be adjusted like Zenfone 2 or G4 which is nice.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I was joking, I hope they will at least with marshmallow.

  • Simon Setyadarma

    Yeah, think the same… The price is a bit ridiculous for me.. *sigh

  • Aadil

    Well actually Sony mention using magnets for moving lens and receiving input from the gyro sensor in a closed loop system. It’s not ois but it’s still hardware based stabilisation. Strange they didn’t give it a fancy name like magneto stabilisation of something

  • haxona

    Heheh, I’m like hoping they continue this streak of updating their old devices not that the Z3+ is even close to be old. Its barely 3 months old!!!!

  • haxona

    It is since Z3+, if I am not wrong all S810 have to use it because there is no support for LPDDR3

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    They’re actually using a custom made camera so stuff have changed inside. My assumption is that camera module heated a lot. And tbh camera looks really promising.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake
  • haxona

    Yee I am leaning to Z2 and forward will receive a substanial update with Z3+ being identical to Z5 just like Z2 was to Z3 when it came out

  • nfs2010

    That’s right. LPDDR4 on Z3+/4/5. It’s already been verified by Z3+’s teardown. 810 doesn’t do DDR3. 808 does.

  • dty13

    Can the camera do long exposure shot???

  • haxona

    See I’m never wrong :P

  • Abdul Ghani

    well DBS is a retard sony never believed in fake mobile OIS i have z2 and z3dual and never needed ois to get better results its how u use the camera plus sonys 5.1.1 on z3dual has improved the camera significantly

  • Robson Kanyama

    I think We’ll have this UI in android Marshmallow update. Using Xperia Z2

  • Timel

    Umm this new Xperia camera UI looks pretty normal

    LG G4 Camera UI is still the best Camera UI ever! while iOS9 Camera UI is the most beautiful Camera UI.

  • kido

    exactly!!! sony please include shutter speed control in manual mode…:(

  • kido

    agreed! Lg UI and manual mode is how you do it. It doesn’t matter if sony uses this UI if it doesnt give us full manual controls in manual mode such as shutter speed control etc.

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  • SonyMan

    Despite what DBS believes, which from what he says shows how ignorant he is about image stabilization generally, the Z5 series DO have a sort of optical image stabilization, but things are a little bit different from what we have been used to. Let’s break some things down. The term Optical Image Stabilization has to do with the stabilization that involves hardware components (like actuators, magnets, etc) that can move either the lens (lens-based) or the sensor (sensor-shift) before the image is converted to digital info! That’s the only two ways that OIS can be achieved and it’s up to every manufacturer’s judgement to chose one or another way to accomplish it. The first, and most known to smartphone users optical stabilization, is the lens-based where every manufacturer stacks the lens on an e.g actuator or magnet and by checking the gyroscopic sensors of the phone moves the entire lens opposite from where your hands move the device so as to achieve that the photo will be taken absolutely focused and without blurs (depending on the number of gyroscopic sensors that have been used by the oem, concludes the number of axes that the lens can be moved to. Usually 2 axes are enough since you need a horizontal and a vertical movement, although Lg has used more than that on G4 to achieve even better stabilization, sth around 4-5 axes). This is also what Nikon and Canon use for their DSLRs/Mirrorless. The second method, the sensor-shift one (you might see it also as mechanical image stabilization or phase , is what Sony, Pentax and some Olympus DSLRs/Mirrorless cameras use for optical image stabilization. In this version, instead of having the lens stacked up to a moving mechanism, you have the sensor. So, instead of moving the lens for catching up with your shaking, you move the entire sensor. Obviously, there are flaws for both methods. While Lens-based stabilization is more expensive and prone to get damaged by a single drop, it also takes more space for its mechanisms to fit and has more moving parts, which makes the whole system less future-proof as of durability concerns. As of quality, in still images the only serious drawback is that since it moves the lens that is the first component that catches the image, it degrades the lens’s bokeh. In video the same applies in addition to the annoying noise that the whole mechanism produces while it tries to stabilize by moving the lens which from what I’ve seen neither the G4 nor the S6 can avoid recording unless you use them on a tripod where the OIS will never engage (It’s not that annoying if you are watching it on the phone cuz none can play loud and clear enough to hear it, although if you hear it through your headphones or on a computer with speakers you can hear the zzzzz noise all the damn time). On the other hand, the sensor-shift stabilization mechanism is cheaper, lighter, smaller, cannot get damaged easily or at all, it doesn’t produce any annoying noises that even a professional mic can catch and has zero effects on lens’s bokeh. On quality matters, it has a drawback that messes with the sensors AF and metering performance because the image is stabilized the same time it reaches the sensor and has to be printed almost immediately. In Lens-based systems, the image is being stabilized from the lens and sends the image only for digital printing and corrections to the sensor. That’s where Sony has came up with the HYBRID STABILIZATION system and uses the optical stabilization for still images (Which I believe it’s a Sensor-shift type since they made a lot of fuss about how the ? series engineers collaborated with the Xperia engineers to bring one of the best stabilizations on a smartphone, and also it’s the type of OIS that all the Sony ? series cameras use) and the hybrid function engages when video recording starts. What that means is that while the sensor still gets shifted to stabilize the image, in order not to have the drawback of messing with the AF and metering performance of the sensor, it engages Steadyshot first, when shaking is minimal to none. If the shaking is too much for Steadyshot to manage, like if you were shooting from inside/or a moving train or car, the Hybrid Autofocus mode kicks in and starts to use the OIS mechanism to get things steady while Steadyshot starts checking contrast-detection for better accuracy and phase-detection for better speed, so as to tell to the Bionz sensor what to correct and what not before it converts the image to digital info. So when the OIS engaged and altered the AF and metering settings the Steadyshot comes in to get them correct. Steadyshot is an algorithm that Sony has developed both for image stabilization and pixel counting. While it is supposed to be only for DIS that’s not true since there are countless Sony camcorders that have Steadyshot and they are referring to it as OIS. Last but not least, in dslrs that every lens is an individual part, Lens-based systems has the main drawback that if the lens itself doesn’t have image stabilization, and the most mainstream such as prime and wide-angle lenses don’t, you don’t get any optical stabilization. The sensor-shift type it’s a built-in camera OIS that doesn’t require you to buy lenses with OIS since the camera body where the camera sensor is hosted has its own. Another but smartphone irrelevant drawback of sensor-shift systems is that the stabilization doesn’t work well with telephoto lenses and that’s also a proof that the whole Z5 series is OIS enabled since they have an INTELLIGENT ACTIVE MODE FOR MORE STABLE VIDEOS(from sony’s site) which is a feature that every manufacturer is using on their OIS enabled devices and tries to check when image stabilization is doing good or is not needed because it deteriorates the image quality. I am not a native english speaker so that was the best I could do to make some things clearer.. Hope I helped a little. You can get clearer info for both OIS mechanisms at the following link

  • Matt

    please dont, he is fine :P (i hope)

    still can work on the logic though

  • Svnjay

    The Snapdragon 810 supports LPDDR4 and the Z3+ had it.

  • Matt

    We get it the first billion times, Jesus

  • akzidenz


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  • tmnd

    They don’t have pure hardware based solution like G4 or S6(?) But their software based stabilization is very impressive.


    exactly even they are not giving us scene selection in full sensor dont expect manual control like ss iso n focus i use firework mode most often for long exposure clicks and and every time i have to go down on 8mp mode

  • stolnheartdealr

    Wondering if the Z5 series (or at least the “Premium”) will include support for camera2 API with RAW support, the Z3+ got it without support for RAW so…

  • Timel
  • Timel
  • xAntifreeZe

    I just want shuttle speed control :( want it badly

  • kido

    yup shutter control would be great :( or at least give camera 2 api support and all is well :p

  • kido

    At least superior auto mode can shoot at 23mp :p

  • kido

    yes for once i agree with u timel


    lol but ill prefer manual anyday superior sucks everywhere phone n camera too

  • RoberMC

    But anyway the LG G4 camera is worst than that on the Z5 :p

  • Timel

    Are you dreaming?

    Just get out of your cave and see what famous reviewers complain about the shitty camera of Z5 family (even Sony claimed that they have improved camera software)

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Who complained? I didn’t see anywhere. Don’t spread false information. We don’t have proper unit to test this new ui plus we don’t know if they support raw.

  • Timel

    Get out of cave first, finally you’ll see

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Ehem do I look like I live in a cave? It’s okay for you to bash cause it points out that you’re just writing silly comments with your silly thoughts. I do follow almost all the tech news sites but I didn’t yet come across that anyone talked negative about the camera. In fact most of the reviewers talked positively. Specially recording 4K. I even saw that Sony has improved it’s audio quality while recording video. Anyways I think you’re frustrated or just being bit stupid to bash a company without even having a proper review or proper evidence. Then again if you think Sony made a horrible camera phone because they didn’t just implement RAW shooting then you’re just wrong. Apple doesn’t support raw shooting either or don’t let you control the shutter speed as well. So I think next time come up with some evidence before you jump into conclusions. Even I thought that SD810 will fail us but Sony managed and showed the world that “we can deal with it, we know what we’re doing ” just simple.

  • mikexilva

    Is it able to capture 4K HDR video? I’ve been looking for this feature for a while in a smartphone that has OIS.. still don’t know what impact that would have on CPU overheating (but AFAIK OnePlus One could do it without much problems)..

  • stolnheartdealr

    Ha I like that analogy! It’s true but the slow changes in design have kept a pretty loyal core fan base. While the z3 compact was a really attractive phone on paper for me being the best small phone available I don’t think I’ll be moving on to the z5c. While Camera2 API would allow 3rd party apps like instagram, facebook, snapchat etc. to take better photos it STILL wouldn’t allow as good as the stock camera app. This is because even Camera2 API isn’t a workaround Sony’s DRM management that gives that low-light performance and image enhancement the camera is known for. Every other manufacturer allows 3rd party apps to have the same quality as the stock app because their processing isn’t protected.

  • Sayan

    how about camera fv-5 app? ;)

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  • Harry

    Any news? Sony must improve its camera SW. My M4 Aqua has got a pretty nice camera, but the SW is…… well, awful.

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