Album update (7.3.A.0.4) brings light theme to all

by XB on 29th September 2015

in Applications

Album update 7.3.A.0.4_1A quick heads-up to let you know that Sony Mobile has updated the Album application to build number 7.3.A.0.4, which introduces the new light theme to all users. The new design was first introduced in the recent Album Beta (7.3.A.0.2) update. We didn’t notice any further changes in this stable release over the recent beta update.

Album update 7.3.A.0.4_1 Album update 7.3.A.0.4_2

  • Sergio

    Great update. I like it even more than the Music white theme IMO.

  • DBS

    This is why I’ve long disabled automatic updates. At least I can avoid this horrible update just like I avoided Lollipop altogether.
    I’ll wait for a proper black or transparent theme to come and replace this thing to update. And if they force feed me the update at some point…well, I’ll just send the app to the place where Podcasts, Music, Video etc already are: Disabledland.

  • all these plain colors don’t look bad but i do prefer the ui of whatsnew

  • Jecht_Sin

    I hate bright themes.. Bring to al apps the option to have a transparent blurry theme!

  • raju

    Bug this album update, themes not support

  • Nightmare

    It looked better as it was before.

  • Lee Kw

    why my album now are unable to connect to play memories online ?? im from malaysia z2 user..


    there should be option to choose black or white theme in album video and music
    already adaptive brightness fucked up everything and now this white theme will kill your eyes with broken adaptive brightness

  • Lee Jia Hui

    Mine also. A Malaysia Z2 user. It happens a long time ago. The PlayMemories Online is not even appeared in Album. Emailed the support team, tried to reinstall updates using the “repair my phone” in Sony PC Companion, tried to clear data and cache about the apps also useless.

  • Lee Kw

    My last photo that upload to playmemories was on 24 Aug. Maybe after 5.1 or album update the playmemories is no longer support for some countries but sony doesn’t mention that… now i upload my photo to google photo and it gives me better photo quality compared to playmemories

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