“What’s New” includes app updates in Lollipop; Sony ditches “Update Centre”

by XB on 17th March 2015

in Applications

What's New Lollipop update_2Sony has dropped the “Update Centre” application within its Android 5.0.2 Lollipop firmware build. It instead will now include app updates within the “What’s New” app, which probably makes sense. When accessing the side menu, you will notice two additions to the list including “Updates” and “Bookmarks”. The settings section allows you to choose whether you want to update apps automatically or not.

In this new version, we noticed that “Music” has also been dropped from the side menu. This could be something to do with the launch of the “PlayStation Music” app in a few weeks. The newer “What’s New” app has been updated to build version 2.0.A.0.11 in Android Lollipop, versus build 1.4.A.0.1 on KitKat Xperia firmware.

What's New Lollipop update_1 What's New Lollipop update_2

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