Xperia Z5 Compact owners reporting touch screen problems

by XB on 6th October 2015

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Xperia Z5 Compact touch screen issueA number of new Sony Xperia Z5 Compact owners appear to be suffering from a problem with the touch screen sensitivity of the device. Reports first started to surface on the Sony Mobile support forums a week ago and since then the thread has grown with others experiencing the same issue.

The problem revolves around a lack of sensitivity when trying to navigate around the touch screen. The touch sensor will either not register an input at all, or if a button is pressed, for example when typing, it will register multiple inputs of that one command.

Strangely enough, pretty much most people that have the problem are using White Xperia Z5 Compact models, so it may not be an issue for those using other colours. We’re not sure why this would be the case, but it could be a batch issue during production. Sony has said that they are looking into the issue, but are yet to respond. If you have noticed this problem on your Xperia Z5 Compact, let us know in the comments below.

This problem has plagued other Sony Xperia models in the past too. Some users experienced problems with the Xperia Z3 series too. We can confirm our resident Xperia Z3 Compact also suffered from this, which was also a white model incidentally. The only ‘fix’ that worked was turning off the double tap to wake feature. Let’s hope this is an isolated case for a batch of Xperia Z5 Compact handsets.

Thanks Ben, Davekk, Ramuk and Tony!

  • jumbo3220

    simple rule : never buy the 1st batch of any new products :D my Z2 goes crazy sometimes with ghost touch bug.

  • Aiden Pearce

    yup learned the lesson in Z3..light bleeding around whole screen..returned the product and next 2 models had same issue atlast gt a better one which gt to show light bleed after one month but it was small area below display.

  • Fëanáro Nénmacil

    This video went a bit viral a day or two ago since PhoneArena cited video as a source to show “heating” problem on the new Sony phones and some websites already started negative buzz based on it. now PA deleted it already though

    Seems like every time Sony releases something there is always some thing like this going on :l

  • nfs2010

    PA is one of the most retarded sites. They deleted the news about Z5’s DXOmark rating & then put it back on after couple days with the older timestamp to make sure that nobody’s going to read it. Last year, they lied about Z2’s battery life & then fixed it after couple months to achieve the same sh*t.

  • mountain

    Now that they have mentioned it, I found the same problem with my white z4 tablet

  • jumbo3220

    they are so retarded , they post fan made concepts and be like , new renders of upcoming potato leaked in to web :3

  • Jonfensu

    The same behavior of Xperia SP and Z2 Tablet. It’s a shame from Sony not solving this specific problem

  • masi0

    So this is a software issue or hardware issue?

  • Shaktimaan

    I bet all the previous bugs of Xperia devices will strile back lol….same old Sony :p

  • Joe Black

    They are paid to talk shit about most phone brands, while putting certain ones on a pedestal.

  • ramuk

    Their Editor is Alan F ( F stand for Fuctard for sure) and he is known around the web for his lack of reading comprehension abilities. They exist to praise Samsung and LG’s phones ( yes LG I know a lot of people miss it but trust me when I say this LG is one of PA’s biggest sponsor) while pretending to be Apple lover. And their battery life test is a joke. Like galaxy alpha, S6 edge supposed to be have excellent battery life according to PA but every other reviewer said they have terrible battery life. iPhone’s battery life suddenly turn excellent this year whereas everyone said they have pretty much the same battery life as last year model.

    Z5 series will get pretty bad score I’m afraid.

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  • Jacky

    There was an article about this issue today on a Hong Kong website. But the editor said that he didn’t experienced this issue in his test unit @.@

  • Harut Hajin

    WTF? Who upload this idiot video’s, everything works fine, where is problem? HOW MANY STUPID PEOPLE IN HERE

  • dragonsneeze

    Enabling glove mode helped on SP.

  • Svnjay

    Their Z3+ review was also biased and hate on Sony for the same things that they praise Samsung for.

    They were once unbiased but they’re just a Samsung and Apple fansite now.

  • ryq24

    So soon? Sony quality is no longer as good . I should know. Bought a Sony Xperia c4, after two weeks have to take it to service center coz the sensor was not working properly. Later learned that I was not the only one who have the same problem. And it was not the sensor that was the problem but the mother board. Used to own an Xperia m having same problem but did not bother to bring it to service. Glad this time I did.

  • Matt

    Yep, it is almost always like that.

    Remember when the first batch of z3 failing in water? Mine doesn’t hahahha

  • Matt

    Yup blame it on the processor. It’s easier. PA is just annoying. Full of clickbait article

  • azzido

    Z5 compact users are also reporting issues with blurres pictures in bottom left corner… :(

    Z5 compact users are also reporting overheating issues = seems smaller sizez do not allow heating dissipation that much. Is there disassembly videos from compact version? Is there dual heat pipes too?

    People try to avoid compact version so far…

  • nfs2010

    +10000000000000. I couldn’t have said it any better..

  • azzido

    How come that the most happy and excited about new Sony camera sensor are the users of other brands?
    As they know they will receive it and make use / better pictures because of good sotware :(

    I think Sony still have problems with the software, which in some cases is getting worse, for example unable to hange iso in other than 8MPx mode…

    Sony, please take a look at HTC and their situation and do not follow their strategy. The started to take away some functions / features that were previously excluded and now trying to give it back.
    But you know, HTC wake up bit too late, almost imposible to return to its glory.
    So I recommend Sony to give back the control of ISO and do not decrease existing functionality, especially the one your customers are used to.

    Comparing Z2 and Z3 camera qualities and other brands vs Z5 there is no significant difference + Shamesung S6 and newest iPhones tend still to perform better in camera.

    Do not get me wrong, Sony tries to put latest in terms of hardware, somehow software is 1 step back. Example, so called 5x loseless zoom is nothing else as the same digital zoom we already saw. Moreover if you will compare the qualty of the 5x zoomed picture to the same which is cropped from regular size = cropped one is still better, not much but you can notice it:,sony-xpera-z5-pierwsze-zdjecia-testowe-i-porownanie-szumow

    As we are all complaining about camera soft I will say thank you for trying to improve it.
    For example, this digital zoom, is not best, you cannot compare it to optical but all tests confirms it is better now than it was DUE TO SOFTWARE IMPROVEMENTS.

    For me seems unfortunately Sone does not listen.
    If they want to stay at smartphone business and benefit from it = there is no more space for good phones. I mean you will die among hundreds of other good phones. If you do not have plenty of money to be spent on advertising like Shamesung does you must to be unique and have outstanding features. For example we created the device with so good camera that is BEST on market and noone can deny it. That’s why I wonder why they did not add S-Master aplifier for music, and even tak away headphones…

    People asking for new design, on IFA was told will be the same language… it is not bad design, people just get bored with it.

    People asking for new UI design as we can see the same since first Z, buying Z5 and what? Still the same…

    People asking for new IPS neo or OLEd screens = on IFA we can hear that no go as it is too expensive. So how come it is not too expensive for Shamesung? And S6 now is waay cheaper than Z5 with LCD.

    Battery life? I would like to see the answer to why each iteration of flagship is decreasing its size, now we reached 2900mAh considering 3200mAh in Z2. What is next? 2700mAh?

    Unfortunately, no matter supporting the brand I can see it will end up like HTC soon.

    I hope someone from Sony will read it.

  • Arngrim

    So glad i swapped from White to Black now. O.O Just checked it on mine and hadn’t any of the problems shown in the videos.

  • Matt

    the camera is fine,as DXO mark prove it.
    actually might be unholy of me saying this, because i wanted it. manual control on phones are a bit darf . who wants to use a complex camera for a smartphone photo quality? its not bad but not the same level as a dedicated camera.

    UI is the same`? unless youre ignorant or have a brick in your eye its evolved quite a lot mate. its sony way, refinement , not new every time.

    IPS neo is just a name. do not drowned in marketing bullshit. its the screen fine ? yes is the answer. OLED still suffer with burn in , especially with on screen button.

    i do not care how big the battery is as long as it can tick for 2 days , i mean the actual battery life, but one cant deny the size also plays a huge role.

  • Sadman Khan
  • jamie evans

    Sony has to fix it. Sony doesn’t afford to generate issues like this if they want to survive in the phone industry. NO MARGIN for error

  • nfs2010

    The effin’ video camera he used to record the show overheated this time. OMG, this is so hilarious.

  • iia3ezu

    This seems like a hardware problem.
    I don’t think Sony is as generous as Apple in offering a 1-to-1 phone exchange.

    And I don’t think Sony cares too much: it makes most of its money in non-smartphone businesses.

  • Juha Eriksson

    Got the white one but without reported problem. All looks & works fine.

  • Charly Den


  • iia3ezu

    Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Overheating Issues Could Lead To Unresponsive Touch Screen

    The Sony Xperia Z5 Compact is apparently facing some overheating issues, and the Snapdragon 810 chipset is again considered the culprit.

    I wonder who are the twits who claimed that overheating doesn’t exist in the Z5 phones, or Qualcomm had fixed the problem in Snapdragon 810 v2.1.


  • Andrea


    today i received my z5 Compact without charger! I called Sony and they told me they do not put it because there is already a a large diffusion of charger and respect for nature
    WTF !??!
    crazy choice Sony!
    I’m in Italy.. i dont’ know for the other Country..

  • sri

    sony service center say its “mother board issue” for any issue. And they follow 2 steps. step1: reinstall software (which is easy task) and by luck issue resolved (even temporarily, they return back phone.
    step2: replace mother board. They have clauses in such a way that even you are in warranty period, you will end up paying 40 to 80 % for that.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Dude.. It does not overheat… Overheating isn’t the problem this time. It is the screen this time that is faulty… By the way, can you read anything that doesn’t put Sony in a negative aspect?? Because, the rebuttal to your link and comment is exactly the Xperiablog news that you are commenting in… Talk about ironic.. SMH

  • Carol Moore

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  • Marc

    Received the z5 compact today with uch20 charger. Additionally small ear phones in the box and because I preordered sony head phones MDR-10rc

    Have to wait for my new nano sim :(

  • Andrea


  • kaostheory

    hTc suffers from lack of innovation and doesn’t even come close to Sony. The only thing hTc did first was stereo speakers. hTc camera the worst, Sony has always been close to the top, and now is. Also now one of the best for updates. Sony was first with waterproofing, digital noise canceling for headphones, PS4 remote play, wet finger tracking, has one of the brightest screens and has added one of these new features with every release. Show me any other phone with more hardware.

  • Green Spaces

    I had touch problem with my samsung device but strangely it was software problem . Uninstalling few apps solved the problem

  • Le Kawaii Potatoe

    Does anyone have a way to contact Anonymous? I want them to crash PhoneArena.

  • Thomas Rapp

    I have. Just that problem with the screen on my Xperia Z5 compact. Its white as well.

  • agujeronegro

    I have similar problem with a Xperia Z1.

  • Jacques Giordano

    Well it can be solved by running in Developer mode and turning “Background Process Limit” to “3”
    That solved my touch issues :-)

  • David McFadyen

    I’ve had an issue when receiving a call while using an app, a pull down menu appears but won’t respond when I press answer. There has also been issues with callers saying they can hear an echo when the call me.

  • Zuhaib Mian

    I have a Sony z5 compact white with exactly the same issue, if I turn off the screen and then back on ,it works fine for some time.

  • Gill Blair

    My screen is fubar going green and liney and can’t do or see anything along with touch issues it’s a white z5 compact first batch going to shop at weekend with it

  • Chevy

    I purchased a white Z5 in December 2015 (in Canada). The touch screen is not sensitive enough for the double tap to unlock. I have to double tap multiple times to unlock. The touch screen is also not very sensitive when I play games; I have to touch/click multiple times to perform the action.

  • Matt Paff

    I have Z5 not compact and am irregularly having issues with touch. Hypersensitive (eg trying to scroll but whatever I touch it selects) and then non working touch. Restart seems to fix issue but after years as an HTC fanboy the first few days with my new xperia have me worried

  • madethatway

    Very occasionally this happens to me (I have a white one) but it’s not really a drama – I simply hit the on/off button on the side and the problem’s fixed (until the next time, but it’s not a regular occurrence).

  • David Fulton

    The bottom of the screen, is not working on my z5 compact, this is the first problem I have had with it.

  • jukebox76

    My Xperia M5 has repeated ghost touches when the screen is wet.

  • Garam Tamas

    after upgrading to marshmallow, this issue is back. it’s not as bad as it was originally but annoying enough to make me wonder if anyone else is getting this.

  • Kevin Li

    I have the problem after the upgrade. I thought it was water damage at first…

  • Jacob Norreen

    I have a White z5 compact, and the exact same issue

  • wert

    I have problems with z5 compact black, when double click to make zoom in email or internet, first it zooms good to normal size, but then it goes back to big zoom again. It jumps back all the time when i zoom to normal size. Anyone more have this problem? hope you understand me :).

  • Leonardo Pereyra

    Hi, a year and a half ago i bought a z3 compact (black) and it started with the back and home button issue (don`t work after android update 6.0.1) Has anyone have this problem? it’s very frustrating that sony has no response to this…

  • Seon Vlad

    Same problem with Z3compact. There are lots of ppl with same problem, and still no solution from Sony.

  • ugene

    Yes, i too have the same issue. Z3 compact and all started with the update 6.0.1. Very frustrating. why sony is ignoring us :(

  • P.J. Ó Domhnaill

    My Xperia Z5 Compact goes to a zoomed screen, drops incoming calls and dials out other numbers when I am on a call. Also, the flash-light has come on a few times and will not turn off.
    This is a nightmare and I will never, ever buy another Sony product.

    The screen was separating from the case and I got that fixed at a repair shop, something that helped for a while but the problem has returned worse than ever. HELP.

  • Sick Boy

    I have that issue on the black edition. It didn’t appear right away but only after I started playing processor-heavy games on it. I started noticing both the overheating of the entire unit and the unresponsiveness of the lower half of the screen. So, there…

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