Xperia Z5 now available through Sony Mobile Store in Europe

by XB on 13th October 2015

in Xperia Z5 series

Xperia Z5 Sony Mobile StoreA quick heads-up to let you know that the Sony Xperia Z5 is now in stock via the Sony Mobile Store in Europe. All colours of the handset are available including black, white, green and gold. In the UK, the Xperia Z5 costs £549.99, whilst in mainland Europe it will set you back €699.00. There are no freebies included though, so you may want to check out or Clove instead.

Xperia Z5 Sony Mobile Store

  • nfs2010

    Me too! They need to unleash the beast ASAP

  • nfs2010

    Off-topic, but XB needs to do a post on how butthurt cheapsung shills are trying to make noise about Z5’s about pixel level details by shooting at 23mp in low-light (talk about dummies) & also ignoring its wider FoV as demonstrated by this cool post on XDA

  • RealityCheck2015

    I would buy 100 of them but can’t even afford 1 :D

  • Wow so expensive

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  • Brace yourself!

    All 30 orders are coming!

  • Arpan

    I’m impressed by Sony this time around. I live in Thailand, and went to a mobile expo recently to check out the z5. Sony had a huge presence there! Gigantic booths with plenty of staff and what not.

    I ended up preordering the green z5 on the spot as well, for 700 usd. They gave so many freebies with a preorder! The style cover for z5, screen protector, a 32gb thumbdrive (OTG), a 30,000mah portable battery, and a selfie stick (lol). I also got a 40% discount on their new high end ‘h.ear on’ headphones by preordering. Amazing! Can’t wait for my z5!

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Sounds like a hell of a deal, nice one :)

  • GregLu

    Personnally I’d rather prefer having a smaller price and not freebies that will stay in a drawer …

  • adecvat

    BEWARE of buiyng first batch of Z5 and Z5 compact. They all come with broken camera glass so photos from phone comes blurry on the corners. My friend returned his compact to sony and they check four compacts right in the store. All of them take blur pictures in different corners. I have the samples btw.

  • with a price tag of $1,000 or may be more.

  • people still put a screen protector on their phones? lol.

  • Le Kawaii Potatoe

    Glass mostly.

  • Arpan

    Agreed, but since the price won’t change after launch.. I’ll take the freebies :) might as well!

  • Arpan

    Sadly, people still do put low quality plastic screen protectors. Well, here in Asia at least. They’re usually given as a freebie with a new phone.

  • Yeah right i have seen that. They really need to use a phone without a screen protector to see what the screen is actually capable of.

  • Sadman Khan

    No point taking a risk. I wouldn’t want to scratch something i buy with my hard earned money

  • theskig

    Yes and they keep all those gorgeous bubbles all over the screen. They really like the quality of their displays

  • fast83

    Why don’t you post them? I checked a Z5C here in Italy in store, and it took great pictures, no blurry corners.

  • fast83

    Holy cow that was an amazing deal, so many free stuff! Style cover is like 30 bucks, usb drive another 25, the portable battery at least 40, the selfie stick say 10/15; I agree not everything is fundamental, but hey it’s free! Plus the cover is nice, and having a MicroUSB drive and a portable battery is definitely a plus.

  • adecvat

    You are lucky guy or maybe you have latest revision.

  • inspire

    @Xperiablog, would you mind doing your own review of individual members of Z5 family?
    I guess you’ve always been unbiased towards xperias in general, even giving constructive criticism when required. So, would be nice to see you reviewing properly, unlike other sites (read pa, aa, etc.) who are overly biased towards fruits and cosmic objects… (when they report stupid non existent fake heating issues and unrealistic camera smudges)

  • iia3ezu

    Just you wait. Sony is going to make lots of profits with the Z5 phones. ;p

  • iia3ezu

    That looks as horrible as my Xperia C3.

    Have you tried manual mode? Auto mode is forever crap on Xperia phones.

  • Nick Digenis

    Where did you get yours?

  • marcyff2

    best one was techradar who managed to make an article 2 weeks late about the ddoxmark of z5 and the article mentions iphone more times then it does either sony or z5!

  • LiterofCola

    Have never used an ugly protector, have never gotten a scratch.

  • LiterofCola


  • Brendan Charles

    Ugh I’m dying for news here in Canada! What’s the delay Sony? There hasn’t been a peep and I’m dying to dump my iPhone.

  • Sadman Khan

    Glass protectors aren’t “ugly”. Maybe you haven’t used one. They are extremely good and rather scratch resistant AND they protect the phone

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Z3 sold over 10 mill, this will do even better ;-)

  • Matt

    Do you know the Bible improve display clarity? >,<

  • Matt

    It’s disqus compression -_-

  • Timel

    no news yet in Canada. I want to see if Sony is actually making a push here or not. Interesting thing to note is Rogers promotes M4Aqua as ‘Recommended’ (staff pick). It will be nice to have some sales figures for these phones.

  • Timel

    An interesting study is when you go to Google trends and see which countries search for Xperia devices most. Bangladesh comes out on top (very surprising) while other top countries are South Asian countries. Even UK doesn’t rank high. There’s hardly any search in US with Canada faring a little bit better.
    Having said that, Sony is marketing itself in developing countries while it’s pricing structure is more towards North America. It’s a huge disparity

  • Svnjay

    And the butthurt comments are coming.

  • azzido

    Instead of ugly plastic film / protector I recommend very durable (but also this) glass, like Nillkin Amazing H+. It is harder than gorilla glass as it is 9H. I am using it since Z2 and to be honest there is no any single minimum scratch on it! It remains untouched and perfectly new. It is also oleophobic and now it is possible to buy for the back too. I am picking it for Z5 as only it will appear. I wonder why Sony is not uing these:

  • azzido

    Really? Where these numbers comes from? How about other devices? Z series and not only?

  • Arpan

    Exactly. So I essentially got around a 100 bucks worth of free stuff :D I’m guessing it was a good opportunity for them to get rid of their old inventory for these things!

  • If you are buying any phone with your hard earned money, it is most likely that you would be taking very good care of that phone let alone putting scratches on the screen which is the sensitive of all.
    Also if you are going for a flagship phone, you really dont want any screen protector. Corning or Dragon Trail are not dumb asses who think their glass wont get any scratch easily unless you put your coins & keys in the same pocket with your phone.
    Thank God i’ve finally said it all.

  • And that pathetic look of the screen..Ewww.

  • Or more then?

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    CEO said it sells better than original Z. And there was a report on web that said Z was sold in over 9 mill in first 6 months…
    So, its a deductive logical conclusion ;-)

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Sony sold 49 mill smartphones last year, the biggest percentage of it is Z series

  • Ramona Asher

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  • Sadman Khan

    I’m sorry but the xperia screens actually scratch pretty easily. You might want to check your screen under the sunlight :P most people who have used xperias have scratched backs or fronts. And i take care of my phone thank you

  • They are loosing $1.000.000 a DAY just to keep the mobile division going. Wake up.

  • Where they come from? His ass most likely. Sony are loosing $1.000.000 a DAY just to keep the mobile division going. Wake up.

  • Two years and only two minor scratches on the screen protection film which cant even be seen in normal lights but in broad daylight.
    To be honest, by using a protector u deliberately let go half fun of the fone which is screen responsive. No matter how fast ur fone is if the screen doesnt respond in time, for me its useless then. Sucks big time.

  • Sadman Khan

    You clearly haven’t used a glass protector then. Either way, my point still stands. You did get scratches, didn’t you? Well i don’t want any :)

  • What is the use of your actual screen not getting any scratches? are you gonna take that phone of urs with u in ur grave? Things should be used the way they are supposed to be. If the glass protector was that much important to get applied on, all the OEMs would include that in the box. Dont try to outsmart the company.

  • Sadman Khan

    The OEMs don’t put it in the box so you buy them separately as accessories. They are making business. If you don’t understand that much, then I really have nothing to say to you. And no i’m not taking my phone to the grave but rather I’ll change it every year. So i need it to be in pristine condition so i can get the best resale value

  • You just banged my head hard with this comment of yours filled with utter ignorance. You just don’t know how the business works. All glass protectors are made by third party not the OEM itself because if they’d be doing it, you would be finding that item on their website for direct purchase but they don’t make these things but some other third parties and that’s how you contribute to them (the third parties’s business) not to the respective OEM. Also take my suggestion on the last thing you mentioned in your comment, go get a complete Plastic Coating of your phone so that when you will go out to get a resale value, the phone would come out with a bright shine from your plastic coating.
    P.S. You just save all the fun of using the phone with its full potential for its second buyer. Now i get it.

  • Sadman Khan

    I know that third party manufacturers make it. That is the whole point. There will be more businesses in the world. Thanks to that there’s the plastic screen protector business as well as the glass protector business. There’s also the matte screen protectors. It’s beneficial for the economy. Also you clearly have never used glass protectors. Because if you did, you would not be ignorant enough to speak of “experience” and all that shit. Also, it would do you good to learn some manners. Being a **** does not help prove your point.

  • Oh im really sorry if i hurt your tiny little feelings about glass protectors but clearly you are going out of point. Businesses and economy seriously? do u own one of those businesses? bcoz only that way u can justify this stupid comment of yours about growing businesses and f***.
    And im sorry again if i offended you, i talk with facts and you are talking here baseless blindly trying to support ur love for screen and glass protectors. This love story is getting more interesting than Titanic bro.

  • Sadman Khan

    What’s the point in talking to a guy who talks big and can’t even type English properly right? :P

  • There is a difference in ‘cant’ and ‘choose not to’ because i dont give a fuck as far as it sounds ok.
    On the other hand, you, mister, have gone out of factual points right now so u r just criticizing on other ppl’s English and French.

  • Sadman Khan

    It’s not my problem if you’re absolutely oblivious and fail to understand a simple business tactic. If there is scope for more business, why would they opt for less? Like dude, that’s common sense. Well, that would be common sense for you too if you weren’t so ignorant :/

  • Sadman Khan

    And since you really are ignorant enough to not know that OEMs make them too, here’s proof:

  • You are telling about business to a person who has a degree in business. Great, now conditions have gone that much worse that i need to learn business from an ignorant like you, my bad.
    And you are talking about business of protectors huh…well u know what, yes they are doing it right because an ignorant person (actually fan of protectors) is having a baseless argument with me for around 3 days now.


    Ting! a dumb a** needs to read something at the end of the same page from where he got this screenshot.

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