New Sony Xperia model in ‘rose gold’ leaks

by XB on 9th January 2016

in Rumours, Xperia XA series

Xperia 2016 ThumbSo far there have been few leaks regarding Sony Mobile’s 2016 line-up, but today new photos have emerged of an unidentified model. The handset looks like it good be the next in line to the Xperia ‘C’ series given the resemblance to the Xperia C5 Ultra. It appears to be in a new colour not seen in a Sony Xperia before, very similar to the ‘rose gold’ seen in the latest iPhones.

Little can be gleaned from the pictures – it has a large display with tiny bezels and a front facia that includes the same colour as the handset. The Sony logo has been covered, but the distinctive signature power button gives it away that we are looking at an Xperia handset. More than likely this is a mid-range offering, which we may hear more of at MWC in late February.

Xperia C6

Via [via Digi-wo].

  • Kefalin

    I think its gonna be C6 Ultra

  • Akand

    Not interested…!!!

  • DBS

    Actually Sony’s social media accounts are posting pink stuff regarding an Xperia announcement on the 12th January.

  • There is HotKnot application, another MtK device

  • Aurélien Coquart

    12.01.16 :)

  • HAWX

    Compared to other above 5.2″ phones front and the bottom bezzels are quite big in my opinion. Looks like a huawei device to me :)

  • FYLegend21

    there’s also no bottom speaker it seems

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Papa needs a Z6 Ultra with SD820 :p

    Edit: dang it, old circular power button.

  • Svnjay

    A pink Z5 is on the way.

  • DBS

    That’s the rumour. But could not happen. Could be another phone in pink. Like this one. We shall see in two day :P

    (Honestly…if it’s just a pink Z5…I swear…arghhh!!! Users:”We want better algorithms! We want OIS! We want wireless charging!”. Sony: “Here’s a pink version instead”.)

  • azzido

    OMG so ugly design and color, hope it is not new Z series :D

  • spwx

    looks very nice… mid spec like C.

  • Rex

    Where to get your theme bro…?

  • aseuss

    Mid-range? Too bad. This is a premium design–more premium than the Xperia Z5 Premium. That also comes in a gold tint, but it’s only the back. Never liked how the front bezels of Sony phones are always black, even if the back is orange, blue, silver, white, etc.

  • Rayson275 Kar Weng

    This new model front camera either 5/8mp n it probably not C6 ultra…

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  • Adrian M

    The screen pictures are fake. Look at picture 2. It goes over the edge.

  • Vinny Conforto

    cool. Xperia needs changing, changing the design, changing UI, improving the camera… 2016 is a critical year for Xperia to survive

  • Mistywmiller

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  • Nodar Sixarulidze
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  • iia3ezu

    If it’s the successor the the C5 Ultra, expect another crappy Mediatek (including Helio) chip inside it, and with a lower price that reflects the lower quality.

  • razorg

    Oh my god! Sony, side bezels look exceptional, however, the top and bottom bezels are horrific! :(

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  • The new power button only comes on the Z-series.

  • Aurélien Coquart
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  • Vuyo Ncube

    Yes that was my point in my edit.

  • MixoMaxoViper

    Seems like C-Series, It’ll be C6

  • Asam Laksa

    Still not working on that bezel ? So the last one with nice bezel ratio is ZL ? So you still not listening to your customer ? Are you really wish to go down ? Its up to you what question to be answer first. :)

  • Timel

    Yes it’s the pink Z5 not this too big bezels smartphone which is so ugly.

  • Timel

    Why Sony Mobile never learn, I really don’t understand, what is Kaz doing now, why he never listen to fans/consumers voices, PS4 is very success because Sony computer listen to their fans… you know I’m not surprise at all if Sony Mobile will go bankrupt in soon.

  • Jaissal S

    Maybe this phone will be the first offering of Android 6.0 Marshmellow from Sony.

  • Timel

    Whoever flag DBS’s comment, it’s nonsense, Son of bitch you guys are freaking bullshit and can’t even distinguish a thing

  • Svnjay

    Why are you swearing at me?

  • Geese Howard

    This Rose Gold color looks good, chick’s will dig this.

  • Yoppy

    C6 ultra?? With smaller front camera??

  • ludimilojko

    Apple comes out with a fingerprint scanner, Sony comes out with a fingerprint scanner. Apple comes out with a rose-gold color, Sony comes out with a rose-gold color. What’s next? 3D Force Touch?
    I got and idea for you, Sony. Don’t copy those fancy things one-by-one. Just make a copy of the latest iPhone, so i can finally quit with your phones.

  • Matt

    ok then ill flag yours :)

  • Actman

    How about Sony comes out with water proofing smartphone, IPhone following the track? Sony was long unveiled the HD display, only recently apple comes out with a HD display… What’s next? 4k display from Apple?

  • May Czos

    Damn, those bezels…

  • ludimilojko

    This is not about Apple. It’s about Sony. I never had an iPhone, i will never buy one, and i don’t give a f..k about Apple. But i probably won’t buy another Sony, either, if Sony keeps following this gimmicky path. I will continue to use my current Xperia for some time, but for my next phone i will probably look elsewhere. Now, i know that you don’t care, i know that Sony don’t care. Then again, why would i care?

  • jamie evans

    What Xperia needs most is an impact to get people’s attention. Design change is a must

  • Actman

    I don’t either care what you emphasizing, for me the only reason I supported Xperia is because of it’s design and logo most importantly water-proofing. Who cares if Sony mirroring those rivals out there. There are tons of brand out there who rightfully earned the title of COPY CATS! As long as it (SONY) produces a good phone, I would still patronizing Xperia’s product!

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  • Gennybrelyea3

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  • Ana Heluši?

    Your mom?

  • Th

    Well… but, If that is C series, Why that phone has small selfie lens?
    Isn’t that could be T series? Something like T5 or T6?

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