“What’s New” update (3.4.A.0.5) allows you to disable notifications

by XB on 27th January 2016

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What’s New 3.4.A.0.5_ThumbSony Mobile has updated the ‘What’s New’ application to build number 3.4.A.0.5 and the primary new feature is the ability to disable notifications within the settings menu. We’ve never found the notifications that intrusive, but it may be an issue for some. Other changes include performance improvements and UI enhancements. The update is rolling through the same app or you can download the APK below.

DOWNLOAD APK: What’s New (3.4.A.0.5)

What’s New 3.4.A.0.5_1 What’s New 3.4.A.0.5_2

  • MoYeung

    Just auto updated on my phone.

  • anon

    new icon without shadows (i think)

  • Sadman Khan

    Good spot

  • Off topic—

    Guys, do you have the HR in your HR files? On my Z2 the HR icon disappeared… It´s because the app is now called Music and not Walkman?

  • Mak Cau Theng

    The HR means Hi-Res Audio support. If your files is HR support, it would appear beside the album at music player.
    HR is only support these files: FLAC, WAV, etc… (except mp3).
    I guess your files dosen’t support HR?

  • My files are FLAC :/ i´ve never had this problem :/

  • Jonzn4suse

    Uninstall option would be better for this app…

  • but the updates comes from this app… Sony doesn´t have the Update Center since android 5

  • HR in Music appears (to me) only in 96KHz/192KHz 24bit files. The other ones (FLAC, WAV, APE, MP3) don’t have HR.

  • rtr titans

    do u have any screenshot?

  • DanielGearSolid

    Can’t believe i’m seeing this, an actual Z5 ad in the US (it was on theverge.com)

  • Sean Crockenberg

    Still no landacape for tablet… XTZ4 with keyboard doesn’t work well in portrait.

  • santiagobenites

    This does NOT work. The latest version of What’s New (3.6.A.0.4) has no option to permanently turn off notifications. F*****g Sony! I paid enough of my hard earned money for this piece of crap Z3 Compact (avoid!) to not have to put up with advertising!!!!!! Idiots.

  • Waswat

    might i ask, how did you root your z1c ?

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