Sony launches Qriocity-powered Music Unlimited Android app

by XB on 15th June 2011

in Applications

Music UnlimitedSony has launched an Android app for its Qriocity-powered Music Unlimited music service. Either a Basic or Premium subscription is needed, but Sony is offering a 30-day trial for new customers. Basic subscribers are able to listen to their own music collections as well as personalised radio channels, whilst Premium subscribers get access to the entire 7 million song catalogue.

The way the service works is that you sync your music collection on a PC, which you can then access from your phone. There is no need to upload any tracks to the cloud as the service uses scan-and-match technology to match its users’ collections to its catalogue. Whilst the Android Market website page for the app shows it running on the Xperia arc, we couldn’t find it ourselves on our mobile, although we had no problems downloading it via the website.

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