Sony’s Predictive Hybrid Autofocus in action

by XB on 22nd February 2016

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Sony Predictive Hybrid AutofocusSony Mobile introduced Predictive Hybrid Autofocus in the Xperia X and X Performance earlier today, the first Sony handsets to support it. The feature enables a user to focus on a particular object which will then be intelligently tracked, predicting where that object will move and thus keeping it in focus throughout. It sounds like a neat feature, and perhaps especially useful for those with young kids. To see Predictive Hybrid Autofocus in action check out the video below.

Sony Predictive Hybrid Autofocus_2

  • Fahim geyas

    Looking for X and X performance.. If price will be affordable..

  • razorg

    This should be available for Z5 series…

  • Shioshukun

    I’m want xperia X Ultra =(

  • Thariq Mohammed

    Xperia X Ultra series should be released in IFA 2016
    The perfect timing(make-believe Sony)

  • Dominic81

    Will the Z5 get it?
    Remember Sony you released that phone back in October?

  • Sadman Khan

    I know that feel bro. Z5c here

  • P9

    why the back that X series don’t include SONY logo just like Z1-Z5?
    I think it look more elegant all the way

    single XPERIA logo looks so blank and like back to original Z series though

  • Matt

    I’ll put you out of the misery, it won’t.

    It’s a Sony ;)

  • Genta Aditya

    seeing this might be a software based focus system (XPerf should still be using IMX300 like Z5 series), Z5 series might be getting this in Marshmallow update — hope so.
    unless if this focus system is heavily based on S820’s Spectra ISP, nothing we can do about it. But if the standard X has it, there’s no reason Z5 can’t have it

  • Dominic81

    I hope so… it would be very frustrating, to say the least, if we don’t get it on March 7th…

  • MrJoltz

    Well, you’re definitely not wrong… One can dream.

  • Matt

    Aye,I also dream that :)

  • hansip

    Never heard sony bring down a camera feature to older device unfortunately.

  • Genta Aditya

    that’s why i said “hope so”
    because who knows? i knew Z1 didn’t get the 4K recording even tho the SOC itself is capable was because of heat problem (tried the 4K mod from XDA and the heat was nasty :P), and Z1 didn’t have a heatpipe cooling like Z2 yet

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Hardware feature or am i wrong? :)

  • Kwstakhs

    @sadman,sorry for the off-topic comment, but is z5 compact’s speaker better than Z compact? or it’s the same thing?

  • fried_egg

    the specs of the sensor are identical to the Z5 other than this new focus feature… it is not said whether the feature is backed into the sensor chip or part of the 820soc features (or dependent on the speed of that chipset)… if it is just a camera software trick it could be on the Z5 in a future update.. and they have ported camera software updates to recent older models before on xperia models…

  • Timel

    Could anyone tell me will Sony stop making the Z series?

  • azzido

    hope so

  • Sadman Khan

    Very much better. It also has the loudest speaker among the z5 series (for some reason). All you have to do is turn on Dynamic Normaliser and nothing else. I love these speakers

  • Kwstakhs

    cool,thank you!

  • Aslam Moolla

    If this feature is in the marshmallow update then it will be worth the wait.

  • Steve Jobs

    When you’re dead.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I think with the new metal body it will heat less and SD820 is better than SD810. I tried 4K recording on Z5 after taking some pics and it did NOT go well. Camera app crashed after 3mins.

  • Genta Aditya

    Oh come on no phone can stay chill after a 4K recording session.
    4K cam is a goddamn heat generator that produces 4K photos in 30fps as a bonus

  • Heidikayala2

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  • Maurice Phoenix

    I Thought Exactly That Too. Z5 Definitely Have To Have This Feature

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    No I am talking about after taking pics and trying to record 4K vids. If I just use the camera just for recording 4K it will record just 10mins vid. If the environment is cold then it can go beyond 30mins.

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  • Battel
  • MarkG54321

    Just replace the sensor with one that has PDAF and z5_could have one.

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  • TheSith LordViridis

    Not true, the z2 got a few of the Z3 camera features in the lollipop update, better metering and higher maximum iso were the obvious ones

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