How important is a dedicated camera button to you?

by XB on 19th September 2012

in Imaging

We have talked a lot about the Sony Xperia V recently and voiced our opinion as to why we feel it is Sony’s new flagship Xperia product. However, one of the kickbacks we are constantly hearing about is the lack of a dedicated camera button. This seems to be a deal breaker for many.

This made us wonder, how are people using their smartphones to take pictures. Are you one of those people that absolutely needs to have a dedicated camera button, or do you prefer to tap the touchscreen?

Ever since the Xperia arc came out with its tiny and stiff camera button, the team here at Xperia Blog has mostly used the touchscreen to take pictures. It enables us to take pictures quicker and without any of the shake involved in trying to press a camera button. Anyway, we wanted to see whether we’re in the minority here – please let us know your preferences in the comments and vote in the poll below.

How do you prefer to take your pictures on a phone?

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