Confirmed: Xperia Z series is no more

by XB on 24th February 2016

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Xperia logoThe news is true. Sony Mobile has just confirmed to us that the Xperia Z range ended with the Xperia Z5. Read the statement below.

Update: Just to avoid confusion, especially given other reports that continue to circulate saying otherwise, the statement we received below is from Sony Mobile’s internal Global PR team. It is as official as it gets.

Sony Mobile statement on Xperia Z series

“The Xperia Z line has reached its culmination – Xperia X series represents a new chapter and evolution of our product strategy. Whilst the Xperia Z series was all about bringing the best of Sony’s advanced technologies to smartphones, Xperia X series is based on bringing smart, adaptive Sony user experiences across camera, battery performance and hardware / software design.”

  • Svnjay

    “Xperia X series is based on bringing smart, adaptive Sony user experiences across camera, battery performance and hardware / software design.”

    But you keep making the battery smaller.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    “Whilst the Xperia Z series was all about bringing the best of Sony’s advanced technologies to smartphones, Xperia X series is based on bringing smart, adaptive Sony user experiences across camera, battery performance and hardware / software design.”
    Does that translate into “Xperia Z series was the best of the best in one smartphone. The Xperia X series is that one phone split up into many different smaller phones?” If so, the Xiaomi Mi5 Pro is looking pretty good to me… :-(

  • Ben Leung

    PR won’t say anything has negative effect on the sales of X series
    If say Z series is continue -> tell you we can see new Z in the future -> we wait for new Z -> no one buy X series -> &^*%^&%&*_)*

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Okay X lineup may have better features, now and in future, but what about public recognition?
    Z has it massively. Sony should re-think!

  • besk

    Actually im really glad they did this. Else it would end up becoming Samsung all again with so many phones and Sony would lose focus. X line now creates rather new trend n expectations I hope getting new customers which Sony are really in need of.

  • kaostheory

    Does this mean the end of fm? Will have to stock up on Z5s.

  • lovebmw

    I love the comments, forget the Z and X names for a second, here is what puts a question mark on my forehead… Whats with strange Screen sizes? Z1 3 4 5 they were close 5.2″, and the Z5 4k was i think 5.5″….. why did they go back to small?

    Also, how could issue a 4k phone and then mention nothing about updating it, which is why i think there will be a crazy 4k phone later this year.

  • Matt

    hear hear

  • Kabuto Kouji

    I told ja! XD

  • Jerry Berglund

    I said it. Their phones should be like apple a package deal. Before this Sony accessories did work on other brands but maybe this is a sign that Sony is doing like apple? If tog want this package the phones is the keypart to it

  • Kabuto Kouji

    Does anyone know the meaning for “X” and “O” in Japan? lol maybe X wasnt very nice smart to rename the model…. lol

  • Alvin

    See, i was right!

    Wow, what a lovely memories with z series, they transformed a lot, from using plastic to glass, from a bad camera to a good camera, from a horrible display to an amazing display, from laggy to super smooth, even smoother than a baby’s butt. I can’t believe that all these will be just a good memory, what a great 2.5 years!

    I hope this means a greater transformation for Sony and Xperia, just listen to our customers and believe us, samsung and apple will be no more

  • Alvin

    Have you heard about Qnovo and Altair Semiconductors?

  • Solano89

    What are we talking about?! Sadly!

  • Wolf0491

    Doesn’t mean it will not last a long time

  • Wolf0491

    I don’t really care as long as i keep getting to buy a beautiful phone every two years.
    Just make sure to keep at least one of them water resistant.

  • Svnjay

    Altair is for the IoT and not for Xperia.

    The main objective of Qnovo is to improve battery charge cycles.

  • Svnjay

    That is disappointing.

  • Chitti- The Robot

    What does X and O mean? I’m curious,,,,

  • Mike Gonzalez

    it doesn’t matter if they don’t name it Z, the X-family still looks the same! Sony better do something about the omni-balance design cuz it’s so played out already, they need to explore other design languages. the Z was a shocker when it launched cuz it was simply different to any other device out there at the moment. ever since the Z2 came out, they should’ve done something radical

  • Wolf0491

    How? I’m sure it will still last a full day of heavy use or more for normal users.

  • Hritik Bhimani

    i cant see the source

  • agujeronegro

    Yep, what/where is the source?

  • Wolf0491

    It says confirmed to “us” which I assumed meant they got emailed or something

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Xperiablog themselves contacted Sony and got response.

  • Wolf0491

    I hope they don’t change it personally

  • Ailan Hidaz

    I was saying the same thing yet people were attacking me especially some retarded foreign trolls…

  • mountain

    Remember when Sony retired the Z series walkman and Vaio? Here comes ZX series!

  • ryq24

    Back to the drawing board.

  • Alvin

    Trolls will just be trolls, don’t feed them.:)

  • Chitti- The Robot

    I would like NXT series designs( Xperia S)

  • Are u kidding me

  • DBS

    Well, good luck keeping the Mobile division from closing in 2017. Killing off the Compact line will go straight to one of the most stupid decisions ever made.

    No one with a functioning brain will pay 600€ for the likes of the X. And without the phones people wanted to buy, Sony will be done on phones. Pity.

  • Kabuto Kouji

    in japan “X” means wrong or bad! and “O” means correct or good, its not very nice to see X as a model name, but anyway its just a symbol….

  • Zayed Kotayba

    I hate the random marketing of SONY they always do this even when Sony Ericsson was around but the result is always the same Epic Failure !! I don’t know what to say more than my brand new Xperia Z5 Premium Dual already look obsolete

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Well, I thought it would relate to something else…..

  • Exotic|Matter

    You are on the source page… duh

  • José Luís Andrade

    New X serie does not have 4K video recording :-O Unbelievable!

  • Gunboat_Diplo

    it’s just a letter.

  • Luis alexander rosas velasquez

    No,it`s a sign of identy

  • fluxx

    The X series is new and will improve over time! If they include a large battery now it will be very hard for them to increase the capacity in future updates. This is how tech industry works… learn from Apple ;)

  • RockStar2005

    R.I.P. Xperia Z!! :’-(

    Bad decision after bad decision by Sony Mobile. End of an era!

    Xperia X Performance does have really great specs though……. only things “missing” are a 2K or 4K screen (1080p), no “official” waterproofing (I believe it will be, but Sony won’t advertise it or cover it on warranties anymore), smaller battery and screen (2700 mAH, 5.0″ screen vs. the usual 5.2″), all-metal body (no glass on back like with Z series, which isn’t really a bad thing I guess), no 4K recording as far as I can see (and still no OIS), but it will have an 820 chip, 23 MP main camera/13 MP (above average) front/selfie camera, etc. So definitely an above-average mid-range phone.

  • Abdul Ghani

    i can see that people are mad but even is sony makes 5.5 insh 12k screen with 200mp camera with dslr lens and 9000 mah battery they will say sony sux because instead of x they will say xperia Q this world is going nuts on just a letter

  • Ok but before you go can you let the Verizon people at least get the Z5 premium?

  • Solano89

    …”bringing smart, adaptive Sony user experiences across camera, battery performance and hardware / software design” is not the same with “bringing the best of Sony’s advanced technologies to smartphones”… Sadly SONY lost direction and they don’t show some common sense anymore.
    Dear SONY all you need to do is:
    Give us 3 phones a year – Compact (4,5-5″), normal (5-5,5″) and premium
    (5,5-6”) one with the best specs and tech available and not leaving out
    things such as a radio or IP certification, etc!
    2.Take care of this phones with punctual updates (30-60 days from the official release they should hit these phones) and at for 24 month at least for each phone!
    3. Give us every 1,5 year a Smartwatch and Smartwear.
    4. Every two years a tablet or 2 in 1 PC.
    5. Have a good marketing strategy with commercial all around.
    6. Take the “best-deal” offers at the major 2 carriers in as much countries possible.
    7. Bundle stuff with your phones, tablets (2 in 1 PCs) such as cover, screen protector or a better headset.
    8. Maintain a phone line that is mid-range and bundle it with accessories.
    9. When you present a product make all the possible to have it ready for sale (in shops) at least after 14-30 days, NO MORE THAN THAT!!!
    10. Watch out for the prices and what competition has to offer, at least at the beginning! Mid range product is in race with the Chinese ones and the top 3 medium products should be placed price- vise between Chinese cheap products and Samsung and iPhone (not equal to these last two!).
    I love SONY and I’m hoping to have something to cheer about and to change my mind and not to leave the BRAND (I really don’t want to) this summer, when I’m going to change my phone! Come on SONY!

  • Dion

    Who died?

  • dissapointed in this direction the new x series looks so well not as mature as z guess z5 premium will be my last sony phone then samsung due to the oled screen

  • Yoppy

    Hope it won’t ended up like nokia x

  • Abdul Ghani

    13mp front auto focus camera is above average man should i laugh or insult u

    samsung 5mp fixed focus

    iphone fixed focus 5mp

    lg 8mp fixed focus

    what u want 200mp front camera idiot of the year

  • Danny

    The specs of the X Performance is top of the line, but only the screen is 5″. In fact, all 3 Xs are 5″. Where is the 4.7″ or the 5.5″+ screen? I hope there is something coming out from Sony soon. I was holding out on buying the X5 Premium. But I just have to purchase it soon.

  • jokensy

    If the X performance is Sony’s new flagship, then Sony is really f*cked this time. No more Sony phone me. I’m done with this company. Goodbye Sony, hello Samsung.

  • Abdul Ghani

    z3 z5 are not dead its just sony wont make z6 maybe they will make something else this world cant understand it

  • Abdul Ghani

    tell me how xp is not good than z5

  • Bruno


  • Dominic81

    Hehe and that’s how a Sony apologist/sheep looks like ladies and gentlemen ;)

  • Gunboat_Diplo

    no. “Xperia” is the identity.

  • Kabuto Kouji

    No bro, actually the letter that makes reference to sex in Japan is “H”

  • Marinko Agic

    Stupid decision!

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Xperia is the identity for Sony and Z is the identity for Xperia….

  • Bruno

    battery performance is NOT equal battery size

  • José Luís Andrade
    Only mentions… “Full HD 1080p Video Recording”

  • Marinko Agic

    It will be something like Xperia Z5 premium, maybe Xperia X Premium.

  • Alvin

    Z series

  • VRR

    i’ve already moved on to LG g4 from Z2 last week and it turned to be my best decision PS:please i still have my Xperia Z1

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  • TheSith LordViridis

    *looks at my Z5p, knows inside I bought the BEST of Sony.

  • Alfino Setya

    Just Give me Xperia X1 (2016) and it would be fine as long as it fitted with better camera, new design, and performance. Lol

  • Yahya AlJamal

    I just think they should change the CEOs of Sony and Sony Mobile, and put some one young who have interest in today’s technology. not just making profit

  • nfs2010

    Come on, Xperia X1 was the first Xperia phone. How is X series going to be a new line?

  • Alvin

    That someone will be me

    If sony or technology still exist, wait until 2030

  • RockStar2005

    What’s your point dude? I mean, besides being a complete f’ing loser, what is your point? Auto or fixed focus? Who the F cares about the focus? The point is MOST ppl (not braindead idiots like you) would rather have a 13 MP front camera vs. a 5 MP one. Get a life man.

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Like me too ;)

  • Alvin

    Those are the early outs, because the price is not that high, at least for sony.

  • Svnjay

    When the variables remain unchanged, it certainly is.

  • Svnjay

    I’m not a normal user :(

  • Alfino Setya

    Are they going back to Sony Ericsson age when they announced their flagship with the name of Xperia X1? So should we expect them to announce Xperia X1(2016)?

  • Alvin

    Yes they are, in fact today is february fools day

  • ??????????-??????? ?????????

    better close XPERIA before they change this name also :(

  • mugglearchitect

    probably due to sony wanting the devices be seen as mid-range ones? I dont know, but they kept on saying these are not high-end, so now I am expecting to be stunned by their soon-to-be flagship ;)

  • Svnjay

    I guess but I don’t like this model.

  • Alvin

    Or xperia x1.2

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Xperia launched with Android using X10, so…

  • mer1

    NO nigga !

  • Abdul Ghani

    me looser hhahahahah how many mp u want in camera 2million 100million fuck u assfuckface

  • trainwreck

    Where’s the source?

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    The king is dead. Long live the king!

    Bring on Xperia X!!! :-)

  • RockStar2005

    Ok dude. Lay off the crack already. I’ve had a 2 MP front camera before, and it was AWFUL. I was just saying that a 13 MP one sounds a lot better to me. No need for the insults and rude outbursts. Quit trolling and get a life.

  • Jettakias

    To all those who said goodbye to SONY…We are waiting you in IFA ….

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  • dwfak

    wtf is sony doing

  • jokensy

    Last year, the Z5 premium at least got some attention with its 4K display. The X series has nothing special

    going for it except that auto focus sh*t thing. The phones look and feel mid-range. Everyone right now is more interested in the Galaxy S7 and LG G5. If the Z5 series did not do well on the market, I can’t see this one doing better. It will be an epic fail and will definitely mean the end for Sony’s mobile division, mark my words.

  • WilliamTell13

    If Sony releases an X Premium with a larger curved screen, larger battery, and just more premium features in general, it’ll be my next phone most likely. Otherwise, I’m getting the next Nexus.

  • stuck_788

    ok, it’s official: IN SONY MOBILE ARE RETARDED!

  • EQ

    Well it doesn’t mather if they put an X or a Z after the name “Xperia” aslong as they continue to have the best cameras on the market like the Z1+ series have to this day, cutting edge SoC, great build quality, excellent displays and software. Would though like to know more about sound processing and audio output. LG and HTC does real good regarding that aspect.

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  • lovebmw

    the question is how soon? honestly the S7 and LG5 are really nice, but the Xiomi 5 is really entering my wow list, it’s the size and performance is what i am looking for. and i don’t want to get the x performance and be bitch slapped with a high end phone from sony at a later time

  • lovebmw

    in my book Size and Performance is what matters

  • Akand

    I think they’re not killing compact line. their compact strategy was for 1,3,5 and so on…
    so like Z, X won’t have a compact edition while X1 will have.
    But their X trio policy seems like stupid decision. They cannot charge 600€ for SD650 chipset.
    However, if they do like what they did with Z1 over Z, then X1 will bring a huge change hopefully. Just waiting for IFA and ordering Z5compact right now. :-D

  • Arup R. Chowdhury

    Goodbye legend, I am proud to have a fully functional ZR from that era working flawlessly till today.

  • Layla Webb

    If Sony are ending the Z series why aren’t they launching the X Performance in the UK and Germany?

  • Alfino Setya

    Lol but it’s actually good if they’re going to resurrect the X1, as we all know that SE Xperia X1 was the first ever Xperia series.

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  • Abdul Ghani

    u guys dont say anything when samsung an lg heck even keeps same specs in their phone like same camera for 2 generations iphone since 5 to 6 same fucked up camera and fooling people now sony upgrades the front camera to 13 with auto focus btw no company did that till now to date adds 820 in it now u guys scream like little bitches OMG sony changed the letter i am gonna die

  • Akand

    it has indeed. webpage isn’t well built up yet. if you still have confusion, then just look at the camera sensor. it’s without doubt capable of shooting 4K.

  • Dominic81

    Hehe I told a few days ago that it looked like Sony was trying to fail on purpose, and I got flamed :)

    I was right! Sony is looking for a way out of that market :) No MM updates, crappy Z5 Lollipop ROM that has not been fixed since October, now this joke of a phone…

    Sony, you’re done

  • Alfino Setya


  • DBS

    The thing is, when they presented the Compact like on 1,3,5, they presented it alongside similar phones. You had the Z1C, Z1 and Z Ultra; the Z3C, the Z3 and the Z3Tablet; the Z5C, the Z5 and the Z5P.

    The X line consists on a low-end, a mid-range and a flagship, all with the same size.
    I’m honestly not expecting the X1 to come suddenly with size variants.

  • Zeoxzy

    “The Xperia Z comes fully loaded with Sony engineering expertise. This exquisite Android smartphone is designed with attention to every angle, piece and pixel”

    Will be very sad to see it go :'(

  • Dustin Pelc

    How disappointing… If all future iterations of the Xperia X follow the one they just announced, it’s going to be the death of their smartphone line. Please don’t stop releasing high-end spec’d phones! And release a damn successor to the Z Ultra already! I don’t wanna have to jump ship!

  • Akand

    because of Z5 is selling well here. and IFA is always special for Sony and Germany.

  • Alvin

    Lol yes

  • Dimitrije Dk

    Change is good, i hope they do better with this new line of series.

  • Alfino Setya

    It might be called as Xperia X1 (2016) or like you said before Xperia X1 II, Xperia X2 (2017), and so on…… Or just bring all of the Sony Ericsson naming scheme to their future xperia series -____-

  • Invar

    I have Z3 with 4k recording. From the beggining I recorded 0 videos. I need just camera to take photos, not videos.

  • Luca

    “Hope” for the end of Sony Mobile. Never seen a so fuck!n stupid decision. Stupid as sh!t. My amazing Z1C is going to be alive for ever.

  • KarFar

    IFA is Sony’s last chance. A 5.5″ 2k display X Premium or whatever is a must, otherwise bye bye.

  • Mario

    2 years and they will be pulling out of smartphone business. Such a shame.

  • Alex

    Me too… but is strange that the newest Xperia is not “better” in all option!

  • lesthur

    The xperia X1 images already leaked,look.

  • (C):stem

    Great! Xperia X10 and X8 2016 version are coming!!


  • Wolf0491

    So a full day isn’t long enough? Not sure I understand.

  • Solano89

    …”bringing smart, adaptive Sony user experiences across camera, battery performance and hardware / software design” is not the same with “bringing the best of Sony’s advanced technologies to smartphones”… Sadly SONY lost direction and they don’t show some common sense anymore.
    Dear SONY all you need to do is:
    Give us 3 phones a year – Compact (4,5-5″), normal (5-5,5″) and premium
    (5,5-6”) one with the best specs and tech available and not leaving out
    things such as a radio or IP certification, etc!
    2.Take care of this phones with punctual updates (30-60 days from the
    official release they should hit these phones) and at for 24 month at least for each phone!
    3. Give us every 1,5 year a Smartwatch and Smartwear.
    4. Every two years a tablet or 2 in 1 PC.
    5. Have a good marketing strategy with commercial all around.
    6. Take the “best-deal” offers at the major 2 carriers in as much countries possible.
    7. Bundle stuff with your phones, tablets (2 in 1 PCs) such as cover, screen protector or a better headset.
    8. Maintain a phone line that is mid-range and bundle it with accessories.
    9.When you present a product make all the possible to have it ready for sale (in shops) at least after 14-30 days, NO MORE THAN THAT!!!
    10. Watch out for the prices and what competition has to offer, at least atthe beginning! Mid range product is in race with the Chinese ones and the top 3 medium products should be placed price- vise between Chinese cheap products and Samsung and iPhone (not equal to these last two!).
    Ilove SONY and I’m hoping to have something to cheer about and to changemy mind and not to leave the BRAND (I really don’t want to) this summer, when I’m going to change my phone! DO SOMETHING IN THIS DIRECTION SONY!

  • Ryan Paolo Mateo Seguira

    Good thing i still have the Father Of Z Series

    Xperia Z (c6602) :D

  • Ambitious Man

    Stiil an unknow 5″ smartphone of X series. entry < XA (mid) < X (super mid) – X Per (flag).

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  • Tochi Nwodu

    Sincerely I love Sonys move right now
    The hype is over
    So it means I have the best of z series in my hand ? ?
    Still loving the xperia z5 even though I love the looks of Xxp more
    Class and simplicity is Sony
    cant switch to any brand aslong as Sony remains
    Ps Sony: more improvements on media you guys rock
    Sound output on my z3 wasnt as good as it is on my z5
    The only draw back of z5 compared to z3 was battery
    Rocking xperia X wallpaper already
    Plus best music player I have used on an oem

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Nope it wasn’t used xperia X, x2
    From the day I heard the word xperia I fell in love with it

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  • Tochi Nwodu

    Ur right
    I didnt like android at the time

  • Bashar Shehab

    Me 2 lol

  • Akand

    I think they’re going to change their 6months policy from X1. Original Z had no variants. Variants started from Z1 and like that X1 will carry flagship designation with variants.
    In term X trio, it could be just an honour for their business relationship with Qualcomm and to keep up with others for this time.
    I heard once that there will be SD820 octa core revised version which maybe the heart of X1.
    X Performance isn’t even flagship as you see the naming and marketing policy as well. Germany and UK these two are main popular markets for Sony after domestic market. But X Performance will miss these market which indicates something very big is coming soon, on September.

  • Tochi Nwodu

    I have never ever used 4k video aswell
    Even I had 128GB
    Photos is more important to me

  • Ayman F. Herzallah

    Chillax people! Stop acting like you lost a beloved person. You were all sick of Sony’s repeated design in the Z series, so you should all be excited for the new X series instead of whining…

  • Tochi Nwodu

    They would skip those numbers

  • Tochi Nwodu

    True word

  • Akand

    X Performance isn’t flagship alone. It’s just a revised version of Z5.

  • DanielGearSolid


  • apolloa

    So this is the start of Sony mobiles future and they have kicked off by announcing the new flagship will NOT be available in the UK. Well it was nice knowing you Sony, I will certainly be keeping my lovely Z3 tablet but I won’t be buying a phone from you, talking of which where are the new tablets?

  • Tochi Nwodu

    The size of the battery dosnt doesn’t do much but, optimization
    Look at my Z1 that had 3000mah at the time sucked big time
    Look at z3 with better spec with same battery did extraordinarily well

  • Tochi Nwodu


  • dragonsneeze

    It is kinda sad, but after seeing a bunch of X vids and all and some googling I see that SD650 is better than SD808 in many areas so if G4 with 808 was flagship, X is too. Also however Z series was the cool, premium and classy X series look like they are more youthful and I love the understated design. Trying to squeeze all those features in one device was tiring and no one reviewer mentioned them all, they were there but even the users didn’t know (like oversampling or audio goodies) I wish the best with X, maybe the prices will be adjusted until they arrive. I hope we don’t see another legend bite the dust.

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Not omni balance with xp
    Did u even watch the video?
    Omni balance philosophy means flat like paper

  • Tochi Nwodu


  • Bashar Shehab

    X Performance is water resistant IP68 certified, and it’s more than capable of making 4K videos

  • MixoMaxoViper

    Well, if the smallest Sony smarphone will be like 5 inches, then I’m switching to LG or IPhone… How can they ruin perfect series? X should be midrange series or even buisness like Lumia 650. But I’ll stay with my Z3C till 2017/18 (New PC is first)

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  • Svnjay

    The display in the Z3 is nothing like the display used in the Z1.

    In addition, the Z3 has a much more efficient SoC and heat pipes to help with cooling because battery life worsens as the transistors heat up.

    The switch from the Z3 to Xperia X hasn’t been that radical and in fact, the battery life changes from the Z3 to Z3+ was downgrade. The Z5’s battery is also worse than the Z3 so you’re in denial here.

  • RockStar2005


    Yes I agree. It’s just that Sony is choosing NOT to advertise the waterproofing anymore because they don’t want to keep being held liable to cover damages via the warranty. lol

    I haven’t seen them advertise any 4K capabilities either. So if you have a link to verify that statement, please post here. It would be cool if it did, especially since the screen is 1080p, at least it could still record in 4K (so still a good selling point as 4K becomes more and more desirable by consumers).

  • pi4a7a


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  • pi4a7a

    HEY STOP! Do not give them ideas! :(

  • Brick

    Xperia X sounds cool. I’m OK with this.

  • Joe Black

    It’s just a different letter, I don’t care.
    I owned Z1c, Z3c and Z5c, and after using the latter one, I’m glad they’re taking a step in a different direction.

  • Jon_C

    BTW, the X performance model WILL be available in the UK:

  • Yuri Barbosa

    Ok, but. The real flagship ? because x performance is a too weak compared to the competition

  • Mujeeb Ahmad

    Me too. Still rocking :)

    Though I am planning to move to Xperia XA if it launches within my budget.

  • Tochi Nwodu

    If I get your arguments correct
    100mah difference from z3+ or z5 to z3 cant do anything difference

  • Svnjay

    Except it made a big difference. Just check GMSArena and PhoneArena.

  • M110

    I dont care about naming, maybe it is better that all variations be under one name (so no M and C anymore please). Probably the rumors talking about 6 flagships were actually right. I hope we see X premium and maybe X ultra this summer. I cannot believe they downgrade from z5 premium.

  • Tochi Nwodu

    I hate arguments ok
    I used Z1,z3 so I am an end user
    Now using z5
    Z1 has better battery than z5
    Forget all that crap gsmarena and Phonearea illustrated

  • Svnjay

    It is not crap. The Z5 and Z3 have a much more efficient displays than the Z1 but the Z5 but if we were to compare the Z3 to the Z5….the Z5’s battery life is worse. Likewise, the Z3+ has worse battery life than the Z3.

  • Raj Singh

    That excuse and rationale is lame. Fuck you Sony Mobile.

  • Huhster

    They changed a letter in their model naming scheme, WHY DOES THIS EFFECT ANYONE AT ALL??

  • Sola Hoi

    That’s it. As a long time Sony user and fan, I’m sad that my next phone won’t be a Sony…

  • Genta Aditya

    rebranding Z to X Performance is OK, i know they wanted to fix their flagship annual release time.
    but the products offered…….
    if XA is meant to replace C series, they took a step back by shrinking the screen from 6″ 1080p to a standard 5″ 720p (heck, even Galaxy A5 2016 model got bumped into 1080p..)
    if standard X is to replace M Aqua series, they just took a step back by removing IP certification
    and if X Performance is meant to go head to head with the likes of S7, G5, and Mi5… why the hell they shrunk the screen size to 5″, stayed at 1080p, and staying with 3GB of RAM???
    i know that spec is enough for daily usage, but to go against the competition, it’s just not enough to appeal the crowd

  • Solano89

    It’s not the letter! The NO STRATEGY is upsetting us SONY fans! Releasing 3 phones that are the same (minimal differences) and a rubbish strategy to regain market share and top position in the industry, that is what upsets me and many more! Plus a SONY buyer is conservator! ;)

  • lesthur

    Here’s the leaked images of the upcoming xperia x1

  • Will S.

    Poor desicison Sony. Especially in regards to branding – should’ve kept the Xperia S line from 2012 instead of moving onto soo many letters of the alphabet for your flagship line.

  • CerberusSco

    Nokia all over again!

  • Arda Akca

    I don’t think anything significant will come from Sony at IFA. Maybe a large variant of X without any extra features. Good luck Sony, you desperately need it.

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  • Chuck

    If the phone does what I need, I couldn’t care less about its name.
    That said, I reckon the name change means a switch of focus to midrange phones.

  • Pingback: La serie Xperia Z è morta: lunga vita agli Xperia X! – Crazyworlds()

  • MG

    Kids, nobody said that X performance was ment to replace Z flagship. There are going to be a lot of other flagships ment to replace the entire Z seriers with better specs and design!

  • Pingback: La serie Xperia Z è morta: lunga vita agli Xperia X! - Android Feed()

  • illstplaya .

    This is stupid because the X performance model does not match up to a flagship design. I loved the all glass front and back. It made Sony phones different an unique, now they are using metal instead like every other phone out there and metal is band for reception. Then the x performance only has 3gb of ram while other flashing are moving to 4. Also I don’t like the speaker design or the x performance. The speaker design of the z2 and z5 is perfect. And they decreased the size of the battery now which makes no sense even with snapdragon 820. I was really hoping to buy a z6 to replace my z1s but now I might have to buy a z5 instead which I didn’t want to do because of the 810

  • Chuck

    The original Z had variants – the ZL and the ZR.

  • Khillo81

    Well, I was wrong. I really thought that the X series was a series of mid-range devices that would replace all other letters (M, C, E) while the Z would remain the flagship phone. I was thinking of getting the Z5 Compact before I heard of the X series launch, and thought: “if this is what they’re bringing to the X, I’ll wait and see what the next Z would look like”. Now, I’ll get the Z5 Compact and hope it lasts me for a loooooooong time.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    You are preaching to the wrong crowd…the people here will NEVER be satisfied.

  • But… I thought the X series were entry/mid-level models? :(

  • Raphael

    Great move for a fresh start. I can’t wait to get the X Performance in white.

  • Snorky112

    I’m sorry but I think your arguments actually are stupid.
    3Gb is more than enough for a phone, 4Gb is an overkill marketing strategy just to say “I have a bigger one” they decreased the size of battery but 650 and 820 drain less battery than any other older CPU, also SD650 beats SD808 and SD810, you can be sure you can run any application smoothly with this CPU and it drains even less battery than 820, you clearly won’t see any difference on usage / user experience if you take the x over the x performance, I’m glad they finally brought a really beautiful phone that has great power inside and is 100€ cheaper, I’d rather have 100€ discount and great components than pay +100€ and have overkill specs that finally are pointless…

  • Bashar Shehab

    It uses the same sensor as the Z5’s .. Only with improved AF technology.

  • RockStar2005

    Oh ok. Cool. Thanks for sharing!

  • Well… Time to test Robin to replace my Z…

  • cerunnos

    I owned the Z, and it was a great phone. After changing to an iP6, I’m back with a Z5. Feels like I choose the first and the last of this series. Enjoyed the design, but sometimes you need to say farewell to welcome new, better changes.

  • MixoMaxoViper

    I am from the futere, look at Xperia X2!

  • illstplaya .

    Yes the 3gb is enough but ram is cheap so adding one more gb wouldn’t hurt it and would just future proof the phone. Yes the 820 uses less power but don’t forget the screen is always the biggest drain on the battery. And I haven’t heard Sony or any manufacturer for that matter talk about a new screen technology that uses less power so I still don’t think that battery will be enough but of course we still have to wait until the reviews come out. I still prefer the z5 and z2 design compared to this design.

  • Frank203

    Why is it so hard for Sony to understand that the best way to succeed in the smartphone market is to just copy Apple’s strategy, 1 flagship a year in different sizes, constant software optimization, no mid-range phones, who wants a cheaper option can buy the previous year model. It’s not a shame to be inspired by other successful brands, Sony wake up!! I loved my Z2 as much as I love my Z3, and the next one will be a Z5 or Z5P, so please cut the crap and keep producing only high-end devices.

  • Pingback: RIP: Sony Confirms Xperia Z Line of Phones is Dead | ANZ Systems()

  • lesthur

    Dafuq,are you a sony insider?

  • Vinícius Azzolin

    But I need to say that I always find those phones really beautiful. =D

  • lesthur

    Yeah,they are ahead of the game back then.


    I don’t care about X, Y or Z letter ; just wait for the future Xperia 2016 or 2017 : 4.6″, 5.2″, 5.5″ and more, with what performances?
    Who know the future?

  • Pingback: Sony ???????????????????? “Xperia Z” – ?????????? Xperia Z5()

  • Nasos Vasileiadis

    As long as the X1 (Performance) can go straight up against S7,G5 etc. in terms of camera, design, battery, screen, sound and innovative touches, I am totally okay with my beloved Sony <3

  • aks316

    Hi if they are planning not to launch Xperia Z6 and replace it with X series thn I think it shows they don’t know the problem. By changing the name it doesn’t mean anything if you going the same old road. I am using Sony Xperia Z5 and it’s an awesome phone so the problem is not the phone or the name. The problem is lack of marketing, late software updates and their insane business decisions like no fingerprint sensor in the USA model. The new X performance phone won’t be available everywhere so why did they even launch it. They should concentrate on the Z series only. I don’t like Samsung much but I see better focus from them atleast when it comes to their flagship phones. Sony keeps changing names when it comes to their phones and televisions which adds to the confusion but they don’t change where they should. Their phone division may stop making losses but the Sony name is fading away. The shocking fact is they are not able to beat Samsung and apple in sales when it comes to their flagship phones when both companies wanted to be like Sony. Its really sad how clueless Sony is now. Samsung announced their Galaxy S7 on Feb 21th and it will be available from March 11th whereas Sony has no clue about the launch of their new phone and accessories. This is the problem. Sony is very slow whereas competition is really fast.

  • Mutlu Ertu?u?

    Well, the only thing they missed before was user experiences and more shiny softwares, so maybe they are gonna do it right this time. I’m using a z1 and I have friends using other brand phones with lower end Sony camera sensor and guess what, they generally take better pictures than me…

  • Raphael

    I can’t understand critics. Z line had a bold start but weakened for 3 years and is now struggling. They ended at a large slippery phone, a real fingerprint indicator, a 4K display that is not obviously superior to HD, a gimmicky 4K video capability (who’s using it regularly ?). A phone that sometimes turns into a toaster, an overused form factor repeated for so many models with minor alterations during 3 years.
    Sony Mobile needed a fresh start, a new line is the right move. With a dedicated attention to the user experience, not to a specs race.
    Too bad for nostalgics, but it’s so.

  • Great Dude

    Sony have sends Xperiablog this statement so this page you are commenting on is the source .

  • kewsvnet

    can you please share the source of Sony Mobile statement….the only place I see it is here with all other sites using this as the source

  • joe

    I’m a compact user , in this case where is the compact model ???????

  • Treb Amurao

    Sad to see the most reliable series to go… the 3 Xperia Zs I came to love…

  • Cakefish

    No successor to Z Compact series then? X Performance is more similar in size to the regular Z phones than the Compacts. Moreover, it’s not available in the UK. Weird. I don’t really know what Sony’s strategy is right now.

  • Great Dude

    I really loved Xperia XA design but Xperia XP is not that different from Xperia Z5 .
    I hope they make some new design

  • ludimilojko

    Yeah, it could be that 4 GB is not necessary, but if someone is paying 700 bucks for a phone, he will choose the one with 4 GB and SD820 in combination with a 3300 mAh battery, instead of one with 3 GB and SD 820 with 2700 mAh for the same price. Even if he doesn’t need it.
    I would gladly pay 400 for the middle X, but 600? I don’t think so.

  • hansip

    Interesting info about the water resistancy of X series:

    Unofficially water-resistant
    I questioned Sony’s reasons for abandoning water-resistancy and was told that it simply wasn’t a feature that consumers made buying decisions on. When I mentioned Samsung reintroducing an IP rating on the Galaxy series, I was informed that Sony has still done internal testing on the X series water-resistancy and that the new X series can still withstand splashes and short submersions. However, Sony won’t be seeking an IP rating or advertising the fact, having removed the waterproof flaps from the X range.

  • Ovidiu Popescu

    “Samsung innovative touches” ROFL

  • Great Dude

    They may come up with Xperia X compact.

  • nevernotmaybe

    This is the end of me getting Sony phones then, as I would only be interested in the flagship and the X performance is not being released worldwide. Seems pretty stupid to not have a flagship worldwide, which is why I assumed the Xperia Z6 was still coming.

  • Pingback: RIP: Sony Confirms Xperia Z Line of Phones is Dead | TechGreatest()

  • jmaxim917

    I’m sorry but I do not believe any of the Xperia Xs is a formidable upgrade to my Z2.

  • apolloa

    My brain hurts now after reading that confusing ideology. Why can’t they put their Playstation people in charge of the mobile decision eh? They would probably actually advertise features then as opposed to putting them in but not telling anyone about them!

  • Pingback: Sony has officialy stated that the Xperia Z series is no more |

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  • mUSICA

    look at those beezellllllllllll omg

  • mUSICA

    ok Negro

  • mUSICA

    good bye my love , time for a devorce ….im comen X

  • azzido

    OMG Ito Hiroshi, Director of Global Product Planning for Sony Mobile should be fired ASAP!

    Whoever is responsible for this mess ahould be fired immediately!
    Honestly, I am not interested in any X mid-rangers no matter you put in one 820 and lasts year 3GB of RAM while each and every flagship has 4 this year.

    “Battery performance” ??? Keep dreaming Sony and continue to decrease the battery, please release X2 in September wit 1200mAh and market it with these silly statements about 2 days battery life and its performance due to “soft updates”, we already know your soft updates.

    By the way, you may not be aware of it but we are still waiting for your MM software update, coming potentially January 2017…

    To be honest, X series is the worst looking omni balance device ever created, each and every Z made so far including first one has more elegance, looks more premium.

    What are you wishing for?
    By decreasing the screen, decreasing the battery even further, taking away the glass, radio and whoever knows what else, making ugly wallpapers you can call it a new flagship? By making steps back?

    For me there is no Sony flagship 2016 so far. Dot.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Then I guess I owe you an apology. I really can’t believe this myself… Given the size of the screen and battery of their new ‘flagship’..

  • azzido

    Do not buy X, let’s show them they’ve made a really bad decisions and noone is interested in their silly mid-rangers even if they put 850 inside.

    Camera is same as Z5, no it is worse! Forgot to mention the matrix is smaller and pixel size is smaller as well = more noise, less light capturing. Silly battery even worse than Shamesung now.

    Let’s show them they will not profit from this kind of stupid moves!

  • azzido


  • azzido

    The title is wrong.

    Instead of “Confirmed: Xperia Z series is no more”
    it should be “Confirmed: Sony Mobile is no more”

  • azzido

    Highest time to rebrand playstation name.
    Call it potty and try to sell.

  • azzido

    Potty is more recognized name.

  • Simone Yue

    Xperia Z series catch my eyes with its design. Front and back “glass” from Z0 to Z5. Premium material and iconic design.
    Even if X series isn’t so different, there’s something that don’t impress me much. I can’t find a valid reason to buy one model of the series. I had Z3 (really beautiful) but when I’ve seen Z5 (classic and premium) I’ve been caught by their look. At least I’ve choose Z5 classic for it back glass.
    Maybe Z5 would be my last Sony. I will wait a couple of years to see how the design will change.
    In conclusion: LG will continue with his G line, Samsung with the S, HTC with M… And Sony with something unknown.

  • Pingback: La familia Sony Xperia Z es oficialmente descontinuada()

  • Bashar

    Man I’m also shocked.
    I honestly loved the Z series the most
    This kind of brings the same feeling when Sony and Ericsson did split, it really was very bad news for me back then.

  • Omarion07

    Androidpit has reported, according to a Sony rep., that the Z series isnt going anywhere.. Xperiablog is saying otherwise!! Could someone clear this confusion?!

  • M110
  • xAntifreeZe

    oh, so I owned the first and the last Z series huh? coool

  • xAntifreeZe

    kinda a disappointing news to me because honestly I felt that Z series is far btr than the X series. But oh well, since its been decided, only time will tell. All the best to Sony too

  • Rene Pedroso

    All they really did was go from ”Z” to ”X”. It really isn’t a big deal. If you love Sony then you will still get the best mobile device on the market. It is still Xperia from the X1 to the X Performance. I will be picking up the X Performance as soon as it becomes available.

  • rmartinezdl

    And the Z5 is a flagship, to me the XP is a flagship even more than the 6s and the gs7, why? water resistance, front facing speakers, designt etc.

  • rmartinezdl

    All I wish its the XA was water resistant, I might end up going with the m5 if it the XA launches at $400 ish, and strangely I dont like phones with no side bezels, its so uncomfortable to hold them, you end up touching the edges of the screen.

  • RealityCheck2016

    “X series is based on bringing smart, adaptive Sony user experiences across camera, battery performance and hardware / software design.” Er just like the Z series did anyway you mean SONY??? i.e it’s just a Letter change then! :D

  • Alvin

    Like K800i or W905?

  • azzido

    design is the worst omni balance ever created, too rounded like a Shamesung and also comes with uglo colors, not like Z5 which had great Green color that they should keep (the silly gold came too – as part of apple ass licking strategy and following on knees instead of developing own ideas)

  • Islis

    After reading through all the different articles…there seem to be a few possibilities…(Xperia Z line has reached its culmination – may mean that they do not know what to add in anymore…)
    None of them actually said anything about X replacing Z..
    Most of them merely state the difference between Z and X..and that X is a new series..(Z will be the spec’ced out model while X will be based on user need)
    There will not be a Z6 because they are not releasing it anytime soon and they do not want it(thought of a Z model coming soon) to hinder sales of X series…
    Like one of the commentor posted, androidpit had a new article mentioning it is not a replacement.
    I hope this is what it is… :(

  • Raj Singh

    RIP Sony Mobile. You fucked up.

    I’ve always had at least one Xperia on me since the X10. I was waiting patiently to upgrade my Z Ultra but now I have no idea what I’ll get next. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I don’t think I’ll be getting another Sony Xperia anymore, not unless there’s a successor to the Z Ultra or the Z5 Premium with SD820. I’d prefer a Japanese device but looks like I’ll have to get one from the China manufacturers like Huawei or Oppo. I’m not happy about that.

  • azzido

    I have a bigger one

  • Alvin

    Well, people…. The Xperia X10 is also even leaked, too! All the way from 2025

    You think you’re the only one who can time travel?

  • azzido

    Then it’s time to rebrand Playstation name with potty.
    Potty is more recognized.

    And it’s just a name.

  • azzido

    Exactly this is what X series really is – mid range phone.
    Just below high end expectations, suits mid, but is overproces.

    Hop noone will buy this mid-ranger for the proce of Z flagships with TOP specs.
    Fingers crossed it will not sell.

  • azzido

    no signs of S-Master, they simply do not listen what customers says, and then are just surprised it is not selling…

  • azzido

    I have exactly the same feeling bro, they are following Nokia (+ ugly colors of iPhones).

    R.I.P. Sony Mobile.

  • azzido

    camera along with the battery and radio is step back.
    Read carefully its specs, smaller lens, smaller pixel size = even more noise :) :) :)

    I cannot cut the feeling X series is cutting the costs device, such a leftover of Z series

  • azzido

    just a step back,, Sony Xperia clients, welcome to 2015!

  • azzido

    News from 9 hours ago:

    However, Mr Mesa told that the X Performance wasn’t so closely aligned with the Z series. “[The X series] is a different line,” he said. “It comes down to a design philosophy. We’re looking at how to focus on intelligent aspects with these devices as how to evolve the notion of communication.”

    When asked directly whether the X Performance would replace the Z series, Mr Mesa said: “The Z series is not going away. We want to make it clear.” He then pointed to an X Performance unit in front of him and said, “that is not the Z.”

    Despite these claims, there is still speculation from other publications that Sony has indeed dropped the Xperia Z range.


  • azzido

    OMG “how to evolve the notion of communication.” Hahahaha!!!!
    The guy made my day.

    Sony Mobile is on top of the list of companies with the worst communication with the client.

    1st place! At least they are best with something with this division :)

    They should write a book “how NOT to communicate with the client” and for sure it will sell better than their smartphones! BESTSELLER!

  • Bob

    Really? No Fm radio is a no go for me.

  • Omarion07


  • azzido

    Well, no matter what sorry says and how will price it X series is mid range:

    1. Worse camera with smaller sensor and smaller pixel size (more noise)
    2. Smaller screen
    3. Worse / smaller battery
    4. No 4K recording ???
    5. No radio
    6. 3GB of RAM
    7. Worst iteration of omni balance (potentially student hired for an hour to change original Z shape here and there)
    8. Ugly colors
    9. No more Z flagship naming convenction (everyone knows Z means flagship device in Xperia world)
    10. Probably UI too but hard to say so far

  • SONY only
  • EQ

    Well it seems they are improving on it. Just the fact that they released the open source for the camera software shows they are starting to move aswell as MM source code for different Sony phones.

  • Toby Doc Durkin

    When I got my Z3 I was advised not to go for the Z3+ as the chip in it wore the battery down too fast and the phone shop that I went had loads of people going to it to”downgrade”.
    The reason I went over to Sony in the first place was because of the battery life which is amazing and none of the others can touch it in that regard.
    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the X series is like.
    R.I.P Z series easily the best phones I’ve ever owned.

  • haidcar

    more like 2017

  • azzido

    silly they prefer to focus on mid-range series while abandoning flagships for unknown for everyone reasons.

    Then they will see they failed again…
    But who will understand odd japaneses? :P

  • Doubleyoupee

    This is stupid the Xperia X series has a bad name from de X10 etc.


    Only recently people started to know the Z series name and they stop.

  • James Arnold.?

    what the hell

  • Doubleyoupee

    What profit?

  • Alvin

    And I just realised something, now that they said Xperia Z Series is discontinued, so how about their tablet business? I mean they’re always announces new Z Series tablets in MWC but only this year’s MWC they didn’t announce any tablet. I mean their tablets are amazing.

  • Alvin

    Well, you know what, you’re right. Guess what? They decided that they’ll skip X3,X4,X5,X6,X7,X8, and X9 and goes right away to X10, wonder why…

  • Pingback: N mobile | Após lançamento da linha X Sony descarta antiga linha de produtos!()

  • Alvin

    Hey, that phone has stereo speakers, that’s why the bezel is huge. Go away you bezel freak!


  • Duh!

  • cchoiz

    Same feeling as you. Nokia 5800 was my last Nokia phone and it looks like my Z5P will be my last Sony smartphone.
    Wrong choice, Sony.

  • shenoy

    I am really happy with the name chance orelse lot of matching in Z1,2,3…. and S1,2,3….. Why to follow others. Let others follow Sony.

  • Gary Ohanian

    Because people these days only feel alive if they’re outraged!

    X Premium for me when it gets released. As long as the software/hardware is stable, it will be a good phone. Just like when my current Z1 was released and people were outraged too, but it’s still a damn good phone. Over 2 years and still rocking.

  • Gary Ohanian

    I’m with you, there must be some bezel for me!

  • shenoy

    Yes. As per me, Launching dual, with flagship is waste of money for any manufacturer.

  • shenoy

    Wait for IFA.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Maybe they’re planning on bringing this design back. Oh my I’d love that if they do that.

  • rygarto

    We’re introducing the X series, a cornerstone of Sony Mobile’s plan for the future!

    “What happened to the Z series?”

    “Now that you mention it, yeah…. mumble mumble… cancelled… mumble mumble”

    Sony accidentally reveals great, confident brand strategy….

  • Solano89

    Not the X8 ;)

  • Alvin

    Wow you got the leak too!

  • hansip

    Well waterproof is a risky business since you’re playing with the element. You need to make sure about the water tightness of the body etc and then provide service for any user complaint about their dead device by water (customer lying or not is another matter).

    It all makes sense now, if they keep the z name they should maintain that. With change name to x, such waterproofness is not mandatory anymore. Shame but understandable economic wise.

  • Rangga Moslem

    if you want promotion media without spend money ; just create controversy..

  • M110

    Maybe this is the most recent confirmation as there is no z6:

    But this part is interesting:

    Makino told us that plans are afoot for more phones bearing the new branding and that the company’s focus now is on “bringing the next generation of Xperia Series of intelligent smartphones”.

    so we should expect more X phones, hopefully with larger (and smaller) display sizes.

  • M110

    Maybe this is the most recent confirmation as there is no z6:

    But this part is interesting:

    Makino told us that plans are afoot for more phones bearing the new branding and that the company’s focus now is on “bringing the next generation of Xperia Series of intelligent smartphones”.

    so we should expect more X phones, hopefully with larger (and smaller) display sizes.

  • Pingback: Sony executive confirms that “there will not be a Z6” – Twenty First Tech()

  • M110

    Maybe this is the most recent confirmation as there is no z6:

  • Pingback: Sony ?????? ???????????? Z ???? ??? "Xperia X" ???????????????????????????? -()

  • Pingback: RIP: Sony Confirms Xperia Z Line of Phones is Dead | Goodnix Droider()

  • apolloa

    ??????????????????????????? I guess. They said more devices will be launched later in the year so probably at IFA which I think is around September time?

  • Jon Roberto ™

    Just got a z5 premium Dual. After hearing the news about you Sony ditching Z series as flagship…. What are you thinking? You dont really care about the Z users? Ending z with mid Rangers, such a face palm…so whats the point or havng premium tag name? Why not just let the X for the A series like what Samsung did..or X as a new line for Compact series. What are you thinking? Stupid. I also own z ultra and SmartWatch 3 and some wireless headset. Starting to hate this brand that I used to care with.

    Then in the will also ditching the X series after the X5 to what? Y series… Stupid!!!! Why not just Xperia1, 2 squared

  • I’m sad but they needed a change.

  • dko3tgk

    If you remember about how Sony differentiated the Vaio letters, which they sort of seem to do with phones, the Z laptop was always the single top spec elite line. It was only released once every two years and was very expensive and premium. Small, compact, lots of ram and processor, titanium shell.
    My guess is that the X will be the main product line. And the Z will be the elite phone that comes out once a year or so and will cost more with top specs, top materials.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    I hate you all.

  • MagicManfred

    Yes, while you’re giving all that stuff away for free, please also pay my phone bill at least twice a year, treat my nephews to ice-cream and give me a voice cameo in the next Sony animation. Because I’ve had Xperia phones for four years so I’m entitled to stuff.

  • jxPerience

    I don’t know what’s up with SONY nowadays, FYI Z series already gaining attention for mobile market in different regions, closing the door for the next generation Z series is worst decision they ever made. If this happened, just rebrand and focus for NXT series with different design.

    N Series flagship specs with mid end aesthetics (plastic with metal frame)
    X Series super flagship specs with high specs and premium built (premium design with glass/metal)
    T Series flagship specs with high end materials (glass/metal)

    No need to add numbers for the next iteration just market the ALL NEW N, X, T 2017 Series

  • J@S0n

    OK…then z5 premium will be my last xperia phone…

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  • Alex Norris

    Most importantly, what would you, Sony-mobile, kept your promise about, quote, attracting intelligent and adaptive user experience on camera!

    That’s when your camera will learn to shoot without noise, blurring and with excellent detail, then we go for you and we will not look with envy on the Galaxy S7 owners. Keep your word, people are tired of the constant disappointed in your mobile division!

    And last question! Why X performance release so late, in autumn? ((

    You’re wasting valuable time. Why delayed X perf. so late .. I notice, Sony loves so postpone all …? People want to buy a smartphone in summer season!

    After all, the smartphone is ready, why people must wait for half a year ???

  • Yasir Fawad

    IMO, a very bad decision, just when the Z series became known to people. They closed it. Now i believe Sony has bunch of a…les executives who want to self destroy Sony.

  • Solano89

    You don’t get it, do you? SONY has no strategy in making a product, marketing it and putting a price on it! You can ask a price for a phone with the product bundeld with it but that should be reasonable! Screenprotector costs 0,1-1$ (production cost), case around 1$ and so on these are not huge cost but having them for the end costumer it’s a bonus and it’s even more like that when other manufacturers don’t do the same!
    Lucky you if you can do the ice-cream stuff, and the phone bill paying and so on out of 2-3$! ;)

  • Solano89

    No tablet and no Smartwatch 4! Sad thing!

  • Pingback: Out With the Old, In With the New: End of the Xperia Z Series - Kenyan Tech News & Reviews website()

  • “Whilst the Xperia Z series was all about bringing the best of Sony’s advanced technologies to smartphones, Xperia X series” isn’t.

  • Kunal Shukla

    The first batch of devices from X series didn’t garner as much attention as the first batch of Z series 3 years back. The mighty Z and ZL.

  • Debbie Mobley

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  • Debbie Mobley

    ?my .friend’s mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.”….two days ago new McLaren. F1 bought after earning 18,512$,,,this was my previous month’s paycheck ,and-a little over, 17k$ Last month .,3-5 h/r of work a day ..with extra open doors & weekly. paychecks.. it’s realy the easiest work I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months ago and now making over 87$, p/h.Learn. More right Here:;/422????? http://GlobalSuperEmploymentVacanciesReportsJobs/GetPaid/98$hourly…. .?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:?2:::::;/422…..

  • Raphael

    Isn’t your Z5 working ? Enjoy what you have.

  • Pingback: ???? ???? ?????? ??? ?? ???? ????? ???? ????? ?????? Xperia Z | ?????? ?????()

  • Swaglord

    I’m from 2021.. we already have Xperia X41

  • devtry

    What can I say… I’m happy I didn’t wait for Xperia Z6/7 Compact to change my phone

  • Paul M

    So no replacement for the Z Ultra

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    I have no problem with this change, as long as they keep offering the design & build features a premium phone should have. Hardware-wise, X Performance is a good step in this new direction. But they need to release at least one more model with similar specs and *a unibody metal frame*. Without that, I wouldn’t call it premium.

  • Jaissal S

    Perhaps this is a good thing. This will give Sony a fresh start so to speak. Hopefully it’ll create greater awareness of the new X Series. Loved my Z1 and my current Z5 :) I’m excited to see what holds for the future of Sony Xperia.

  • Jaissal S

    I’d rather they work on production, better marketing, wider marketing etc. No rush. Let people know how good the X Series is!

  • inspire

    Still a better design than Galaxy! Be it the past or the future!

  • Jaissal S

    I actually considered this phone before my Xperia S I think.

  • Pingback: Sony bestätigt das Ende der Xperia Z-Reihe()

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Oh my… Sony will pissed off with this leaked photo… Lol

  • Michael

    So will there not be a Xperia X Compact????

  • Bülent S

    To ned the Z series is a stupid decision. New X series is not like the Z Series. If Sony ends Z series really, this will absolutely end Sony Mobile. I have been user of Z series since Z and got Z5 Premium now and when I compare it X series, X series is nothing….

  • Abdul Ghani

    wow bravo slow clap hurrah this comment what the best

  • Abdul Ghani

    hi potty

  • John Mcbride

    Guys please just for a second try to see things from SONY’s point of view…..for us the loyal hardcore SONY fans the Z series is the best of the best and let’s face it we are an extinct species…..for the non-fans & casual users the Z is not interesting at all because of a lot of stupid reasons and bunch of rumors…..the mobile division needs fresh faces in order to expand its customer base and be profitable again.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Z ultra? Why not buy a Z Premium as it is clearly the next “Ultra” instead of the C5 or T2?

  • iia3ezu

    It’s not expanding. Time to put Sony mobiles on deathwatch. Let the countdown begin.

  • joe

    I hope so.

  • Ukiya

    Sony should restructure from top to bottom and combine Walkman, Camera, Mobile to produce an epic phone if they are serious in owning this industry, waterproofing should be presented properly by eliminating existing factory that produce lots of defect which results to poor quality and huge expenses due to recall, replacement / warranty claim — anyways very disappointing news, time to look for a new phone company that can deliver and go beyond customer’s expectations

  • Jim

    I don’t think this story is as clear cut as it seems. For instance, Sony is giving out conflicting information:

  • iia3ezu

    Xiaomi has recently announced the Mi 5: Snapdragon 820, and it has a Sony camera sensor for its rear camera, and has real OIS.
    5.15 inch phone, 3000mAh battery.

    Compare this with the similarly specced Xperia X Performance, which has a 2700mAh battery. Then compare the price difference. Don’t think it’s worth it with the Xperia, unless you are a hardcore Sony fan, you really dig the Sony ‘ecosystem’ of apps and optimizations e.g. Stamina Mode, or a better selfie camera.

    Conclusion: Sony is still charging a premium for the ‘prestige’ of its brand. You get nothing more than that.

  • AhmedBasyoni

    And his sons after couple of months B-)

  • Alex

    yes… true story. XD

  • Ichsan Rismunandar

    More likely there won’t be an Xperia Z6 Compact but pretty sure they’ll be making something like X Compact, X Premium or even X Ultra as replacements for their retired series.

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  • Ailan Hidaz

    I think this guy is retarded or something.
    Look at all his comments since the past week.
    I guess you can’t help but feel for the mentally challenged…

  • Pingback: ?????? ???? ???? ????? ????? ????? ???????? Z | talebmedia()

  • gamer324

    The simple problem with this new X line is that despite the features and bells and whistles of a flagship, the entire range oozes mid-range: it’s the best of the existing technology, and has nothing revolutionary or even evolutionary as one would expect from a flagship.
    Then there is the matter of the price, the X line simply doesn’t have what it takes to compete with the likes of the S7, the G5, the eventual iphone 7; heck it’d be a lucky day for Sony if a neutral buyer chose one of these three devices over the Chinese players. But Sony still chose to price these midrangers as if they were an extended Flagship family ala the Z series.
    *sigh* I’ll probably be taking a break from Xperia this year then, until Sony gets its act together. Thankfully Xiaomi has picked up the ball now that Sony has officially dropped it.
    On a more positive note though, Sony’s IoT range is getting more intriguing and quintessentially Sony with each passing announcement. I really would consider the Xperia Ear if Sony doesn’t price it upward of ~$80

  • Pingback: ?????? ???? ???? ????? ????? ????? ???????? Z « ????????()

  • El Capitan Morgan

    They have better phones than most smartphones out there but their marketing strategy is what killed them. Even Girls Scouts can sell more than them. They should hire the Girls Guide to keep them afloat.

  • gamer324

    Tablets are probably dead as a dodo. But to be honest the ARM tablet market is imploding on every one now, be it iPad, Samsung or Sony.
    I would love to see a x86 Skylake Core M tablet from Sony, preferably with Ubuntu Touch. But sadly it’ll probably never ever happen.

  • Battel

    Sony is trying to make it’s own portfolio much bigger in short and long terms,
    in short Sony’s adapt 6 moths cycle device, in long’s adapt a new series every 6 devices,
    i don’t know if this is a good strategy or not but adding more variants to it’s portfolio is good thing, but the strategy is some how weird it’s looks like a transformation strategy ( The new born comes alive from the death of the old ) !
    Kinda weird in products manufacturing but i like it :)

  • Dion

    First everyone is pissed how bad the Z series are and now everyones pissed that they dump the z series I dont understand this world anymore

  • Pingback: ???? Z ??????????????????yi???han? - ???-???()

  • MixoMaxoViper

    No, I’m coming from 2017 :D
    It’s just you, or maybe you use Internet Explorer(1 year late)

  • MixoMaxoViper

    I have Z3C and now I’m selling old phones to buy SE W595 or W995 and use it :D

  • Zratul

    Seriously Sony, how can you ever consider having a flagship with a name like “X Performance”, it’s like selling a motor oil…

    And giving away those disappointing specs while not being able to ship these phones before MONTHS is like a suicide.

    I really hope that the X series is to replace M and C series and a real Z successor will appear at IFA. In the last one, one of the main designer of the Z series gave a hint and said that they are planning a new design for 2016. X series is still Omnibalance so I doubt she was talking about it.

    Especially when you know that the Z Compact has always been a real market for Sony because it was the only compact in the world (and not a mini).

    If X is really the 2016 Sony lineup, I will be definitely convinced that the Sony Mobile department is run by monkeys…

  • Pingback: Sony oficjalnie potwierdza koniec serii Xperia Z –

  • jokensy

    The title of this article should have been “Confirmed: Xperia is no more”

  • Pingback: ?????? ???? ???? ????? ????? ????? ???????? Z - ???? ???????()

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    ericsson mobile bought by sony not split

  • Tadija Djurovic

    Xperia X Performance not have metal frame? Frame is made of polycarbonate that looks like metal. Only back metal cover. Does anyone can confirm that the frame is made of metal?

    Xperia Z series, from Z1 to Z5 use metal (aluminium) frame.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    who’s idea make this mess??? should be 5.5, 5.2, 4.6. 4GB RAM, 128 INTERNAL STORAGE

  • Pingback: Sony Xperia Z series is officially dead, Xperia X series to replace - Times News UK, World, Gadgets, Mobiles News()

  • John P

    This is really sad. I’m a user and a huge fan of the Xperia Z line and Sony in general. But after this, I lost my confidence in Sony’s naming and marketing strategies. I’m already thinking of upgrading for an iPhone 7 :(

  • iosvsios

    Seriously though? Where is the link/source for this news? I just see a link to the other xperiablog article about the rumor, which links back to this one where it says it’s confirmed…

  • aks316

    I have never ever seen a company with better engineers and designers, and worse PR-marketing- market research teams. 
    It´s not even funny anymore, a few high school geeks would run Sony mobile better than these idiots.
    BTW the Z line wont be canceled- as with all sony rumours over the last few years, they all end up being false.

  • Ye Olde Vadge

    The Z5 series colours are HIDEOUS. The Compact in particular – were they picked by Apple as a part of their scheme to ensure as few Xperias as possible are sold?

  • Raphael

    Yet global sales decreased. What should Sony do then ? Keep heading straight into the wall while honking “The Best of the Best of the Best of our technology” ?

  • Vinícius Azzolin

    Oh, but don’t get me wrong, I’m still in love with the new X line and the design. The changes are not much noticeable, I know, but I love how Sony always make a product like an emotional thing. Just look at their advertisements and you’ll see. =D (But their prices, oh god, I can’t buy anything ksaokasoas)

  • Vinícius Azzolin

    I heard that the pre-order of the XA is about 299 EUR. Here in Brazil it will cost two kidneys and one eye!

  • ShinOrochiX

    Lol you guys are jokers!

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  • John

    hi guys I have free promo codes for Xperia at google play





































































































  • crandrix

    This was my 1st Android!

  • Pingback: ?????? ???? ???? ????? ????? ????? ???????? Z - ????? ?????()

  • Dafuq? They rly… didn’t expect this after seeing that the Xperia X Performance wouldn’t hit the “important” markets in europe… The “normal” X is just so… midrange…

  • Red_Sky_Road

    Well, then my Z2 was the last Sony I’ll buy. Not going to follow them on their Megapixel push. Galaxy S7 will be my choice…

  • Luis alexander rosas velasquez

    Xperia is from times of X10 like Ailan said,Z was the true step of the Xperia brand,S was good,but the Z series was the best,look at the Z,first waterproof flagship,or the Z1 with that powerful SD800,Z2 with the 5.2″ display that will rule the next gens and their stereo speaker,Z3 with the new design,Z3 plus making better the design of Z3,Z5 with the almost perfection of the Z5 series with the SD810 and a good design in the hand and viewing it.Z series is important in the Sony history,they changed the game,I`m gonna miss Z series and Sony,because the X series aren`t a good successor.

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  • M110

    hope we celebrate birth of x premium and x ultra soon.

  • aks316

    If this is the right move than Samsung should have also done this.. Instead of changing the design and build quality of S6 as compared to S5 they should have just changed the name and call it the new chapter in the galaxy series.. People running Sony completely destroyed the Sony brand name.

  • azzido

    Overall about X Poorformance mid-ranger:

    Too many steps back, too little steps forward (only 820 can be considered as such?)

    1. Smaller display – c’mon Sony, where is 5.8-6″ device?

    2. Worse, smaller battery – a huge step back, no one believe in your software “optimizations”, you will not cheat the physics… then you will claim 3 days battery life on 1000mAh

    3. Worse camera: IMX3018 used in X Poorformance is worse than IMX300 used in Z5 due to smaller sensor, hence smaller pixel size = less light captured = bigger noise And they claim again there is no big difference as they “optimized the software and alghoritms, yeah Sony, we heared it already several times… + …

    4. 3GB of RAM instead of 4GB that 2016 flagships comes with like S7 ad LG G5.

    5. No FM Radio :/

    6. no 4K video recording ???

    And in my opinion the worst iteration of omni balance, as it looks ugly, too rounded like a Shamesung.

    People asking for new design since years and they are just coming with ugliest omni balance calling it “fresh design”…

    It is good mid-ranger, but far from being a flagship. 820 is too small to be called such and considering the proce, for the same amount competition has better offers, bigger screens, better cameras, more RAM, FM Radio, 4K video recording + innovations.

    And I hate metal back

  • azzido

    Sony showed the middle finger to its customers with X series.
    Time to show middle finger to Sony too.

  • Pingback: The Xperia Z Is No More; Sony Announces Retirement Of Popular Lineup()

  • azzido

    Probably yes, but at least for regular Z they have great Green color that differentiate it from competition. When it comes to X series 2016 – colors sucks most, it is total copy paste from uglo iPhone colors and that puts me off…

  • Pingback: ???? ???? ??? ????? Xperia Z ?? ???? ??? ??????? | ????? ??????()

  • Alz

    These guys don’t know what the fuck they are doing. The only reason I got z3 compact is because of the size and the battery life. If you ignore the screen size, every other company is making better devices than Sony. HTC has better speakers, LG and Samsung have way better cameras, Samsung now both increased there battery size and added ip68 certification in the s7. No USB type-c, no wireless charging, even the flash is still single led flash.
    They still use plastic in a phone that is supposed to be a flagship (the compact).
    These guys are just counting on their brand name to sell their phones.

  • AllanKafka

    Sort of downgrading, then…

  • AllanKafka

    My previous phone was an 808. You can guess how I feel now that my new Z5 has just arrived.

  • AllanKafka

    With all those poorly-worded, 75% official, controversial statements expressed in the worst marketing speak, it might just look like Sony is running around like a headless chicken.

  • Chaz

    ayyy fuck you

  • Pingback: ??????: ???? ???? ????? ??????? Z! - ???? ??? ??? ?????? - ????? ?????? ????? ?????? ????? ??????? ??????????? ????? ?????? ????? ????? ?????()

  • h_1995

    so many X series lineup leaks…

  • Nephilim

    I was actually waiting for the Z6 to upgrade to from my Z3, Z3+ has issues and Z5 was still using SD810. Would have loved a Z6 with the Z5 Premium’s screen combined SD820.

  • KMNH

    l m a o, so glad I got a 6S+

  • ??????????-??????? ?????????

    as if they care about what their fans wanted from first place :(

  • Alvin

    I was hoping for Xperia X Tablet but npw I’m hopeless

  • Danny

    but…. The X Performance is the most advanced of the X Series, and it only got a 5″ screen. I want everything the X Performance have, but in a Z5 Premium screen ( 5.5″ 4K HD). Am I to wait again for another Xperia to suit my taste. my last Xperia was the Z3 D6616 T-Mobile, which I gave to my sister for Christmas. I’m using the iPhone 6 Plus 128GB. I like it, but I’d always wanted to return to Xperia once they stop using the SD810. only to see the X Performance, with great specs and SD820 cpu, but only in a 5″ HD screen.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I find this time Media didn’t even cover enough of Xperia Xs.
    Is it because the production isn’t ready yet? Don’t you think Sony kind of rushed it to MWC.
    I am really disappointed in that they didn’t bring manual controls or support it so we can use some other app to use it, So we don’t have to go into settings and select different different SCENES.

  • Alaisdair

    After MANY years of supporting Sony and their phones (all the way back to the t707 flip!) I think I am done…X looks like a gigantic step backwards…disappointed!

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  • Kunal Shukla

    Xperia X series lost among LG G5 and S7 Series

  • Mac

    Nobody uses Internet Explorer since 2009 so I find it hard to think you’re from the future :-P

  • aks316

    @Xperiablog can you do some kind of voting or poll and someway send it to Sony Mobile? Thanks.

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  • MyLive

    beleive me.. it’s trending now!!!
    #guy from the future

  • Pingback: Sony stellt Xperia Z-Reihe ein -

  • MyLive

    You khow what.. Sammy DID!!
    #sat hello to A series (2016)

  • Pingback: It's Official: The Sony Xperia X Series is Replacing the Z Series | Lowyat.NET()

  • Alvin


  • iia3ezu

    Don’t worry Sony Xperia Z fans, I’m sure Sony deliberately leaked false info so as not to cannibalize the sales of the new Xperia X phones.

    I suggest you all boycott the Xperia X phones until Sony give in and release the Xperia Z6 (and its Compact/Ultra/Premium variants). Unity is strength, time to show Sony some people power. ;)

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  • Pingback: Todesstoß für Z-Reihe: Sony bestätigt das Ende der Xperia-Serie ›

  • fried_egg

    disappointing, not that the “Z” has been retired but because the flagship future looks lukewarm rather than cutting edge. I saw engadget describe the Z5 as “mid range” – it is hardly that with a great camera, fastest snapdragon at the time, large built in memory and best in class of expandable… blistering LTE6 when in an EE 4G+ cell, coupled with a finger print sensor and good enough large screen… BUT that is the problem, the Z’s were “best in class badly executed” and ahead of the curve that each iteration looked only a warm up of the last, when it was still better than most of the competition bar subjectively the Galaxy S & iphone released at the same time… so now the Xperformance, which looks like a warmed up Z5 is already seen as “midrange” yet there it is with a snapdragon 820, the same best available in the S7 and other flagships.. Sony has got the marketing all wrong and the execution (not quite working) phones to blame.. that camera (i have no issues with it) should be leaving no one in doubt, yet it does just that

  • Matt

    i still think sony will surprise for us this year, the cant throw compact line away, its really loved by fans

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  • Pingback: Sony confirms Xperia Z series will be replaced by Xperia X()

  • Arie

    Do you know why Xperia camera is fail?? Because they use too much megapixel in a such small sensor….
    Every other company camera only at 16mpx max, even Samshit now using only 12mpx.
    High megapixel in small sensor = lower light sensitivity & high noise.

  • Pingback: Sony pune oficial capat seriei Xperia Z | - Your Mobile IT World()

  • Alex Norris

    I always just talking about it, a small pixel, even with high-quality algorithms and the good software, can`t show better quality as the camera wich has big pixel size. It has long been proven that the number of megapixels does not affect the quality, namely the pixel size! Now all make camera with big pixel size. For example: Nexus 6P, Galaxy S7, HTC M10. Now the most important thing in your phone, it’s a camera! Which smartphone will have a better camera, and it will be dominate the market. Even Huawei is already working with LEICA, which is considered the best optical system after Carl Zeiss.

    So, I hope that the Alpha division works hard on algorithms and software, and otherwise, the X series is will be the same failure as like Z series.

  • Papa_MUC

    Am I the only one who doesn’t care if it’s Z, X or Y but wonders what happened to “compact”?

  • Raj Singh

    The Z Premium is really nice but I want something that is at minimum a 6-inch display with ? SD 820.
    I am only interested in high-end devices. The C and T series are not premium.

  • Christian Hell

    WOW! Sony should fire its entire marketing/sales departments for the mobile division, its simply pathetic to read that they decide to kill the product line that made a mark in the latest effort just because they don’t know how to handle it. Really, they finally made it to the US and it will be with a dead product line? Is it an excuse to reduce to the maximum the advertising and prove in that way that killing X is a good idea? … Dammed! they are making smart-phones (Sony ericsson since the 90’s) even before Samsung … or just look at Xiaomi that in a fraction of time created a strong brand and product lines from zero. Zero Competence, that’s what Xperia Z stands for. TOOOOOOO BAD SONY.

  • Geese Howard

    Bezel freak XD Fucking hilarious dude (thumbs up)

  • Alvin

    lol of course:)

  • Haldi

    I so hope your right on that…..

  • Haldi

    If their goal is making profit they’re doing a really bad job….

  • Christian Hell

    WOW! Sony should fire its entire marketing/sales departments for the mobile division, its simply pathetic to read that they decide to kill the product line that made a mark in the latest effort just because they don’t know how to handle it. Really, they finally made it to the US with the Z series and it will be with a dead product line? Is it an excuse to reduce to the maximum the advertising and prove in that way that killing it is a good idea? … Dammed! they are making smart-phones (Sony ericsson since the 90’s) even before Samsung … or just look at Huawei that in a fraction of time created a strong brand and product lines from zero. Zero Competence, that’s what Xperia Z stands for. TOOOOOOO BAD SONY.

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  • Arie

    To bad because camera quality is the only thing that keep me away from Xperia line. Xperia Arc is my last Sony (Ericsson) phone.
    Camera aside Xperia is an excellent smartphone, nice UI, great battery life, beautiful design, smooth & water resistant.

  • Alvin Dem

    Eyes Here!

    Dear Alvin

    Thank you for contacting the Sony Xperia support centre.

    We can advise in regards to the Z series, that there has not been any official
    confirmation that the Z series would be ending. However you can keep up to date
    with our products using the following link;

    If you are wanting to put any ideas forward, you can use the details below;

    1.Go to

    2. Scroll to the foot of the page

    3. From here you can select between other channels of Sony Xperia.

    Alternatively you may wish to send an email to our corporate community centre; there email is They may be able to help you assist you further.

    For the latest news, information and product support please visit

    If you require any further assistance then please do not hesitate to contact us
    again. Please use the below link for all our contact information.

    Please be aware that should you not respond within 5 days of this email your query
    will be automatically closed. Any further communications will not reach our
    support and a new query will need to be raised.

    Kind Regards,


    Sony Xperia UK Customer Services

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  • Chitti- The Robot

    Just found an image of Sony Mobile PR team

  • iia3ezu

    Don’t worry, they’ll soon be unemployed when Sony sells off its mobile business.

    The corporate idiocy here is eerily similar to back when Nokia was acquired by Microsoft and out came the Lumia phones.

    Even HTC and Xiaomi are stepping up their game in 2016, Sony Xperia is stagnating.

    P.S: “Empower the future of communications” sounds like a tagline thought up by an idiot.

  • iia3ezu

    Hey guys, Alvin Dem looks like a total tosspot.

  • jwm

    You must have had a very sad childhood, whatever your replay is my answer for it in advance is STFU FREAK.

  • jwm

    And that’s my proof.

  • marcyff2

    All electronics in brazil cost at least a kidney!

  • marcyff2

    it doesn’t matter much. Although the ceo is the boss, in japanese business the high management team all have equal say on every detail. Same reason it took 2 or 3 iteractions of the z series to get it up to speed with the competition and same reason the design language didn’t change much

  • marcyff2

    i agree, if sony keeps the name as Sony X, Sony XA, Sony XP….. they only need 5 to 6 devices to cover all branches of the market within a year including tablets

  • marcyff2

    right…. you definitely never tried contacting OPO or NOKO. Much worse than sony

  • paul_cus

    I started with the Xperia ZL in the Z series back in 2013. Got the Xperia Tablet Z later that year. In 2015 I got the Xperia Z5. Good way to dovetail the series. It will be missed. Now it’s time to see if the X series can hold a candle to what came before.

  • Velexas

    Sign this petition to get Z series back!

  • skyhigh

    I don’t see anything ?

  • Joseph Bartolo

    the compact version

  • Yakuzz

    thats x10 pro lol its using gingerbread 2.3 the last time im using it…when ws it lol

  • ramuk

    Dude, why aren’t you visiting or commenting on xpriablog anymore? I have lots of things I need to ask you. Sorry for using this method apparently discus don’t allow private messaging otherwise I’d message you.

  • nfs2010

    Sorry for the late response – I was out of town for two weeks. Hope you’re doing well.

    Well, I do visit XB quite frequently and read your comments as well. I’m just not sure what Sony is doing with their X phones :P It’s very confusing – you may agree :)

    Anyways, feel free to ask anything over here since we don’t have PM options.

  • ramuk

    I’m doing well. Glad to hear from you. I agree with you X series is confusing and Sony has done a poor job explaining what’s the purpose of this series.

    First of all I want to ask, is there really no correlation between higher resolution display and amount of RAM?
    I’m pretty sure I read a article where a Chinese phone maker mentioned that they reserve 1 GB extra RAM for their display so that they will perform better in gaming. I also read some comments where they said Higher resolution screen generally needs extra RAM. I searched the net but I couldn’t find a specific answer. I’d like to hear your opinion about this matter.

  • nfs2010

    GPU is just like another processor (specialized so it’s also an accelerator in a sense). It needs memory (RAM) too to load/store data(like bringing the data & sending it back to memory as needed by certain instructions). Check out PS4 for example. All it has is G-DDR memory with a tiny DDR memory since graphics is the main focus there. On phones, we still don’t have separate GDDR so CPU/GPU use the same DDR memory. To render on a higher resolution display, you’re essentially playing with more data (more vectors). So bigger memory can certainly help. Of course, beyond a certain threshold, it doesn’t help much. But yeah, generally speaking, extra RAM is needed by higher res. screens.

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  • Lyn Anderson

    I remember having Sony Ericsson that was a nice phone. But most people now are using iPhone.
    If you guys are looking for a gifts for this coming Christmas for your loved ones. Have a visit at

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