Is Sony retiring the Xperia Z brand? [Update]

by XB on 24th February 2016

in Rumours, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL, Xperia Z5 series

Xperia ZAs soon as Sony announced the Xperia X family earlier in the week, there have been various reports suggesting that Sony will retire the flagship Xperia Z brand when it comes to future flagships. What is interesting is that there is no one source for this speculation. We have seen a number of separate Sony sources seemingly confirm that the Xperia Z series will culminate with the Xperia Z5.

The old adage goes that there is ‘no smoke without fire’ and in this particular example, there appears to be mounting evidence that we will not see a Sony Xperia Z6 appear. Let us present the evidence by taking a look at each of these reports.

1) First of all, AndroidPit reported that Sony SEM (South Eastern Mediterranean) Country Manager Augusto Zumbo said that the company “decided to carry out a “silent” rebranding, changing its Z line to the X line” and making the Xperia X the new flagship range. This statement was then retracted claiming that Zumbo had “mistakenly” revealed product roadmap details.

2) We then saw Sony Mobile Germany make comments on its Facebook page explicitly stating that there will not be an Xperia Z6 and that the Xperia X series is a new concept that should meet the needs of its users even more. Sony Mobile Poland has made similar comments on its Facebook page.

Xperia Z ended Sony Germany Facebook

3) Jun Makino, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Sony Mobile, apparently told uSwitch: “I can’t comment on the future, but we will not be releasing a Z6.” When pressed further, he said that “there will not be a Z6” and that instead the company is “turning to the next stage, with the Xperia X series”.

4) Lastly, there are reports in the Asian media that Ito Hiroshi, Director of Global Product Planning for Sony Mobile, has confirmed that the “Xperia Z5 is the last of the Z series, there will be no Z6“. Considering his senior position within Sony management, it’s hard to see how this cannot be true.

The news would surprise us, especially given the amount of goodwill built up over the last few years. Most people automatically know that the Xperia Z models are Sony’s flagship smartphones. If Sony retired the brand, it would have to start again and make it very clear how each of its product lines is differentiated.

If this turns out to be true, one possible reason for the change could be that Sony plans a radical redesign when it comes to the H2 Sony Xperia flagship, most likely announced in early September at the IFA tradeshow. As all of the Xperia Z series broadly follow the same OmniBalance design language, with each iteration being refined, Sony may want to step away from the Xperia Z series branding that has defined its flagship smartphone range over the last three years.

We also don’t buy into the talk that the Xperia X range is the new 2016 flagship from Sony. Remember, the highest-specced Xperia X Performance isn’t even being launched in some key European geographies such as the UK and Germany – this to us suggests that something bigger will be coming shortly after. Again, the September launch for a proper 2016 Sony Xperia flagship seems very likely to us. Whether this flagship is branded as the Xperia X or Xperia Z series remains to be seen

We have asked for an official comment from Sony on the matter, we will update the post if we hear back.

Would you be sad to see the Xperia Z brand disappear? Does the purported move make sense? What would you call a new Sony Xperia flagship? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Update: The news is true. :(

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • They have a clear marketing policy: RANDOM.

  • CerberusSco

    Sony Mobile need to do something drastic to stay in the mobile game. Re-branding may be a good idea, but they need to do a hell of a lot more that just re-branding. They need to listen to their customers a lot more and in my opinion need to radically redesign their flagship handset. The same OmniBalance design is getting a bit outdated now, so may be something new and entirely out of the box is a good idea and a good thing for Sony to do.

  • I don’t Z series to Die.

  • It does seem like an odd departure, at least on the marketing front. The Z series has been a clear message about it being their premium line of smartphones.

    I also say this as someone who awaits their Z5 Compact to arrive today. :)

  • asgaro
  • Ender Ceylan

    This is actually spot-on. Last year’s whole Z4 / Z3+ / z4v debacle is proof to that.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    I don’t care about the naming… What do I care’s it performance and it design not naming or marketing :P

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Well done sir… Well done…

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    maybe sony saw E series, C series, Z3+ and Z5 sell is plummet

  • Pablo

    No Z COMPACT series! I’m quitting SONY

  • Yahya AlJamal

    Amin to that brother

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    no 4.6 inch, no buy

  • HAWX


  • Gambi

    Don’t care about naming.

    Just release MM update already.

  • Solano89

    OK! If that is true bye- bye SONY for me! I don’t like what I see right now about the brand new X series and sadly after using SONY and SonyEricsson for about 16 years I’ m going to change the brand!

  • HAWX


  • mugglearchitect

    Yeah, I don’t think X series will replace the Z series. There is probably another series or what that will be launched sooner. X Performance sounds and like a flagship device. But if you think about it, the name says something: it’s like the X with a bit of an upgrade.

    Isn’t it wonderful to think of the possibilities of the next Xperia flagship, when what the company calls mid-range is already something worth calling the former?

    So yeah, the X series, in my opinion, is just a mid-range set.

  • Ron Lufias

    I agree. It seems X series are mixture of mid and high-end range. In Z series, it always premium and high-end. Flagship for me, always high-end.

  • Sit down and stop talkin’ kid. I’ve been with them since ’99. :-)

  • IMHO, “Z” is just a name.

    Hang on, “Z” is more than just a name, it’s a solid brand with a solid reputation for quality, power and durability. If they retire it, they’ll lose that built up good will. If one purchases a Z phone, one knows that it will be waterproof and will get updates for about two to three years, or more.

    “X” sounds like a mid-range or an experimental phone that’s based on a Z phone but with features cut or down-graded.


    Top tier: “?”
    Mid-range: “X”
    Entry level: “?”

    Thank you

  • I differ in opinion to you, I don’t think that OmniBalance is outdated and I like it quite a lot.

  • i am dissapointed in the new x series the added curve makes it look less mature so i wen’t with the z5 premium as my last sony phone i guess

  • DBS

    Honestly it doesn’t concern me that the Z series disappears as much as it concerns me that Sony might put an end to the Compact line…which is the line of Xperias that always sold better.

    Both the Z1C, Z3C and Z5C always outsold their “normal” 5″ or bigger versions. Always. To end the one segment that Sony actually managed to carve itself a market, seems just downright stupid.

    Then there’s also the factor that the Z line established some consumer awareness. If Sony intended to replace it, going one letter down in the alphabet seems a very poorly conceived idea. Because it gives the idea that the line is inferior to the Z line, even if the X P is just a Z5+.

    However…considering Sony is asking for 600€ for a snapdragon 650 powered phone, I won’t place my hands on the fire for their sanity anymore.

    Let’s see what happens at IFA.

  • ruba

    Sony needs to transmit security and consequence to the customers. Change plans every day shows chaos within the organization and a null strategy.
    Hope this rumor is false.

  • Solano89

    Thank you for making me a kid! ;) I’m SONY in music, TV, photo, mobile and gaming! With mobile phones I’m SONY from 2000 before that I had an Ericsson GA628 (from 1998). It’s going to be the first time when I’m forced to leave the brand… Sad thing to do!!!

  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    Work hard for 3 years to build up a brand name only to change it when people recognize it better..
    Can XperiaBlog please somehow convey to Sony that the idea of doing away Z series brandname is a risk..?

  • @sol@disqus_2hJVJeJvc1:disqus “It’s going to be the first time when I’m forced to leave the brand… Sad thing to do!!!”

    Dear sir/madam, I wish to inform you that your attempt to force me to cry has failed.

    Mostly. :-( I don’t want to leave the brand either! :-(

  • HAWX

    Z was a unique name. But they ruined it. How?

    – With the Lollipop update for Z and Z1, phones turned into mini heat radiators.
    -With lollipop update Z2 is getting about 4 hours of screen on time whereas it was 7-8 in KK.
    – Z3+
    – Heating problems across all Z devices.
    – Z01233+45? Too much Z for average consumer in just 3 years. When something is too much, it looses it uniqueness.

    So a change with more serious well tested firmware updates to new series would be better it seems.

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Why? Z series are well know from Sony. People ask if the phone is Xperia Z even if I show E4. Thats how Z serious have worked, at least in Asian countries. I hope Sony will not drop Z line up. If Sony was to create new line of series (X) they should have gone with different design to make them standout. Why same Z design for X? I’m not saying that Z series designs are bad but why?…………………………………………………….

  • fluxx

    Let’s not forget the do-not-use waterproof feature :(

  • fluxx

    Hey, it’s Sonys marketing. They might even go for Y.

  • But why? ;-)

  • That being said, the Xiaomi Mi5 Pro is looking pretty good to me, especially for that price. Let’s see how the camera works first though, because I don’t have a “real” camera, I use my phone as my camera.

  • Solano89

    It’s not about that, so why to talk about “you crying”! It’s about how SONY fu…s things up and can’t give us a phone that can beat S7 and 6S (design is not the case here). I was expecting a refreshed Z line (metal body) and a massive 5.5″ display with a flying spec-sheet; frankly I was getting my money ready. :) Add to this a Smartwatch 4 and maybe but just maybe a Tablet PC or a 2 in 1 PC all this to change my Smartwatch 3 (has only one minus, lacks HR monitoring) and to change my Xperia Z tablet. Instead of this I see X (the name is not important but the specs yes) and a news that Z is ditched… Add to this the lack of updates (I have a Z3 with 6.0.1 miles away from it) and crappie marketing from SONY and weak presence on the different markets and in the carrier offers of SONY phones and mobile products. Bottom line it’s DISAPPOINTMENT of what I’m talking about! That’s it the rest doesn’t count! ;)

  • Solano89

    Xiaomi was the name that I was looking to! What a coincidence! :D

  • Solano89

    It’s cheaper and it’s good! I have a friend with Xiaomi Mi3 and it’s really good! ;)

  • Patrick Star
  • “It’s not about that, so why to talk about ‘you crying’!”
    I was joking, thinking about leaving Sony saddens me a little bit since I don’t want to leave, but hey

    I was also prepared to buy a super-amazing-flying Z6 Premium in Nov this year to replace my Z3. But now, I’ll have to wait and see what Sony puts out as their flagship. (And I’m with you that name isn’t important, the specs are. I just hope that they clearly name their top, middle and entry-level tiers so that we enthusiasts can can help our families with their phones without _them_ being super confused.)

  • I’m worried about the quality of the onboard NAND on cheap “flagship” phones. If I buy a high-end phone I know that the flash is of good quality and performance won’t drastically degrade over time like what happened with my Mom’s M2 Aqua.

  • Wow, I hope so! :-)

  • Matt

    i agree 100% with you without any sarcasm whatsoever

  • Alvin

    Xperia Y? Just sounds like Xperia Why or to make it even more dramatic, “Xperia, Why?”

  • Solano89

    I’m thinking SONY lost direction and I don’t want to leave but do they give a choice?

  • Frank203

    No Z series, no party!

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Why Xperia? Because this: and then you see a whole lot of things it can do in a commercial, maybe something worth trying? :D I actually liked the idea of a Xperia Y serie :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    My Xperia Z might get hot (as it has done from the beginning). But there are no signs of throttling, battery drain, random reboots or anything. Lollipop is the best build my Xperia Z have ever had since 4.1.2. No bugs at all for me from 4.1.2-5.1.1 :)

  • Dioq8i

    guys… think of this a reboot for all the flagships we saw the past 5 years

    Xperia X Performance = High End
    Xperia X = Super Midrange
    Xperia XA = Midrange

  • Sadman Khan

    This is so accurate that it makes me sad

  • Alfino Setya

    It’s okay if they’re going to change the brand to be X series. I don’t mind at all. One thing, I just want a “real flagship” that can stand out in the crowds. For me Xperia X Performance isn’t feel like a flagship to me. But it would be funny if they’re going to launch Xperia X1 (2016) at IFA XD

  • Alvin

    Lol, but I prefer their old naming like arc,neo, etc, but Y,X, and Z is okay

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    I don’t mind if Sony changes the series from “Z” to “X”…I do trust Sony that they are doing this to improve their product image, to correct the strategy missteps that they may have committed in the “Z” series. So, goodluck with this!

    BUT…my question is…since the X series all have a 5inch display….does it mean that they’re going to abandon the “Compact” devices?? I still very much prefer a phone about the size of Z3Compact or Z5Compact…I hope Sony has plans to continue this design in the X series.

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  • subm

    Feels like I am going to lose an old friend

  • Tamzidus Sifat

    I would love to see the concept Y phone as the next xperia flagship………. It would be a brilliant move and at least 2K display should be added

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Yeah i miss the old names from 2011, my first Sony ericsson android phone was a Xperia Neo btw. There was indeed something more special about the names back then, even if i do like the Z name :)

  • Timel

    Its the US market that matters for any business and its better to enter the market with a renewed name. I would say its one of the very few sensible decisions sony has taken. Only people who buy/use Sony would say the Z series is good but a quick google will give all reviews about all Z series phones for lacking the wow factor, talk about goodwill. Start afresh, with a difference. Xperia Z is known as the phone which ‘tries hard but always fails’. Xperia X might mark a change.

  • Zero-21XX
  • Bashar Shehab

    Compact series is only one-per-year
    The last compact was only a couple of months ago, September, IFA16 is the compact day.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Calm down bro Xperia X series are not the flagship for Sony

  • Joe Black

    I won’t even start counting how many sites reported that MM started rolling out in Turkey a couple of weeks ago.

    All it takes is one “source”, and then it’s just copy/paste/post.

  • Patrick Star

    The name is not the best but the concept was actually something new and beautiful. And if you read tests about Sony devices, they often criticize the lack of innovation in terms of design

  • Solano89

    I’m calm but I’m sick and tired to wait for the ultimate killer phone from SONY and I’m sick and tired to see late and buggy updates! I will wait till my contract runs out (this summer) and if till then nothing changes… that was it, sadly!

  • Solano89

    …”bringing smart, adaptive Sony user experiences across camera,
    battery performance and hardware / software design” and
    “bringing the best of Sony’s advanced technologies to smartphones”… are no arguments to change Z series with X (where the X Performance, lacks performance and that WOW factor which could have come from the tech packed inside! Plus the 5” screen (for me) it’s not an option and why the should you leave out from the specs the radio and why not put 4Gb of RAM in 2016 and the list can continue?!

  • Utsav Shah

    so the last best Z phone is Z3!

  • aks316

    Hi if they are planning not to launch Xperia Z6 and replace it with X series thn I think it shows they don’t know the problem. By changing the name it doesn’t mean anything if you going the same old road. I am using Sony Xperia Z5 and it’s an awesome phone so the problem is not the phone or the name. The problem is lack of marketing, late software updates and their insane business decisions like no fingerprint sensor in the USA model. The new X performance phone won’t be available everywhere so why did they even launch it. They should concentrate on the Z series only. I don’t like Samsung much but I see better focus from them atleast when it comes to their flagship phones. Sony keeps changing names when it comes to their phones and televisions which adds to the confusion but they don’t change where they should. Their phone division may stop making losses but the Sony name is fading away. The shocking fact is they are not able to beat Samsung and apple in sales when it comes to their flagship phones when both companies wanted to be like Sony. Its really sad how clueless Sony is now. Samsung announced their Galaxy S7 on Feb 21th and it will be available from March 11th whereas Sony has no clue about the launch of their new phone and accessories. This is the problem. Sony is very slow whereas competition is really fast.

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  • Bashar Shehab

    If it’s the true Flagship sony could definitely mentioned it in thier press on MWC16, but those are midrangers

  • Vasilis K.

    Or even better “Xperia YU”!

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  • HAWX

    OK Dude you asked for it I have to prove my statements scientifically to you and some people to understand there is major problem with Sony’s Lollipop firmware updates so that you and some people might understand that Sony is not doing some important thins right. I bought Xperia Z and I considered Xperia Z the best smartphone amongs other smarphones at that time, but now I hate it, for reasons.
    Posted on 22.05.2015 , just after the Lollipop update. First comment about the problem, which was posted when the firmware WAS NOT released officially. So that the Sony Xperia developers can understand the problem and re check about it. That was the comment:

    “I updated my phone today to lollipop 5.0.2 and after the whole installation process the battery was at 50%, i was merely looking at the new features and noticed the phone got really hot, the batter started diminidhing really fast, in less than an hour it got down to 4%, i charged it and it takes forever, says in the screen that the estismated full charge takes five hours. Can someone please tell me if its a problem with the new system, how do i fix it and if not, then how do i find out what happened to my phone.”

    Then no official reply come from SONY. Then AFTER 4 MONTHS LATER Xperia Z got 5.1.1. And it had still the same issue. Then Xperia Z got kind of bugfix 5.1.1 again, but the problem insisted. By the way I HAVE SEEN some devices didn’t affected from these problems on Z2, but I have NEVER seen any Xperia Z CC..03 without the active radio bug. BUT it’s intensity changes from region you live in and the region you flashed or get the firmware. And can you please send your screenshot of your battery usage statistic?

    And you can see my OWN long written informative feedback hoping for a fix at that time. Read on If you want the learn about the bugs you probably didn’t noticed. It got “0” coks from SONY anyway. I got attention from htc when I wrote about some bug at 4.4.4 times unlike Sony by the way. So that’s something. This was my comment which took about my 2 hours:

    “So first of all I would like to thank all the Sony employees for Lolipop update for entire Z serires. I think Sony is on the right way focusing more on the software side of the smartphones.

    Today I updated my Xperia Z, using PC companion from 4.4.4. to 5.0.2. Lollipop.

    -About PC companion

    In my first attmpt PC I selected the yes option in PC companion which was about If you want to unplug your device. When the update is prepared and then downloaded, program said I must plug my device again. And when I plugged the PC compainon was freezed and I had to force shut it. It didn’t caused any problem for me but some users might have trouble with it. I might have that problem because when I unplugged my device I turn it off, put it to charger and then turned it on then plugged. My turning off and on between insalisation progress might have caused it, or it happens most of the users. I selected the no option when I try for the second time which I sucseeded, so I recommend you guys to check it if there is problem about that because that is quite important for most people.

    -About 5.0.2 Xperia Z Lollipop look & feel and features

    Lockscreen looks beatiful in my opinion. Some wallpapers like the sunset with spikes that came with original Xperia Z wallpaper looks very elegant. It also matches the black colour of the Xperia Z front panel, just a minor detail. Also love the new Live Wallpapar which colours changes faster which is better in my opinion, and it looks better, deeper and more emotional which I’m quite impressed. (that was existing for a long time for Z2 and Z3).

    Notifications and animations are quite nice. But I see some minor stuttering sometimes while pulling the notification tray but that’s not a big problem. By the way the notificaiton tray on 4.4.4 was very laggy and making me angry. The most important thing about the new Lockscreen is that I can’t costumise the toggles. Yeah you might think you must click the button near the settings. Yeah It changes these toggles but they and their order does not change in the Lockscreen menu. They change after unlocking the phone. Here is what happened and why I realized it’s a bug:

    Normally I wasn’t using the Locsreen because it was quite useless for me. So the Screen Lock was selected “none” when I was in the 4.4.4. And the update finished for 5.0.2 I saw that I can customise toggles in Lockscreen and I put something. But then I didn’t see any Lockscreen until I select the Swipe option. And right now It is still like what I did on the first start up I can’t change the toggles when in the Lockscreen. Also wish I had and option for unselecting bluethooth because I don’t use it that much but again, it is minor detail. ALSO another bug that I discovered from this morning (I should be program or game tester XD) when you Lock the screen then put your finger on the screen it vibrates and opens the clock options for Lockscreen but in the backgorund(when the screen is turned off). That’s all for Lockscreen for me. The changing wallpaper animation is very good compared to 4.4.4. In 4.4.4. you could see black nothingness for about 1 second and that was quite bad (My best Lockscreen animation still remain the 4.1.2. by the way smile happy (4.2.2 was worse because you weren’t seeing what was behind the Lockscreen wheras in 4.1.2. you can)

    Home Screen is now clean, new swiping animation is more basic I which personally I like better. (My favourite was 4.1.2 again xD By the way are the guys who made how the 4.1.2 and 4.2.2. looks still in Sony yahoo?) I think the gap between the bar which is close to soft buttons (where the dialer and others) and the bar which has Music, Album etc. is quite big. Obviously it is bigger than 4.4.4 but I think it is a little too big for me or I just could’nt get use to it in 1 day. Ahh and a bug I was going to say.. Actually this bug I will write exist since 4.1.2 I guess. I was expecting to be solved in Lollipop I thought because it is completely new.. But no, that little bug still exist. Here is how you do: (I hope you it is a bug that you guys can fix)

    Make your home screen number one which will say number 1. Then add 2 3 4.. to right of it. ( You can add to left also but I’m giving an example here smile happy Once you get it you will understand the problem.) Then go to 5 (or around 5 that you can understand the problem better). Then tap the home button but as soon as you tap the home button try to swipre left or right direction. You will be returned to near the number 5 instead of the one you want to go the pager near 1..

    Setting menu is very responsive, the latency is minimal so that the phone feels very good while you are swiping in the setting.. Setting menu in 4.4.2. was joke. Seriously I don’t know how Sony made it lag and stutter a simple setting menu that much at that time, I don’t know smile happy Actually 4.4.4. they fixed it. ( Or maybe you guys fixed XD but the keyboard section had the same problem wink

    Unfortunatelly I don’t have much time but I should add some important things as well.

    I saw some new featerus like STAMINA clock which is small but important feature like small the Lip on top of the Z3+ that prevents sliding wink Which is very good made me want to use Stamina mode once again. Because I believe these small touches from engineers are key for success.

    -About device performance in 5.0.2. Lolipop

    Device performance is interestingly very good yahoo! It’s so good that I thought Sony mixed up the devices and put Z1 or Z2 codes and overclocked the Z XD I mean really device gets hot IF you don’t have any internet connection ( wi fi or mobile), and waiting in the appdrawer. Seriously there is something wrong with the battery life. I thought there was a problem and enter this cite and look some sites in my Language. For me It’s not a big problem I have an external battery and I can understand that there could be something wrong with system. But I read comments about so many people talking in my Language and extremely agry with Sony. And If Sony would want to wait causal customers like them to 5.1 update I’m afraid Sony might loose more customers.. THX”

    AND just 1 month ago this was posted after the last update, which came about 10.01.2016 (You can also check the comments of various people around the world between 22.05.2015 – 15.01.2016 in official SONY forum to understand more about this bug.)

    “everyone had same issue why sony mobile still in silent ?!!? and dosn’t do anything about orginal Xperia Z family ?! i love sony soo much i never buy other brands product but if sony want to do the same thing to other phones at future i suggust buy dumb samsung plastic ! . i hope sony do some thing and make there xperia z users happy my phone have overheating and battery druing why no one on sony xperia support do something !? i want to know wich rookies you guys put on xperia team !? to there can’t made and optimize one frimware after 2 month !! straight face”

    This comment also expresses how many other Xperia fans feel (most of them doesn’t have English to write their problems to SONY forum btw).

    You can see the same issue for Z2:

    This is why I rage when somebody say “SONY have the best firmware, best battery, longest support, but they are failing somehow. People must be stupid to understand they are great and bla bla”. Dig deeper and you everybody will understand they are not failing because they are good. People are not stupid.

  • azzido

    it’s not a risk, I am abandoning the party if they will not bring back Z series and will continue to provide more mid-rangers like X series…

  • CerberusSco

    Of course you’ll disagree as will many others and that’s the great thing about debate. It’s nice, but it is just outdated. People want something new, whilst some people, like yourself, love the OmniBalance design and would like to see it on future Sony smartphones/flagships.

    I think since Sony has ended it’s Z range of Xperia flagships, it may be time to consider a totally brand new design in order to appeal to new customers.

  • Solano89

    SD 820 it;s ok but 3 Gb of RAM and the absence of a 5,2″ screen at least and the lack of a FM radio is lack of performance in 2016, wait to see the struggling of the battery, it gets every year smaller!

  • imparanoic

    how about a different focus, new high end zx range ( like the high end audiophile digital audio players) for flagship for high end audio, maybe even decent dac with S-Master MX amplifier built in as well as digital noise cancellation *(silence air con, airplanes, trains, very good technology which protects your ears)

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  • Bashar Shehab

    5.2″ screen have nothing to do with performance, and so is Radio FM
    Those are UX stuff and not performance, you’re mixing things up..

    While I’m wondering why they didn’t put a 4GB of ram in it but in my opinion (in “”my opinion”) 2gb of ram on an Almost-stock Android experience is way more than enough, so I think 3gb should get the job done.

  • Debbie Mobley

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  • As a Z3 owner, I’d say the Z5 Premium. (Although I haven’t used the Z5P.)

  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    Agree with you, but one big fear stays..
    If their flagship cameras suck as before, Z or X won’t matter.
    Hope X doesn’t mean trying harder than before (Z days) and yet failing..

  • Lajos Márk Kovács

    Goodbye Z family, hello X series!

    Must update, i’m not sad.
    (I have :Xperia Z, Z1C and Tablet Z)

  • Solano89

    Yeah could be ok with 2 and with 3Gb but why not put 4Gb at least for the marketing part, the others have it and you (SONY) need it… it can look better in benchmarks a 4Gb. FM Radio it’s a simple thing and it’s annoying not to have it, I know it’s not for the performance but it colors the spec list and the 5,2″ screen is for me the minimum must and probably for a lot of other people! :D

  • Bashar Shehab

    But you said ” Xperia X Performance lacks of performance “, so your argument sir, is wrong.

    About the FM radio it could be cool for some, and for some not, even Samsuck devices lacks of FM radio since 2013, and so is apple.

    You’re right about ” coloring the specs sheet ” tho, but Sony have really to work on advertising more than coloring the specs sheet..

  • Geese Howard

    “Update: The news is true :(” <- the best news in the whole written essay :p

  • Solano89

    Yeap – Xperia X PERFORMANCE will be wiped away from every flagship from other manufacturers (even Chinese ones) in every benchmark test! A sad thing to see but that’s how it’s going to be and this is even disappointing because it has only a 5″ screen with full HD resolution! Hope to be wrong!

    That’s why SAMSUCK (good name) is a shit of a manufacturer and the same goes for iCRAP too! Why not to add a small thing like FM Radio (I use it sometimes and others too).

    Hope SONY get’s it right and till I have to change my phone we will have a beast of at least 5,2″ or maybe 5,5″ screen and a compact 4,5″-5″ one for my wife! (the name/ letter doesn’t meter) :)

  • Bashar Shehab

    You’re saying nonsense actually, becuase smaller screen and lower screen resolution will be a fewer pixels to push compared to S7 or G5 which has QHD screen, so obviously, the X Performance will outperform them! Not so mention the fucked up heavy TouchWiz and LG UX interface which really fuck their performance up.

  • Solano89

    I know that but at SONY you never know! See the previous models in comparison with other flagships or 720p screen hardly being at par with a 1080p (and bigger screen)! Hope to be wrong and these SONY models to fly in such test and in day to day use!

  • it’s all in the numbers. Z = 26 = 8, the official number of destruction.

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  • ????

    old clumsy and blunder-prone friend

  • Shafky Mohammed

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