Sony Xperia phones generate highest unit profit in Android world

by XB on 14th March 2016

in News

Android phonesSony Mobile has been in transition ever since it wrote-down huge losses in its mid-range portfolio back in Autumn 2014. The company’s strategic focus moved to profitability over scale, looking to support a smaller number of handsets primarily focused on the premium smartphone segment. The result of this strategy shift has seen Sony Mobile report ever-lower smartphone volumes, so much so that it is only forecast to ship 3.5 million units during the first calendar quarter of 2016 – the lowest number of devices shipped since summer 2011.

However, the flip side to a more focused approach towards the premium segment is that Sony Mobile delivered the highest unit ASPs (average selling prices) in the Android ecosystem during the fourth quarter of 2015. Sony’s Q4 2015 ASP of $422 was 78% higher than second-placed HTC ($237). Samsung was just behind HTC with an ASP of $225. Of course, Apple reigns supreme overall, with an ASP of $691.

Q4 2014 - Handset ASP_border

This higher ASP performance from Sony also translated to profits per unit, with the company being the most profitable by unit when compared to all of the traditional Android smartphone OEMs. Sony had a profit per unit of $26, 13% higher than second-placed Samsung at $23. Apple is on another level though, with profit per unit of $184 during Q4 2015.

Q4 2014 - Handset Unit Profit_border

Interestingly, Sony is also apparently the only Android OEM that has managed to raise ASPs over the past year. So it looks like Sony’s strategy is starting to pay off, at least when looking at unit numbers. The focus on profitability and not scale is bearing fruit. However, as mentioned earlier, the continual fall in volumes must worry the company. After all, the operating leverage aspect means that Sony needs to sustain a certain level of volume just to cover its fixed cost base.

It will be interesting to see whether the Xperia X series and whatever Sony has up its sleeve for H2 will be enough to create the bounce in volumes later in the year.

Comparison between LG’s and Sony’s ASP over the past year

Quote from The Overspill:

“Look at the contrast between Sony and LG. LG sold nearly twice as many phones, but Sony made a respectable profit, while LG made a loss. What’s the difference between them? ASP. Sony’s phones sold at an average price of $421.58, while LG’s were half that – $210.26. (This doesn’t mean that every LG phone sold at that price, or every Sony phone. But it tells you that Sony must have sold a lot more expensive phones than LG.)”


The Android customer flow during 2015

Customer flow Android

Via The Overspill [via SonyRumors].

Thanks Jas, Orion (Is Dormant) and SonyFan!

  • Rameyuk

    $184 profit per unit for iPhones…. that, my friends… are Capitalism at its best..

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Holy shit, Sony pulled an Apple. Profit marginzzzzz.

  • Dominic81

    I got a Xperia Z5 back in November.

    -The most elegant, best looking and most solid phone I’ve used. The Galaxy S6/7 is great device, but Sony is still ahead hardware/build quality wise in my opinion

    -Probably the worst, buggy, rough around the edges and “amateurish” manufacturer stock firmware I’ve seen. They released MM recently, after 6 months, and the ROM still has bugs and issues you would see in an early beta build.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Yea I saw them too. and Finger print sensor ain’t working fast as well.
    Another one I found is that when I select app optimization on battery it also turns off automatically, I dunno if it’s a bug or it’s supposed to do it.

  • xAntifreeZe

    So in other words Sony is over charging their customers. But it’s nth compared to Apple

  • Coollead

    I’ve found the fingerprint sensor to be several orders of magnitude faster and better since updating. It was so-so before, it’s excellent now.

  • Coollead

    You’ve never used stock Android… Stock Android is the buggiest, worst firmware there could be. There’s a reason why ALL OEMs take so much time in updating…gotta fix the bugs first.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Really? It didn’t work well for me :( I think I should re-register my thumb then.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    They really should stop this 6 months cycle if they really wanna score more. Release one flagship on September and give them faster updates. Everyone’s happy.

  • Nuno

    Great to see that Sony is focusing on the Premium devices and that they will be releasing less units, that is a move that should have been made a long time ago. Sony launched the best phone in the market with the Z5 Premium, again showing the world that they are the only ones that have the technology to develop such a screen with 806PPI. Cant wait to see what Sony will do this year with the follow up of the Z5 Premium, they should focus on that segment and its future will definitely be brighter. Very happy to see that Sony is making money already.

    Nuno Barroso

  • rygarto

    Seriously, Sony is making a paltry 6% profit on average per phone. I wouldn’t exactly call that gouging.
    Goes to show that consumer electronics is a dog-eat-dog business now.

  • Why is it overcharging just because they’re making a profit? Shouldn’t all companies have a right to make money off the products they sell? Without it, there’s little reason to exist or have the financial ability to exist in the long term.

  • I’m waiting for my Z5C (UK customized/non-carrier) to get MM, but the issues you called out are visual, sans the wifi deep sleep thing. I agree the last one should have been caught, but from what I’ve been reading it’s a relatively solid firmware.

  • (C):stem

    It’s only a matter of time to dominate the world. Expect us.

  • hansip

    I believe Samsung have tried 4k display but still they don’t want to repeat the whole 4k/1080p ordeal like Sony. Going all out for 4k will drain battery, AMOLED or not. Going Sony route, they will receive criticism about who would want such 1080p downgrade when the current flagship sports 1440p? Luckily Sony never goes 1440p so they can do such trick. 1440p upscale to 4k isn’t as easy as 1080 to 4k due to non linear upscaling, might induce soft texture.

  • hansip

    The grey square on battery usage i believe is by design, material design that was taken too simple.

    In my z5p wifi still runs while off. Not sure why yours don’t.

    Small apps launcher you mean? Well I’ve yet to taste one, so far no issue here. Maybe specific z5 issue.

  • hansip

    It works fine by me. maybe start scan your fingerprint from central position and then move your fingerprint slight to left, then up, and move in a circle like a clock and start scan for each 5 minute worth of clockwise rotation.

  • hansip

    Glad sony pulled the right move. Less device means less ROM variance so should be much better.

  • steary_eye

    I wonder if Sony is going to charge pricier for XP over S7. If so then that pissed me off.

  • Dominic81
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  • smartuser8

    Xperia P? #LOL

  • Dominic81

    My wife had a Nexus 5 before getting a Moto X Pure a few weeks ago. 6.0 had issues and problems, but 6.0.1 was rock solid.

  • Dion

    @idiotuser I hope ur joking

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  • Akand

    Fingerprint on my Z5C is too fast that most of the time it gets unlocked whenever I just want to know the time. I have to lift my finger immediately after pressing the power button. Practically it’s super fast.

  • smartuser8

    LOL = Joking
    Welcome to 2016 Marty !

  • Battel

    If Sony doesn’t get real in development and inventions + adding more features instead of repeating the same features with a new named devices & sizes Soon it will be replaced by Huawei and Sony will sell it’s mobile division suddenly as it did before .

  • AllanKafka

    Thank you for pointing out the WiFi bug. :)
    I wasted a lot of time researching into it. Now I know it’s a proper bug.

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  • Bashar Shehab

    Actually Sony didn’t go for 1440p because X-Reality Engine is not developed to work with 1440p displays, only 720p, 1080p, and 4K displays.

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    Way to go Sony Mobile! As the age-old saying goes, it’s the quality…not the quantity! But I’m sure it would help if you get to sell a bit more units!

    I hope Xperia X series will do that. Waiting for the Xperia XA to come out!

    Oh and by the way, this just also goes to show that Apple iPhone is waaaay overpriced.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Welcome to 21th century!

  • Dominic81

    Yup, to be honest, this forum is the best place to report issues. I reported two bugs in the last few weeks, and both were escalated to the developement team by a moderator.

    Next time Sony, do a beta testing phase for the Z5… I’ll be more than happy to report you bugs with the proper documentation and a step-by-step guide on how to reproduce them.

  • ramuk

    I believe Sony is doing something right. Instead of releasing tons of handset they should release less set but invest more on these handset. Best camera, Best battery life,Very fast update and Awesome, Premium design will differentiate Sony from other android minion. I’m happy for Sony. Waiting for Xperia XA. Willing to pay for upto $350 for such a sleek looking device.

  • ramuk

    Xperia XA is the best looking device announced in MWC. Sooo sleek.

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    I hate to admit in this forum, I do think iPhones are nice looking device. But I just can’t justify the cost to myself. I really feel like I’ll be short-changed.

    Sony could be expensive by Android standards, but I think Sony has the perfect balance between premium price and the product that you get out of it.

  • Raj Singh

    I would like to see Sony figure out how to actually sell their products…

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  • Alvin


    well of course that is because they sell their product with a high price lol, but still, that is amazing to me.

  • Chitti- The Robot

    You just described my exact feeling……

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  • Ambitious Man

    184 – 26 (highest). LOL Android OEMs!

  • Geese Howard

    Sony has what it takes to overthrow ‘certain’ company… however, they really need to start to change old beliefs and start new ones with their marketing and prices. Sony produces really good gadgets and I will stick with them to the end to see them introducing new beliefs.

  • Nafnaf84

    I have an Xperia M2 (before an Xperia J) and this year I’ll change my mobile… I really would like to stay with you because I like Sony and I’ve never had a problem (my Xperia J is now an mp3 player) but it’ll depends on the mobiles / prices you’ll release…
    I’m very interested in the XA but disappointed by the battery which is the same as my M2 (2 300 mAh) so I hope you’ll manage it right…
    Plus I so would like a Compact mid-range…

  • joe

    I’m using Z5C the only problem is the grey system icon but i check my friend nexus 6P have the same problem. For the small app reboot on safe mode use them that restart you device it fix it .

  • Jaissal S

    On an unrelated topic.. Android 6.0 is available via PC companion for my Z5. How are people coping with the new update? Perhaps tonight I’ll update. I’m not sure.

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  • Ederson Baumbach
  • Bashar Shehab

    Which got cancelled before it’s launch. No Xperia Z4v » No reviews » No proof that Z4v had the X-Reality Engine or not.. But I can tell you That Z4v never had the X-Reality Engine.

  • Bashar Shehab

    That’s so true that I wish to cry
    Finally Sony is doing the right thing..

  • Svnjay

    This is a measure of average selling price and not margins. The average selling price reflects the companies product mix; high-end phones make up the majority of Sony’s product just like Apple.

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  • roeshak

    Sony xperia is secondary for me now that the z2 has become my back up phone. Got the s7 edge last Thursday. An awesome device. Love the gear vr. Very captivating indeed! The camera was the main reason I got and so it’s been very impressive. The most notable thing is the very sharp lens. Makes the z2 look like a 2nd class citizen lol. Despite the lower resolution it delivers much sharper images. In lowlight and at night time, it just blows the z2 away. It just shows that over the past couple of years Sony haven’t put much into research and development for the mobile side of their business. They just take sensors from their imaging division, slap them on their phones with very soft lenses and without any mechanical stabilisation . Sony need to step up their game or step out of the games. 5 days with the s7e and one can see what a current flagship should be. Samsungs raised the bar, the rest now have to respond.

  • Danny

    You are comparing a 2-year-old Xperia Z2 to the Galaxy S7 Edge that just released last week? Why don’t you compare it more to a newer Xperia phone, like the Z3 or Z5 series? I love the Xperia Z2, it’s an awesome phone, but it is an old phone (2 years). I also had the Xperia Z3 and loved it as well. In fact, I’d own all the Z series except the Z3+ and Z5, which I’m planning to buy the Z5 Premium.

  • Danny

    Knowing Sony, I think they will announce a Top spec phone with the “Premium” label in the summer. because as good as the X Performance is, and how I think Sony is wasting time and money on a 6-month release cycle or their top phones, the X Performance is just not a worthy successor to the Z5 Premium. I also want a 5.5″ or bigger screen

  • iia3ezu

    There you have it boys and girls: for similar specs you are paying extra for the Sony brand. The tiny group of Sony Xperia fans in the world aren’t deterred by being charged extra, so yay, most profits per unit!

    The mobile division is still bleeding money though.

  • Omarion07

    Tbh I don’t think any phone Sony will release will be able to beat the S7 edge in terms of camera, sound quality, display colours, battery life. This is coming from a Sony fan but i suppose i have to be fair!

  • mountain

    What is Wiko?

  • Benjamin Levy

    The chart of companies losing customers is interesting. Despite all the press Samsung gets, it looks like they’re losing the most customers

  • jag

    In all fairness, I was amazed by the camera of the S7 edge. It does give sharp and clean images. I’m just not sure about low light because I just tested the ones in the shops.

  • Abdul Ghani

    what a fool comparing with years old phone

  • Abdul Ghani

    ( ?° ?? ?°)

  • Abdul Ghani

    ( ?° ?? ?°)!

  • jamie evans

    If Sony makes a premium (flagship) device which looks exactly like Xperia XA for IFA2016, it sure is going to sell !! XA’s design is creative.

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  • steary_eye

    Noooo. I mean X Performance. Xperia P is an old device. How would we not know the pricing for that. -_-

  • A French – chinese company, the 2nd in sales in France

  • hansip

    i guess the issue is not a resolution dependant. if it were, how many of code that needs to be programmed to support all existing trio resolutions you’ve mentioned? i believe they can make 1440p panel with X Reality Engine, just that it’s basically waste storage (more hi res resource in system app is not really a good thing) and performance.

    With 4k/1080p Sony get the best solution, render in 1080p, but display on physical 4K, just like Apple does with its Retina Display.

    if they decided to go 1440p though, they should maybe upscale from 720 since 1440p to 720p is like 4K to 1080p. But it’s not necessary from the first get go though, for the most part 1080p screen on 5 inch is already super sharp.

  • MoYeung

    Sony Mobile needs to sell more unit(s), otherwise it is pointless.

  • Esthergnickerson2

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  • roeshak

    That’s just the point. On the camera front, Sony mobil haven’t improved much in the last two years. Some improvement to superior auto as far as white balance goes, much faster auto focus but this doesn’t have much bearing on the quality of the image. The z5 is still plagued by the same issues the z2 had.. Same poor lowlight and night photos with poor focus, high levels of noise and white balance issues. Even in daylight, the xperias suffer from blown out highlights, edge clipping and lens flares. They just haven’t improved much in that regard. If they had I’d probably have the z5 premium. Even in design terms, their phones are too big. The s7 edge is only marginally taller than z2 despite the larger screen.
    I have tested z3 and z2 camera extensively and there just isn’t much difference. The same will apply with z5. The lens Sony uses is very cheap and soft. Erica griffin took a photo at mwc with the x performance and her first comment was “that’s looks soft”. Even at the start of 2016 Sony still soft cheap lenses. It’s like the tft saga all over again.

  • Tochi Nwodu

    S7 to z2 you must be the world greatest joke
    Enjoy ur sammy and stop making pointless forecast on an old device

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Lol I was doing the same thing
    I was at the store trying to make a choice for 1 hour ended up with z5

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Maybe your z5
    Mine was a huge improvement from xperia z3
    Everyone keeps whining about camera of the z5 but it rocks
    Super fast ,natural colors

  • fried_egg

    Looks like that was a result of “forgetting to put something worth $200 in the box” with the Z5 !!! the Z1 came with a smartwatch2 and a bundle of online stuff, the Z3 came with speakers or headsets or sw3… and the Z5, came with… er. the X series seems to be the “perfect point” for their curve BUT i still expect a better phone to be announced in the autumn as the Xperformance is not getting a global release.

  • fried_egg

    Apple learnt a lot from Sony. apple though have not been caught out by the arrogance (drm, formats etc) that brought them down a few pegs… it will happen… the problem is very rarely does the old number 1 regain the number 1, it is often a new company that removes the incumbent

  • I mostly agree with this comment, but I feel quite disappointed by the latest handsets.
    I own the Z1 compact and haven’t found any good reason to replace it! the Z3 compact and Z5 compact are not really bringing compelling features, and the latest X-series are a bit bland…
    So I keep my Z1 compact even after two years (very long time for me), waiting with a sleeker device with really better camera performance, screen and battery life…

    Also, I must say that even looking carefully at the competition, I don’t see any reason to leave Sony either! especially since it’s almost the only brand to propose waterproof phones (until the S7, at leat, and excluding Sharp and Toshiba)

  • Bashar Shehab

    Sir, just to let you know, X-Reality Engine is not Software-only feature.. The display must support it.

    I remember before Xperia Z5 family got launched, there were leaks talking about Sony developing a New 4K X-Reality Engine, which confirmed the leaks about Z5 Premium in that time.

    But this is just my opinion, maybe it’s the real deal and maybe not..

    Sorry for my bad English.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    The fact that you used Erica as a credible source makes me shake my goddamn head…

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  • Abdul Ghani

    hahahahahaha erica my god if you give her samsung duos she will say its better than htc a9

  • Ailan Hidaz

    There’s where you are wrong. I had the Z1 compact and the jump from Z1c to Z5c is huge. It’s not just in software, but also what’s inside – sure you get the same ram and screen resolution, but the hardware inside is a huge jump, and that camera sensor is ten times better than the z1c.
    If you can, give a Z5c a try in some shop and judge for yourself.
    I am loving the Z5C

  • Abdul Ghani

    does not even own a z5 claiming z5 does not take sharp pictures what a looser

  • Abdul Ghani

    even my cat says niggah wut are u talking about

  • Ailan Hidaz

    dude, don’t you know? Roeshak is one of the self-proclaimed gods of camera on Xperiablog. We are supposed to bow down and worship his prowess…His wisdom is absolute! :/

  • Abdul Ghani

    dude camera was created by his whining great great grand grand parents

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  • hardly anything to write home about:

    $26/unit in profits,

    lowered units to ship projected 3.5million in 2016.

    Sony’s Mobile division is NOT turning a profit for the year 2015 nor in 2014 and most likely will not in 2016 for the entire year. You can’t …


    – limited units shipping will be LESS than what BlackBerry ships this year – pretty said and THEY are not making profits on mobile devices for 3yrs now with such low volume.

    Plus with SO MANY users LEAVING Sony for Huwaii, BG almost as much, and heavily to Samsung … this is NOT good news.


    Separate hardware R&D – specifically the camera division to the camera arm AND sell the high end cameras to competitors.

    higher photo experts in the field to help code better algorhythms for Sony’s mobile division.

    Increase units produced and release them less than 20 days final product AFTER announcement! A waiting user who waits too long for your wares always ends up shopping elsewhere.

    Finally MARKET MARKET MARKET! Advertise not just the product but the brand Sony and what ecosystem the very FIRST that Sony offers:

    Camera Quality, Video Quality (recording and watching), Music – artists, sound quality, recording, concerts, etc!!

  • “The most elegant, best looking and most solid phone I’ve used. The Galaxy S6/7 is great and very well built device, but Sony is still ahead hardware build/quality wise in my opinion. They have no competition in that department”

    – you cannot say build quality with Sony’s glass back in the same sentence. Build quality has the notion of durability and glass on the back of the phone in it’s current form should not be implemented in such a use case. Corning has some incredible Glass technology but its far too expensive to use in consumer mobile devices.

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  • This is not a problem in my opinion. There is nothing glorious about the System Icon. Keeping it gray is all find and good by me. Let the focus on the apps that users frequently use be blazened in colour.

  • some people prefer to use the english language in full so no worries on Dixon not getting “lol”

  • Dion

    Guess im not talkin english then
    You lost sperm cell especially for you
    Tell me where’s it related to joking you fcking retards

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    >Willing to pay for upto $350
    Settle down there, Rockefeller.

  • EQ

    He is a clown that knows nothing about cameras comparing a 20,7MP photo vs a 12MP at 1:1 not even taking into aknowledge that the 20,7MP photo is nearly twice as big at 1:1! That said Z1+ line outperforms the S7 camera without problems in all conditions.

    S7 low light photos. Click to view them in bigger size. Not even fullsize yet they cant compete with Z1+ line at same ISO and shutter speed. Xperia Z1+ line is far ahead.

  • EQ

    It still has a much better camera than S7 in any lighting conditions.

  • EQ

    S7 camera is quite bad. Over sharpens images so badly you get tons of white halos, gritty looks, to much noise reduction making fine-grain detail like trees and bushes look plasterised and wonky dynamic range unless you use HDR. They still have a long way to go.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Look man, I don’t want you to get in trouble, but on xperiablog you can get attacked for speaking the truth. See I own an iPhone, Z5, edge plus, M5, HTC one m9 plus, and an LG G4 and I’m no loyalist to any brand, but I can honestly say the best camera has always been Sony, and overall user experience is in a class of its own. But I can’t say that because the gods of camera will label us blind fan boys. So watch what you say!

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Well I still have the Xperia z so I think I actually will buy the Xperia X performance when it’s released. Idk if I can wait until October /November for a newer Xperia handset :p

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  • roeshak

    And to make your point, you upload some very soft looking macro shots. God save us from the mindless fanboys. So to counter my point you upload pictures proving what I was saying. Thanks.much appreciated

  • roeshak

    Credible source? What’s that got to do with anything? She took a photo and remarked that it was soft. I accept this because it’s been my own experience with xperias since the original Z. Soft images. Sony uses very cheap soft lenses. That’s my statement based on personal experience. Fanboys will always be fanboys. Full of emotional nonsense but that’s just how it goes. Some of the stuff you guys come out with its just priceless. Like the dude below who tries to counter my point about poor sharpens with xperias by posting very soft looking photos from his z5. Hilarious! U just couldn’t make this shit up lol

  • roeshak

    No there isn’t a huge difference. There’s a lot more to a camera than the sensor alone. The quality of lens is equally important. Maybe everyone as you say is whining because there’s actually a reason to do so. But unlike most, I don’t blame image processing. Hardware or should I say, the lack of it, is the main culprit. Xperias have good sensors, very cheap poor quality lenses and no mechanical stabilisation. This is the reason they do much worse in challenging situations with high contrast, singular light sources and in lowlight situations. You can fanboy all you want until the cows come home. The evidence is clear. You jokers just hide from it. By the way I didn’t know flamboysm had spread to Nigeria lol

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Oh shut it. As always anyone that has an opinion different from yours is a fan boy, and if you apply that concept that makes you an Erica fan boy. You’re just as hilarious as you are delusional. Maybe go troll some place else? You did say good bye to Sony right?

  • Abdul Ghani

    omg ur that blind fag get glasses i uploaded 100% crop of that image hahahahahah blind assface

  • Abdul Ghani

    dude no use fighting with @roeshak@roeshak:disqus he is bling assface he saying my 100% crop image not sharp hahahahahahaha omg i cannot believe thus POS roeshak let him kiss samsung ass

  • Abdul Ghani

    now i know that ur a pure delusional faggot thanx for proving that Thanks.much appreciated POS garbage

  • Eric

    It’s good to see ASP’s rising, but with the combination of selling fewer handsets, the data still feels a bit ominous. Sony, if I were you, I’d focus on the following:

    1. Re evaluate when new phones get released and how often. I suggest once a year in Feb, and work hard on your supply chain to get actual retail units out before everyone else. This is a tall order, look at what Samsung did this year, I’m fairly certain they’re going to eat LG’s breakfast, the first S7’s hit consumers on the last day of Feb. Scrap the 2 phones per year thing, you’re just wasting resources.

    2. Re-enter the North American market in a big way. Do what Apple does, make one hardware device that can support at least 3 of the NA carriers, possibly all four. If Google can do this with Nexus, you can do this with your devices. Also make it so all of the carrier specific features work such as WiFi calling, HD Voice, VoLTE on all NA networks. You can sell these contact free which is gaining popularity in the US, or partner with each carrier, or both.

    3. Focus on at most 4 devices, the compact, standard and premium in 4.5″, 5″ and 5.5″ screen sizes for the flagship line (I guess it’s X now instead of Z), and one midranger at 5″ (M line)

    4. Unapologetically cater to the premium market. The S7 is great, HTC makes nice devices, but if there’s one thing Sony has been good at, it’s been fantastic design and quality. Don’t be scared to push consumers on price even a little more than you have, as evidenced by the increasing ASR’s. Even with less features, if a well designed, fantastically put together Sony android phone were available with and excellent screen, battery life, and camera, I think it would do well and could carve out a niche for itself.

    Just the way I see it

  • Abdul Ghani

    cant wait for ur fcked up retarded blind useless POS response

  • Abdul Ghani

    dude @roeshak:disqus is so gay he will never give up his whining commenting use less POS points also man he thinks he knows how to make sharp lens hahahahahahahahaahahaha

  • EQ

    Nah I have them crying and spending their freetime writing essays about their own sentiments and “armchair facts” while I just post some hard proof photo samples and a couple of lines. I waste barely any energy while they waste their life trying to confuse others while I get to take photos with the best camera(s) present in mobile to this date. See, thats why they are mad becouse they know Xperia Z1+ cameras are the better ones overall by quite a margin and despite their disgust for Sony mobile products they still spend most of their time in this Sony dedicated blog to try to convince others that their own illusions are real. That’s why I carry napkins so they can wipe their sweet bitter tears. ;-)

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Lol sick burn, tho again, the neck beard trolls that think they are gods will probably counter by giving their “proof” of.. Umm.. Oh wait they never give any proof :P

    Just look a few comments above and see that Ghani has given the camera god a 100% crop photo that has amazing detail and sharpness but he still claims it’s soft. SMH.
    Anyways your provided pics were more than enough proof that shows just how superior the s7 is. Lol

  • Battel

    $26/unit in profits, that’s why Sony is not heading for any more features or development, they want hold on that margin as long as they could, and that’s why they’v reduce the screen size and the body quality from the Z5’s and that’s why they’ve terminated the the Z’s ( it was cost more than X’s ) .
    i hope they get better this year because apple is about to enter the waterproof line with it’s iphone 7, That’s why sony need to make something special about their flagship instead of that water resisting .

  • jag

    Oh is it? I only played with the store demo phone so I did not have the luxury to take photos in the real world. Thanks for the input!

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    Calling all Sony boys and girls… Let’s sign a petition to include ADOPTABLE STORAGE on all marshmallow xperia devices.

    Here is a link… Sign, Share and pass the message

  • John Mcbride

    I took a low light picture with my old Z2, you will find below the first image which will show the picture condition and the second image is the actual picture using the superior auto mode without any editing, would you kindly share your S7 low light pictures so I can compare it with my old Z2.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Oh.. You compare 2016 Sammys flagship with 2014 Sonys flagship.. And saying that sony is shit..

    There is a lot of nonsense in this world.

  • echomrg

    you lost me at very fast update…

  • ramuk

    I wished for very fast update. I said ” Best battery life,Very fast update and Awesome, Premium design WILL differentiate Sony from other android minion”. Awesome, Premium design, excellent battery life and very good camera is already there. Now they need to focus more on speedy update, even better battery life and camera.

  • EQ

    Well for the fast dual pixel system they had to sacrifice quality due to electronical interference due to 12 million pixels and 12 million focus receptors in such small sensor area despite bigger pixel size. It gives worse IQ than S6 and both S6 and S7 performs worse than Xperia Z1+ line. S6 already had quite aggressive post-processing but S7 has even more aggressive and goes most of the time over the top.

    Photos in good lighting with lots of detail tend to look horribly over-sharpened creating white halos along detail contours.

    Gritty contrast edges gives a rough to black’ish edge ‘illumination’ enhancement, and to much smoothed out texture detail which gives a plastic look and makes for a flat image with bad depth as you can make out front, middle and background layers in photo.

    In low light it is just to grainy and smudgy despite howering around ISO 400-1250 whre the Xperia Z1+ gets better low light shots at ISO 1600-3200! S7 (and S6 sensor though at ISO 250+ and not as much) sensor suffers a lot when ISO goes beyond ISO 100-200 resulting in the need of lots of noise reduction which in turns smudges out details. Low light outdoor usually needs ISO 400+ and the darker the more. Low light indoors ISO 600+.

    For example look here at an S7 day light photo. It “cuts” into the eyes. The grass is riddled with white oversparhen halos and the grass cuts contrast badly with the sky. You get the bad oldschool CRT monitor look alike ‘chromatic aberation’.

    Here’s another sample. Depth is lost and it looks gritty like if you had applied to many Instagram filters.

    Fullscreen photos of the ones above.

  • EQ

    Why even read what he writes? Here is a S7 photo from good day light. Shutter speed 1/1208 adn ISO 40. Pretty much perfect lighting conditions. See photo in full 12MP resolution. Samsung is going backwards giving it the bad CRT monitor look aka ‘chromatic aberation’. Cuts the eyes badly and when resizing to media sharing resolutions it gets even worse making for very noisy photos due to overdone post-processing and inferior sensor.

  • Abdul Ghani

    he will say that those pictures are lovely XDXD

  • Abdul Ghani
  • EQ

    Samsung could sell him a potato and he would claim it has a first class camera. But why bother? I have barely read what he written more than a few words. I just deliver visual hard proof with info and let the people reading be the judges. If anything people like him just makes it easier to inform others with correct information. He is a good tool!

  • EQ

    That’s damn good! Looks almost equally as detailed in fullsize as Flickrs 2048×1536 limited view. Best part is it looks natural, no signs of excessive post-processing just enough for a natural uniform looking photo and the low contrast handling is superb giving good detail in dark areas while not having tons of rough noise and NR blotches.

    S6 and S7 and many other mobile phone cameras would struggle hard to recover detail in the dark areas and most would over-process the image with detail extraction filters, curve tweaking and sharpening algorithms making for a rough and badly balanced photo. We can thank the minimalistic post-processing amount Sony employs and the advanced algorithms that are driven by the BIONZ chip and the best sensors in the business coupled with the good G lens.

    You know I once tried to mimic the post-processing BIONZ does and it took me about 10 minutes and a dual-core PC had to work for over a minute calculating and applying it. Shows how dedicated DSP processor like BIONZ which specializes on certain tasks can pull tremendous workloads compared to generic code processing CPUs.

  • Abdul Ghani

    he is a virus needs to be deleted from this world he has no brain just some POS theories he has nothing to prove his theory also those type of people make other people believe whatever shit they are saying …………tell me something my z5 picture arent they sharp ?

  • Abdul Ghani

    i also use qx30 which i really love

  • echomrg

    well, i guess i actually lost you at “they SHOULD release” ;)
    my bad, i read too quickly…

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Mr. EQ, I have to agree with you, the S7 (and even the S6 Edge plus which I sadly had to buy for the missus) produces images that look like CRT monitor visuals. And in day light!
    It’s ridiculous how this roeshak can claim the S7 is better than any phone, even the iPhone beats it’s camera lol

  • Ailan Hidaz

    I’m sure roeshak (and the other camera “gods”) are rustling in their mom’s basements trying to come up with a clever come back against your extremely well educated explanation, with their limited IQ and knowledge of anything remotely resembling a camera. Oh wait, the saying is true, even a chimp can push a button.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Easily the best comment on Xperiablog in a long while lol

  • roeshak

    I’ll upload to drive and send u the link. Can’t promise it’ll be before weekend though. I’ll send both from z2 and s6.

  • jag

    I do agree that the photos look over sharpened and the details seem to disappear even in good lighting conditions which is should not be happening. And there is painting effect too like those we find in xperia taken photos if you see the 100%.

    Anyways, its not like we are joining a photo competition. I really don’t get why we are having some PRO-like arguments/ debates regarding mobile photos. And we really should not be comparing mobile photos to DSLR/ ILC photo qualities. But come to think of it, technology already reached into this level and it is a good thing for the consumers.

  • Roh_Mish

    Killing the compact series and the weakest update of all handsets doesn’t seem the best strategy to me.

  • Roh_Mish

    I love sony hardware and they do itwell.. The software too was very good.. They had the best lollipop builds. The Z5 ROM though was poorly customised and bad.. I waited for a Z6 with better 820 processor and slight upgrades here and there but the G5 and the S7 dropped and looked more compelling than ever. Plus they dropped the compact and premium.

  • roby

    Good, but the last pattern is quite scary! Only a small number of HTC users have gone to Sony

  • EQ

    Well that is what happens on the internet. “E-camera” length measure. But most learn something in the process and FUD that by some reason seems to be excessively targeted against Sony mobiles are dissected and passed to the bin. Information is power and when provided with visual proof coupled with relevant information people can make their own judgement instead of ad-nauseum lines like “Sony mobile cameras are bad/suck/lousy/worst *no proof provided nor visual information with relevant data like ISO and so on*. Such bitter people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a DSLR photo and a potato shot with multiple instagram filters. :-D

  • EQ

    In his case I think he is the potato using a camera that’s why he will never be more than an armchair “photographer”. :-D

  • Bashar

    Apple aren’t just charging they are stealing from others
    If I charge u $100 for an item that’s worth $10 then I’m ripping you off and this is exactly what Apple does

  • Bashar

    He’s still not as annoying as the shitty dbs user

  • Bashar

    Erica is a total joke
    Are u for real lol

  • Timel
  • While I agree that I don’t necessarily believe that Apple’s devices demand the price they charge, the perceived value of their products is what people are willing to pay for them. And like I said before, every company deserves to make a profit just like most every working person believes they deserve a fair, if not great, salary for their work. What if someone were to tell you they don’t believe your work is worth what you are asking, but 10% of that?

  • Malih

    I am disappointed. The app and Android OS quality I get is not comparable to the profit margin they have. Or they have better profit margin because they have smaller development and marketing team.

    With this, I am skipping Sony (again) for my next phone.

  • Malih

    Not really, my cousin’s iPhone 4s and iPad 2 are working well with the latest security updates courtesy of iOS 9, it runs well for casual, office and light gaming uses (it can even play Asphalt 8).

  • roeshak

    Not really. There’s just no point talking with fanfools. Waste of time. That’s all.

  • roeshak

    What hard proof are you delivering? The sort of proof only other fanfools have time for lol. Got bored of this conversion ages ago.

  • roeshak

    S7 edge photos are first. When you look at one from the s7e be sure to view the corresponding z2 picture next. Unlike the fanfools, I don’t believe in self delusion. The z5 still produces similar results to the z2 in many cases. Why wouldn’t it? The camera hardware is still virtually the same. 20+mp 1/2.3 inch sensors with f2.0 aperture lens with software stabilisation. The angle of the lens is the only difference and that doesn’t improve quality. The auto focus is faster but again still struggles in lowlight . In good light unless you’re taking pictures of moving objects it won’t make much difference.
    You can’t expect much improved performance with same hardware. By the way all z2 samples were taken at 8mp because at full res, the results are worse in these conditions. You should never use xperias at full res in anything other than very good lighting.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    And there’s no point in trying to reason with self obsessed and self proclaimed “photographers” since they will never admit where they are at fault. Go worship Samsung some place else fanfool.

  • roeshak

    I’m no photographer. Just not a noob like you. After having used xperias for a number of years, I know why they underperform when faced with more challenging scenes. A cheap soft lens that’s prone to flaring, a sensor that’s way too light sensitive for its size and the lack of mechanical stabilisation. Sony just need to up their game seriously. The camera was OK in 2014 but it’s decidedly mid range by todays standards.

  • John Mcbride

    Thanks for the effort, to be fair to both sides of this argument according to DxOMark the Z5 had the best overall score for a camera in a mobile but got surpassed recently by the S7 Edge in the video overall score however the photo overall score was a tie, each camera had its pros and cons but the smartphone is not only a camera it’s a general experience and me personally prefers Sony over Samsung, of course Sony had its problems but you will also find the same kind of complains and angry comments in Samsung blogs. BTW I have both Z5 premium & Z2 and IMO whether the camera or any other kind of performance they’re not comparable.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    A noob like me. LOL ok buddy.
    How’s that superiority complex working out for you? Does hurling insults at everyone help you sleep at night?

    For your information, “roeshak”, unlike you and the other “professionals” I don’t flaunt my ability on this fan site, as I’d rather not waste my time or energy, but as someone who works within the photography industry, I have yet to see these flaws that are only apparent to you on Sony Xperias and none of the other brands.

    And I’m no “fanboy” as you claim, though it’s apparent to all what kind of mentality you have.
    As I said before, since you hate Xperia so much, go start rubbing it up at Samsung’s countless fan sites.

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  • Abdul Ghani

    dont trust his z2 pictures i own z5 and z2 both and my z2 can take way better pictures than s7 Roeshack will do anyhting to show that s7 is superior heck his aka so called proof is just to show u that he was right by intentionally take bad pictures with z2

  • Abdul Ghani

    it took him 5 days to take somewhat ok pictures on s7 and bad pics on z2 just to proof is POS points trust me he is amazing in lying and whining

  • EQ

    Facts are facts!

  • kewsvnet

    I felt exactly the same…Z1 compact was at the time the best you could buy in that size in android! and it almost felt revolutionary! and while z3 compact and z5 compact after it have taken that title…they felt more evolutionary than revolutionary! What I was really waiting for was a compact with full hd and the snapdragon 820…lets see if Sony announce one this year!

  • kewsvnet

    Oh nice! I am awaiting my new Z5 compact tomorrow! I was kinda forced into getting it…as my Z1 compact buttons started playing up recently! I was not too keen it on it…as I was really waiting for the next iteration with snapdragon 820 but after reading this I am definitely more excited

  • Abdul Ghani

    ages ago that means ur old and blind

  • Rameyuk

    Oh, when it comes to specs and capabilities I have no doubt it can do all those things you mentioned. I was just criticizing on why Apple takes a lot of profit from each unit, while other brands take a more reasonable profit margin.

  • Malih

    That’s exactly my point, they do get more profit, but they’re also giving back more than any other Android device manufacturers in terms of timely major software updates, which also means the latest security updates.

    I don’t know if higher profit margin is a requirement for them to fund (development of) major software updates, but surely none of the lower-profit-margin-manufacturers give back as many updates.

  • Battel

    How much Sony’s losing & how much it’s gaining ?
    That’s the real question,
    NOT How much profit per device !

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  • EQ
  • Mark T

    My Sony Experia started off well but a year later is very very slow. It makes a noise after a while in a Viber call, switches on bluetooth and the mobile hotspot….so I’m not sure what exactly Sony is doing right!

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