Xperia Companion – Sony’s new PC software to manage your Xperia device

by XB on 28th March 2016

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Xperia Companion_7Sony Mobile recently launched “Xperia Companion”, which is a new program for your PC to help manage your Sony Xperia device. The Windows program allows you to browse your phone, install new software or to clean reset your handset. If you’re wondering how this any different to Sony’s existing “PC Companion”, we’re not sure we can help.

It appears to offer the same functionality as PC Companion with a different user interface. So far, not every Sony Xperia device is compatible with Xperia Companion, but we imagine will over time move this new program completely. For now, we found most of the recent models to be compatible including the Z5 series, Z3+/Z4 Tablet and Z3 series. If you want to give it a try, the download link can be found below.

Xperia Companion – New PC software from Sony

Xperia Companion software can be downloaded here. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10. If you are still running Windows XP you will need to keep using PC Companion. The installation process is straightforward, allowing you to choose from a variety of languages.

Xperia Companion_1

Xperia Companion_2

Xperia Companion_3

Xperia Companion_4

In terms of functionality, Xperia Companion does three main things: 1) It will let you know if there is a software update for your Sony Xperia device. 2) You can also browse your device by clicking “Browse Xperia”. This will open File Explorer showing the storage content of your device and lastly 3) There is a “Software repair” function allowing you to wipe your phone to do a clean install.

Xperia Companion_7

The Settings menu includes a variety of proxy settings and includes an option to start the program automatically once your Sony Xperia device is connected via USB.

Xperia Companion_6

The software repair feature will erase all data on your device and reinstall the system software. You should choose this option if you are having problems with your handset, or if, for example, you are gifting your device to someone else.

Xperia Companion_12

Before carrying out the software repair, Sony asks you to ensure the handset has at least 80% battery charge. This is to make sure that the phone does not switch off during the repair.

Xperia Companion_8

Sony also reminds you to note your Google account details, as you may not be able to log into the phone afterwards. We imagine this mainly applies if you have MXTP (My Xperia Theft Protection) activated.

Xperia Companion_9

Lastly, Sony reminds you that everything on the phone will be wiped including photos/videos, so if you need to back-up the handset now is the time to do it.

Xperia Companion_10

You can then initiate the repair process.

Xperia Companion_11

Thanks Sasa and Tadija!

  • Bálint Tamás Light

    I installed but its not see my Z2

  • Not working with my Z1 Compact. Phone not being detected.

  • Kristo

    I noticed this when I installed Marshmallow a few weeks ago but I decided to use PC Companion as I was more familiar with it. I still prefer the design of PC Companion so if there’s no new functionality or improvement to this I’ll continue using PCC

  • Otras

    I’ve been using this to update my M5. So far it is working well.

  • iia3ezu

    Cosmetic changes.

  • KarFar

    off topic but I dont know where to post it, here’s an interesting article about the Z5 from phonearena

  • Snorky112

    lol I’ve read it and it’s just personnal opinion, I have mine and it’s completely different

  • ramuk

    People needs to understand that Phonearena is desperate for more page view. They are posting lots of click bait articles recently. The best ways to deal with them is

    1. Don’t comment on that article as it is exactly what they want., More comment leads to more refresh of the page that leads to more page views.
    2. If possible don’t even visit phonearena. And I think this is the best way. This method will hurt them most. They are desperate as their ranking is slipping.

  • Denislav Popov

    Same here (Z1), probably working for Z3 and above only.

  • Matt


  • Vuyo Ncube

    While the lead engineer at Sony Mobile deserves a slap to the eardrum for the Z5, PhoneArena are a bunch of AppleSung shills too. Z5 users in that comment section had good enough experiences. I don’t think Chris P. bothered to update to MM.

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Don’t you know ? Samsung and Apple sponsor Phonearena to praise theirs and to bash others.?

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Is this still made by Avanquest?

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Exactly, Phonearena is the most biased Tech site after The Verge.

  • 3_nity

    Design look so beautiful.

  • Adrian M

    The Repair option should have the features from flashtool ” only wipe: appdata, system, chache…. “

  • theskig

    The strange thing is that I also have some disappointments with my Z5p but none of them is in that article. He complains about some problems I do not have and my problems aren’t there.

  • Kwstakhs

    average users don’t know the differences between theses wipes…all that they need is a “1 click method” that can give the solution. .. So ,no i don’t think it would be a good idea.

  • jrnr

    I think verge is better

  • Igor Eisberg

    That’s because most people are cognitively constricted and/or lazy.

  • How this can be new, I´m using Xperia Companion over a month.

  • Rat

    This is going to replace PC Companion. Cause I had the PCC running but after I installed the new one the PCC exited automatically.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Spot on :D
    I never do :P cause it hurts my brain the way they talk about Sony devices.

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  • Akand

    I never visit phonearena since the day they deleted their post after on DxO’s ranking of Z5. Phonearena is a bullshit, every visitor knows it, but still they keep visiting.

  • I have a Mac. So… if only the Mac bridge app had more Cocoa UI.

  • Dick_Turpin

    The UI on the new tool is considerably tidier than the PC Companion, but there is a major functionality loss. All the options to back the phone up and sync the calendar, contacts etc have disappeared despite the software claiming to possess this functionality. Tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it just in case it was an install error but still no dice second time round.

    Will try it again if/when it’s update but back to PC Companion for me, for the time being at least.

  • Kwstakhs

    or they don’t like smartphones and want to spend their time doing something else…still cool for Sony, she made a good choice.

  • KIMI

    Is anyone else getting constant crashes on a daily basis lately after the marshmallow update? I’ve repaired it (or so I hope it will) using PCC and there hasn’t been any crashes, yet. Anyone else going through the same problem?

  • Batuhan Süersan

    So they can add an advanced tab for the other users.
    It’s a new software and i hope it will be improved by the time.

  • Bowito Cuna


  • So it warns you of the need to make a backup if resetting the phone but doesn’t give you the option of making a backup…

  • Fahim geyas

    I think its the early version.. later on they will add more feature in future update.. and most of the xperias are also not compatible..

  • Alvin

    maybe the new ui makes the file size larger than its preceding app

  • Alvin

    they are the same

  • Alvin

    really? they deleted that post? lol those bi***es can’t handle the fact that their hated phone is better than their “favourite” phone.

  • Alvin

    there could be 3 possibilities:

    1. they are biased because they did got paid by some manufacturers
    2. they are just a bunch of silly, jealous, liar fanboys
    3. both

  • Alvin

    yup, maybe that z5 is still on the first firmware ever released on z5.

  • Ivan Knezevic

    I’m planning to restore my Android 6.0 on Z5 for some small and one big issues. Problem I have is that SD card, time by time, keeps unmounting and mounting itself, which is really annoying, cause suddenly I don’t have anymore of songs or photos (stored on SD card).

    Does anyone believe that restore would help?

  • hmmm

    So when will Android 6 be available for Z5 in Romania???March is gone,and no update!!!!

  • Florin Costin
  • hmmm

    I want to update via pc companion!

  • Kwstakhs

    advanced users can use the advanced flashtool that now has over xperifirm built-in…almost the same thing

  • Florin Costin

    Again: see your customization software, verify with Xperifirm if your customization software upgrade is available, and than wait…

  • wasimariflone

    crashing on my windows 10 as soon as i connect my phone

  • Batuhan Süersan

    Of course we can use another program for wiping but if it includes that for us, that would be very nice, wouldn’t be? That can be an option for us and one program for more purposes.

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  • M?rcis Buhholcs

    Works on Z3c so you might be right.

  • Catherinemwashington3

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  • hmmm

    pe orange arata exact versiunea pe care o am,adica 5.1.1!eram curios sa aflu cat mai dureaza pana ajunge android 6 si la orange!

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  • Florin Costin

    Nu ai inteles. Tasteaza *#*#7378423#*#* si intri in meniu service, service info, software info, customization version. Acolo ai versiunea, ceva de genul 1288-4954_R5. Primele 8 sunt versiunea, si o gasesti in Xperifirm si vezi daca este pe serverul lor, daca e, inseamna ca va fi in cateva zile disponibila si pe pc companion.

  • hmmm

    ok,si e trecuta ultima versiune pe care o am,adica 5.1.1 mai exact 32.0.A.6.200 de versiunea noua nu scrie nimic!

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  • Sze Wai YU

    Can it repair the problem from protection by myxperia because my handset has been locked down for one month….

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  • same here! Xperia Companion does not detect the device. let’s hope they will add support with the next updates!

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  • Florin Costin

    Inseamna ca inca nu e gata. Si eu astept pentru Z3c si nu e nici o urma macar…. Mai verifici cu Xperifirm, si la o zi-doua dupa ce apare pe serverul lor o sa fie si pe pc companion.

  • hmmm


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  • Florin Costin

    La vodafone vad ca a aparut!!!

  • alireza

    Stops working as soon as I connect my xperia z3 compact

  • Melmac

    Same here, not working with Z2.

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  • Ian Kirui

    when is it coming to mac

  • Bhargav Saikia

    You should try restoring. Before that did you try removing/re-inserting the SD Card. Or restarting the phone. Also, a card too full may cause this problem too.

  • dimz

    Apparently it must have been updated, as I tried it with my Xperia SP today and it had no problems recognising it…

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  • Nur Taufiq Arohman

    in windows 10 display is blur

  • Well this is just useless for me. It doesn’t have the option to connect wirelessly like the old PC Companion had.

  • Wojciech Domalewski

    Sorry, there has been an error

    The page that you’re trying to access doesn’t seem to exist. This may be the result of a bad or outdated link.

    Please try this page instead.

  • Thisura Yapa

    I can’t connect my xperia m4 wirelessly to this software. Please help

  • shumayal

    Is it worth for me to remove PC Companion and install this?

  • aussie43

    Experia Companion does not have the only feature I need – to transfer contacts from my PC Outlook to the phone. Shame on you Sony.
    And to rub salt in, PC Companion – the program mentioned in the phone manual – is no longer available. What are these Sony guys? Nuts?
    Makes me think Sony phones are just toys for pretty little girls to download music. ha??

  • Bryan Soco

    I’m having a problem with “application optimizing”. it keep me stuck on the startup screen. after optimization it restart the whole process again. I hope this can help me solve this problem.

  • jorge anguiano

    the app turns a black screen when transferring music from itunes playlist on mac os x, anybody know how to delete music from the explore option, it sais it will delete it but it doesnt… I hate having to go track by track on the device

  • arcu de triumf

    Not able to install it. Says W7 required…and guess what…I’m on W7. Why is that everything from Sony must be so complicated and issues-full? With the old PCCompanion had the same issues, many troubles. Nothing smooth. Bad experience.

  • Black Overlord

    Shit, they removed ability to connect phone wirelessly =(
    Even common win10 Phone Companion can do this

  • Sarah

    Can I still connect via Wifi? If yes, where is that setting/option, what so ever? I can´t find it.

  • crafciak31

    this new xperia companion is stupid – i cant download soft by my smartfone because i must turn it in flashmode. Somebody have solve for this problem?

  • Oreki Houtarou

    Cannot detect my TX..or maybe it’s cannot detect an older Xperia

  • Cesta Sol2

    nice mobile……………

  • Norman Weeden

    Just bought an Xperia XA and have transferred contacts onto it. Needed to ‘backup’ to be safe. Downloaded Companion and installed onto computer. When going into backup it requests a filename and password. No problem. But when backup starts it takes ages. We are talking six hours and it hasn’t even gone through 1/8th of the barchart. Never had this problem previously with my Xperia M2 and the old backup system. Any help would be gratefully appreciated guys.

  • Deny Prasetyawan

    i loved PC companion for it allows me to wirelessly connect my Z3 with my PC. But this new Xperia Companion doesn’t have that kind of feature, does it? What a shame…

  • Peter Martyn

    I backed up my Z5C using Sony Bridge for Mac, then the computer downloaded Xperia Companion. Companion was the only way to force a “data full” (it wasn’t but claimed to be) handset to run a reset. Now Companion does not recognize the Bridge backup!

  • Ibrahim Ndottiwa Zaho

    okay is no t mi

  • Flatbeard

    Thing is, nothing happens after the last window. Pressing volume button changes nothing, phone stays off. Pressing on button shortly displays a charging icon and a percentage (yes, well above 80%). Turning the phone on while holding volume button simply turns the phone on. Turning the phone on without holding volume button also turns the phone on.

    So … what am I doing wrong?

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